big bag Turkey manufacturers

Big bag Turkey manufacturers for fashionble and trendy bags

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big bag Turkey manufacturers

It is known that Turkish  industries are among the most pioneering industries at this time, including the big bag Turkey manufacturers , and Turkish  bags are known for their high quality and various brands that satisfy everyone.

So you have to try importing bags from Turkey , where there are many Turkey  manufacturers, but the question that arises is where to find the most beautiful Turkish  big bags? In importing house follow this article to know about the best bags shops in Istanbul…..

big bag manufacturer Turkey

Are you looking for a big bags manufacturer Turkey , where there are many of these manufacturers in Turkey , And the most famous of them……..

1- HILAL :

Is a manufacturer, founded in 2001, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey , and operating in the bags sector. It also works in the sectors of school bags, backpacks, travel bags, bags and promotional travel bags.

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Is the manufacturer, founded in 2013, and operating in the oversized bags and big bag bulk based in Istanbul, Turkey


It is a manufacturer established in 1998, and it operates in the bags sector. It also operates in the envelope and envelope sectors of bag factories, industrial bags and shopping bags.


It is the manufacturer, and it operates in the bags sector. It also operates in the bags packing sectors, leather travel bags, big bag wholesale, and school bags.

5- AYAZ:

Is the manufacturer, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey , and it works in the bags sector. It also operates in the promotional bags and travel bags sectors, and manufactures handbags and laptop stand with printed logo.


Is the manufacturer, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey , and it works in the bags sector. It also operates in the sports bags, backpacks, travel bags, envelopes and envelopes sectors


Is a retail trader, established in 2007, and operates in the bags sector. It also operates in the leather travel bags and long handbags sectors. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey

8- SET :

It is the manufacturer, and it operates in the bags sector. It also operates in the briefcase, leather accessories and leather luggage sectors. It is based in Istanbul, Turkey

Bags shops in Istanbul

Turkey  in general, and is particularly spacious, is one of the most famous capitals of industry in the world

When tourists and travelers talk about the shopping streets of Istanbul, they usually remember the Grand Bazaar and its maze-like streets that house the most famous and most important bag store in Turkey

1- Abdi Ipekci Street, Istanbul:

This distinctive street is located, famous for its luxury and sophistication, so it is one of the best shopping streets in Istanbul, especially if you are looking for bags stores in Turkey , big bag in Turkey  and famous brands in the world, you will find everything from Prada to Louis Vuitton and Fako. In addition to luxury Turkish  brands

2- Brands Street in Istanbul

It is one of the oldest and oldest Turkish  streets and one of the most important shopping streets that Arabs visit in particular with a number of international Turkish  brands and Kaya bags from Turkey , as well as international brands

3- Osman Bey Market

One of the most famous markets in Istanbul, and it is located near the famous Taksim Square, the most famous Turkish  and international brands are sold in Osman Market, which made it an important buying destination for visitors coming to Istanbul and imitating brands in Trabzon

Visitors go there to find imitation clothes, shoes and leather products from international brands at reasonable prices

4- The Egyptian Bazaar Market

With the development in the shopping mechanism, counterfeit brands have entered the market, so that Bazaar has become one of the best imitation brands in Istanbul big bag market

5- Lalali Market in Istanbul

Lalali Market is located near Sultanahmet along the tram line, and there are wholesale shops on the tram line and on the side streets of the main street

The wholesale stores sell bags, shoes, and leather clothing as well as bridal wear

6- Mahmud Pasha Market, Istanbul

Mahmoud Pasha Market is located in the Eminonu area near the Egyptian Spice Market, which is the cheapest bag market in Istanbul, Turkish  clothes, traditional accessories, cheap big bag and shoes are also available in this market, Mahmoud Pasha Market is one of the largest popular markets in Istanbul

The market includes many stores that sell clothes and household appliances of various kinds, as well as many shops specialized in selling women’s accessories, and it includes many stores that sell electrical appliances, mobile phones and their accessories

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There are many of big bags types , and here we will show you some of them:

