turkey clothes wholesalers in Kenya

Top 5 Turkey clothes wholesalers in Kenya

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in turkey clothes wholesalers in Kenya; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

turkey clothes wholesalers in Kenya

For those looking for elegance, simplicity and beauty, Turkish clothing speaks for itself and it is deservedly supplying to all tastes. So, think of Turkey clothes wholesalers in Kenya as profitable to you. Turkish taste is completely in line with the world class tastes of material and luxury of the clothes. Through importing house platform you will know all facts.

Turkey clothes suppliers in Kenya

Industry in Turkey is one of the most financial and economic sectors that the Turkish country depends on for its overall economy. The Turkish industry has recently become one of the major and greatest global Turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbul characterized by its high quality. The best clothing import companies in Turkey There are many international suppliers in Turkey to import clothes and deliver them to other nation state, but each company has a set of advantages that make it shine among others, and among these companies that work in the field of importing wholesale clothes from Turkey to several countries of the world:

Am clothing

  AM Clothing is the best Turkish fashion wholesale clothing. They produce jerseys, jerseys, polo shirts, and jogging sets. They have a variety of categories that include pants, shorts, skirts, and dresses. They also offer custom-made clothing, special labels, and latest Turkey dresses in Nairobi for sale. Its main attention is to provide the top quality product at the best prices.

Turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbu
Turkish clothing wholesale in Istanbu

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Comindusa corporation

It is one of the largest names of fashion design companies in turkey that works to import from Turkey and deliver them to anywhere in several countries of the world in addition to that it provides clothes, shoes and dresses, as its prices are reasonable for everyone and it is one of the globally known companies.

European used clothes

This company is considered one of the best wholesale clothing distributors Turkey imported from Turkey that provides you with all used and new clothes, which assistances you to get the top brands, besides it brings things from anywhere and delivers them to you, and it sorts and classifies clothes from first class to third class.

Rakitex Corporation

This company has been working in this field for a long time and has the ability to deal remotely with all customers because it helps them to get Turkish accessories and turkey clothes for sale and many other requirements, so that their prices are affordable for everyone.

PEBS group

You can get used clothes effortlessly with this because it is one of the main wholesale suppliers in Turkey who specialize in this field and it is one of the most main original Belgian companies and it is one of the most important imports of turkey clothes in the world even Turkey clothes in Kenya because it carries goods via trains, ships and trucks that have many branches in different countries. The world is easy to handle at any time.

Turkey dresses wholesale in Kenya

We may find that in the past few years, many Turkish clothing sites, especially among young people, have become famous for their distinctive styles, and their various Turkish clothing manufacturers which differ in informal clothes such as dresses, high-quality clothes, and competitive prices compared to other international brands as well as the most famous and best clothing brands. There are wholesale in Istanbul, which offers its products of luxury clothing through Turkish clothes online shopping such as Amazon, Souq, and others. Among the most famous clothing stores for sale in Istanbul online are:

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wholesale clothing distributors Turkey
wholesale clothing distributors Turkey


One of the top 10 online clothing wholesale sites for its many features: A comprehensive Turkish fashion websites for women suitable for hijabs and non-veils, with almost all international designs. Many veiled fashion designers rely on him to shop all year long. It provides overseas shipping to many countries of the world and to wholesale hijab suppliers turkey and in the world. It also supports many languages on the site.


 Founded in 1988 in Istanbul, and expanded in shopping in Turkey to more than 430 stores in 28 countries around the world, and it employs about 8500 employees. The cotton company occupies an important place among the brands of women’s clothing in particular wholesale childrens clothing in Turkey and men’s clothing in general.

LC Waikiki:

A French brand that was originally purchased 100% by a Turkish company. It is one of the most famous and famed clothing brands in Turkey. The reason for its popularity is that it is economical, and offers products for different age groups at competitive prices. LC offers many collections of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing. It lately added a new Home Products division. The branches of this brand have spread within Turkey with 400 shops, and outside Turkey in 27 countries with 193 divisions.


ADL is one of the best online shopping sites in Turkey and Turkish wholesale products that offer a range of wonderful women’s clothes and accessories, and the store is recognized by its accessibility in both English and Turkish dialects, which makes the shopping process easier and is very attractive. The costs offered, as we find that the costs of garments start from 19 Turkish liras.


