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The best 6 stores to import furniture from turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in import furniture from turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

import furniture from turkey

Furniture is the effective thing in human life and import furniture from turkey has high curve in this field so follow our article and you will find all you want to know and the answers of your questions in furniture project.

furniture market in turkey

furniture from turkey is special than the other from different countries, because turkey has qualified designers who have experience in this field so import from turkey achieve progress year after year to be the best one in industry of furniture, there are a lot of business in furniture when you visit turkey to buy furniture you need you can see many brands and companies produce more items of furniture so turkey attract more and more customers to their products the different items you can find there are furniture of garden, or office, kitchen and rooms to furnish your place with the best quality of furniture.

To increase your information you can invest in turkey in another field such as import clothes and import machines so the market of turkey is popular more than markets of European countries because turkey’s economy based on the exports from turkey to the whole world.

 in 19th century turkey start industry of furniture in small workshop but now in the huge factories, furniture importers know that turkey facilitate for them importing to attract more customers and increase their exports in middle east and Europe turkey’s furniture is very popular and the customers in those countries search about stores which sell furniture from turkey.

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So the best place to import is:

  1. Fordaq
  2. ZapMeta
  3. Alibaba
furniture importers
furniture importers

furniture design in turkey

like we say before the furniture design from turkey has special design, you can see it when you compare the furniture from turkey and furniture from another country, the difference is high quality and low price so you can’t find this idea in another design.

 this idea what the industry of turkey based on to market their furniture in countries specially in middle east, the industry of furniture make with high woods like Zan wood, turkey has a lot of forests so they have many woods which makes them can low the price of furniture, to furnish your rooms go for Turkish bedroom set to buy the special furniture for your room and enjoy when you sleep and feel happy, furniture can effect in your feelings so give your furniture care when you select because furniture will use it for a long time so if it is bad with low quality, you will always feel nervous, furniture determine the level of people such as when you find someone furnish his home with high quality of furniture that mean this man is rich and you will love to furnish your home like him.

Did you know that you can buy used furniture for sale from turkey?…you can do that through:

ebay, it is a website you can buy a lot of things used before with low price and this website sell it, but it is not broken it is only used before, and facilitate the shipping for your country, the only thing you will do paying with different ways like Paypal or your visa.

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furniture suppliers in turkey

every year the furniture from turkey increases and attract more customers to invest in turkey, and to overcome the increasing in orders of furniture, the government of turkey put facilitates to suppliers to keep the progress which turkey has done, so there are more new suppliers add to this field and all of them need to prove themselves to have more facilitates.

 you can import high end turkish furniture to your country and pay the customs of the goods you import from turkey which is different from turkey to your country and you must have a license to import from turkey but if you don’t have it you can go for office which import from turkey and ask for importing  from turkey instead of you, or visit turkey to find turkish furniture Istanbul.

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modern furniture stores in istanbul turkey

when you determine which furniture you invest in you should know which way you will ship the goods, we advice you the shipping by air because the furniture shipped fast to your country, or you can select shipping by sea but it has long time it will reach more than month but by air at least has two weeks and reach for your location, the increasing in exports of turkey make the economy strong specially furniture outlet from turkey.

To provide your project and gain a lot of money you should make a high marketing for your store and show that you import from turkey and that furniture none can find it in another store and that is turkish furniture fabric.

Hold your chance and don’t let it go without take all your need and want to achieve from, because the market change everyday so follow the update news.

Turkish furniture companies list

Furniture is the most important thing in the house to be a suitable place for live, it provides comfortable that the human needs in his daily life, so Turkey is considered one of the best country producing elegancy furniture.


It’s a Turkish furniture store, it can make a fame of its own due material which it uses in its furniture, as it uses a wooden and metal materials.

  1. ADWIET:

It’s one of the Turkish furniture brands, which you can find everything you looking for so easy, it’s a big Turkish market on internet.


It’s a Turkish furniture online store, whichhas the best traditional furniture, it specialize in manufacture handmade furniture with high quality superiority of the global basis.


It’s a Turkish furniture exporter, whichestablished in 2001, it presents the best furniture for hotels, and restaurants, it exports the elegance furniture to more than 50 country around the world.

  1. CO:

It was established in 1969 with a big support from Turkish ministry of industry and trade, with the passage of time, it developed and became one of the most important industrial sites for furniture in Turkey.

  1. IKEA:

It’s an international company which specializes in furniture, it has a Turkish website beside the stores, itsfurniture turkey pricesis accessible to everybody.


It characterize by the high precision in implementation, because the resulting furniture comes directly from their factories, it offers cheap furniture for salein Istanbul.


It’s specialize with its products which designed with the best panels and mirrors matched with highly professional designed pieces of Turkish furniture.


You can get the best furniture designwith high quality.


It specialize in producing the best kitchens with high quality which live along, beside the good materials and accessories with high quality.


It’s the best gallery you can visit, its prices is very cheap, and you can get the best strong furniture with high quality.

  1. SARUS:

It’s one of the biggest furniture company, and the most company which exports furniture with the most accurate details and quality of production, it aim to satisfy its customers in all countries.

  1. HAMM:

It’s a Turkish website which combines traditional handcraft style with modern design style, it characterize by furniture industry with the natural wood.


It a Turkish company started operating as a small furniture manufacturer in 1998 and gained reputation and experience in the wholesale furniturein the local market today.

  1. ARPOL A.S:

It’s a head of a group companies founded for more than 10 years, with its sister company HOMAGE that is specialized in producing Turkishfurniture and lighting.


They produce and export metal and plastic furniture accessories, they export their product to Europe and CIS countries, they produced with high standards, with the best furniture turkey prices.


It was established in Istanbul with 30 years experience in the production of door handles, Turkish furniture and accessories, their products are manufactured from stainless steel.


It’s a cheap furniture website, whish manufacturing high quality adhesive screw caps in Turkey, their capacity is around 1000 boxes per month.


It’s a leader in the wholesale furniture, established in 1985, the size of the factory 1800 m2 fully covered and they have showroom its size 3000m2.


It’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2005, which operates in the home furniture from turkey industry, it also operates in the import and export furniture and fitting.


It’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the import and export furniture industry.


It’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 1965, which operates in the import and export furniture industry, it also operates in furniture design.

Furniture Turkey prices
Furniture Turkey prices

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Furniture brands in Turkey

If you buy a new house or want to renovation of old furniture, then you must import from Turkey, there are the best brands in Turkey such as:

  1. ALFEMO:

It’s combining global and creative value so that its clients can incorporate style into their rooms, through focuses on creative as a major value in its manage style.


It’s one of the oldest brands in Turkey which opened its doors in 1957, as a small shop, part of its successes is its aim to variety and ability of keep up with the current trends in home décor and designs.


It works in a factory with 125.000 m2, which ships to 14 warehouses and 146 stores across the country, through rated as one of the largest and most popular Turkey furniture wholesalebrands in Turkey.


It produces 2000 home products, including furniture and textiles, their many designs attract different of tastes with presents the best solutions to get the best comfortable levels.

Furniture from Turkey online

Turkey is famous with its furniture, it provided furniture in markets, and websites, shops, and factories, there are a big competition burning between factories and companies manufacturing Turkish furniture.


It creative the best furniture in Istanbul, it specialize in the luxury homes, villas, hotels, and classic residential decoration, it designs residences and hotel clients across Europe, Asia, Russia and the CIS.


It’s a well established brand in the field of architecture for living spaces classic style furniture appeals to all tastes, and a pioneer and luxury furniture designs.

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