1- Brand HOTİÇ

It is one of the unique Turkish  brands selling distinctive women’s bags and accessories. This company specializes in manufacturing leather bags and shoes in Turkey  and has gained great fame in this industry,

It is known that the manufacture of bags is a Turkish  specialty, and this brand is considered one of the best and most beautiful Turkish  bags


This brand is famous for a number of different Turkish  products, the most important of which are clothes and bags, as this Turkish  brand keeps pace with fashion, and every season new models come out in attractive colors and you have some pictures from the spring and summer season of this year


This brand produces the best Turkish  bags, as it is distinguished by its durability and attractive models that keep pace with modern women with their warm earthy colors. In the spring and summer season, this brand launched a collection of bags decorated with flowers and roses in attractive and beautiful colors


It is one of the modern Turkish  brands that produce distinctive assortments of the most beautiful Turkish  bags.  and It is one of the big brands of bags


The Wye London brand produces various products such as clothes and bags are considered part of its distinctive products as its collections are functional and youthful. Besides, it is distinguished by its relatively cheap prices compared to the above-mentioned brands


The Trendyol brand is considered one of the modern Turkish  brands and one of the big bag brands, as it produces many products, the most important of which is women’s clothing of all kinds. In addition, it recently produced a group of the most beautiful Turkish  bags,

It also produces leather shoes that are distinguished by the splendor and uniqueness of their designs, as many fashion and modern lovers buy them.

Bags shops in Istanbul
Bags shops in Istanbul


Nine West is famous for its many fashion products, as it produces women’s bags, which are distinguished in this season in Turkey  and focus on producing small elegant handbags that are suitable for attending parties and events


The Czech brand is one of the new Turkish  brands that focus on a distinctive style of producing bags, as it mixes cloth, stones and embroidery as factors that make its products distinctive and unique, as its products are accepted by the young slice.


Prices big bag in Turkey

Do you want to know what are the prices of big bags in Turkey ? There are many Turkish  sites that sell products online, offering various types of branded bags on their site and placing prices on them, you can find out about these sites in this article

In this paragraph, you can get to know the most famous Turkish  sites that sell their products online and Turkey  wholesale website, take a tour of these sites and choose the bag that you like and fit the price you want

1- Cimri website

Founded in 201st, is an online shopping guide with a large catalog containing hundreds of thousands of products

It helps you to find the lowest price for Turkey  bags by listing the prices of products in stores, thus saving your budget by saving

  By displaying all store prices on one page, it saves you the hassle of switching between stores and saves you time

It provides guidance by telling you what to look for before purchasing products

  It helps you make the decision by comparing the products with each other in terms of technical specifications and prices

by the detailed filter options it allows you to easily find the right products you need

2- Valizci website

The site works at your service in selling bags in Istanbul, makeup bags, travel bags, school bags, travel and sports bags that have been carefully selected for you and whose quality has been proven all over the world

Through the online support unit that works around the clock, seven days a week, it responds to all your problems, requests and information needs that you may encounter in the online store with its experienced team and finishes your request as soon as possible, and all travel bags are original brands.

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3- Samsonita website

Shopping at Samsonite is risk-free, to ensure your satisfaction we offer the ability to return every order free of charge, use all kinds of capabilities to deliver your goods to you in the fastest time and ensure that your product reaches your address within 2 to 5 working days depending on your location

4- Turkish  Hepsiburada bags website

It is the leading e-commerce platform in the region and Turkey , the leader in digital transformation in Turkey  and the brand, the business platform that gathers millions of customers and supports the development of retail trade and the growth of the local economy, and offers Instagram bags

The platform started its life in 2001 as part of Doğan Online with the Hepsiburada brand, despite its position as the largest e-commerce company in Turkey  and the region considered a leader among companies in the Internet and technology

In conclusion, dear reader, we have explained to you the big bag manufacturer Turkey  and the prices big bag in Turkey , bags imported from Turkey , the bags shops in Istanbul ,and you can import bags from Turkey


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