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For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in plastic manufacturers in istanbul; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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plastic manufacturers in istanbul

The plastic industry represents an important source of national income in some countries, as plastic revolutionized the world of industry. There are a large number of plastic manufacturers in Istanbul producing plastic, and this great diversity pushes the investor who wants to start the trade of plastic. There are many companies with long history in the trade of plastics.

plastic manufacturer Istanbul

plastic manufacturer Istanbul
plastic manufacturer Istanbul

There are a large number of companies and factories that provide all plastic products such as (medicine packing covers, grocery bag, drug packing, seal bags, zip lock bags, grocery bags, marketing bags, films and others …) and here you may be suspicious and confused plastic manufacturing I will choose and what are the best plastic materials that I can start my business with. Do not worry. There are some distinguished plastic manufacturers in Istanbul with a long and ancient history in this field, including:


Der Plastic Company is considered one of the most important Turkish companies in the plastic materials industry in terms of great diversity and high quality and is considered one of the first plastic manufacturers in Istanbul in this field and plastic products list: all packaging products. Packaging products from Der Plastic Company include fillings, sacks plastic bags, nylon bags. They manufacture nylon bags of all shapes and types. The price of plastic product manufacturing machine price is expensive, so some plastic products are expensive. Manufacture of food packaging products such as (food packages, shrink bags, stretch covers, zip-lock bags, nylon bag handles, sealed bags, courier bags, paper bags). Manufacture of packaging products such as (medicine bags, pharmacist bags, and paper bags), Cardboard bags, packing, cartonand purse).


Industrial plastics, plastic raw materials, plastic household products wholesale, raw materials for plastic toys, raw materials for plastic ropes, raw materials for plastic bags, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic bottles, bran piece, waste collection, poly, recycling plant, recycling facility, MTM Plastic Reusing has been in the plastics industry for nearly 20 years. The plastic manufacturers in Istanbul started operations in 2005 with its new name and produces 100 plastic items for sale.


Kent Company for Plastic trade is considered one of the most imperative Turkish companies in terms of producing plastic materials and produces a big number of types and shapes, including: Kent Company for Plastic Trade produces list of plastic products we use daily. It manufactures garbage bags, shopping bags, and zipper and stretch bags. Kent plastic trades various plastic parts such as (containers, bags, zipper bag, and shopping bags).

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plastic factory in Istanbul

There are many plastic factories in Istanbul and Turkey for trade as:

plastic factory in Istanbul
plastic factory in Istanbul
  1. Goreme plastic

They Manufactures of Plastic Utensils, Plastic Kitchenware, Plastic Glassware, Glassware, Plates, Serving Plates, Trays, cake Toppers, Divided Trays, Breakfast Trays, Non-Slip Trays, Coffee Trays, Tea Trays, Spoons, Sauce Bowls, Bowls and Trays Breakfast, corrugated plates, and oval plates and bowls. Goreme has been among the leading factories in the plastics industry since its foundation in 1972.


It produces examples of plastic items as: plastic products, engine components, exterior decoration, exterior trims, interior decoration, interior decoration, HVAC components, HVAC components, Gucsan Corporation was founded in 1967 as a tool manufacturer and started in the production of plastic parts in 1976 as a family business.

  1. BIHA Plastics Ltd.

They make most used plastic products as plastic raw materials, plastic waste, wholesale plastic bottles, plastic recycling waste, original raw materials, recycle, polyethylene, recycling pp. Biha Group was established in Mersin and unites with reputable producers and plastic manufacturers in Istanbul in the plastic raw materials sector.

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plastic product supplier

plastic product supplier
plastic product supplier

Import from turkey via the Internet is common and last cost. But wariness must be taken to buy from a company with high ratings by customers. For example, there are major commercial sites if you want to import from turkey that include a number of Turkish companies specialized in selling different types of imports as wholesale plastic products, such as the Turkish Exportal site, Trade key, and Alibaba, which includes a large number of exporters from different parts of the world, including Turkey. Online purchases are alike in terms of the method, you enter the site and register as a new subscriber, and start browsing the goods and add whatever you want to the shopping cart, and after confirming the seller’s assessments and credibility through the written reviews from previous shoppers. You pay money via credit card to complete the purchase.

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plastic vendors

plastic vendors
plastic vendors

Plastic has transformed the world of industry .To ensure easy and safe access to plastic shipping, it is not necessary to search for the sources of the delivery, there are many turkey shipping company that have provided this purpose and made sure that the properties arrived safely protected from several factors from harm or damage as:

  1. Adoate Logistics Company:

To send multiple purchases, combine them into one shipment, and send them straight to your doorstep. The price of a kilo of freight decreases as the weight of the shipment increases, safe credit card payment. You can buy from more than one Turkish shopping site and ship the quantity in large quantities, through an easy-to-use interface, thus saving the price of international shipping, and fast and safe shipping, to all Arab countries at your doorstep in one week.

