Turkey carpet factory

Turkey carpet factory … best 4 factories in Turkey

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Turkey carpet factory

Learn about the many turkey carpet factory , where you can get and sell in your store easily. It all began in the eleventh century, in Anatolia, and the events from which its appearance in the old image of Anatolian mosques draws elegance and luxury.

There is a development in the fourteenth era, various forms of modern forms, the modern era and the most wonderful housing in order to meet the urgent and customers need.

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Turkish carpet factory

Rug manufacturer is one of the largest and exporters in the world due to the availability of raw materials for the carpet industry, as well as the efficiency of carpet weaving workers and technicians to bring out the most beautiful and finest pieces.

Therefore, the Turkish carpet exhibition project is one of the best successful projects where you can start, and when working on a carpet project you need to know the names of the best floor carpet factories and make an inventory and collect factories in Turkey that you can make deals with to get the best offers And buy at the lowest prices so that you can sell and make a high profit margin after deducting costs.

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Carpet factories in Istanbul

1-Yasin Kaplancarpe Factory

Searching for carpet factories in Turkey, especially in Istanbul is not difficult, as it is a bustling city full of the finest and most luxurious factories, including Yassin Kaplan, a leading company in carpet types, which was founded in 1983.

The company is famous for its high production abundance, the daily production capacity is about 30 thousand square meters, 750,000 square meters per month, 9 million square meters per year, and the production capacity of the spinning plant is about 1,350 tons per month. Yassin Kaplan Carpet has developed over the past 30 years to become one of the leading wholesale carpet suppliers in Turkey, and one of the most important factors in this development is product development by having 12 designers in the R&D department to develop new products and designs and 25 designers for coloring and sizing

The company follows modern technology by purchasing and owning the best machines to manufacture the finest carpets, so the company’s ERP system was specially developed, installed and managed by one of the largest software companies, allowing departments to follow their work and see the current situation instantly through the ERP system

There is also a barcode system at every step of production, storage and shipping, and every product item can be tracked in the factory with all the details and time / dates.

The most important characteristic of this company is the upscale dealings with various clients, customers, and importers from merchants, and knowledge of customer reactions about its products in order to satisfy them, and to develop products and avoid defects or problems facing this Turkey carpet factory, which makes it one of the best factories that can be imported from. If you want to see their carpet online and learn about them and their prices, you can visit their website.


Turkish carpet prices

Carpet factories in Gaziantep

Gaziantep, one of the famous cities in the carpet industry in Turkey, to which customers come from everywhere from different countries of Italy, Iraq, America, and others, if you are wondering where to buy carpet in Turkey? so in this city you can find good prices:

Ninovacarpet Company

it is one of the most famous companies specialized in the carpet industry, which was founded in 1989 in Gaziantep. The company has the infrastructure that makes rug manufacturer Turkey and produce an excellent quality area of ​​all sizes and different sizes suitable for furnishing all spaces.

During the industry, the company relies on the use of a combination of traditional and modern tools, and advanced machinery in different stages of finishing such as design, weaving, dying and cutting in order to reach distinctive shapes and designs that vary between modern, classic and rich traditional, to find an extraordinary variety of shapes that enables you to import and sell the most beautiful and cheap wholesale carpet prices.

The company manufactures all kinds of carpets from Turkish plain and embossed carpets, and with many types of polypropylene PCF carpets. Industrial has its products mainly and carries out international trade and export abroad, the company is distinguished by having a wide range of carpets from classic antique carpets, traditional carpets, exaggerated carpets, faded carpets, Turkish kilim carpets, and they also find they have a group of distinctive Turkish furnishings that are consistent in their design With cushion rugs and Suzani fabrics.

