office furniture factories in turkey

The most famous office furniture factories in turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in office furniture factories in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

office furniture factories in turkey

Every company, office, factory, and shop needs from time to another to renew its furniture, so office furniture factories in turkey provide it with modern and unique furniture.

turkey furniture manufacturers

Turkey is famous for its many sites and shops for Turkish furniture on it, as there are many sites that export and sell Turkish furniture of various types and quality, but the most important example of Turkish furniture shops can be mentioned, as testimony of many who dealt with it:

turkey furniture manufacturers
turkey furniture manufacturers
  1. Lots

You can find in this company, Desk, Office furniture, and Office chair in a cheap price as you want.

  1. flekssit office furniture turkey

Flekssit is the leader company of sector with his 1700 daily product capacity about sofa, office furniture, office systems and metal products. They are giving priority in their design aesthetıc, balance between quality and price and ecologic concepts.

– Technology

Flekssit already provide integration of working centers and increasing quality and efficiency with using barcode system in all processes of production and also with using last technologic IT systems. The raw materials which are their requirement for their products are manufacturing within our foundations with last technology and high end quality.

  1. Dank

Modern furniture with a modern character is the most characteristic of Dunk furniture factories, one of these famous stores in Turkey, which offers Turkish bedroom furniture, and has a wide variety of unique and distinctive modern furniture with many designs, so you find yourself in front of many options of home and luxury office furniture Istanbul that you can choose Some of them are suitable for you to furnish your home.

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turkey furniture company

If you want to import house Furniture, and office Furniture you should choose Dogtas company, because dogtas furniture turkey Company in Istanbul have products such: bedroom furniture, Living room furniture, Dining room furniture, Children bedroom furniture, Kitchen furniture, and office furniture.

turkey furniture company
turkey furniture company

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turkish furniture website

Oh, we all don’t have time to travel because a lot of reasons, so choose a website to import from turkey

  1. Feras Faraji

It can be accessed through the Internet or through the social networking site under his name, Firas Faraji, as it offers many office furniture to buy and others with the finest and most beautiful decorations, and many customers accept them, as it is a good Turkish site for selling furniture, and we can cite an example of what he offers with all skill And the use of the finest materials.

  1. Adwit Website:

It is the most famous site for selling Turkish furniture, so you can find it has office furniture gallery for all the products that you want to obtain, with all the beautiful and elegant designs, and in it you can also find everything you are looking for from furniture for home and modern furniture 2019 and classic, it is the best site for buying new office furniture and used office furniture from Turkey. Everything you are looking for easily, with the display of product images, specifications and prices.

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modern furniture stores in istanbul turkey

  1. Biezza Project Solutions Factory

It is one of the most important furniture factories in Turkey. Its fame has increased in Turkey and the entire Arab world. The factory was established in 1958 under the name Gürbüz furniture, and since then it has been on the throne of the most famous modern living room furniture and bedrooms factories in Turkey, it is one of the oldest and most famous companies, which has turned into a brand Popular commercial thanks to its high quality products and high-end horns in Turkey.

  1. Dank

Modern furniture with a modern character is the most characteristic of Dunk furniture factories, one of these famous stores in Turkey, which offers Turkish bedroom furniture, and also has a wide variety of unique and distinctive high end modern office furniture  with many designs to find yourself in front of many options of home and office furniture that you can choose Some of them are suitable for you to furnish your home.

The store owns a group of modern Turkish furniture stores to provide the best elegant and distinctive designs that satisfy all tastes, and the store is characterized by providing designs in a simple, traditional style that is far from being expensive, and they have reasonable prices that suit all budgets.

  1. Stao

Simplicity is what attracts customers to deal with the factory, along with innovation and creativity, which constitutes a unique combination of beauty in furniture and furnishings. Generally, its designs are based on fine woods, such as oak and walnut, and all furniture has natural colors and soft finishes, so many furniture shops buy from it.

This factory was founded by designer Tardo Coman, who started his life designing jewelry in Paris and then designing artwork from wood and metal. Koman does not use glue in the furniture he makes but depends on a special technique that makes the furniture stick without any adhesives, and this furniture lives more than the furniture that was made Paste it and last for many years. At the end, try to buy from a famous shops or factories to gain the amazing price and high quality.

