Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea Major

Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea Major … Best 6 Turkish products

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 Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea Major

Are you asking for imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea Major? If you want know the best famous import companies in Turkey? Are you interested in importing from Turkey and looking for the most popular vendors in Turkey?  Are you looking for wholesale products from Turkey and the best prices? No concerns, don’t worry through importing house platform you’ll discover what you need to know of all imports that Turkey export to Guinea.

Turkey is one of the largest exporting countries of Turkish home-made products, which, owing to its quality and good prices, has increased demand, and this is what has made it a good competitor in the worldwide export market, and many young Arabs prefer the experience of importing Turkish goods, as they have recently achieved great success and income.

Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea

As many importers around the world purchased and still buy different goods from Turkey, importing from Turkey was and remains a gateway to achieving wealth he Turkish market has witnessed a remarkable recovery over the past years in the import and export market, which encouraged investors from traders and industrialists to go to establish their companies in Turkey in pursuit of participating in a market with great profits and returns, as Turkey is an important destination in many Major countries for imported products. In this article, we will learn about imports, especially from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea.

Turkish-African relations are characterized by a variety of areas of development and strategic development in particular as the volume of trade between Turkey and Africa amounted to $23.7 billion in 2018 and Turkish diplomatic presence exists in 42 African countries in addition to the organization of Turkish Airlines to arrange trips to some 37 countries on the continent.

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Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea
Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea

How to buy products from Turkey

One of the most significant factors helping the Turkish economy to rise and expand is exports to Turkey. Loss and danger in the Turkish and local markets of your country or country to which you wish to import Turkish goods. The best destinations are offered.

Turkey manufactures a large range of goods that are shipped to all countries around the world.

1 – Fateh Street wholesale clothing market:

Al-Fatih stores are considered Istanbul’s best wholesale market, especially for wedding clothes, located along Al-Fatih Mosque Street in Al-Fatih city, and it includes Mafraq and Jumla stores, the market is also known as the women’s market, it is Fawzi Pasha Street in the Fatih area, and it is reformed near the Sultan Mehmed Al-Fatih Mosque on Al-Fatih Street.

It is considered one of Istanbul’s biggest popular markets, as it includes a large number of shops on its side that sell Turkish clothing brands that fit all family members, as well as shops selling wedding and engagement dresses and evening dresses, and it also includes several popular distinctive restaurants and cafes. Shops market veiled clothing and wholesale wedding dresses at fair prices.

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Turkey manufactures
Turkey manufactures

2- Osmanbey Market in Istanbul:

Near the Sisli area, Osman Pasha Market is a 10-minute walk from Taksim Square, the market includes the most famous Turkish brands and offices for renowned designers and includes many shops selling distinctive and luxurious Turkish apparel brands, as well as perfume and gift shops in addition to famous cafes.

It also includes cosmetics, men’s and. baby clothing wholesale Turkey.

3- Nishantashi Street:

In addition to the most prestigious clothing stores in Istanbul, all Turkish brands in Istanbul include shoes, cosmetics and accessories.

This market includes a mall and Nisantasi City complex where in addition to many different restaurants and cafes both foreign and local clothing brands are available in this mall. And you can relax in Matchka Park among the trees and plants, or in one of the upscale Nisantasi cafes and restaurants after you have finished shopping on this luxurious street.

4 –Dank

One of the most Turkish furniture factories owns a collective of local and foreign designers to supply all tastes of Turkish furniture online, and the store is distinguished by offering designs in a simple, traditional style that is far from costly and has prices that are appropriate for all budgets.

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baby clothing wholesale Turkey.
baby clothing wholesale Turkey.

5 -Biezza Project Solutions Factory:

Founded in 1958 under the name Gürbüz furniture, the factory has since been on the throne of Turkey’s most famous furniture factories, one of the oldest and most renowned firms to become a famous brand thanks to its high-quality products.

5 -Dominic Factory:

Hijab supplier in Turkey pecialise in manufacturing women’s ready-to-wear clothing, pyjamas and cotton clothing

6 –Masvin: One of the principles of the organization for the manufacture of high-quality plastic bag making machine Turkey is the manufacturing of plastic tubes, with a focus on customer service and with the aid of a large and dynamic team of young engineers.

 What website can i use to import goods from Turkey

The Internet has not given you any space to ignore anything, because you can accomplish anything you want when you are at home, because shopping on the Internet is really quick and convenient, and through it you will get incredible deals that you can never believe that you will ever get them, even the pieces of clothes that you are tired of searching for in shops, you can find it simple on these pages.