One of the most famous sites in the Arab world, is a Turkish wholesale hijab store online that offers a wonderful assortment of clothes for veiled women characterized by elegance, quality and modesty, it is one of the Turkish online selling sites dedicated to the fashion of veiled women.

and this wholesale hijab shop site offers through different sections, a variety of dresses, tunics, shoes and beachwear for veiled women and Turkish site that are characterized by wonderful designs in terms of colors and different shapes, and Modanisa website to buy clothes from Turkey provides many ways to pay its customers and receive goods without paying customs duties. The site provides more than one language other than Turkish and Arabic.

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wholesale hijab suppliers
wholesale hijab suppliers

Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya

Whatever country you wish to import from, traveling to this country is the greatest and best option. Where you have the ability to visit the largest number of wedding dress factory in Turkey or even the most important markets that sell children, women and veiled clothes, and thus you have the ability to closely preview products and annihilate what you really need. Thus, you can make comparisons between martial and price of wedding dresses in Turkey for sale, designs and quality levels, and in the end you can choose the most suitable products for the target market from the source of the stock that provide turkey clothes wholesalers in Kenya with the best price. It is one of the most important markets that you need to visit:

Lalali market:

 Is one of the most famous areas in Istanbul, there are many wedding dresses manufacturers in Turkey also shops where Turkish wedding suits are sold. Lalali includes a large number of stores that include many different Turkish dresses that suit many tastes. A market in which all the purposes related to wedding dresses are available in Turkey and you can importing baby dresses from Turkey that suits you, and the most important thing that distinguishes the Lalali area is that dresses are sold at very distinct prices.

Marter Market in Istanbul:

One of the most well-known wholesale markets in Turkey with the Arabs, as it offers many women’s products, importing baby clothes from turkey for sale, and men’s clothing with high quality and very cheap prices, within more than 2000 exhibitions for the sale of Turkish products, and what distinguishes the Turkish wholesale market products that contain companies specialized in customs clearance, which helps merchants for importing from turkey and facilitate their task in the process of purchasing and shipping with minimal effort and cost.

Al Fateh Market:

It is named the Wednesday Market because it is held every Wednesday every week and it is one of the recognized discount markets in Istanbul, which includes the most delicious fruits and vegetables, not to mention Turkish women’s clothing wholesale and shoes from Turkey. The most popular tourist destinations in Istanbul are located next to it, such as the Grand Bazaar and Fatih Mosque.

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price of wedding dresses in Turkey
price of wedding dresses in Turkey

Turkish clothes worldwide shipping

The shipping company plays the most important role in import, as it plays the role of financial intermediary between companies and turkey clothes wholesalers in Kenya, where the importer deposits the value of the goods at the shipping company’s office and delivers the amount to wholesalers from clothing suppliers in Turkey. After receiving the clothes from him, a Kenyan company makes sure that the goods meet the specifications and has cheap shipping from Turkey to Kenya as well. This is how to import clothes from Turkey to Kenya easily. Among the most imperative shipping companies:

Adoate Logistics Company: To send many purchases, combine them into one delivery, and send them straight to your doorstep. The price of a kilo of shipping decreases as the weight of the delivery increases, safe credit card payment. You can buy from more than one Turkish shopping site and ship the quantity in large quantities, through an easy-to-use interface, thus saving the price of international shipping, fast and safe shipping, to all countries at your doorstep in one place.

Oriental Pearl Shipping Company in Turkey

The Pearl international shipping and customs clearance company, which was founded in 2012 and since its inception, has been working to provide the best and fastest shipping and customs clearance services in the following areas: sea and air. The company works to provide the strongest and best services to satisfy and elevate customers to reach the level that satisfies all clothes and hijab suppliers in turkey. It imports and exports all different supplies to and from Turkey, as well as imports and exports to other countries. It also transfers all shipments of whatever type and quantity in most countries.

TNT Company: a service of land and air shipping to several countries of the world, a service that gained confidence and was famed by the orange color that colors the logos and packages of parcels and shipments.

how to import clothes from Turkey to Kenya
how to import clothes from Turkey to Kenya

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They provide customer service, offer discounted rates for heavy shipments, and there are branches in most countries of the world. It ships different types of goods and experience and learns to import clothes from turkey in a short period of time, and satisfies different customers’ requests.

In the end, we recommend importing clothes wholesale online from dependable companies from Turkey and shipping companies located in Turkey are available for delivery to several countries.

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