Shipping furniture from turkey to UK

shipping furniture from turkey to uk….the most famous 5 companies

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing wholesale furniture from Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

 Shipping furniture from turkey to UK

The shipping company often plays the role of a financial intermediary,  shipping furniture from turkey to UK , so you pay money to the shipping company in your country, then the shipping company receives the furniture and on this basis pays the money to the company.


Importing furniture from turkey to UK

 Britain and the United Kingdom from Britain’s Hot Port.

  1. Al Fares Lojistik has been able to complete services from Istanbul to Britain and Ireland at reasonable prices and with standard delivery time. Various shipping solutions from different types of commercial companies in different types of cities: London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, London, Oxford, Bath … … other British cities. And in view of the high quality and competitive prices Turkey has provided, many importers have decided to import food products, Turkish furniture and textiles from Turkey, and Alfares Lojistik has made the shipping from turkey to uk process from Istanbul to Britain easy and orderly. Advantages of shipping from Turkey to Britain with Al Fares Lojistik1.Integrated shipping services of various sizes and weights from Istanbul to all ports and airports in Britain.


Shipping furniture from turkey to UK
Shipping furniture from turkey to UK


2.    Distinguished services in air freight, the most important of which is the door-to-door delivery from turkey, as one of the representatives of Al Fares Lojistik Company receives the shipments from your place of residence in Istanbul to the place of residence or the customer’s headquarters.

3.    HalabliogluAmong the countries in which Halablioglu provides shipping services from Turkey in Istanbul to Britain; So that it enables you to ship your goods easily and with a high degree of safety and time commitment.Through Halablioglu, you can import from turkey your various furniture, and more.The most important airports in Britain that we provide shipping services to:Scampton Airport, Birmingham Airport, Bristol Airport, Cardiff International Airport, Liverpool Airport, Manchester Airport, Newcastle Airport, and other airports in Britain. Your choice of our company to be the turkish furniture price mediator and the first choice for transporting your goods from Istanbul to various cities in Britain will make the process of transporting it safe and far removed from any problems that you may fear that your shipments will face.

4.    GUATRO Shipping services from Turkey to Britain with GUATRO Shipping Company are characterized by:Shipping goods and parcels according to the best quality standards and at competitive prices with an integrated service package that includes inspecting the goods and ensuring their safety from the source furniture selling sites Advantages of shipping service from Turkey to EnglandThe speed of procedures and facilitation, as we do all the necessary procedures for shipping operations .


Shipping furniture from turkey to UK
Shipping furniture from turkey to UK


5.    dhl turkey to uk Insurance on goods, personal property and all shipments.Start shipping today! Here you can send a package, get express shipping rates, find locations, and learn more about shipping with DHL Express.    furniture stores in turkey that you cannot miss 1.    Stoa’s designs the designs of this shop are characterized by extreme simplicity with innovation and creativity in design, which forms a unique combination of beauty in furniture and furnishings. The main focus of is on fine woods, such as oak and walnut, and all furniture features natural colors and soft finishes.

office furniture suppliers in turkey DomusimoIf you are looking for luxurious traditional Turkish furniture, Domusimo is the place for you. Founded in 1975, this store specializes in manufacturing highly handmade furniture for interior designers and interior design firms. furniture selling online this website is the first and largest furniture website in Turkey. The furniture made by the shop is characterized by high precision, premium quality, and elegant design. This shop creates the finest furniture from the highest quality natural materials such as wood, metal and leather.


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Biggest furniture company in turkey

Evgor Furniture

This store was established in 2004, and within several years it has become one of the best furniture stores in Turkey. furniture wholesale outlet You can find this shop’s furniture in more than 80,000 homes around the world, and the outstanding accuracy and quality of this furniture has made it trusted by many people.


 Shipping furniture from turkey to UK
Shipping furniture from turkey to UK


Best furniture market in turkey

  1. .Dank store!
  2. Design.
  3. 333km shop.
  4. Hamm store.

Best restaurant and hotel furniture: Palmi Kucak This family owned business was established in 2001 and has been producing luxury Turkish furniture since that time for the interior design world. The company now exports elegant tables and chairs to more than 50 countries around the world. The company specializes in manufacturing high-quality tables and chairs for home and commercial use. The company’s clients range from homes, stores, companies, restaurants, cafes and even luxury hotels. The increase in demand for Turkish furniture has made it a profit-guaranteed project, so that you can follow the previous steps if you are thinking about how to create a furniture website, that Own a furniture site for you.

Furniture Turkey prices:

Amazing prices for Turkish furniture for a limited period. Turkey is famous for its excellence in the furniture industry, which made it one of the leading countries in this field of industries, as it diversifies between the user, and the new, so we will try together to deal with the prices of Turkish furniture, even Cheap furniture Istanbul. Whether it is used, or home, especially because of the characteristic of Turkish Furniture Stylish, and attractive, in addition to the variety of Turkish furniture pieces, that have become highly prestigious among the countries of the world.

