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import goods from turkey to uk … best 7 company

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import goods from turkey to uk 

The import goods from turkey to uk process is one of the most important commercial operations that have become famous in recent times because of the many advantages it offers, whether on the economic or financial side, as there are companies that have specialized in this field and have become on the lists of the most famous companies importing goods from Turkey with confidence, and through which it can Buy goods from Turkey with ease.


turkish wholesale suppliers

1.    AP Moller Maersk Corporation It is one of the largest Danish companies that represent the import process in Turkey, as it includes more than 561 ships from which goods are transported to various neighboring countries.

 2.    DB Schenker Corporation This company is one of the German companies that had a special office in Turkey in order to export clothes to various countries of the world, and it is one of the reliable companies that won the title of the best importers in turkey.

turkish wholesale suppliers
turkish wholesale suppliers

 3.    European used goodsThis company is considered one of the best import companies from Turkey that provides you with all used and new goods, which help you to get the best brands, besides it brings goods from anywhere and delivers them to you, and it sorts and classifies the goods from first class to third degree.

 4.    PEBS Group Corporation You can get easily available goods, because it is one of the major factories in turkey specialized in this field, and it is one of the most important original Belgian companies and it is one of the largest suppliers of clothes in the world because it carries goods through trains, ships and trucks that have many branches in different countries of the world and easy to deal with. At what time. turkish import export companies.

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5.    ABF international companyThis company is one of the international companies specialized in importing from Turkey to uk in used children’s, men’s and women’s clothing only, and it can also transfer some used luggage because it provides you with a set of clothes as samples to display before the completion of the transfer process so that you can order it easily.

 6.    Elnema companyThis turkey trading company specializes in importing from Turkey online, but it does another job, which is to recycle fabrics and provide them in the best condition, which you can deal with directly and from anywhere in different countries of the world in addition to that all the products it offers to all its customers are original and have their own location The official web site.

7.    Comindusa CorporationIt is one of the largest names of fashion design companies in Turkey that works to import turkish goods online and deliver them to anywhere in various countries of the world.In addition to that it supplies clothes, furnishings, shoes and leather, as its prices are affordable for everyone and it is one of the internationally known companies.  shipping goods from turkey to uk  There are importers of goods who deal with Turkish companies that are exported

online to save effort and lost money through travel. there are importers who have established offices to import goods from Turkey to help the import trade legal and without loss or damage, importing all types of goods, and these offices are imported from Turkey based on steps Particularly to ensure that they receive a quality product at good prices.


import tax on goods from turkey to UK
import tax on goods from turkey to UK


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 Import routes from Turkey to UK:The travel methods are divided into the following: – First: Import without travel to turkey ,here is a summary of the steps to import without travel: The company started importing goods from Turkey, Pakistan, and are luxurious trading companies.Choosing a company to export goods from Turkey is small because it offers discounts to advertise its services and the need to rely on an intermediary turkey agent between you and the company to ensure your right in case of problems during the import of the turkish goods.

 that you want to import from Turkey and whether, specify the required materials and quantities.You need to send the required quality of goods and quantities to more companies in order to get more offers to choose the best. Second: import from turkey by trips:You should bear in mind that travel generally takes time to prepare the paperwork and government documents required for import, and the place of residence must be available to search for and select goods. There are some newly established companies that provide this residence service to their clients in order to attract new clients and promote themselves.

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import tax on goods from turkey to UK

 Value Added Tax in Turkey: This tax includes all commercial and industrial activities in addition to goods, activities and self-employment. It also includes goods entering the country * imported * and goods and services related to other activities. This tax has multiple rates 1% – 8% – 18%.import charges from turkey; before determining the customs tariff on imported goods, the value of those goods must first be known, based on the invoices that are made with importers as proof of the value of the goods with the customs declaration,

Lists of companies in Turkey

Are you looking for the greatest companies in Turkey ? Do you need to know all the companies in different fields ? just follow and you can know through this article.

1_ RC shoes wholesale company

It based in Fatih mah., Beykoz / İstanbul. It works for Men’s casual shoes, Men’s formal shoes and Women casual shoes.

2_ Boeing Shoes Manufacturing Company

It is in  Sariyakup mah., Seyhan / Adana. Works for Men’s formal shoes is Turkey cheap for shopping, Men’s medical shoes and Men’s home shoes.

3_ Akform

Akform, a manufacturer of shoe soles, in Arkia. It based in Ziya gökalp mah., Başakşehir / İstanbul. It works in Men’s casual . It based in Ostim mah., Yenimahalle / Ankara.

