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manufacturers of blood collection tubes … 6 trusted factories

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in manufacturers of blood collection tubes ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

manufacturers of blood collection tubes

 Hospitals and laboratories require blood collection tubes to open. There are many manufacturers of blood collection tubes and production lines for blood transfusion tubes. And obtain them by importing them from China, India or other countries. We will help you in this article, whether by contacting the factories via their sites or famous shopping sites or traveling there.


manufacturing of blood collection tubes

The most trusted factories in Turkey:

  1. Al-Yaman Company
  2. Bati Pharma Ilac
  3. Medikal Olusum
  4. Pipar Medikal

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amazon blood collection tubes

Solution A, Tubes, Tray of 100, Glass, bd 364606-100 16×100, 8.5ML,


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PRP Tubes ACD Solution A and Gel 12 mL 10 Tubes

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Shanghai IVEN Pharmatech Engineering Co

We exported hundreds equipments as vacuum blood collection tubes to more than 40 countries.

They produce best manufacturers of blood collection tubes With great efforts all the time.

vacutainer tube
vacutainer tube

where can i buy blood collection tubes

Guangzhou A&J Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with excellent development, production, sales, import and export.We specialize in design and manufacture of the automation equipment, respectively make some technological breakthrough , such as: Micro-quantitative filling liquid, Micro-quantitative spraying& filling liquid, blood collection kit gel filling machine, labeling machine, filling and packing, vacuum blood collecting tube production equipments and blood grouping card assembly line.

vacuum blood collection tube production line, full-Automatic Bct Assembly Line, Non-Vacuum Tube Line manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Automatic EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Production Line, High Precision Gel Filling Machine for Vacuum Blood Collection Tube, Real-time printing labeling machine and so on.

buy blood collection tubes

Zibo Qichuang Medical Products one of manufacturers of blood collection tubes

 is an innovative company which is established in 2012.Our company is committed to research and producing disposable medical products.We own 10,000 square meters 100,000-level purification GMP workshop, 1000 square meters sterile laboratory; vacutainer tube and use high-quality raw materials and advanced independent design and improvement of fully automated production equipment.

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blood collection tube market

Our company have CE and ISO 13485 certificate and can do OEM services according to customers’ requirements.

The company’s research and development products are in line with the international use concept, more convenient and efficient.

 They always put quality in the first place, will meet the customer’s requirements are the goal of the work, and the production process is controlled to improve our product quality and service.

different types of blood collection tubes

The red tube with a red cap: and it is free from additives such as anticoagulants, and there are types of them to which the silicone or gel element is added (they are red or black in color) for the purpose of reducing the process of hemolysis. Some routine chemical tests and hormones are also used in the Serology department.

blood collection tube sizes

required for this ranges from 2-10 ml. As for newborns, at least 0.7 ml of blood is taken with the presence of a separating substance for the serum, and the blood should not be shaken, stirred or stirred after collecting it, but left for 15 minutes until all the blood clots and then The centrifugation process begins to separate the blood cells from the serum or plasma.

2 – Purple Lavender Tube: The additives are EDTA and fill the tube with one ml of EDTA per 2 ml of blood or 2 ml of EDTA per 5 ml Of blood and used in blood and immunological tests, blood bank, chemical tests and when needed for CBC elements such as red blood cells and differential count tests for white blood cells, and this tube usually contains EDTA sodium and this tube is completely mixed after blood collection, but mixed gently and quietly until it is done Distribute the anticoagulant completely to the tube components of the blood.

3 – The green tube with a green cover: it is added to either sodium or lithium heparin. Heparin and the necessary volume is 10 ml and is used in the analyzes of the Cytogenetic Department, as well as to measure the pH, blood gases, electrolytes, hormones, amino acids, and to measure the concentration of therapeutic drugs and to test the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase G6PDH.

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manufacturing of blood collection tubes
manufacturing of blood collection tubes

uses of blood collection tubes

 4- The blue tube with a blue cap: it is added to Sodium Street Sodium Citrate, where at least 2.7 ml of it is added to a similar blood volume, i.e. 2.7 ml of blood, or 4.5 ml of Sodium Street is added to the blood and used for coagulation tests such as a coagulation test. Fibrogen Factor, PT Prothrombin Time and Partial Prothrombin Time PTT .

5- The tube with the yellow cap: In it a separating substance such as gel is placed in it, 5 ml of blood is taken and used in the chapel section, and in newborns, at least 0.3 ml of blood is taken with an additive, which is EDTA

Gray Tube: It is used to determine the level of glucose and contains potassium fluoride, which prevents the change in the concentration of glucose by stopping the degradation of sugar in the blood cells.

At the end we provide you with a list of the best manufacturers of blood collection tubes in turkey.


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