Shoes manufacturing companies in Turkey

Shoes manufacturing companies in Turkey… most 4 famous companies

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Shoes manufacturing companies in Turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:  

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Shoes manufacturing companies in Turke

Shoes manufacturing companies in Turkey are considered one of the leaders in this field, because of highest quality, Turkey’s light industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Using the example of this sector of the economy, now the aim of suppliers to buy shoes in Turkey, one can clearly trace how the combination of various approaches and the skillful strategy of the government of the country ultimately lead to rapid development of the industry shoes manufacturing companies in turkey, best suppliers with high quality and lowest price, all of this information will know in Importing house  platform just contact with us….

Shoes companies in Turkey

High quality shoes from Turkish suppliers, exporters and manufacturer companies in Turkey;

Shoes companies in Turkey
Shoes companies in Turkey

1-MFS Shoes Factory:

a manufacturer which two partners have created by combining design and production experiences of more than 25 years, established to provide services directly to customers without intermediaries since 2007. For women’s shoes group, start to cooperate with many domestic famous brands stores and also progressed in international trade so fast. Handcraft production line with traditional methods completing with today’s technology in top quality standards. 1000 Pairs/Day capacity made our position as one of the leading producers of Istanbul.

MFS Shoes presents so many alternatives in seasonal collections and we are good partner for find easy&fast solutions by our service with preparing customers model&drawings&collection requests. We offer you a total service from starting modelling to box barcodes with your brands in a high-quality supply chain standard.


Continuing its exercises in shoe constantly area for around 40 years, Gezer Footwear entered to the area by delivering wooden shoes and impact points in a little plant situated in Istanbul Gaziosmanpasa in 1968. Expanding creation limit and bigger plant, just as more machine necessities in after years have been the main thrust is foundation of current present-day office of Gezer Footwear.

Gezer Footwear achieved to be the leader of the sector with its annual production capacity of 75 million pairs on a closed area of 100.000 m2, and become from top wholesale shoes in Turkey Representing the first company having ISO 9001 quality assurance system certificate in the sector, Gezer sustains to apply quality concept in every stage of production. Adopting the fact of providing high quality products to its consumers against reasonable prices as a principle, Gezer shoes attaches importance to institutionalization and R&D studies and makes continuous investments in these areas. R&D department with its closed area of 1000 m2 and 75 specialized employees sustains its activities both local and abroad to create designs complying with foot health and with which users can feel themselves comfortable and unique.


Our brand WSS Wessi Menswear founnded in 2008 and it combines all menswear details such as suits, tuxedos, blazers, coats, knitwears, shirts, t-shirts, trousers, shoes and accessories. Wessi makes strides with guideline of exactness, examines the whole cycle from creation to introduction, gives characteristic and quality things. Wessi has positioned among the quickly developing organizations whose methodology is based upon greatness, quality and sensible costs. Vessi from the top Turkey shoes wholesale companies, WSS Wessi who’s ideal is turning into a family since its establishment pointed toward offering an assistance way of a homegrown friendship and regard. It is an organization shaped on interest and genuineness, and mindful of the significance of your fulfillment.

As a brand for men who are open to new experiences and aware of their own value, not their casual formations influenced by fashion trend but their style and line, brave and peculiar designs, we are working for men who don’t settle on their assortments that they like to wear in their lives., and we add useful contacts to your lives. Joining conventional demeanor with current workmanship, WSS Wessi offers you its exceptional mentality with its creation and available value which grasps the turn of events and creation. We welcome you to the Wss Wessi family where you will discover the style the privilege and the faultless that you are enlivened without anyone else. The practices that make an interpretation of the conditions into favor, and as your home that you will feel good and certain about each circumstance.


Our company is supplier and exporter of shoes, one of best leather shoes in turkey leather shoes, sport shoes, woman shoes, men shoes, women shoes, man shoes, woman sport shoes, women sport shoes, men sport, shoes, man sport shoes, we will happy to be your reliable and regular supplier for your requirements.

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Turkey shoes made manufacturers

It is worth noting that all Turkish shoes have one thing in common – comfort above all else. The quality of raw materials – genuine leather, textiles – is always high, best shoes brand found in turkey Indeed, whatever model the end user chooses, it will invariably be comfortable, at the same time fashionable, At the Euro Shoes exhibition in February this year, Russian buyers, store owners, managers, marketing, sales specialists, and professional media representatives will be able to get acquainted with the fashionable and high-quality products, importing from Turkey ,from Turkish companies such as BeGrup, FATİH SHOES, NEVZAT ONAY AYAKKABI, RIPKA EVROMODA, TOPBAŞ AYAKKABI, ZANDAR SHOE TRADE, LOTTINI and others ,what you want.