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Hijab supplier in Turkey
Hijab supplier in Turkey

1_ Amazon:

 Amazon is the world’s most popular Istanbul wholesale online, from which you can purchase anything you need from all products and brands, not only apparel, shoes and beauty equipment, and the website even offers you assurances to ensure the right of the customer, as you can get a full refund, in case you get a counterfeit product, or don’t hit it

2 –Modanisa:

 Modanisa has a website and also has an application that can be easily downloaded on the phone, and this platform is characterised by showing clothes at various rates, and for many foreign and Turkish brands, and you can easily change the language when you download the application on the phone, as it contains many languages, including Arabic, also customer support.


The website includes a selection of veiled costumes and dresses for various occasions, as well as a wonderful collection of pregnant clothing and swimwear, and the website can be translated into three languages including English, with the option of paying in euros, US dollars or Turkish lira.

4- Sefamerve:

This site also provides a distinctive selection of clothes and skirts, as well as numerous styles of hijabs in different colours and a different collection of accessories, and the site shows one style from all directions in many pictures to ensure that it matches your taste.

Istanbul wholesale online
Istanbul wholesale online

5 –Trendyol: Website that looks after fashion and all other goods.

Wholesale products from Turkey

Import goods from Turkey is a great choice if you want to start a project and want the best price and we will speak about importing from Turkey, and there are many measures that need to be taken before coming to Turkey that will help you identify the items needed in the Kingdom and the specifics of the processing of ore and the quality standard and the steps you need to follow to complete the process of importing goods from Turkey of all The first of which is that you need to decide the type of product you want to buy and import from Turkey.

and then prepare a feasibility report that guides you in importing into the future of your project, then you need to search for previous experiences of importers in the Kingdom, and finally contact the company or source, either by travelling or purchasing Turkish products online. There are several companies importing Turkish goods, so if you want to import garments, for example, we give a community of the most prominent wholesale clothing stores in Istanbul.

  • DB Schenker Corporation.
  • DB Schenker Corporation.
  • DB Schenker Corporation.
  • DB Schenker Corporation.
  • DB Schenker Corporation.
  • Elnema company.
  • Elnema company.

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importing from Turkey
importing from Turkey

Turkey wholesale website

In addition to its common markets and luxury shopping centres, the city of Istanbul includes a group of ancient wholesale markets, and the Fatih region is famous for many famous wholesale markets intended for Arabs and Turks, shop owners and merchants, and we will learn about the most important wholesale markets in Istanbul in this subject.

Wholesale stores in La Li Li

By speaking about Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea Major we should mention that market which located in the old part of Istanbul, La Li district includes several wholesale shops along the tram line and you can find distinctive shops with different prices in the inner streets, and there are also shops for leather shoes and bags whose price is comparable in many areas in Istanbul for the rest of the prices

The La Li market has many wholesalers in Turkey, whose number is estimated to be in the thousands, and is characterised by wholesale and retail sales.

There are also several stores on the market in La Le Lee that sell new wholesale wedding dresses every year.

Marter Shops

  • It is located in Istanbul in the Marter region and includes stores selling wholesale Turkish goods, which is an excellent location because of its proximity to the industrial area of the city.
  • There are several shops in the Marter Market, which have the newest Turkish trend.
  • The Marter Market involves many shipping companies that make it easy for merchants to quickly and easily transport their stuff.

The most lucrative imported Turkish products required on the commercial market are imported, Turkish furniture factories such as bedding sets, embroidered bedspreads, quilts and most importantly, Turkish tablecloths, which, due to their wonderful embroidery and gold crafts, have become one of the most popular Turkish products on the importers’ market.

Turkish shawls and veils have a sophisticated taste and many, as well as some types of socks, are preferred Shoes, especially men’s shoes, are good and profitable to import.

Turkey wholesale website
Turkey wholesale website

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For example, these are some household items and home appliances, you can find Turkish tin sets, they are in demand on the commercial market, and compared to other locally produced ones, families and brides buy them for their wonderful colors, designs, and quality.

Finally, after we finished our speak about Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea Major you can import by intermediary: it is often considered a good way to import and is known to be one of the easiest ways to import from Turkey, as you assign a company to Turkey to purchase the items you want such as wholesale clothing stores in Istanbul, Turkish furniture factories and wholesale wedding dresses. We have provided you with the largest and most successful Turkish wholesale website and Turkey import companies, in addition to offering the easiest.

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