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Turkish carpets for sale

Carpets in Trabzon

The city of Trabzon is one of the most beautiful tourist cities with a picturesque nature in Turkey, to which tourists come from everywhere, but its excellence does not stop there, so you find the most beautiful carpet shop in Turkey and laboratories for the carpet industry, and Turkish carpet companies. What made Turkey as a result of the popularity of carpet cities in it to become the largest source of carpets in the world due to the availability of raw materials for the manufacture of carpets Turkey is close to export markets, and most carpets are sold to Arab countries and is the largest Importers of Turkish carpets in Saudi Arabia, the United States and Kazakhstan, where the variety of carpets and the beauty of carpet Turkey.

carpet producers Turkey

Esenyurt has the best factories and workshops that have the most skilled craftsmen and professionals to manufacture distinctive shapes and the finest raw materials used in the manufacture of carpets such as wool, silk and other materials, which you can search and find many manual workshops of handmade carpet wholesalers are luxurious and elegant, with distinctive and unrepeatable shapes.

Turkish carpets are known as one of the most luxurious types of carpets in the world, as they are woven from silk and fed with brocade and golden threads, and its carvings are dominated by the Islamic decorative character, and some writings are added to them with the Ottoman letter carpet design, as for the colors they are varied and bright and are manufactured by Bedouins and skilled workers in Turkey and are called Anatolian carpets. There are knots per square inch between 40 and 100 knots, and what distinguishes handmade Turkish carpets is the use of bright red color by its makers for the whole carpet or a large part of it.

carpet online
carpet online

Best place to buy carpet in Turkey

Carpet city in Turkey

The city of Gaziantep is the sixth largest city in Turkey, which has many factories and wholesale carpet companies, which number about 350 carpets and rugs factories.

The city is distinguished by the fact that the supplier can design his own pattern or choose special colors and specifications, whether in terms of color or design, etc. and send them to the factory via Turkey wholesale website of the company he wants and they are printed, and the customer can design any pattern through the various design programs and send them to the factory. And it is kept in the customer’s file in the factory that he can request at any time he wants.

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Carpet companies in Turkey

How do I know the original Turkish Carpets?

When you buy furniture from Turkey, and carpets you need to merchant to make sure of its quality and raw materials, and that it is not imitation or fraudulent, because this preserves your money so that you do not buy products at high prices and lose them when they are fraudulent, especially since Turkish carpets are known for their high prices. Not to lose your customers and your reputation, as buying fraudulent and non-original products will damage the reputation of your store a lot and customers lose confidence in buying from you and warn against dealing with you.

There are many types of non-original Turkish carpets and others made with inferior materials and methods and are sold as original Turkish carpets, and it is a misinformation, especially if you are new to those projects and you do not have sufficient experience in differentiating between different types of carpets.

If the carpet fabric in front of you is manual, there is the final knot of the thread and is not made by machine, then it is an original carpet immediately, Turkish carpets can take months or even years to manufacture, all of this depends on the size of the carpet, so the bigger the longer it takes.

The color is one of the signs that you can differentiate between the original and the adulterated, because factories use industrial dye in the manufacture of carpets, while the original Turkish carpets use in their manufacture the natural dye that often comes from plants and flowers, so you find their colors somewhat matte and not as bright as the industrial colors that are bright And quite blistering.

You can also look at the back of the carpets, and if you see some faults, then this is an original Turkish carpet because these faults are caused by the human hand, but the machines do not make mistakes.

There are a number of different types of carpets, such as kilim, kikum, sumac, and hull 1, these types show inscriptions that are carefully hand-woven and vary between motifs, geometric shapes, flower and creature shapes, some of which are used for floors, and some are purchased as a wall art painting to decorate the walls.

The original carpets do not burn easily and you can try it on a simple string of carpet and from the worst addresses of carpet factories in Turkey.

Another sign that will enable you to identify the types of original Turkish carpets, when you are in the carpet shop, ask the merchant to burn a tassel of tassels hanging from the carpet.

So that was a summary of some of the main places and Turkey carpet factory that you can rely on when you want to import from Turkey the highly qualified carpets.


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