4_ Cemsanmakina

Cemsanmakina is a manufacturer of platforms , Poultry and livestock machinery and machines for slaughtering cattle in Turkey. It based in Saray mah., Kazan / Ankara.

5_Toddler company

Toddler company for the manufacture of baby shoes in Turkey Turkish products wholesale. It baesd in Egemenlik mah., Bornova / İzmir.

6_Best Uniforms Company

Best Uniforms Company –the best uniform for producing school clothes. It is in Yenidoğan mah., Gürsu / Bursa.

7_ Heysem company

Heysem company for the trade of children’s clothing , Women’s pajamas,Turkish products other products and Other school and office supplies import goods from Turkey to UK. It based in Akşemsettin mah., Fatih / İstanbul.

8_YSK Company

YSK Company  for the manufacture of Men’s purses, Women’s handbags, Men’s camber, leather bags and wallets in Turkey. It is in  Fatih mah., Bağcilar / İstanbul

9_Kebly Home Company

Kebly Home Company for the manufacture and trade of home furniture and kitchen appliances best things in Turkey to buy. It based in  Göztepe mah., Bağcilar / İstanbul.

10_Aws company

Aws company for furniture,  furniture Living, room furniture and Bedroom furniture. It based in Marmara mah., Beylikdüzü / İstanbul.

11_Referansmetal company

Referansmetal company for manufacturing aluminum, Aluminum, Iron and steel sheets stores in Turkey Istanbul. It based in  İkitelli osb mah., Başakşehir / İstanbul.

12_Bawella Biscuit and Chocolate

Bawella Biscuit and Chocolate Manufacturer in Turkey. It is in Bahçelievler mah., Bahçelievler / İstanbul.

13_Turkishage company

Turkishage company for the manufacture and trade of children’s costumes in Turkey. It is in Akşemsettin mah., Eyüp / İstanbul.

14_ Tüpraş

As in previous years, the Torbash Petroleum Refineries Company of the Koch Holding Holding Group is still ranked first, with total sales of 34 billion and 854 million and 851 thousand Turkish liras.

The company that we are accustomed to is at the top of the list of the largest Turkish companies, as in previous years, its brand continues to be at the top of the scene in 2020

It was established in 1983 with the merger of the oil refineries in Batman, Izmir, Izmit and Kerkal, and was transferred to Kutch Holding in 2006 delivery from Turkey.

The products produced by the company are directly related to petroleum products such as liquid fuel, fuel oil, bitumen used in asphalt for road paving, aviation fuel, kerosene, LPG, motor oil, and natural gas.

15_ Petrol Ofisi

One of the leading companies in Turkey for supplying petroleum and petroleum products, it ranks second with a sales volume of 30 billion and 800 million TL in 2020 Founded in 1941, it has the distinction of being the largest provider of oil companies in Turkey, and is one of the Vitol Group companies that is based in Geneva after it was acquired in 2017 with a deal amounting to 1 billion 368 million euros, CEO Selim Schipper.

Importing a car from Turkey to UK
Importing a car from Turkey to UK

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Importing a car from Turkey to UK

According to some foreigners, owning a car is a luxury, as gasoline prices and taxes are expensive, and therefore it will cost you three times the price expected to be paid in Britain or Europe.  The government stipulates strict laws on importing foreign cars importing from Turkey to UK, and although you can keep your car in Turkey for a period of 6 months, you must leave it outside the country after this period, otherwise you will face paying many taxes and risk taking the car from you and seizing it.

Some foreigners believe that they can buy cars without taxes, but our study proved the opposite, unless your case is a case of the following: Bringing a car from the United Kingdom to Turkey You can bring your car from the United Kingdom to be with you in Turkey in a period not exceeding 6 months After that period, you must  Taking the car outside Turkey for at least 6 months.

Cars with special plates and tax-free. There is an exception to this rule and it is available to those who have a work permit in Turkey issued by the Ministry of Labor, the NATO team, retired foreigners, diplomats, and the foreign press.  In those cases, you can buy a car without taxes or import your car from abroad without taxes buying from Turkey to UK also during your stay in Turkey import goods from Turkey to UK .  Despite this, laws change from time to time in these matters, so you always check with the authorities in these matters if you think that your case applies to one of the previous cases.

We are now sure that drivers can import their car from abroad importing from Turkey and officially register it with a passport and work permit that proves that they are the only drivers of these cars and pay a tourism tax, which is to ensure that the car will return to its home after the expiry of the tourist visa. These cars are called cars with blue plates.  If this applies to you, please bear in mind that you may face some difficulties when selling that car in Turkey.

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