Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya

Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya …. The best 4 stores

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya

Are you looking for shipping from Turkey to Kenya ? Do you need to know what the Turkey clothes wholesalers are in Kenya ? How Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya ? What are the best places that buying clothes from Turkey to Kenya ? Over importing house platform you can know all the details you need.

How to import clothes from Turkey to Kenya:

Turkey has announced its aim to expand and diversify its economies cooperation with Kenya, as the leter is among the largest economies in the eastern part of the continent. The Turkish ambassador emphasized that Turkey is a major and powerful player in the Horn of Africa, and an important partner for African countries.

Miroglu said: “The Turkish government and Turkish investors will play an important role to help Kenya achieve prosperity and development in the four most important strategic areas, as announced by Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta, which include food security, universal health coverage, housing and industrial Turkey clothes wholesale sector strengthening.

He stressed that focusing on these sectors will provide new horizons for economic cooperation between the two friendly countries Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya . He explained that Turkey possesses huge potentials in multiple fields, the most important of which are infrastructure, defense industries, energy and investment, encouraging Turkish businessmen to expand their investments in Kenya.

Miroglu expressed his happiness to see the growing interest by the Turkish private sector to do business and invest in Kenya, pointing to the most important leading Turkish companies operating in Kenya, and witness to this fact, the most important of which are ready-made garment companies such as: LC Waikiki, and others in the footwear sector Turkish clothes brands. Like FLO, and another in the furniture business. There are 3 main ways to import from Turkey and they are :.

hijab factory in Turkey
hijab factory in Turkey

  1. Travel to Turkey :.

If you want to travel by yourself to Turkey to inspect your goods and inspect them there, you must provide all the required papers and documents, as Tebasam provides you with residency in Turkey and the help of those with experience in commercial dealings and markets and visiting different factories and companies and what is the best factory that you can deal with and are reliable and what are the places Residence in Turkey during the period of import and work.

2- Importing from Turkey via the Internet :.

The method of importing from Turkey Online is one of the most popular methods that can be used in our time, and many merchants already deal with it. It is preferable to ask about companies that have previously dealt with, and to read reviews and customer opinions before calling him.

There are many sites for Turkish products on the Internet Turkey clothes online, such as cheap Turkish clothes, veiled clothes for sale, sites for Turkish veiled clothes, Turkish online shopping sites, and buying Turkish veiled clothes online. The customer wishing to import from Turkey searches on the Internet for the product he wants and the specifications required in the beginning.

Then he communicates with many appropriate companies, requesting the product, asking about offers, product specifications and all necessary conditions. All expenses, costs, prices, specifications, shipping and receipt dates, and how the shipment will be received on time shall be agreed upon.

  1. Modanisa

Modanisa is a Turkish women’s site for selling veiled costumes in addition to a set of accessories and other shoes. The store includes several sections, including a special section for veiled dresses ladies jeans from Turkey, which is the most prominent section in this store. It also includes another section for large-sized clothes suitable for large-sized bodies, the store provides several Ways to pay, including payment by credit cards and PayPal, and they are the two payment methods that can be used to shop from all countries in addition to other local payment methods used only in Turkey ,Go shopping from Modanisa.

Ladies jeans from turkey
Ladies jeans from turkey

  1. Bruges tester

A Turkish women’s shopping site for selling veiled costumes and accessories is not much different from “Modanisa” Turkey shopping online sites, we find that the prices differ slightly from what is available in Nisa fashion, in addition to noting that there is a variety of outfits that differ slightly from Nisa’s fashion, the site also provides its services to all countries of the world ie Any woman who is veiled can access the site and shop with ease, and it concerns payment methods. The store provides several payment methods, including payment through credit cards and American Express cards, Go shopping for the Bruges Tester.

  1. LC Waikiki

A Turkish shopping site specializing in men’s, women’s Turkey women’s clothing wholesale, children and teenage fashion, the distinctive feature of this store is that it provides shipping to some Arab countries, including the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, except for Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan and Morocco, in addition to some other European countries. Browsing, in terms of prices, we find that the prices are really very cheap compared to other stores, and in terms of payment methods, we find that it provides several methods of payment via credit cards and PayPal.

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  1. Coquette

A Turkish women’s shopping site for selling a specific type of products, which are women’s accessories, including bags, glasses, jewelry, and others that are suitable for both women and young girls children’s boutique clothing at wholesale, the store provides several payment methods that are included in credit card payment, which is useful for those outside the Turkish country.

Importing via an intermediary: –

It is called the import method for the benefit of others, and this method depends on assigning one of the import and export companies that work in particular in the field of import from Turkey “with long experience” to buy what you need from products with the required specifications baby clothing wholesale Turkey, so that the company carries out the import and customs clearance process. Thus it guarantees quality, accuracy, speed and comfort. But in return, you will pay money for those services, and the amounts paid are often a percentage of the total price (say 20% of the total costs), and this reduces your profit margin of course.

We recommend relying on the method of importing through intermediaries in the absence of owning an import and export company, and in the case of importing for the first time. However, we do not recommend relying on it all the time. You must have your own experiences and save the most money to make your profit margin high.

baby clothing wholesale Turkey.
baby clothing wholesale Turkey.

Conclusion, importing from Turkey: –

If you were able to properly complete the market study and carefully select what you need from the products, and complete the import process from Turkey properly and at the best price import from Turkey. You will have saved yourself a lot of expenses, and then you can sell in the local markets at lower prices than other merchants, which ensures that you can easily sell and distribute products and gain permanent customers, or you can sell at prices prevailing in the market to achieve a higher profit margin than normal.

