plastic factory in istanbul

8 Best plastic factory in istanbul specialization in plastics products

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in plastic factory in istanbul; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

plastic factory in istanbul

Are you wondering about the greatest plastic factory in Istanbul ? Would you like to make a deal with the best of them? There are plenty of Turkish plastic manufacturers and great companies. Also, we will inform you the best of plastic factory including a group of plastic manufacturers and factories there, where you can find all the products you need and to import from turkey, keep with us in this article we will mention all relevant of plastic factories in turkey.

turkey plastic import

Turkey is about to be the second country that imports most turkey plastic waste from the UK when the issue is recycling. So how is it that Turkey came to the situation to be able to import plastic which is the most important recycling material. And it is important to note that the content of the imported plastic waste is very important. Here are examples of plastic items commonly used plastic items and the simple swaps that you can do in your everyday life to help the ocean:

turkey plastic import
turkey plastic import

How long you want the list to be? We all know that Plastics are used in all walks of life, there lots of plastic items, here are some list of plastic products we use daily from just a few industries:

Automotive: Engine Components, Head and Tail Lamps, Door Panels, and Gear Shift Covers.

Medical: Bio-Material Bags, Syringes, Tubing, and Inhalers.

Consumer Products: Toys, Dishes, Cases, and Fabrics.

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plastic products list:

Plastic Grocery Bags, Plastic Produce Bags, Plastic Straws, Plastic Water Bottles, Ziploc Baggies, Disposable Coffee Cups, Plastic Cutlery, and Body Wash in Plastic Bottles.

clear plastic containers for food wholesale
clear plastic containers for food wholesale

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plastic factory in turkey

Are you looking for plastic factory in istanbul and the great factories which exporter and importer for plastic products? Here are the best of the plastic factories and companies:


This company was established in 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey, on a 7500 square meter around Istanbul district, with 1200 tons a month production capacity, and aims manufacturing in the field of plastic items business and plastic recycling.

  1. Namlı Plastik:

A Plastic manufacturing company in Turkey, they manufacture high quality plastic packaging with in-mold shrinkage for: the food, beverage, dairy and confectionery sectors.


They trade firm which was founded on 05.12.2005 operates in areas of plastic products, machine mold, electrical and non-electrical household appliances, construction products, food, furniture.

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plastic manufacturers in istanbul

  1. Elver:

Elver Makine has an important share in the market with the LS Mtron trademark. With their experienced in the plastics industry, we serve our customers by following their machinery, technical service, spare parts, and the company establishes fully automated production lines from Syringe (Medical) to injector.

You can find turkish plastic products of New plastic injection machines for sale, Korean plastic injection machines, electrical plastic injection machines, hydro-plastic injection machines, Setting up production lines for medical syringes. And Set up production lines for blood preservation tubes, milk pail production lines, home appliances production lines, and Installation of production lines, first and Second-class Turkish molds, and Everything related to injection plastic production.

  1. Ribekplastik:

Our company, which operates in the plastic and packaging sector, was established in 2012 by Karadeniz Kardeşler as a family company. Since 2013, it has accelerated its activities and investments as a limited company. This company started production of plastic packaging products as well as plastic recycling raw material production with the production of polyethylene pipes, polypropylene crates (disposable) and domestic and It continues its production to meet customer needs both abroad.

plastic company turkey

  1. Pandora Plastik A.Ş:

the company established in 2005 in Istanbul, to operate in Injection Plastic Packaging Industry. And a wide variety of product range and worldwide customer network, the company has turkey product online and the Head Office is in Istanbul and factory in Çerkezköy.


It is a wholesaler, established in 2017, and it operates in the import and export sector of rubber and plastic materials. It also works in the sectors of import and export, plastic shipping products. It is based in Ankara, Turkey. And a Supplier of Plastic Food Packaging Products & Disposable Food Containers, Plastic Cutlery, Plastic Drinking Cups.

  1. Amadabiz:

It is a wholesaler, operating in the plastics and main activity are plastic recycling and recycled plastic granules manufacturing, Based in Turkey. In additional, as an international corporation, we are also doing foreign trade of variable commodities including plastic materials, plastic scraps, mineral ore and concentrates, plastic products etc., collection and recycling sector. It also operates in recycled plastic film sectors, dried fruits, plastic slices and plastic packaging.