 Turkish furniture Istanbul is distinguished by its reliance on imported wood, which is cheaper than natural wood, and is, also characterized by its strength, and flexibility of hinges, that form an essential part of Turkish furniture, which helps it last longer than other furniture in different countries of the world. Television units, office furniture, children, and youth furniture, curtains, and carpets, kitchen, and bathroom furniture, accessories, beds, indoor decor furniture. Prices vary from place to place according to the owner of the product, with some electronic stores showing prices for each product for the bedroom, some being high and the last affordable.

The prices of office furniture in Turkey, when choosing office bulk buy furniture you must pay serious attention to some important points. It is very different from bedroom furniture, including measuring space. Space: is an important factor when choosing office furniture, and knowledge of an office furniture company is guaranteed, because it can provide you with the layout of the place, because it helps in many factors, so you must be fully aware of the furniture sizes you need according to the office space allocated to you. Colors: Colors are one of the most important steps to follow when selecting office furniture Some markets, also offer office furniture wholesally.

 One of the most important factors is to coordinate the furniture with the paints in the office in order to make it look appropriate. Therefore, coordinating the colors of different office paints with the furniture is essential. Simple colors are recommended, because they are attractive, and carry a lot of beauty around. They show the full features of the decorations you have made in your office. You need to use new ideas, when designing office furniture Istanbul, and office furniture factories in Turkey provide many designs to suit your taste, and taste, depending, on what you use the office to get customers, or to do some other job. The quality of furniture is, also important, because it is difficult to change it again, as it depends largely on the choice of good, and affordable materials, so you must choose well the quality of furniture used in an office room, or company, its durability, and its pricing.

Furniture Turkey prices
Furniture Turkey prices

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Turkish furniture brands:

  1. The French Heritage: French Heritage will provide you with the luxurious furniture you need, if you are looking for, what suits your house by its luxurious nature. Most of the offices, and homes in America, and Europe have elements on their heritage from the French Heritage site. This European brand is known for its unique designs, and high-quality artifacts. Every piece of furniture is perfectly made to suit the mood of your house. The company offers you a casual, and contemporary style of your home. Handmade European furniture. Selective modern furniture. They’re all specialties of this brand.
  2. Christopher Guy: he’s given this guy an amazing new look at houses since 1999. Christopher Guy, who is literally the “world man of luxurious design”, began his career designing decorative mirrors for homes. At the time, he had a wide range of ornate mirrors, until he decided to expand. Today, he offers a variety of luxury furniture ranging from modern offices to luxury furnishings. This company blends traditions, and fashions in its designs, and creates a mixture of classical, and modern.
  3. Fendi Casa: Fendi Casa is one of the most expensive modern furniture Istanbul brands in the world. It provides an iconic, and creative collection of furniture with a touch of the contemporary era. Founded in 1989, the company developed its creative business. Afterwards, the brand expanded by providing creative areas in furniture to everyone, and was a major success. Subsequently, it launched a line of furniture in cooperation with Club House Italia. The goal of the brand is to transform your home through the amazing pieces of furniture it offers. The tables of this mark are covered with dark brown ivory, and sofas in leather, and we think no one can find a better cushion than Fendi Casa. It’s made originally of fox, and sheep skin.

Turkish furniture stores in Turkey:

Istanbul, as a civilization capital, has a number of open markets, one of the distinguished markets for selling furniture. Although Istanbul enjoys furniture in the Ottoman character, and style, a person finds modern furniture influenced by Scandinavian art, interior design designers in Turkey excelled in creating a distinctive new shape, and style. Importing from Turkey furniture became best seller, so images of these exhibits can be identified through the Google search engine, and we will get to know the four most popular Turkish furniture stores in Istanbul.

  1. A 333km store: in the Karakuy district was established by Deniz Duru, a German, French, and Ottoman designer. Hardwood furniture, and furnishings have a dark colour. One of the most famous luxury furniture shops in the city of Istanbul is for an excellent art taste, that is both grand, and simple.
  2. Hamm store: combines traditional manual style with modern style of design, with furniture made from natural wood.
  3. Stoa Design Store: A combination of Turkish wholesale furniture distributors, and French tastes uses wood-metal materials along with elegant, simple, and comfortable furniture, and masterpieces Most oak, and nuts furniture. The store tends to sell natural curved furniture, and natural materials silk fabrics, cotton textiles, kitchen, and lighting, and travel items, office tools, and very unique furniture You find a world for the foundation of a modern home.
  4. The Dank store: It is one of furniture wholesalers Design offers a wide variety of unique modern furniture, with both local, and international designers It offers distinctive indoor design options, that combine styles of luxury, simplicity, and delight, with traditional style, that is simple, but not expensive. You can also buy wholesale furniture online.

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