rugs made in turkey wholesale

rugs made in turkey wholesale.. Best offer with 3 places

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in rugs made in turkey wholesale; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

rugs made in turkey wholesale

The Turkish character is one of the most popular models currently in the Arab world in home furnishing, so you find everyone is seeking to buy rugs made in turkey wholesale and furniture, household appliances, furnishings and Turkish carpets, as the carpets are distinguished by luxury, elegance, quiet distinctive colors and high-end designs, and for this you will find what you want with importing – house platform.

rugs from turkey wholesale

Turkey is distinguished in the field of Turkish textile, upholstery and carpets, which has become a requirement for many Arabs, so we show you how to import carpets from Turkey:

  • – Buying from the source of turkey rugs wholesale shop directly by traveling to Turkey.
  • – Communication with Turkish suppliers and factories of rugs made in turkey wholesale and product selection.
  • – Agreement with shipping companies to ship required turkish rugs in the specified quantities.
  • – Communicating with a commercial broker in Turkey and agreeing with him to ship the required.
  • – Visit niche websites like Instagram rugs made in turkey wholesale and buy from them.
  • – Agreement with import offices in your country to obtain Turkish products.
  • – Buy products from Turkish wholesale stores at reasonable prices.

And if you contact turkey wholesale suppliers and order carpets from Turkey, you have to communicate with shipping companies to send the shipments to you, and among the most famous companies in this field:

  1. Al Fares Lojistik, a Turkish shipping company that ships to all parts of the world, has a fixed shipping line from Turkey to Riyadh, and provides land, sea and air freight services and is characterized by punctuality and professionalism at work. Adoit Lojistik is one of the international companies that has a distinguished team that is keen on delivering shipments such as turkey rugs for sale on time and helps you get Turkish products with ease.
  2. Halablioglu Company, one of the Turkish companies working in the field of international shipping, is distinguished by the shipping of rugs made in turkey wholesale and fresh food and has great professionalism in dealing to ensure that shipments arrive safely.
Buy rugs direct from turkey
Buy rugs direct from turkey

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rugs from turkey manufacturers

You can find many Turkish import and export companies that export Turkish carpets to all countries of the world, including Saudi Arabia, and here are some Turkish carpet export companies:

rug manufacturer turkey
rug manufacturer turkey
  1. KARTAL HALI TEKSTIL SANAYI VE TICARET A.S, a factory that you should choose it if you want to import from turkey it produces and exports carpets, industrial carpets, rugs and other shapes, is headquartered in Gaziantep
  2. MARKETY ECOMMERCE IMPORT EXPORT LTD, a company specialized in import and export, including the export of rugs made in turkey wholesale it’s based in Istanbul.
  3. INNOVIA CARPET, a company established in 2008 in Gaziantep, imports and exports carpets of all kinds such as kilim rugs to all over the world.

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buy rugs from turkey online

Turkish carpets are distinguished by their bright and beautiful colors, and their Islamic decorative character, with some inscriptions in Ottoman letters, and it is considered one of the most luxurious types and modern turkish rugs in the world, as it is woven from silk, which is decorated with brocade and golden lines. Previously, pure wool, or cotton, was dominated by its materials, and soon new materials, such as silk, were introduced to it, and turkey rugs online websites promote it to gain more money, while drawings developed from primitive to become well-studied and elaborate forms. The carpet industry is also one of the inherited industries in the region.

turkey rugs price

rugs made in turkey wholesale prices vary in Turkey, as the raw materials used in the process of carpets’ production vary, and you also find that there are handmade carpets that are very expensive due to the time and effort spent on it, and there are carpets to me in the specialized factories and companies so you find carpet prices varying and you can find what suits you easily and of course you will find cheap wholesale vintage rugs

You can learn about the places and prices of Turkish carpets for sale by entering the Turkey Trade Directory website, which is a Turkish site that supports the Arabic language and provides you with all the data that you want to know about all products, suppliers and factories in Turkey.

You can also get mosque carpets from Turkey in bulk at excellent prices by entering the Alibaba and other websites such as adhwit, which provide you with the best materials at the best wholesale prices and provides you with shipping service to the door of the house, and the site requires that you take a certain amount of rugs made in turkey wholesale a specific number to calculate the bulk cost.

Finally, don’t forget that Turkish carpets are considered one of the most luxurious types of carpets in the world, especially since in many types of it are woven of silk and some golden threads are added to it, and decorated with Islamic inscriptions and prints, with writings that are often poems, rulings or eternal proverbs, and do not forget the bright colors Multiple Turkish rugs covered with silk.