Order furniture from turkey

Turkish furniture is one of the leading sectors in Turkey and forms a significant part of Turkish exports, One of the successful commercial activities is to import furniture from Turkey, as Turkey is characterized by mastery and professionalism in the woodworking industry with a high-end design and in this article we are talking in particular about office furniture as it is necessary for many projects and to build your own company as it is part of the overall environment in which the employee works. It is necessary to provide comfort to the employee to give the best productivity and therefore it is very important to choose the right type of office furniture in terms of durability, weight and appearance, the office furniture is not only important for the employee, but it also gives a good impression to your customers. In order to buy Turkish furniture wholesale from Turkey, you must know well the types of office furniture and good types of wood and compare the prices well through online office furniture sites before you communicate with one of the office furniture wholesale distributors. There are several shapes and types of office furniture that you will need in your project, depending on the nature of the project. Your needs for office furniture will be determined in the following list. List of office furniture types

  • Desk: includes an executive desk – a clerical desk – a typist desk – a machine desk – a secretarial desk
  • Tables
  • Waiting room furniture
  • Wooden furniture
  • Chairs: Includes an executive chair – conference chairs – office chairs.

Turkish office furniture brands

In the following, office furniture companies in Turkey with the leading brands in the field of office furniture and that have websites on the Internet through which you can browse office furniture online with pictures and prices easily

1- Awax kios:

It is one of the largest office chair manufacturers in Turkey, producing all kinds of office chairs, office sofas, cafes, restaurants and hotel chairs. We specialize in creating customized products for projects and their design and engineering team provide the best designs at economical prices for your project and export to more than 50 countries.


It is one of the leading office furniture companies in Turkey. They design each group carefully in line with modern fashion and customer requirements. They have all kinds of office furniture from CEO’s offices, employee furniture, office chairs, tables, desks and office partitions. CAGIN products are Comfortable, high-quality and affordable products, and this combination makes the furniture particularly attractive to investors. Each model is unique design, smart, functional and comfortable furniture.

3- Istanbul office furniture:

This company provides prestigious office furniture at reasonable prices; they have an online office furniture website that includes pictures of a wide range of types and shapes of wooden furniture it provides a professional service for your office furniture needs, which makes the work environment dynamic, comfortable and enjoyable. Their products are found in many European countries such as Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark and others.


It has an unparalleled reputation for providing outstanding design and service, as this brand is known for the clean and simple intelligence of its designs, the quality of its manufacture and its insightful outlook on the requirements and needs of customers.

5- Ersa:

It was founded in 1958 and is one of the pioneers in the furniture sector in Turkey. It achieved innovative and high-quality solutions for its users in Turkey and all over the world and won more than 50 awards at the national and international levels. It is one of the world-famous brands in the furniture industry and has a center for research and development in the category of office furniture.

6- IKEA:

It now has stores in Turkey, as well as its online store that allows access to more than 8,000 high-quality products at reasonable prices and millions of smart ideas and solutions designed with precision.

Office furniture turkey factory
Office furniture turkey factory

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Office furniture turkey factory

Turkey has a large number of furniture factories, especially office furniture, which is used in many projects such as offices, hotels, conference halls, and schools. Importing from Turkey requires you to know the factories and suppliers of office furniture in Turkey, with whom you can contact to buy large quantities in bulk and cheap furniture Istanbul follow the following


They are a manufacturer and exporter of home and office furniture in Turkey, with more than 20 years of experience exporting to more than 20 countries.


Founded since 1994, we specialize in manufacturing office furniture, including work offices, office storage products, and entering into private and governmental projects locally and internationally from Turkey to the Middle East and Europe.

  • MADES:

Founded in 1972, modern office facilities in Mades correspond to the current and innovative needs of customers who use modern designs in one of the colors, as they always seek to satisfy customers, quality and innovation are their priorities through ingenuity in woodworking and metal processing. They export to the European Union, the Middle East and Africa.


Founded in 2007 in Istanbul, it strives to provide the best to customers. Its products include executive offices, employee tables, banks, interior office partition panels, drawers, file cabinets, receptions, as well as furniture for schools and youth hostels.


It manufactures and exports office furniture such as folding and nesting multiuse flip top tables of various sizes and metal furniture such as metal-legged tables, office chairs, and foldable seats used in conference centers, educational institutions, hotel business centers and offices.

  • TUGRA:

It is a company specializing in the manufacture of project furniture such as office and hotel furniture as well as home furniture and they are also wholesale furniture distributors.

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