Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea

Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea . best things to buy from Turkey

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Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea

Are You Interested in imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea ? If you want to know import and export companies in Turkey the strongest, you want to know how to buy things from Turkey, we have all the information you need to know import and export companies in Turkey It is considered one of th e best Turkish trading sites, known for its high quality and varied brands that satisfy everyone, and it has attracted import project has attracted imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea, here you will be this information will know in Importing house  platform, and the following article:

Imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea major

Deputy Trade Minister Gonka Yilmaz Bator said that Guinea offers important opportunities for Turkish contractors, and that the number of projects implemented by Turkey in this country is insufficient. “the best Our businessmen should take advantage of the opportunities that Guinea provides for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries Equatorial Guinea Imports and exports,” she added. It came during the Council of Foreign Economic Relations (DEIK) meeting online under the title “Turkey and Guinea, interconnected business”.

Noting that Guinea’s economy has achieved satisfactory developments in the recent period, Bator said that they believe that the growth rate, which has exceeded 7 percent in the past three years, will go further after the Corona epidemic. The Deputy Minister of Trade said that the volume of trade between the two countries until last year amounted to 142 billion, and considered it low.” she added. The official explained, “There are products such as medicines, water vehicles, shoes Turkish clothing companies and building parts made of iron and steel, cement, tomato Paste products,

Turkish trading sites
Turkish trading sites

poultry, sugar and chocolate Perfume filling machine price. Noting that Guinea provides serious opportunities for entrepreneurs, Goenka Yilmaz Bator said, “I think it would be beneficial for Turkish investors to increase their activities there. Batur noted that there are very important opportunities for Turkish contractors in Guinea imports from Turkey to Equatorial Guinea. Our contractors have completed 10 projects worth $ 152.6 million in Guinea so far.

The number is very low for Turkish contractors who have completed 404 billion dollars worth of projects in 127 countries. Guinea’s Minister of Investment, Gabriel Curtis, said that since 2010 trade volume has increased from $ 10 million to $ 200. One million dollars, and 9 different agreements were signed between the two countries, and the launch of flights linking Istanbul.

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How to buy things from turkey

Delicious desserts

Bring delicious sweets for your loved ones Istanbul is a great and convenient place with many distinctive sweet’s shops Choose what you want from the delicious Turkish sweets flavored with rose water and fruits as well as baklava filled with pistachio You can also find all kinds of desserts Import from Turkey in Istanbul.

Perfume filling machine price
Perfume filling machine price

Tea and coffee

You can buy Turkish tea or coffee as special gifts. There are many types of tea in Turkey, as Turkey annually produces about 259 thousand tons of tea. As for Turkish coffee, it is included in the UNESCO lists of intangible heritage and best packaged Plastic bags manufacturers in Turkey, as the history of the first coffeehouse in Turkey dates back nearly 500 years.


You can buy it in herb and spice bazaars with its delicious aromas that will attract you. There are Is Turkey cheap for shopping Arab shops besides the Turkish specialized shops Turkey is famous for its multiplicity and diversity of spices, and Turkish cuisine is widely known because of the types of spices used

Fabrics and textiles

Brightly colored fabrics and textiles are found in shops all over the city, and you may not find these in any other country as you can easily find them in Istanbul, especially hand-woven scarves, and garments with delicate embroidery Wedding dresses from Yurkey price. Traditional Turkish dress and folkloric scarves are among the best gifts for husbands to their wives after a distinguished tourist trip to Istanbul You can find lots of beautiful textiles on the covered market in the tourist district of Beyazit.

Is Turkey cheap for shopping
Is Turkey cheap for shopping

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When you come to Istanbul you can see amazing Turkish hijab wholesale ceramics on every street and in every apartment building, and you can find little ceramics in the shops as a gift. Turkish ceramics are always sought by wealthy men to decorate their palaces, especially if he wants to add a touch of Ottoman folklore to his home.


Turkey has been a producer Vintage Turkish rugs wholesale throughout the centuries. When you come to Istanbul, you can buy one of them. Carpets in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular are considered a luxury industry, and they have two types, industrial and manual. Turkish carpets also invade many Arab markets, especially Egypt and the Gulf, but bringing a gift from Istanbul in the form of a luxurious carpet remains one of the most beautiful gifts expected Import carpet from Turkey. The Turks also excelled in weaving luxurious prayer rugs with stunning designs.

Musical tapes

In Istanbul, you can hear all kinds of music, both western and eastern, as well as for Turkish music, which combines the Western and Eastern cultures with special touches for the Turks. You can hear jazz, folk and religious Sufi music as well as classical music and you can buy a set of CDs and enjoy the unique spirit of Istanbul every time you hear it. Melodies astonishing Turkey.


Where you can find unique souvenirs in the major bazaars, where you can get gifts from the popular bazaars, or modern gifts Wholesale clothing Turkey baby from the most luxurious malls in Istanbul.

