How to buy goods from Turkey to Nigeria

How to buy goods from Turkey to Nigeria… Best things to buy in istanbul

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How to buy goods from Turkey to Nigeria

Are you asking about How to buy goods from Turkey to Nigeria ? If you want to get to know best things to buy in istanbul Turkey? Are you looking for how to order from Turkey to Nigeria? Are you interested cargo shipping from Turkey to Nigeria? Don’t worry Through importing house platform what you need to know about how to buy goods from Turkey to Nigeria.

How to import goods from Turkey to Nigeria

The Turkey-Nigeria Business Council was established in 2011 with the aim of supporting cooperation potentials between Turkey and Nigeria and improving bilateral trade between them. This year, the Council held its meeting between 13-14 January, in the presence of the Turkish Minister of Trade, “Rohsar Bakjan”.

The meeting’s agenda reflected the possibility of increasing and expanding joint economic projects. Nigeria, with a population of 200 million, the Economic Community of West African States due to the steady growth of its economy. But the real momentum in economic relations witnessed the two countries in 1999 when Turkey started to buy liquefied natural gas from Nigeria and with oil became 90% of Turkish imports, and Turkey became the largest Turkey wholesale suppliers How to buy goods from Turkey to Megiriya Sesame from Nigeria.

In early 2018, Nigerian crude oil began to be sold in Turkey, bringing the volume of bilateral trade at the beginning of this year to $ 2.3 billion. It operates more than 40 companies’ Turkish in Nigeria, (50) with a capacity of 500 Turkish citizens and more than 2,500 Nigerians.

Turkish companies also organize trade fairs in List of manufacturing companies in Turkey FMCG has been producing washing powders and detergents since 2017, at its $ 100 million factory in Ogun State, employing more than 400 people, while Turkish Airlines offers seven direct weekly flights to Lagos and Abuja states.The Turkish Electricity Company “AKI” provides electrical power to three million Nigerians, through five infrastructure projects it has started since 2001, through which it provides substations and their extensions.

List of manufacturing companies in Turkey
List of manufacturing companies in Turkey

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Cargo shipping from Turkey to Nigeria

It is the only Arab company in Turkey that provides door-to-door delivery of goods with customs clearance and at competitive prices. As part of its comprehensive program, we have allocated a linkage service between all Turkish cities and Arab countries. We have links with the most important air and maritime companies We always strive to provide Products made in Turkey distinct services to customers by providing the best logistics services and the best prices that compete with major companies.

Sea freight Air freight

Door to door receipt and delivery of goods

Goods delivery services customs to all Arab countries

We offer cargo insurance service

Partial shipping by sea and air. Shipping of personal items

Full containers for all types of goods and refrigerated containers as well

1-Company services

  • Sea freight:

We always and regularly ship all sizes and weights of goods via Nigeria shipping agent in Turkey sea to all parts of the world, especially to North Africa and the Middle East, and Whether a client needs to bring or export LCLs, we can provide them at competitive prices with any of the major shipping lines or through one of our trusted partners. We can also supply flat rack containers, open tops and a host of other options in ocean transportation.

We can also as certificates. whether the customer needs to bring or export full containers from importing from Turkey, we can provide them at competitive prices with any of the main shipping lines or Through one of our trusted partners. We can also provide flat rack containers, open tops and a host of other options in ocean transportation. We can also assist in importing goods from abroad and are happy to advise anyone looking to import goods for the first time.

In addition, we can provide the following additional services: packages, storage, insurance, consular documents, inspections and certification. sist with Import from Turkey merchandise from abroad and we are happy to advise anyone looking to import goods for the first time. In addition, we can provide the following additional services: packages, warehousing, insurance, consular documents, inspections and

  • Air Freight:

We have worldwide air freight services, and we can handle any size or weight from small contents to large shipments with great care and attention. We work with many major airlines in the world and also deal with many small airlines serving challenging remote destinations. The dispatch can be received and transported from the customer’s home How do i find suppliers in Turkey? In the event that there is an overload or personal luggage and bags that exceed the permissible weight of the aircraft, you can ship it through our company at prices less than the price of shipping it by plane. And send it directly to the destination airport

  • Trade and customs consulting services:

If you are experiencing the maze of international trade rules and procedures, you can turn to AdWhit Logistics as a trusted advisor to save money and gain greater efficiency and compliance with legislation.

  • Cargo insurance services:

Whether you are importing or exporting, protect your goods with cargo insurance.

  • Excess freight services for travelers to North Africa and the Middle East:

Here you find the size of the container and you can choose the appropriate container to transport your shipment How to buy goods from Yurkey to Nigeria or you can ask us which container is suitable for your shipment.

