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plastic manufacturer istanbul

There are leading companies growing each day with experience, that product plastic manufacturer Istanbul , and another products in turkey specially in Istanbul, So if you are one of those wishing to import from Turkey, all you have to do is read the following lines and know the most important plastic factories to cooperate with.


plastic recycle company in Istanbul:

there are many plastic companies in Istanbul offering an excellent quality of plastic to the valuable clients, such as:

Erketech Muhendislik: it has a years of experience in the sector, it product plastic bottle manufacturer turkey. Nacer Plastik San. Ve Tic. Ltd. STI: they serve many clients using plastic materials by producing recycle materials, sales and shipment of the products of the plastic materials producers and turkey plastic import. They industrial production shrinks, recycle and produce granular raw materials to suit customer needs.

Berker Group Plastik: it was established with an objective to recycle all kind of wastes, develop the recycling industry, market the recycled product and plastic import tax. Birlik Recycling Company: it’s one of the best small plastic recycling companies situated in the central industrial area of Istanbul. It has fifteen employees who are involved in production process and managerial staff.

Solovian Inc: it’s one of the best istanbul exhibition center, They provide wide range of commodity & bulk chemicals, organic chemicals, and plastics. Selale Pazarlama San. Ve Dis Tic Ltd Sti: it was founded in 1998, it has been serving both the domestic and international markets, in a short time it has been pioneer company, which produce plastic manufacturer in istanbul.

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istanbul plastic fair:

Plast Eurasia Istanbul is an international plastic manufacturer Istanbul, it’s the largest plastics industry fair held every year in Europe, it’s organized by TUYAP in cooperation with PAGEV ( Turkish plastics industry foundation), it has 1,085 companies in 40 countries.


plastic distributors:

the plastic distributors in turkey is international leaders in plastic fabrication that provided highly skilled, highly trained, highly productive staff, such as: PDF: it’s an enjoy shop that provided commercial plastic products that works in accordance with ISO-900 1 standards, once your order is in, the staff at PDF will deliver your components to specification and on time. Honri Enterprise company: it has more than 19 years experiences to make plastic items business, recycling materials, recycling pellets. They always keep moving forward without stopping out steps, customer’s designs are highly welcome for price evaluation and simple production.

plastic factory in Istanbul:

there are a professional factories that products plastic manufacturer Istanbul and shipping turkey such as:


they producing machines from stainless steel, they can manufacture any capacity of heat exchangers and they also produce reactor blenders, mixers, condensers, storage tanks, portable vessel and turkey projects like: polyester, alkyd, and styrene acrylic.


it’s a specialized company in plastic recycling, compound production and import from turkey. They provide a wide range of high-quality products to many different industrial all around the world, they are doing their part for “Zero Waste Project” developed by the government in 2018.

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istanbul exhibition center
istanbul exhibition center


it’s one of the leading manufacturer of oul paint brushes, car wash brushed as well as various sample brushes in Turkey since 1981. It has become the most prominent trademark in building and painting materials sector with its firm reliability.


it has a high quality products of plastic boxes and plastic package. It has 20 years experience, it become one of the prominent in plastic packaging industry.


their laboratory with skilled technicians develops new products, they offer wide range of color options and alternative solutions to meet their customer’s demands and equipment.


It has been founded in the year 1981 and started trading chemicals then moved on to manufacturing in 1996, they have started producing plastic manufacturer istanbul , after 2013 they have started manufacturing phthalate-free plasticizers, since 2013 their whole plant is phthalate free and Leba has the capacity of producing 15,000 tons of plasticizer per year.


they are a company established 40 years ago in Istanbul and they are one of the leading thermoforming company in turkey. They produce all kind of items as so as cups, and food service.

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this company is based in Adana, It has stood for top quality for over 15 years, you can be confident that they deliver quality and carry out their work with craftsmanship.


this company products many manufacturers in turkey. It  produced with in the framework system of the foreign trade strategy, the company’s own insulation and building materials, construction materials it has foreign sales.

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Plastic machine price

Here you go, Machine-Costing Plastic Bag

here you are, the price of products manufactured from Turkey

And the expense of the processing plant for plastic bags and the price of plastic moulding machines

U.S. thirty,

Knowledge from Speedy: Speedy:

Another b.s.s: processing, usuale use, grocery store, industrial store, construction operations, food and beverage stores, advertising department.