Here I will present examples for shoes Turkey price;

1-Turkish Leather men’s dress shoes boots for everyday

US $24.00-27.00 /Pair

2-2020 new arrival trendy popular women sneakers female shoes wholesale discount offer

US $18.00-27.00 /Piece

3-All Leather men’s dress shoes boot for everyday

US $22.00-27.00 /Pair

4-Women’s Shiny Green Faux Patent Leather Cheap Ladies Pumps High Heel Stiletto Shoes

US $10.50-13.90 /Pair

5-All Leather men’s dress shoes boot for everyday

US $22.00-27.00 /Pair

6-Wholesale clearance shoes, Women hiking shoes ladies non-slip genuine leather waterproof walking trekking shoes girls moutain hiking sneakers,Supplier: capablele

US $103.63 – 127.39 / Pair

7-Turkish Made Cheap Running Shoes Breathable Durable Sport Shoes Men Running 2020

US $9.00-12.00 /Pair

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Turkey shoes suppliers


Our company ROSSO SHOES is engaged in the production and export activities in Turkey, is exporting the product groups listed below. We are among the major supplier companies in Turkey and leading a Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality. Our company ROSSO SHOES, a member of TurkishExporter, is engaged in production and trade in Turkey. Made in shoes turkey product we are supplying are as follows: Shoes Turkey Footwear Turkey Canvas Shoes Turkey.

from Turkey wholesale sites
from Turkey wholesale sites


Our company is supplier and exporter of leather products, leather textile products, leather bags, leather shoes, woman leather bags, women leather shoes, travelling bags, document bags, men shoes, leather shoes for men, woman bags, leather boot for woman, leather wallets, leather belts, leather wears, leather garments, leather coats, woman leather coats, men leather coats, we have also shoes Turkey online, We will be glad to be your reliable and regular supplier for your requirements.


Pehlivan Shoe Company was founded in 1982 in Izmir We have a wide range of products, from classic men’s shoes to casual men’s shoes and boots. All of our products are 100% leather.


Our company started production in Konya in 1980 and in 1996 it produced 1000-2000 pairs of first-class shoes per day in 3,000 m2 closed area. Having a widespread product sales network.

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Turkey shoes wholesale

Any fabric quality and color which customer demands, cotton fabric, cotton printed fabric, cotton dyed fabric, polyester fabric, polyester printed fabric, digital printed polyester fabric, digital printed polyester fabric women bag, modern printed flags (official, promo, etc.), you can get shoes bulk wholesale any sort of leather shoes, finished leather (for women footwear, men footwear, kids footwear, bags, jacket, wallet, accessories, car seat, furnishing, etc., leather rugs, work safety shoes, industrial shoes, soldier and police shoes, outdoor boots, women bags, electrical golf carts, mobile disinfection units you can found in shoes wholesale turkey.

All the follow wholesalers you can buy what you want from Turkey wholesale online for every wholesaler in turkey, this thing made shopping very easy just click on mouse and choose what you want.



Our organization, which began its exchanging life 2014, is an organization that has been favored in Bursa/Turkey since 2014 as far as computerized printed texture creation and has embraced its guideline as a need for consumer loyalty. Our organization considered one of greatest discount shoes sellers has embarked to address the issues of our clients with the best assistance quality and to deliver the fundamental answers for their business in the quickest manner. By 2020, it has begun to serve the homegrown market as well as unfamiliar market clients to meet the serious conditions brought by the changing client needs and to best react to client needs. Genteks Textile began its exchanging life as an advanced printed texture producer in 2014. Particularly, it has some expertise in the computerized printing of the most favored polyester textures and fills in as a maker for its clients with its wide scope of examples and tones.

10-Handarte Co.:

Since 1997, form 23 years, we have been working with companies, small and large, to grow their business worldwide.

11-Lunar Atakkab Ve Tic A:

Established in the year 2014, Lunar Atakkab Ve Tic A deals in Export of Women and men sport shoes, women and men dress shoes, ladies and men easygoing shoes, ladies and men boots, ladies’ ballet performers, high obeyed shoes, shoes made of certified cowhide or pu/texture. LUNAR carries another way to deal with being elite by consolidating quality and tasteful. The particular shoe brand summoning legitimacy propelled from immortal magnificent minutes offers day-to-night solace and makes you look tasteful with high quality contemporary shoes planned with energy Shoes manufacturing companies in Turkey .

Capturing the feeling of being extraordinary in an attractive style, there are variety of bulk shoes for sale, Lunar brings you artisan inspirations through modern perspectives and helps you reflect your inner world while bringing fine touches to your style. Thanks to the functional shoes of Lunar, you can enjoy with timeless designs.

12-Fimka Store:

is a wholesale clothes from Turkey distributor of wholesale, women’s clothing for, FIMKA -2. We hope that we benefit you in presenting this information about shoes manufacturing companies in turkey.

Finally, I prefer import from Turkey for anyone want to purchase wholesale shoes, since they have better quality and unique designs.

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