Turkey leather bag price

Turkey leather bag price… best 5 factories with best price

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Turkey leather bag price

Turkey leather bag price, are you interested to buy leather bags from Turkey? If you want to know about the strongest You want to know how to purchase bags in Turkey In our import house, we have all the information you need to know about bags factory in Turkey The Turkish industry is one of the most pioneering industries, including the turkey bags and bags industry, known for its high quality and varied brands that please all and the project to import bags from Turkey has attracted the attention of many, Since Turkey leather bag price is one of Turkey’s most important domestic industries where there are many factories to make the best Turkey leather bag, we get to know them through Importing house and the following article:

Price of bags in Turkey

There is a one-lira market in Turkey and there is a brand street in Istanbul, and it is one of the oldest Turkish streets that Arabs particularly love, and has international brands that fit all tastes, and there are also popular factories in Turkey such as imitation factories, Turkish products are differentiated by consistency, durability and modern models that suit young people and others that suit women in society, Even several of these brands have branches in Arab and international countries, and at the same time the prices are suitable for all levels and open to everyone, these Turkish brands have enjoyed matching the trade guide greatly over the past ten years Turkey wholesale suppliers.

Turkey wholesale suppliers.
Turkey wholesale suppliers.
  • The price for a carry-on bag with a wide capacity is 23.21 – 29.03 Turkish lira.
  • Travel bag prices in Turkey range from 133.88 to 223.64 Turkish lira, depending on the number of wheels or the longevity of the leather bag.
  • Depending on the material, quality and style, the price of a high-quality women’s handbag varies between 17.39 – 127.44 Turkish lira.
  • The price of a unisex travel bag for men varies from 87.08 – 192.93 Turkish lira.
  • As the standard of the Dior brand is known for its wonderful goods and its unparalleled beauty, the prices of Dior bags in Turkey vary from 55.15 – 193.00 Turkish lira.

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Bags factory in Turkey:

At this time, Turkish industries are among the leading industries, including the production and manufacture of Turkish bags and bags known for their high quality and varied brands and the manufacture of the finest and best Turkish bags, and most importantly, there are first-class imitation bags in Istanbul, where the leather industry is considered to be one of the most important industries in Turkey, In Istanbul, in particular, bag factories import from Turkey and there are several factories where the best Turkish women’s bags can be made. In Turkey, we sell the best destinations, businesses and factories for shoes and bags. There are several factories in Turkey that specialize in importing Turkish bags and selling various types of bags, and this is a list of the most popular factories.

Shoe manufacturers in Turkey
Shoe manufacturers in Turkey

1-Avrupa were:

After 9 years in the promotional goods and gifts industry, it has concentrated all its resources on the manufacture and sale of promotional bags and continues its solution relationship with wholesalers of promotional products and advertising agencies from all wholesale bag sectors. Specializing in bags for sale in Turkish, backpacks and handbags and leather bag in bulk by manufacturing bean bags, it retains its presence in this market.

It helps its customers to purchase bags printed with a logo in small quantities and women’s bags in Turkey by offering differentiation and comfort in the promotional bags market, and it retains the best sales for this reason. It helps its customers to purchase bags printed with a logo in small quantities and women’s bags in Turkey by offering differentiation and comfort in the promotional bags market, and it retains the best sales for this reason.


Its annual production capacity is 1 million units, which, thanks to its high experience as a 100% original bag manufacturer in Turkey, can be finished to produce useful functional, stylish, sturdy and economical bags. The needs of the Turkish consumer in the production of bags are taken into account and these requirements are carefully taken into account in the manufacture of handbags, by adopting the standards and improvements in Turkey at the same time as the consumers and the services we provide for their own brand of their company, this illustrates rapid changes in the world.


Manufactures wholesale, synthetic leather, canvas, garden and non-woven promotional waterproof bags for ladies. The business sells its wholesale products to the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan.

4-modern machine park:

The business uses a modern method to manufacture branded bags from Turkey, with the help of technically sophisticated equipment. Thanks to high quality manufacturing in a limited period of time, processing speed is provided to you more vigorously, in addition to the fact that every model of bag produced for you is offered within the reach of the guarantee.


