bag factories in Turkey

bag factories in Turkey … A list of the best

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bag factories in Turkey

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bags factory in Turkey:

The leather industry in Turkey is one of the most important industries there, as there are many leather factories as well as bags factories in Turkey that produce a lot of bags, shoes, counterfeit bags and brands, and here are the most important factories and companies for bags in Turkey.

It is known that the bags factories in Turkey are among the leading industries at this time, including the manufacture and production of Turkish  bags and bags known for their high quality and varied brands and production of the finest and best Turkish  bags, and most importantly, there are first-class imitation bags in Istanbul, where they are considered Leather industry is one of the most important industries in Turkey, especially bags factories in Istanbul, and there are many factories specialized in manufacturing women’s bags from the best Turkish  women’s bags.

We offer the best destinations, companies and factories for shoes that have taken care of bags in Turkey. And this factory…

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This factory is one of the most important manufacturers of leather bags, It manufactures the latest models with high quality and reasonable price, all countries import from Turkey a bags.


Founded in 2005, it operates in the Multimedia sector, Internet and Intranet services. It also works in the sectors of bags and setting up active websites, It is based in Istanbul, Turkey, there are in this factory a lot of bag wholesalers in Turkey


Founded in 2014, and it works in the sector of promotional, consultancy agencies, It also operates in the promotional bags and travel bags sectors, promotional textile gifts and advertising products, It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Founded in 1973, it operates in the handbags sector, It also operates in the Bags Manufacturer and Handbag Manufacturer sectors, It is based in Istanbul, Turkey,in this factory many of bags sizes.


Founded in 2001, it operates in the bags sector, It also works in the sectors of school bags, backpacks, travel bags, bags and promotional travel bags, It is based in Istanbul,Turkey, this factory get up wholesale bags in Turkey.


famous bag factories in Turkey founded in 2020, it operates in the leather goods sector, It also operates in the leather handbag sectors, producing grooved mesh leather belts made of glass-resin and wholesale leather goods,it is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

    It operates in the bags sector, It also operates in the promotional bags and travel bags sectors, and manufactures handbags and laptop stand with printed logo, It is based in Istanbul, Turkey. A lot of  bags made in Turkey.
    It operates in the cloth packaging sector, It also works in the sectors of cotton handbags and non-woven gift bags, It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.
    It operates in the leather bags sector, It also operates in the promotional bags, bags and travel bags manufacturing sectors, It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.
    Founded in 2010, it operates in the women’s shoes sector, It also works in the sectors of women’s shoes and leather handbags, It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

bag suppliers inTurkey:

Smyrna Cork Handbag:
Supplier From Izmir, Turkey.

The Smyrna natural cork leather handbag is designed with high-quality nickel accessories, Its with large and usefull design provides you with ease of use and modern elegance with its unique texture and appearance, In addition to all these features, it is very light so you will never want to leave from your hands, %100 natural cork leather.

Suderi Canta:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey. Handbag

Honorem Export:
Supplier From Istanbul, Esenyurt, Turkey.

Genuine leather handbag, wallet, clutches, briefcases Shipping.

Ecobag Packaging:
Supplier From Gaziantep, Turkey.

T-shirt bags, flexi loop handle bags, rope bags, d-cut bags, flat bags.

Supplier From Istanbul, Ikitelli, Turkey.

Handbag, shoulders bag, through this supplier you can  bags to buy in Turkey

Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey.

Bags, slippers, textile.

Violet’s Way:
Supplier From Turkey, Turkey.

LV hand bags.

Monarch Cork:
Supplier From Turkey.

Hand Bags.

Supplier From Kayseri, Turkey.

Leather ladies handbags.

Supplier From Turkey.


Kadir Akinci:
Supplier From Denizli, Turkey, Turkey

Handbag, this supplier get up bags shop in Turkey.

Imex Commerce Dis Ticaret Limited Sirketi:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey

Hand bags.

Er-ES Torba:
Supplier From Gazyantep, Baþpinar, Turkey

Hand bag.

Meltem Broker:
Supplier From Alsancak, Izmir, Turkey

Shoes, woman bags.

Yargici Accessories:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey

Fashion jewellry, shawls, garments, bags, shoes, hats, gloves.

Sam Tasarim:
Supplier From Istanbul, Eyup, Turkey

Women, man, kid wear, handbags, underwear, bikini.

Kerem Yildirim:
Supplier From Istanbul, Esenyurt, Turkey

Leather handbag, wallet, purse, tote, hobo, keyring, luggage and small accessories.

Saraciye Sanayicileri Dernegi:
Supplier From Istanbul, Zeytinburnu, Turkey

Women bags, luggages, wallets, belts, school bags, suitcases.

Apsen Textil:
Supplier From Istanbul, Merter, Turkey

Woman wear, skirt, pants, jacket, gown, bags.

Uygar Trade:
Supplier From Corum, Turkey

Grain storage silos, feed mill, silage bailing machine, flour mill plant, flour mill machine, hyraulid oil cooler, this supplier have a Turkey bags in bulk

Handbags Ace Of Clubs Manufacturer Ltd: Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey

Handbag, leather handbag, genuine leather handbags wallet, shoulder handbags, shoulder handbag, ladies handbags, leather bag

Turkish Exporter Ltd. St:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey.