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Turkish rug company

There are several Turkish carpet factories that import rugs from Turkey and firms that have been foreign suppliers and suppliers of the finest varieties of carpets to import from Turkey, such as:


They are a rug company that designs and manufactures rugs together with the European archives of Turkish artists and designers, influenced by an eclectic blend of designs from the East. This exquisite blend of modern and ancient history brings their collections rich flavours. Their carpet weaving reflects a traditional art that dates back to the 6th century BC, with outstanding symmetrical knot weaving and intricate pictorial architecture.

 Kets’ specially designed weave systems of recycled cotton of the highest quality and acrylic chenille yarns make their rugs stronger and more refined. Ket’s various collections are hand-finished in their Istanbul studio by Turkish craftsmen who descend from a tradition that is centuries old.


This company is one of Turkey’s most successful and best carpet manufacturers, where the factory designs and manufactures the finest carpets at the highest quality and best prices in Turkey. This plant is located in Ankara, Turkey, so you can buy it from Turkey for that purpose.

3-MY HALI:  

one of Istanbul’s most valuable and classiest carpet factories, where the finest varieties of carpet are processed and sold at the lowest prices and of the highest quality, is also known to the entire producer. This factory is situated in Istanbul, Turkey, where the best Turkish rug varieties can be found.

4-Textile Home Alas:

They are Turkish manufactures in the home textile market. Alasevtekstil  is their website where you can find more stuff about them, their Turkish carpet items are really appropriate for advertisement. They hope that their price is competitive and add to the business activity when they are a production organization.

Since they have tremendous experience dealing with them, their items are indeed very good for retail supermarket chains. Don’t hesitate to email them whether you are involved in buying, researching or partnering with them.

5- Eastern Pearl Of The

This company is a Turkish shipping and air freight company worldwide and is considered one of the most popular producers of carpets where you work with the largest businesses in Turkey and have a long background in the industry. This company was founded in 1989 in the town of Gaziantep, being one of the most prominent Turkish prayer carpet companies of all sorts, thanks to the long experience of Gaziantep.

The reason for the company’s success and prosperity is to become one of the world’s most profitable businesses selling prayer carpets because it has an infrastructure that helps it to expand and deliver an exceptional product area perfect for brushes of all sizes and shapes from all regions they also provides you with Turkish rugs wholesale .

rugs for sale in Turkey
rugs for sale in Turkey

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This company is among the most famous rug factories in Turkey, where the factory produces and manufactures the finest and most common carpet types in Turkey at the highest quality and the best price, so it is named the best carpet factory in Turkey, and the most renowned aspect of this factory is that it operates in the handmade manufacturing sector and produces excellent quality carpets.

Turkish rug suppliers

Search in Turkey for the origins of carpets, seeking to buy cheap carpets and asking where to buy a rug?

 Will you want to purchase carpets from Turkey and look for carpet factories to make them? Do not be scared, the most important facts and specifics about the city famous for selling carpets in Turkey will be revealed to you.

Rugs are one of the most popular workplaces in Turkey, where tourists often welcome them, so carpets are often sold in souvenir shops, so many carpets are sold from Turkey, there are now two kinds of carpets, hand carpets, because of their good quality and carpets made in factories, this is higher in price, and this is considerably cheaper.

7- The Istanbul Grand Bazaar

The Bazaar in Istanbul is one of Turkey’s waves on top for selling carpets, as it is one of the most famous places to shop from where it is considered to have globally high-quality local goods.

 Turkish carpets are the most popular of these products, and one of the central market’s most popular shops and Turkish ecommerce rug bulk there are rugs cheaper in Turkey

8-In Turkey, Carpets City

Turkish rugs are considered one of the most beautiful and luxury carpet types in the world, where it is made of silk and fed with cut and gold thread, and it is dominated by its Islamic decoration type inscriptions, with some carvings in Ottoman letters that make the individual finally get a piece of art that is proud to be acquired in yours


Ket’s numerous collections are hand-finished in their Istanbul studio by Turkish craftsmen who originate from a tradition that is centuries old.

Both their rugs have strengthened corners and anti-slip layers for a comfortable fit woven in a trendy flatweave construction. High-twist yarns are used to make their rugs more lightweight and more compliant with their new stain release technology with superior softness and rugs for sale in Turkey.

They also give their clients a wide range of paint choices. So Kets designer rugs can be mixed with any set for different style, comfort and purpose crafted for trendy rooms that are curate. In their new rug range that best fits your interiors, you can surely find everything you like here you can get cheap large rugs.

Turkish rug company
Turkish rug company

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