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Wholesale plastic products:

Plastic materials are one of the resources that cannot be dispensed with in any home, workplace, shop or factory, especially if the high quality of goods such as the Turkish product has good quality and best plastic products for all so you find that the wholesale selling of plastic is one of the very widespread trades there, follow us to learn more as well as factories operating in this area:

plastic manufacturers in istanbul
plastic manufacturers in istanbul

KMPLAST Factory: It is a manufacturer headquartered in Manisa of plastic house ware and disposable products only.

PAK PLASTIK FACTORY: SANAYI VE TICARET AS The factory is situated in Izmir and manufactures tableware and plastic utensils as well as disposable tableware.

MASFEN MANUFACTURING Factory: For the manufacture of plastic hoses and tubes and the construction of production lines for plastic production

ILKA PLASTIC Plastic bags manufacturing factory, as well as refrigerator bags and plastic films used for production

SUPER AMBALAJ / PLASSAN factory: Both plastic bags and plastic packaging are made, as well as plastic packaging.

In Istanbul, you can buy from the plastic market and it is located in the famous markets that you find spread all over Turkey, in particular Istanbul, as it is characterized by popular markets spread all over the world. And every day, with good raw materials and medium premium prices that suit everyone, you will find all the Turkish products you need, and among the most popular markets in Istanbul are the following:

1) Wholesale shops at Lalali Market: It is one of Istanbul’s popular markets, containing all your wholesale Turkish goods needs, and it is renowned for plastic products wholesale such as plastic items store, evening and wedding dresses, and the prices and clothing levels differ, as it fits all levels and social classes, and contains large wholesale shops in the area.

2) You can also get plastic equipment from plastic products suppliers

Al-Zain Home Appliances Store is one of the popular stores in Istanbul for the trade of household appliances and plastic tools such as plastic chairs, plates and trays, so you should visit it if you want to buy these tools, as it is characterized by the wonderful materials, prices suitable for everyone and a wide variety

Al-Nasser Home Appliances Shop The store offers you a lot of different household goods import from Turkey and other household items, and is always keen to showcase high-quality products at the right price without raising the prices.

As it directly deals with Turkish factories, Shafak Store Istanbul, a store that sells home-made home appliances, so you find its prices are different and inexpensive in return for the distinctive quality and the wide variety of cheerful colors and the latest equipment.

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Turkey packaging in a very popular plastic factory and at the same time that the manufacturer was founded in 2016, the company also operates several private sectors of plastic wraps and flexographic printing machines and equipment as printing machines and equipment such as old tubes and is one of the most famous suppliers of plastic bags and its factories in Istanbul and Turkey.

Corporate bags packaging company:

It is active in the private sector as a producer organization and packaging organization and best plastic products, as well as in the film industry, as a manufacturer of printed plastic bags, as well as selling the new development of plastic machines in Turkey and Istanbul, Turkey, and is one of the most popular plastic factories in Turkey.


In addition to manufacturers and suppliers, he also works in the plastics and packaging industry in the private sector and in other industries, such as the printed plastic bag factory and the company’s Mersin site.

Polypropylene plant in Turkey:

As a raw material for plastics, its value is growing and it continues to be used and indispensable in many items that enter production and to compare those other materials like best plastic free products that may be appropriate for the plastics industry. Due to the PVC factory in Turkey, the availability of PVC as a raw material in the manufacture of high-quality pipes used for various purposes and in the field.

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Plastic shopping online

  • Pearl Shipping Company

The Pearl International Shipping and Customs Clearance Company has been formed since the beginning of its operations and works to provide the best and quickest shipping and customs clearance services in the following fields: sea and air. They import and export all and assorted products, as well as customers, from Turkey and Turkey. Imports and even exports to neighboring nations are imported. It also transfers all shipments of any sort and amount in most Arab countries.

2) Logistic Medicine Company for Shipping in Turkey:

It is an air and sea freight company operating in Turkey that carries goods from Turkey to all Arab countries, as it is the only Arab company operating in Turkey to provide door-to-door customs clearance services, offering such services at fair prices by connecting services between all Turkish cities and the Arab Gulf and North African countries.

3) Aramex Shipping Company in Turkey:

It is the first and most flexible shipping company and is one of the leaders in the Middle East and the Asian subcontinent in providing integrated transport solutions. It is the first company in the Arab world to be founded and top plastic products. In summary: It can be said that if you want to buy wholesale plastic goods, whether plastic plates or cups, you can deal with many shops, so do not hesitate to deal with them if you think of import from Turkey, and you can also check for a wholesale plastic store.

In conclusion, we mentioned to you the most important and biggest plastic factory in istanbul, turkey and the relevant plastics products producing in Turkey. Also, we informed you with the most famous plastic manufacturer in Istanbul too you can visit or contact them online.


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