  1. TNT Company:

Land and air freight to various countries of the world, a service that gained confidence and was distinguished by the orange color that colors the logos, parcel covers and shipments. Customer service, offering discounted prices for heavy shipments, and there are branches in most countries of the world.

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Plastic best price

Plastic prices: the industry that makes one-time tableware has two basic levels, the first of which is represented by the manufacturers of basic raw materials, and thus by the manufacturers of pulp and plastic resins, the second by the transformers that supply these materials for the manufacture of products, and the manufacturers of raw materials that manufacture the products themselves. Plastic-based goods account for 80% of exports and 20% of paper from a commodity viewpoint and in dollar terms, and cups account for 73% of the market from a practical point of view, and all other products account for 27%.

plastic bags best price
plastic bags best price

Plastic companies

The market for plastics in general and the Turkish market for plastic dishes in particular have fascinating growth routes, especially in terms of demand dynamics. Plastic dishes are widely used in a variety of catering choices, such as social functions, parties, restaurants and food stalls, and are perhaps the most special and convenient storage and disposal options on the plastics market, are highly popular for these kinds of materials and are considered lightweight. The best destination for imports from Turkey is one of the most visible locations in Turkey for these plastic dishes those was some details to import from Turkey.


Plastic containers can be bought online from Despo Plastic, a maker of plastic goods, disposable plates and food containers, disposable cups, package dividers, garbage bags, nursery trays, thermal flower nursery pots, plastic egg trays and bowls, view and vision of high-quality plastic plates, one of Istanbul’s main plastic items and products. For your queries, please feel free to contact Dispo Plastik, for special designs.

Barlow Plast’s Company:

Its activity started in 2012 and its founding goal, which remains unchanged, is to provide the expertise and products of industries manufacturing the Turkish plastic bottle machines and equipment requirements in this sector at the lowest prices for plastic machines, it made all plastic items business as well as to provide technical solutions and significant funding to meet the needs of small businesses and in this case, to meet the needs of small businesses. Its products include plastic injection machines, water-cooled ranges of plastic water bottles, air and plastic cooling sets, plastic bottle cutting machines and pipeline extrusion rows.

Plastik Dispo San ve Tic Ltd Sti.

The best plastic is sold through this firm. It has been set up to manufacture disposable plastics such as single-use dishes, disposable cutlery and garbage bags, disposable food contains, incubation trays and utensils to meet increasing demand in local and nearby markets, and aims to produce environmentally safe and recyclable products solely for the protection of the environment, while at the same time providing the best quality and service to its customers. Disposable dishes, disposable cutlery, disposable garbage bags, existing food containers, nursery trays, all types of plastic materials list nursery trays, seed trays and seedling trays are all questions you may have.

The Ozkan business in Istanbul:

Created in 1967, the group, with its team specialised in this area, is engaged in the manufacture of plastic producing machines and best plastic bottle recycling machines by careful monitoring of the technology today, the industry has earned a prominent role in this sector and the company still strives to be one of the leading companies to import from Turkey as a whole to sell wholesale repl it well known with its plastic cheap


Established in 2002, the specializes in the manufacture and maker of reusable tableware, paper, cardboard and plastics, plastic dishes and large plastic cups located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Company of UPS:

This is a company that provides express postal services for letters, parcels and packages with a range of other operations, such as protection, speed, logging, signature, privacy and urgent delivery services.

Plastic in bulk

The costing of plastic bottles often differs according to the bulk of plastics and the supplier and the different kinds of plastic used for this purpose, such as the various forms of plastic used in the manufacture of plastic water bottles used in the production of low plastic bottle cap sealing machines or other products. The cost of plastic machinery for the manufacture of bags and bottles also varies according to the quality of the raw materials provided by the bags and bottles, as well as the country of manufacture, in addition to the capacity of the machine to manufacture the bags and bottles within one day, estimated at most in tones, and the machinery required at the factory’s price and use. The rates of plastic machines for the processing and manufacture of three bag ends and plastic bags of different sizes, a 25 hp brand and a cheap plastic water bottle machine from Turkey range between 200 to 250 thousand rupiah. And now we will show you the best place to get plastic in bulk and all other plastic types

Adoit’s Auction Site

It is a very special position in the Arabic language that collects primary products for the production of plastic bottle machines and makes it possible for all companies to build separate machines. It also provides you with detailed information about each merchant, the merchandise he provides, how to contact him, the location of the office, the telephone number, the date of notice and the prices given. For a plastic project, you can also get the plastic bottle manufacturing system you need if you want to do a plastic industry project in factories for sale. So buying plastics from factory saves you a lot of time and money in planning, building and buying equipment and rooms, locating managerial staff, suppliers of plastic bottle machines and specialists according to their relationship, so you have to upgrade and add new ones to the factory and this saves you a lot of costs and expenses this place provide you with list of plastic products.

In the end, we recommend importing from Turkey, especially from plastic manufacturers in Istanbul. Plastic is an important element in Turkish industry.

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