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Turkey clothes wholesalers in Kenya

Kenya is one of the African countries as it is located in East Africa and is bordered to the east by the Pacific Ocean and to the west by Uganda, and its capital is Nairobi. Kenya has some tourist attractions that attract tourists, and every year it plans to create a clothing and fashion exhibition clothing manufacturers in Turkey so that buyers get a chance to see the quality of clothes and designs presented from all over the world and the number of buyers increases every year. Best wholesale clothing store in Kenya :.

Vivo ActiveWear :.

This store offers the latest women’s clothing made in Kenya, and the store also provides free delivery service to the customer and is always keen to add a soft touch to his costumes to satisfy his visitors from all over the world.

WoollWorths :.

If you like casual and elegant things, be sure that you will find in this place some wonderful pieces, the latest fashions and wonderful designs, as it offers practical everyday wear dresses, pullovers and elegantly designed jeans jeans manufacturer in Turkey.

Mimi Online Store :.

This site offers a group of clothes that include various forms of fashion that the buyer seeks to suit all different needs wholesale hijab shop. Starting with the classic, formal, and youthful look, all the pieces are of high quality at excellent prices.

wholesale hijab shop
wholesale hijab shop

Jade Collections :.

It is one of the best clothing stores in Kenya Turkey clothes suppliers in Kenya and offers a wide range of designer brands there, meeting all local and international needs and offering the latest clothes in addition to sportswear as well. This store is considered one of the places suitable for family clothes at reasonable prices.

Lc Waikiki :.

Lc Waikiki offers high quality products that suit all styles at reasonable prices with the slogan “Everyone Deserves to Wear Good” as they showcase all the needs of the whole family by offering its collections for adults, teens, children children’s clothing wholesale Turkey and babies.

Sir Henry’s :.

The store offers an exclusive range of men’s clothing and accessories, and it also provides all men’s needs, including practical clothes, formal and classic suits, jackets, trousers, T-shirts and more.

Le Style Parfait Kenya :.

This store offers a different experience as it is possible to shop through their website from anywhere in the world. It showcases the hottest brands and trendy of the moment wholesale hijab shop, and offers a collection of the latest fashion trends for 2020.

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Best wholesale clothing market in Kenya :.

Gikomba market :.

Gikomba market is one of the most popular flea markets when it comes to shopping in Nairobi for clothes, and While on the go on a city tour, stop by this place to take a look at the clothes and shoes this market has to offer and although there is nothing very luxurious, this is where you can buy everyday casual clothes clothes shopping in Turkey at low prices.

Old Town Market

Buy the best traditional Kenyan gifts from Mombasa Old Town being the second largest and oldest city, and you can have an experience amazing shopping here. You’ll find every local specialty here, including fabrics hijab fabric wholesale, shoes, jewelry, decor items and spices Locally produced fragrances to gift your friends.

Yaya center :.

Yaya center is one of the major malls in Kenya, where you can sample some of the best pastries at Alexander bakery stop by at the Java House for a quick break to enjoy some Kenyan coffee, with some great brands wholesale hijab shop. On board like Salvatore Ferragamo and Emporio Armani, you will definitely have a pleasant shopping experience in this mall.

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Shipping from Turkey to Kenya

Are you looking for the best shipping companies from Turkey to Kenya ? Do you want to know the cheapest and the best shipping companies ? we will discuss it right now, just keep reading.

1_ Al-Manara

Al-Manara Shipping Company is characterized by the leadership and speed in transporting your shipments to all countries of the world, if you are looking for shipping companies importing from Turkey in Turkey and want to work with the best, initiate and contact us, and we are fully prepared for all your needs related to international shipping, customs clearance and extracting all papers in Faster time and low prices.

2_ Al Fares lojistik

Alfares lojistik has always strived to be one of the most important shipping companies in Turkey that provides integrated shipping services from Istanbul and Turkey to all parts of the world and many logistic services such as packaging service and order follow-up service. Al Fares Lojistik provides you with air and sea freight solutions from Turkey and Istanbul at the lowest costs. Al Fares Lojistik’s long years of experience will guide you to the best shipping solutions in terms of speed and cost.

Al-Fares team will be with you in Istanbul to follow up all your requests from sources and exporters in Turkey and even online shopping stores to receive your shipments and coordinate loading, shipping Turkey shipping company and documentation operations with a professional that achieves your goals.

3_ Adoit Lojistik International Shipping Company

This company provides many services for shipping goods, with a door-to-door service at the very end, through which all goods can be delivered from Turkey to all Arab countries. It is considered the only Arab company in the Arab world that provides the advantage of customs clearance with the utmost ease, due to the effort or need of the owner of the shipment or the recipient. It is also characterized by competitive prices that reach a reasonable level, which has become affordable for many people. There are several advantages for a shipping company, Adoit Logistics for International Shipping, among which we mention the following Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya :

  1. The most important thing that distinguishes the company is its comprehensive shipping program, which relies on the linkage service between the inside (which are different Turkish cities) and abroad (Arab countries), in North Africa and the Gulf And Al-Arabi
  1. In addition to its relations with the most important shipping companies; Land, air and sea Importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya .
  1. It is distinguished among many companies by providing high-quality logistical services aiming at customer satisfaction.
  1. In addition to a special service, which is insurance for the goods it is shipped with.
  1. It includes full and large containers for transporting goods, in addition to containers for refrigerators.
  1. Providing air and sea shipping methods, delivery is very fast with the ability to trace the shipment.

Thus, we expained to you importing clothes from Turkey to Kenya and the best places where buying clothes from Turkey to Kenya. we have explained the greatest shipping companies in Turkey. I hope to find it useful for you.

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