And here are the particulars of plastic bag prices:

We have an edge on the angle of the

Provide the correct number of fragile materials for free.

5,100% meaning promise.

Plastic manufacturing companies

And now we’ll show you a list plastic manufacturer Istanbul and firms that market the best-priced plastic machines if you want to get a plastic machine….

1) Die plastik

Among the first manufacturers of high-quality plastic products to be called one of the leading corporations for plastic bags are plastic, nylon packaging, food re-use, and recycled products.

2) A modern city:

It was founded in 2002 and has its headquarters in Konya, Turkey, and is active in the market for household laundry. It also works in the markets for plastic goods and kitchen appliances and also operates plastic machines.

3) Jk

It is one of the biggest plastics companies in Turkey, selling a list of plastics from plastic packages, round, oval and rectangular boxes, plastic packages, plastic cheese packages, yoghurt pails and rectangular packaging and many types of plastic products. Likewise sold are cardboard packaging and plastic packaging. The production of plastic bucket sacks, bread packs, pre-cooked meals, milk cans, and round containers

5) ALVEIL: Alveil.

The distributor is based in Istanbul, Turkey, and is active in the beer and international trade sectors. It also deals with the mineral water industry with acrylic foam bubbles and all types of plastic. Consulting in the beverages and cold-dried snacks area.

6) The Asel with the

The business acts as a maker of films for rubber wrapping and other sealing products and all plastic material. It requires the identification of components and pouches and also supports the carpet industry by providing a film product for segmented rubber packaging and has a good reputation in plastic machine for sale Machine-specific rubber films, manual rubber weaving materials, subdivided latex covering films, oversized rubber wrapping films, and rubber pet food films may be included in the product range.

Plastik kent:

It is one of the most prominent Turkish companies in the plastic goods industry or one of the best plastic industry making various forms of plastic, manufacturing garbage bags and market bags, manufacturing ring handles and bags, manufacturing plastic bags and hook leads.


Our company began its corporate life in the machinery manufacturing sector in 1982, led to the manufacture in the coming years of all the experience and energy of the Plastic Recycling Machines, our company, with its professional workforce and new machinery, high quality production, if you are looking for a trusted place to purchase plastic recycling machines. In the factory located in Esenyurt, Sunmaktadir, Istanbul, the development of plastic waste recycling machines is turned into reusable plastic raw materials.


Kal-Der machine has been active in manufacturing efficiency and customer loyalty in plastic recycling equipment for over 20 years as its philosophy Our general operation is spare parts manufacturing with recycling machine and Aklomer splitting, granule cutting and washing, we have automated plastic recycling machine and other kinds. Recycling is becoming important because of the growing use of plastic raw materials.


This company is a producer and exporter of recycling machines, retailer of recycling machines, supplier of recycling machines, we are pleased to be your reliable and daily supplier for your needs, by sourcing from Turkey and purchasing from our factory

And now here you are some plastic machine suppliers if you want to import from Turkey: If you are hunting in Turkey with a rubber and plastic factory, there are two of the best plastic factories for the plastic industry in Turkey, Istanbul in general, and then there are the most famous factories in Istanbul manufacturing various kinds of plastic goods and plastic products in the domestic and international commercial market, and the most famous of these are those factories that are located in the city.

1) UTK: -UTK:

This company with it’s Smart-Category, established in 2008 and based in Istanbul, Turkey, operates in the field of PVC windows it’s one of the best plastic suppliers. In addition, it specialises in industries such as aluminium accessories, PVC doors, PVC windows and plastic machinery accessories.

2) The Rozamac:

It’s one of the best plastic manufacturer Istanbul works in Louisville and founded in Istanbul, Turkey, it’s works on plastics. It is made the plastic packaging industry and in bags made of printed plastic. It also founded in the areas of flexography, screen printing for computers and machinery. Trying to fill out old cylinders and make little microwave bags, also, and plastic wholesale bottles

3) The EVKA

Founded in 2005 and based in Bursa, Turkey, it is a manufacturer of plastic materials and is involved in the field of PVC windows. It also works in the field of chloride parts and shutters.


Formed in 2005 with operations in Baspinar / Istanbul, Turkey, this plastic manufacturer is engaged in the field of plastic laminates. It also made in the parts of tarpaulin.

Finally turkey plastic waste is an important industry in Turkey, plastic manufacturer Istanbul used the knowledge and experience to provide high quality products.

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