Network Ambalah Sanayi:
Supplier From Gaziantep, Turkey

Non woven bag, flat bag, normal handle bag, vest bag, rope wearing bag, laminated non woven bag.Manufacturer, transportation

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 bags to buy in Turkey
bags to buy in Turkey

Oceans Bags:
Supplier From Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

Handbag, crossbag , backpack, wallet, leather bag.Manufacturer

Ulusoy Ambalaj:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey

Shopping bags, handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks, children bag, fashion bags, computer bags, laptop bags, this supplier get up to bags vendors for sale.

Unisan Intl:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey

Hair bruches, bags for ladies, tweezers, rasp, clipper, lamps, band saw machines, flange cylinders, kitchen ware, curtain, textiles & packed water.


Sanat Bag And Luggage Factory Ltd:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey

Trolley luggage sets, sport bags, women bags, briefcases, school bags, wallets, belts

Ilter Lake:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey

Turnkey hotels, home textile, handbags, leather iphone and ipad cases, home furniture, office furniture, raw marble, carpets, rugs, bathrobes, bed linen, towels, curtains, choco fabrics, jeans, shirts, T-shirts, blouses, suits, handbags.

Acar Foreign Trade Co:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey.

Textile promotion items like T-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, vest, hat, bag.

Esse Group:
Supplier From Istanbul, Bahcelievler, Turkey.

Silver jewellery, handbags, knitted fabric, textile, dress, sweatshirt, sweatmont, T-shirt.Exporting.

Zummertex Co:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey

T shirts, polo T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, all kind of workwears, all kind of bags and apparels

Cicek Buris Textile Ltd:
Supplier From Denizli, Turkey

Textile products like towel, bathrobe, T-shirt, nightwear, slippers, terry bags, printed towels, jacquard towels.

Global Link Consultancy Marketing & Logistics: Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey, Industrial goods (robotics, machinery, steel, wood, processed glass, hygienic, gaskets ), carton bags, ladies accessories (necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, handbag), beauty products, cleaning products, marble, decorative glass.Business consultancy for foreign trade, marketing,

Supplier From Istanbul, Turkey.

Plastic bag, plastic handbag, nonwoven bag, nonwoven handbag, whitening cream, breast milk storage bag , garbage bag, hair gel.Manufacturer and exporter

Aydin Vatansever:
Supplier From Istanbul, Turkiye, Turkey

Nor Plast Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd: Supplier From Esenyurt, Istanbul, Turkey

Pe bags, garbage bag, trash bag, waste bin liner, die cut handle bag, soft loop handle bag, sacks bag, carrier bag, market bag, shopping bag, shrink roll bag,plastic rolls,ldpe rolls,stock rolls,refuse sacks.Manufacturer

Designer Goods:
Supplier From Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey

T shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, watches, caps, shoes, scarves, bags, purses, wallets, tracksuits, running suits, swim shorts.Manufacturing, supplying and shipping.


How much are bags in Turkey:

There is a one-lira market in Turkey and there is a street for brands in Istanbul, which is one of the oldest Turkish  streets that Arabs particularly love, and has international brands that suit all tastes, and there are also famous factories such as imitation factories in Turkey.

 Turkish  products are distinguished by quality,there are a lot of wholesale websites Turkey to buy bags, durability and modern models that suit Young people and others that suit women in society, and at the same time the prices are suitable for all levels and available to everyone, even most of these brands have branches in Arab and foreign countries, there are a lot of Turkey bags brand,  these Turkish  brands have enjoyed greatly over the past ten years to match the Turkish  trade guide.

** High Quality Custom African Printed Handbags from China Factory Turkish  Women Handbags Wholesale

$ 8.20 – $ 10.40 / Piece

** Fashion high quality custom wholesale Turkey handbags for women

$ 8.31 – $ 10.39 / Piece

**Genuine leather women’s handbags for women, Italian fashion luxury brand handbags

$ 49.00 – $ 51.00

**Tas Wanita Women Bag Bolso Small Handbag For Women, Turkey 2019 Women Handbags, Women Handbags, Women Handbags

$ 4.05- $ 4.32 / Piece

**Jianuo handbag manufacturer china female tote handbags Turkey

$ 12.69- $ 13.69 / Piece

**Large capacity handbag with Turkish  design from original crocodile fibers

$ 10.50- $ 11.50 / Piece

**Luxury handbag Turkey from the bags manufacturer in Guangzhou 6$

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Turkish bags online shopping:

  Turkey enjoys its unique cultural diversity, where the European culture meets the.

culture of the Middle East, which is a wonderful mixture of cultures that contributed to the development of Turkey to what we see now at the cultural, commercial and industrial level and the distinguished position in the manufacture of clothing, spinning, weaving and leather and in this article we will meet the desire of lovers of Turkish  products and gather for you The largest group of Turkish  websites for selling various bags and shopping sites for other categories of products.

 And the article also includes Turkish  shopping sites that provide international shipping.

vipbrands :

One of the distinctive Turkish  shopping sites and it offers many unique designs suitable for all tastes, as well as the most beautiful Turkish

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