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 turkey clothes wholesale online … the most 20 fashionable websites

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turkey clothes wholesale online

Turkey is one of the countries that enjoys a great reputation in the field of clothing and textiles, and there are many names of turkey clothes wholesale online that import clothes from Turkey to Arab countries in particular, and that Turkish clothes are characterized by high quality, and the process of importing clothes from Turkey is one of the processes that You need many complex procedures and effort to obtain better quotations, so we will present you with the most trusted companies in this field in the following article:

how to order clothes from turkey :

The travel methods are divided into the following: – First: do it without a trip to Turkey: Start with a company importing clothes from Turkey, from which clothes can be imported from Turkey, and communicate with these companies via e-mail or fax, and note that these companies prefer dealing with individuals rather than companies.Choosing a clothing export company from Turkey is small because it has best clothes offers to advertise its services and the need to rely on an intermediary between you and the company to ensure your right in the event of problems during import. The clothes you want to import from Turkey and whether it is women’s, men’s or children’s clothing, specify the required materials and quantities.

how to order clothes from turkey
how to order clothes from turkey


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 clothes designer websites

1.    Patterty

2.    Roman

3.    Jarvis

4.    CoquetteS

econd: Import by trips to Turkey:You should bear in mind that travel generally takes time to prepare the paperwork and government documents required to import from turkey , and the place of residence must be available to search for and select goods. There are some newly established companies that provide this residence service to their clients in order to attract new clients and promote themselves.

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clothes for kids:

in TurkeyThere are a number of fashion fairs in Turkey for all categories, including the children’s fashion exhibition 2020 in Istanbul – Max Medhool exhibition, and the Istanbul fair is considered the largest global exhibition in Turkey in the newborn baby clothing sector in Turkey, and the exhibition is organized twice a year as it is held in January under the name The international exhibition for mother and child products, the exhibition provides the most famous brands of baby clothes in Turkey.

clothing factories in turkey

The women’s and men’s clothing factories in Turkey are as follows:

5.     Dominic Factory …

6.     Jean Camelot Factory …

7.     Stylist Fashion designer clothes from turkey  Factory …

8.    Chemex Trading Factory …

9.     Mono Amo Factory …

10.   Artanch Workwear Foundation … Mohamed Latif Kogosh Factory for Clothes …

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clothing companies in turkey

 11.   Konsi is a woven apparel supplier located in Izmir, Turkey. They offer different types of woven and knitted garments in all sizes for all genders, young and old. Presently, their clothing items mainly include blouses, jogging shirts, socks, pajamas, and polo pique shirts. Konsi has clothes for sale which is suitable for beginners who cannot afford a high cost.

 12.  Oasis ShirtsIt is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of high quality shirts for kids, men as well as for women. They offer  Clothing sales online where the best prices for your wholesale deals in most parts of the world.Oasis makes private label shirts, which means you can use your logo in your order.

 13.  FKN Textiles is one of the leading Turkish clothing manufacturers with low minimum order quantity.

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clothing brands in turkey 

he most famous Turkish clothing brands

14.  LC Waikiki (LCW) LCW. It is a French brand originally purchased by the Turkish textile company Tema Textile. …

15.  Mavi. Mavi. Founded in 1991, it is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. …

16.  Hotiç Hotiç appeared in Turkey in 1938 in the “Kadikoy” area of ​​Istanbul, and it is one of the oldest shops in Turkey. …

17.  Defacto. Defacto. …

clothing brands in turkey
clothing brands in turkey

18.  Koton. Koton. clothing distributors in turkey  Companies importing clothes from TurkeyIn Turkey there are many international companies to import clothes and deliver them to other countries, but each company has a set of advantages that make it shine among other companies, and among these companies that work in the field of clothes deals to various countries of the world:

19.  AP Moller Maersk CorporationIt is one of the largest Danish companies that represent the import process in Turkey, as it includes more than 561 ships from which goods are transported to various neighboring countries.20.  DB Schenker Corporation This company is one of the German companies that had a special office in Turkey in order to export clothes to various countries of the world, and it is one of the reliable companies that won the title of the best import companies in Turkey. The sites allow the provision of sales operations at wholesale prices, and some of these sites provide shipping and delivery services at reasonable prices much lower than shipping through shipping companies


Turkey clothes suppliers

Clothing suppliers are dispersed in Turkey and the government is involved in promoting the procedures of these factories, and we have provided you with the names of the factories and addresses below before the merchant finds what it takes to go through many factories provide you with Turkey clothes wholesale.