Vintage Turkish rugs wholesale
Vintage Turkish rugs wholesale

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Best things to buy from Turkey

Iznik Ceramics hand-painted ceramic pieces: If you visit any of the imperial mosques spread across Turkey, it is likely that you have seen the red and turquoise shapes with beautiful hues in the famous Iznik tiles. Although the Iznik court is past the age of the Ottoman Empire, the tradition continues. And there are only a few places that sell real Iznik hand painted ceramic tiles, so enjoy buying pieces of this unique art from the Grand Bazaar importing from Turkey.

Bilgeoğlu baklava dessert: baklava is a dessert that is popular in many cultures in the Middle East and therefore can often be found outside of Turkey. However, kuru baklava is amazing, and it is made from pistachios and butter that can only be found on the Asian side of Turkey. Istanbul.You will know that you have come to the right place when you see a large pile of baklava in the windows of the candy store.

Abdullah bath accessories: The Turkish bath has also become quite ubiquitous all over the world, and you can also find its products such as thin (peshtemal) bath towels or special olive oil soap that you can find everywhere. However, it is only in the Grand Bazaar that you can find all-natural products from Hammam Abdullah, including pesthemal hand-woven towels from a mixture of raw silk, linen, cotton, and natural handmade soap.

Bath Towels Made with Organic Ingredients at Jennife’s Bath Store: This is a stunning set of towels Turkish towels wholesale Turkey, Jennifer’s Bath Shop in Arasta Bazaar is another place to buy the lovely fluffy towels and peshtemal towels made of organic cotton, designed by Canadian-born Jennifer Goody – the store He is proud to work with some families who still rely on the Turkish tradition of handcraft and weaving.

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Import and export companies in Turkey


We are a young, young company, mastering the rules of national and international trade. As Turkey is the leading producer of pistachios and apricots, BioFood is committed to providing local products grown only on Turkish soil in order to provide regional and high-quality products. For every desired product …


 Agent / Representative, established in 2009, engaged in import / export – agents. Wooden tools for the manufacture of Turkish furniture manufacturer school furniture and scientific laboratories. It is based in Eskisehir, Turkey.

importing from Turkey.
importing from Turkey.


The enterprise OPAL PHARMA, is a wholesaler, working in the pharmaceutical sector – import-export. It also operates in the sectors of chemistry, import and export of basic and auxiliary products for medicine, import and export, chemicals and pharmacy. It is based in Samsun, Turkey.


DUNYA TEKSTIL specializes in the supply of clothing and textiles Children’s clothing wholesale Turkey. We offer a large assortment of products including T-shirts, towels, sportswear, pullovers, bathrobes, and petticoats. We focus on innovation and quality and this is the key to our success over the years, enabling us …


As long as Corena Pharmaceutical actively contributes to meeting the demands of medicines and health products at affordable prices on an international level, our expanded commercial field covers, but is not limited to, those areas, as well as …


Enterprise SECER KIMYA KIMYEVI MADDELER SAN TIC LTD STI, is a wholesaler, founded in 2003, operating in the import-export, chemicals and pharmaceuticals Blood collection tubes wholesale. It also operates in the chemistry, import and export sectors. It is based in Izmir, Turkey.


We are an international textile company with multiple production capabilities. Our company was established in 1998 in Denizli / Turkey by Mr. Isa Dal. Our team specializes in designing, product marketing, production, material procurement and quality control ….

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The enterprise NEMA PARTNER, Turkish food products companies is a wholesaler, operating in the fruit and vegetable, import and export sector. It also operates in the agricultural, import and export sectors, and fresh fruits and vegetables.


 The enterprise SUNEX IMPORT & EXPORT, is the distributor, operating in the import-export sector – agents. It also operates in the food and beverage sectors, steel and wood swing doors and components. It is based in Karatay, Turkey

Turkish food products companies
Turkish food products companies


GOLDSAN EXPORT AND SERVICES COMPANY is an agent / representative, and operates in sector import agent in Turkey.It also operates in the sectors of sunflower oils and packaged sesame seeds. It is based in Esenyurt, Turkey.


 The company, UNIVERSAL TRADING SOLUTIONS, is a retailer, operating in the sector imports from turkey to Equatorial Guinea – agents. It also works in the petroleum sectors, petroleum fuel distribution and wooden furniture. It is based in Kayseri, Turkey.


Enterprise ASIA MINOR DIS TIC. LTD. STI., Is the distributor, operating in the import-export – agents sector. It is based in Sakarya, Turkey

Turkish furniture companies
Turkish furniture companies


Enterprise AYKA DANIŞMANLIK INŞAAT SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED ŞIRKETI, Turkish furniture companies It is the manufacturer / producer, and it works in the import-export – agents sector. It is based in Kocaeli, Turkey.

At the end of the topic, we presented to you how to buy things from Turkey, in addition to the best import and export companies in Turkey, as well as the best things to buy from Turkey, and so we have finished our article and we hope that we have helped you.

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