plastic products manufacturers in turkey

High quality and prices from 8 plastic products manufacturers in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in plastic products manufacturers in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

plastic products manufacturers in turkey

Do you want to buy from plastic products manufacturers in turkey for you project? If you intend to import from turkey and thinking to own a small store which contain plastic products As nowadays nobody can dispense of using plastic products for all kind of things, such as plastic bags, every time you go to buy a thing from anywhere the saler put it in a plastic bag.

plastic household products manufacturers in turkey

Where to find plastic household products wholesale near me? There are many distributors and companies which selling plastic products and specially Houshold products and you can find here what you need, we are going to inform you these plastic products distributors:

clear plastic containers for food wholesale
clear plastic containers for food wholesale

The company is a Manufacturer and Producer based in Topkapi/Istanbul, Turkey, which operates in the Plastics – household products industry. It also operates in the Plastics – industrial products, plastic garden furniture.

  1. Indiamart:

You can find in their website Household Products wholesaler and Wholesale Dealers in India, there are Milestone Transparent Plastic Household Containers, For Kitchen Storage, Capacity: 250-1000 Ml, and White Plastic Household Products for Home with all sizes at 10 rupees plastic items by piece.

  1. Gondol plastic:

Gondol was founded in 1978 in a small atelier, producing plastic kitchenware and households.

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plastic products suppliers

How to find distributors? How to find distributors? As you are thinking to open your small business and want to buy from plastic products manufacturers in turkey, you may work with one wholesale distributor or several. You’ll need to find a wholesale distributor that:

  • Connects you with the manufacturers and products your all business needs.
  • Has prices you can afford with your budget.
  • Serves your geographic region.
  • And reliable, trustworthy, and easy to work with.

Before you can find the right wholesale company to work with, you need to know what products you are selling. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can start searching for the right wholesaler to supply your business and we are going to inform you some of them:

nice plastic plates and utensils
nice plastic plates and utensils
  1. Alibaba:

Alibaba is the largest website which has plenty of suppliers from Turkey to find what you need and what is proper to your budget as they have the latest prices and offers when you contact them on the site or by mobile, you can find various wholesale plastic items online As there are Turkey Plastic Suppliers and Manufacturers Directory – Source a Large Selection of Plastic Products at buckets plastic, plastic bags and more.

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plastic products factory


AKAY PLASTIC CO LTD, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, Turkey which operates in the Plastics – household products industry. It also operates in the household items Plastic kitchenware gold and silver bars and Kitchenware. They are working with modern equipment to develop new designs in order to give the best service in distributor sales online to their customers in Middle Asia including China, Africa, Europe, South America And North America. their products are sold with their registered brand (Bee Home). Their products are suitable for contact with food.

  1. Ugur Plastics

It is one of the leading producers in the Plastic Packaging industry since 1992 with a tailor-made competitive price policy and its very well accepted quality in Turkey. They are participating in (FOOD, COSMETICS, and PHARMACEUTICAL) industries.

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plastic products company

  1. Asude Plastik:

 Asude Plastic is a supplier of plastic housewares and cleaning products solutions, known and preferred with its quality. Continuously improving its service and quality standards after its establishment in 2002, ASUDE PLASTIK is to ensure that all the products in the plastics industry are included in the world markets with the quality, prices and varieties, so that our 100% Turkish owned company becomes one of the leading companies in this area.


An engineering company and working on mold design, mold manufacturing and plastic injection molding.  As Üçelsan Plastic and Mold, they started plastic injection molding at 1982, after 2006. plastic product manufacturing machine price and molding machine are starting from 2.000 € (EXW price) and plastic injection molding service is 23 € / hour (material costs not included and EXW price).

Machinery brands they have:

  • Arburg (Plastic injection molding machine).
  • Battenfeld (Plastic injection molding machine).
  • Yizumi (Plastic injection molding machine).
  • Haas VF 3SS (CNC vertical machining center).
  • Agma A-10 (CNC vertical machining center).
  • First (NC milling machine).

Also, here are 10 commonly used plastic items list:

  1. Plastic Grocery Bags.
  2. Plastic lids.
  3. Plastic Straws.
  4. Food wrappers.
  5. Plastic beverage bottles.
  6. Plastic Water Bottles.
  7. Plastic Wrap.
  8. Plastic Cutlery.
  9. Disposable Coffee Cups.
  10. Body Wash in Plastic Bottles.

In conclusion, we have shown you the very respectful plastic products manufacturers in turkey with their plastic products, and some of well-known plastic products companies.

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