shoes factory in Istanbul

Shoes factory in Istanbul… Top 6 factories

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shoes factory in Istanbul

Are you willing to import goods from Turkey? are you want to know about shoes factory in Istanbul? do you want to know some of recognizable places and trustworthy for? You will find what you need to know about importing shoes from the best Turkey shoes wholesale companies and factories though importing house platform…

Shoes factory in Turkey

The Turkish industry is currently one of the most pioneering industries, which is distinguished by its high quality, and its numerous brands that please all.Turkey has excelled in the manufacture of the finest and best shoes factory in Istanbul, as the leather industry is one of the most important national industries in turkey, as there are many factories manufacture the best Turkish bags and shoes at special prices.

As factories manufacture according to international standards and comply with health and environment standards, about 90% of production is based on health and environmental standards. The production of Turkish shoes has reached more than 315 million pairs, including sports shoes and slippers, about 50% of total number of companies operating in turkey, centers for the production of Turkish shoes, among the most popular shoes factory in Turkey is the following:

from Turkey wholesale sites
from Turkey wholesale sites
  • “Eser”

It’s one of the most popular factories in turkey, the giant shoes in turkey, and it is distinguished by the use of original leather products of the highest quality and affordable shoes cheap price compared to the rest of world, as well as the sale of leather shoes and handbags, as well as jackets, belts and many other leather accessories.

  • “Polaris”

The company offers its products of different shoes for adult and children, and there are Turkish products in different tastes, specifications and financial conditions, and these products are sold in 43 countries outside turkey within the (flu) chain, as it is the most popular Turkey shoes brands specializing in sale of shoes.

  • “Kinetix “

It is one of the largest Turkish shoe companies and one of the economical brands that represent the elegance of the vivid colors of the shoe designs it sells, and it is the most common brand in youth market because it offers modern sports shoes at affordable prices, the goods of which are sold within and outside turkey.


  • “Hotic”

It is one of the most popular shoes companies in turkey, as well as specializing in manufacture of shoes, and is known as the largest manufacturer of mens shoes from Turkey, and also manufactures an impressive selection of sports shoes, as well as formal shoes, in addition to designs and colors, and the company also provides the best prices for sports shoes in turkey.

  • “Versero GmbH”

It is an internationally accredited company offering service in the textile recycling and this company has been extended for more than 20 years and is a professional and open company for the sale and recycling of the used garments and shoes. The company operates in 8 federal states and is a company permitted to handle waste and has the right to purchase, transport and recycling used clothing pursuant to articles 53 and 18 of the recycling management law. This company offers its business at the cheapest rates and services to its consumers in all regions of all sizes and ages, whether women, men or children, without intermediaries.


  • “G&G Footwear”

It exports its goods to all European countries, operates in 30 other countries, is distributed all over the world and is fitted with the latest and most recent technical machinery for the manufacture of PVC and nitrile rubber shoes, and G&G has always been dedicated to constant renovation and the search for new models.


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Where to buy wholesale shoes in Istanbul

Are you looking for a wholesale market in Istanbul? Do you purchase shoes at a wholesale price and searching for the best wholesale shoes market in Istanbul? Do you want to go to the best wholesale shoes market in Istanbul? Don’t worry, we are going to show you the most important markets selling shoes at wholesale prices in Istanbul….

shoe stores in Istanbul turkey
shoe stores in Istanbul turkey
  • Faith market

    • Fatih market in Istanbul is one of most famous and distinguished markets in Istanbul, known as Wednesday market, because it is held every Wednesday and sale products at wholesale prices, including shoes, clothing and accessories, as well as fruits, Vegetables and others. The most characteristic of this market is its location on Fatih Street, where it has a landmark. Istanbul’s historic tourist destination due to its proximity to the area of Fatih mosque and the grad bazaar
  • Marter market

Market of marter is one of the most popular markets for selling all items in bulk to the Arabs and you can buy shoes wholesale in Istanbul, as it offers various products from shoes, veiled clothes, men’s clothing, children’s clothing, bags and other of the highest quality and cheapest prices, and this market is distinguished by the presence of specialist companies in customs, which helps a lot in shipping and so on.