It has been considered one of the leading leathers and canvas bag manufacturing companies in Turkey since 1985. It has produced bags for many local and international businesses and exported them to hundreds of nations from Europe to the Middle East, selling wholesale bags in Turkey It aims to further improve its products and the quality of its services in order to satisfy consumer requirements and demands at the highest level, to establish and establish, through good communication, emotional relationships with its customers, to ensure customer loyalty and to increase the number of its customers at home and abroad. From start to finish, their corporate associates work happily to become a unique company with a strategic advantage and operation.

In order to improve the company’s competitiveness and efficiency in the domestic and international markets and to ensure that this vision continues from generation to generation without breaking the identity of the company that produces the most beautiful Turkish women’s bags, the company is constantly working on creating its own techniques in its field of expertise.

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Buy bags from Turkey online

And it is considered one of the most important products that achieve great profits, due to the low prices in Turkey wholesale suppliers, and women’s bags are transmitted from generation to generation in Turkey without breaking the company’s brand that makes the most beautiful women’s bags. And it is continuously working to develop its methods and the goods of companies such as shoes, bags and wallets, in particular the prices of Turkish women’s bags for sale, which are experiencing high sales, owing to the desire of women to imitate the artists of the Turkish series spread across the Arab world, and the bag factories in Turkey are working on the use of modern equipment.

This makes use of higher efficiency. This brand is one of the most popular brands in Turkey’s bag market, and the inner bags are specially built to make it easier for you to carry your personal belongings. As the Internet has played an important role in facilitating and facilitating global trade, Turkish bag sites have become like a small village that can easily communicate with each other as well as among Turkish sites that can be recommended to merchants and consumers, as follows.


It has more than 25 million members and Turkey from 2000 individuals in its team and the biggest and fastest growing e-commerce platform in Turkey to provide consumers with the best shopping experience anytime and anywhere, offering its customers more than 200 million goods annually and Turkey handbags online, it is one of Turkey’s best bag shops.

2- Hepsiburad:

It is the region’s largest e-commerce site and Turkey’s leader in digital transformation and branding in Turkey, and the business platform brings together millions of customers. If you are from the middle class and you don’t have a lot of money to purchase foreign brands, don’t worry, because you can buy the most expensive international brands today via the Turkish Trademarks website.

3- Matmezel:

It is a distinguished Turkish platform that sells many women’s bags of different types and you can participate on this site with different Turkish and foreign brands and buy Turkish bags brands. What sets this site apart is that it speaks three languages, namely Arabic, Turkish and English, making it easy for you to search in the language you know. The multiplicity of payment types and banks that the platform works with is another plus, so you would not have a payment problem at all.

Shipping costs 9.90 TL, more than 15.00 TL free of charge when ordering transactions. Payment is 1000 Turkish Liras on receipt Returns must be made within 15 working days of the arrival date of the product, you must submit in a packed and undamaged state the product you wish to return to the site, to return your goods free of charge. By requesting a courier from UPS for shipping, you can use the shipping code AV5699.

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4- Alibaba website

In which you can find microfiber for all Turkish items which it supplies to you at unbeatable prices in specific quantities, as the site is known for selling wholesale bags in Turkey, and it also provides you with shipping service to your country and your doorstep, and it is a business that respects the deadlines as it adheres to the delivery dates and ensures that the items meet full protection.

5- Turkey Store website

It is an Arabic-language Turkish website that offers all Turkish products at excellent prices, as it is keen to provide Arabs in the Middle East and the Arab world as a whole with all exclusive Turkish products and provides you with a delivery service within 5-7 days and also offers you several payment methods, and the site supports the Arabic language and the English language.

6- Amazon website

Through it you can purchase Turkish clothes and bags, and you can also deliver household goods anywhere in the world, and the American company Amazon has opened its special office in Turkey and its headquarters in Istanbul, enabling Turkish items to easily enter all parts of the world.

In the end, we hope we have supported you by showing you the specifics of import from Turkey and Turkey leather bag price, dear reader.

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