  • Groupe PEBS

Through this, you can quickly get used clothes and it is one of the biggest businesses specialising in this sector and is one of the most important Belgian companies of origin and is one of the world’s leading textile manufacturers because it transports goods by rail, ships and trucks that have several branches in various parts of the world and are easy to deal with and at any time because they have one of the best Turkey designer clothes.

  • Schenker DB

This business is one of the trusted businesses that have been called the top companies sourcing children’s clothing from Turkey.it is also one of the best suppliers of Turkey wholesale clothing that deliver fresh clothes in Turkey range every 2 months.

Factory of SunSURF Clothing:

In the Marter district of Istanbul, the plant is located

Definition of the factory: All sorts of men’s and women’s swimwear are manufactured by the factory.

Pirlanta Etiket San. Tic. Ltd. Şti’:

The factory is situated in Istanbul’s Yeni Bosna district.

Factory Description: Since 2000, an ancient factory for the creation of all sorts of garments and textiles.

  • AMT.

This organization has been working for a long time in this area and has the potential to deal with all clients remotely because it lets them get Turkish shoes, clothes and many other requirements, so that they can pay their costs. And it was deemed one of the best manufacturers of modest Turkish apparel

  1. Fashion Factory Goo.moda:

The factory is based in the Istanbul Fatih district of Factory Description: The factory specialises in the manufacture of veiled abaya clothes, robes and headdresses for veiled women. And you can get clothes for Turkish women from the Tis factory And now here you are, in Turkey 2020, wholesale clothes costs

There is, of course, a disparity in the price of Turkish garments, so you can find it marginally higher than in other nations, but if you compare the standard you will receive, you will place it at the top of the products that produce the highest income, in addition to the increasing market for Turkish clothing. And summer wear

In Turkey, many companies market ready-made garments in Turkey, where prices vary from 20 to 300 TL, the price rises or decreases according to the selected piece, and jackets and women’s blouses range from 200 to 350 lira can be found, while cotton blouses range from 50 to 350 90 lira can be found.

Turkey clothes wholesale market
Turkey clothes wholesale market

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Turkey clothes wholesale market

Business at Osman Bay: –

If you want to import clothes from Turkey, this is the best clothing market in Istanbul.

It is offered by popular Turkish brands and foreign imitation brands in the Osman Market, making it an important shopping destination for tourists coming to Istanbul, here you can find best clothes in Turkey wholesale Visitors come directly from foreign imitation labels at competitive prices for clothes, accessories, wholesale Turkey baby clothing and leather items This is why it is one of the most important markets in Istanbul that specialises in the brand tradition and is also the cheapest one to purchase clothes directly.

2- Enclosed Market (Grand Bazaar): –

Istanbul’s covered market is situated precisely between the Laly and Bayazid areas, and because of its proximity to a wide range of Istanbul attractions, this area is a critical area The Grand Bazaar is one of Turkey’s biggest clothing markets for traditional products. And here you can find wholesale men’s Turkey clothes at this bazaar Anything from clothing, a jewellery market, and leather goods from imitation brands can be considered at Grad Bazaar Leather and casual clothes by Beit are also on the market.

2) Istanbul’s Lalali Market

This industry is popular with international tourists and even locals because it includes the finest varieties of wholesale clothing for the rest of the markets with fabrics and affordable prices in the field of importing from Turkey. You can find any form of Turkish wholesale clothing for sale in this market, which makes it simpler and more helpful for you to locate the best discount shopping in Istanbul.

You will find any sort of clothing you like here as well as wholesale Istanbul children’s clothing In recent times for buying clothes in Turkey, sourcing from Turkey is the best solution for importers to get rich due to the high nature of the product and its decent prices. Thus, the importer achieves a great benefit by selling this product at very high prices in the local markets.

The only way to successfully complete the import process anywhere you want to import from is to go to that country and finish the job directly. This solution is recommended to you because of its many advantages Particularly in contrast with most options, and these advantages are summarised in that you will have the ability to visit the largest number of businesses and compare the products in terms of clothes in Turkey prices accuracy, so you can prefer the one that fits the target market, although the travel cost should be taken into account in this case.

But this is the only drawback to importing this way, but if you want a cheaper route, it would definitely be common these days to import through the net and import from Turkey Online, but in this case, you will have to ensure that you choose a reputable business with high customer reviews.

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