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Best things to buy in Istanbul Turkey

Everything you are looking for can be found in a lot of shopping malls, bazaars, and shops in Istanbul but before you leave this beautiful city, we suggest you buy some of these widgets that will always remind you of your time Shopping in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Top things to buy in Istanbul:

Delicious desserts: Bring with your delicious sweets for people dear to you Istanbul is a wonderful and appropriate place and has many distinctive sweets shops. Choose what you want from the delicious Turkish sweets flavored with rose water and fruits As well as baklava filled with pistachios, you can also find all kinds of Turkish desserts in Istanbul.

Fabrics and textiles: Brightly colored fabrics and textiles are in shops Wholesale clothing market in Turkey around the city, and you may not find these in any other country as you can easily discover them in Istanbul, especially hand-woven scarves, and clothing with delicate embroidery. Traditional Turkish dress and folkloric scarves are among the best gifts for husbands to their wives after a distinguished tourist trip to Istanbul You can find lots of fine textiles and Wholesale hijab store in the covered market in the tourist district of Beyazit.

Spices: You can buy it at herb and spice bazaars with its delicious aromas that will entice you Made in Turkey product. There are Arab shops as well as Turkish specialized shops Turkey is famous for its assortment and variety of spices, and Turkish cuisine is widely known because of the types of spices used

Handbag manufacturers in Turkey
Handbag manufacturers in Turkey

Carpet: Turkey has been a producer of carpets over the centuries. When you come to Istanbul, you can buy one of them. Carpets in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular are considered Turkey wall to wall carpet manufacturers of the luxury industries, and it has two types, industrial and manual. Turkish carpets also invade many Arab markets, especially Egypt and the Gulf, but bringing a gift from Istanbul in the form of lavish carpet remains one of the most beautiful gifts expected. The Turks also excelled in weaving extravagant prayer rugs with amazing designs.

  • We recommend visiting the most famous markets in Istanbul:

Weekly markets in Istanbul: They are popular bazaars that are mobile throughout the week for every street or neighborhood at a specific day of the week, and all the daily needs of the neighborhood people Children’s boutique clothing at wholesale prices are available in the bazaars without the need to go shopping from the high-priced markets.

These bazaars are also called the one-lira market in Turkey, due to their cheapness and reasonable prices for all segments. It also the best includes sales centers for cosmetics, men’s and children’s clothing. Shopping is not limited to Othman Bey Street, but you can find what you are looking for on the side streets branching from Othman Bey Street Towel manufacturing companies in Turkey at better prices.

Tea and coffee: There are numerous sorts of tea in Turkey, as Turkey annually delivers around 259 thousand tons of tea. Al-Fatih Stores: It is considered the best wholesale market in Istanbul, especially for wedding clothes Wedding dresses from Turkey prices, it is located in the Fatih area along the Al-Fatih Mosque Street, and it includes Mafraq and Jumla shops, the market is also known as the women’s market, it is Fawzi Pasha Street in the Fatih area and is known reformed as Al-Fateh Street near Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror Mosque.

Osmanbey Market in Istanbul: Osman Pasha Market is located near the Sisli area and is a 10-minute walk from Taksim Square, the market includes the most famous Turkish brands and offices for famous designers and includes many shops that sell distinctive and luxurious Turkish clothing brands, as well as perfume and gift shops in addition to famous cafes

Housewares: From curtains, upholstery, dishes to bath towels, everything you need for your family Wholesale plastic containers.

If you plan to do grocery shopping online: You will find many websites, from small and independent markets to large corporate markets. Its branches are located everywhere around the city and offer same-day delivery service, Chocolate companies in Turkey usually within a few hours after purchase. To find out the branch closest to your location, you can use this link. For those who are keen on their budget, here is the section where you can follow Carrefour offers. You can create an account and start shopping right away.

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How to order from Turkey to Nigeria

  • Express Import Services How to buy goods from Turkey to Nigeria

Aramex offers a global solution to bring in urgent documents and parcels and deliver them door to door from anywhere in the world, in a manner that meets your business needs.

  • Unlimited import services

Using your Express Import Service account number, Aramex will only ship your imports that you have ordered yourself from the best Medical furniture manufacturers Turkey. You can also register to subscribe to the “Import Without Borders” service in order for the suppliers you deal with from around the world to ship directly to you using your Aramex account.

  • Distinguished express transportation services

The distinguished express transportation service enables you to send your Capsule filling machine urgent shipments to all parts of the world. Your documents or parcels will be sent quickly, and the customs clearance process will be carried out with utmost accuracy in order to arrive on time to any destination in the world.

Fast economic transportation services Aramex provides the economic express service Turkey importers for heavy, non-urgent parcels, which is a timely delivery service that allows you to ship and send your parcels around the world at an economical cost compared to the distinguished express transport service.

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