  • Osmanbey market

It is one of the most popular wholesale markets in Istanbul, and specializes in women’s needs with a higher percentage, as it contains all woman’s supplies and also famous for selling shoes wholesale, clothes, bags, cosmetics, accessories. You can buy the best women’s shoes made in turkey from this market. This market distinguished by being close to Taksim square which is one of the most famous tourist areas in Istanbul.

  • Lalali market

Lalali market is consider to be one of the most prominent and best known local and popular markets for wholesale and high-quality goods. There are a number of shops selling wholesale shoes, clothing, luggage, accessories, and more. You can buy the best women’s shoes made in turkey from this market. there is high demand for this market particularly from tourists and locals, because the market is located in a very lively place, in addition to the excellent prices that suit everyone.

  • Ozil AYACPM

    • Making special shoes has recently become a very favored location, a quicker and more active lifestyle makes people stand for longer hours and get tired, which is one of the main reasons for exporting shoes in turkey, and of course they bear the burden of standing while the different and active days absolutely follow each other it’s fantastic. It’s very useful for them to start their business and the company is offering an example of special shoes at fair prices.
  • UGG

  • UGG Australia is the most famous shoe store in turkey and the brand of shoes, clothing and accessories owned by Deckers outdoor corporation in the USA. UGG’s most common products is classic sheepskin shoes, but the range has been extended to include shoes, sandals, caps, jackets and more.

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Shoes price in Istanbul

 Turkey is one of the favored countries to visit and stay, as we find that a large number of Arabs come to turkey every year because of tourism, jobs, study and residence in turkey, and because the cost of living in turkey is relatively low compared to the cost of living in Europe and in many Gulf countries.

The prices of shoes in Turkey vary by brands, place and retailer, as the purchase from wholesale shops in Turkey varies from the purchase from the factory directly, and the prices varies in terms of size and colors of shoes in turkey, children’s shoes, or elderly shoes, or men’s shoes, so if you were purchasing or hardly searching an looking for all types of shoes or simply searching for that type of Turkey wholesale shoes , the type and quantity of shoe factories in turkey must be known to know the cost before you take this measure, and this makes it easier to open up your shoes bale project, one of the most popular of these brands:

  • Hammer Jack

  1. It is one of the best Turkish brands with foreign requirements, and also you will find that the brand at the Turkish shopping centers produces a wide variety of shoes, as well as different leather shoes, and it is the best Turkish brand of shoes for women, girls, men and children. Also, this brand is located outside the state of turkey, and that among several stores, and that for agents, as well as offering the possibility of online sales. It is the best Turkish shoes online shop you can deal with, through certain e-commerce platforms.
  • Derimod

It is the most as well as most important brand in the world for leather goods, as well as the business specializing in the sale of leather shoes only, as well as bags even coats as well as belts and many other leather accessories. It is characterized by the use of original leather materials, which are very high quality and at affordable prices compared to the rest of the world. You can also buy Turkish shoes online at the best price from the most famous of these sites shoes factory in Istanbul :

  • Modanis

    1. It is a Turkish site specializing in women’s shoes and veiled clothing, offering distinctive fashion for veiled women, and offering large sizes for women who want to do so and can shop in it from all over the world.
  • Civil

    1. It is of the great and helpful places if you want to purchase you children’s shoes, you need to find several appropriate items for you, children’s shoes and even infants, if you are waiting for new baby, and there is section for pregnant women where pregnant woman can shop for child needs.
  • Adwhit

It gives you Turkey wholesale shoes and types of modern shoes and designer styles for young people, so if you have a child that you want to shop online, you can now pick what fits your child from several brands of shoes for woman, men, children and teenagers.

In conclusion, we have mentioned the best of shoes factories in turkey or shoes factory in Istanbul that you can try to deal with some prices that you can find in Turkish markets, as prices are different from place to place specially in wholesale offering also you can buy from the best online shop we have mentioned in the article, so, don’t rush for it attempt multiple places and compare them to decide which one is better for your budget and your goals.


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