wholesale clothing stores in turkey

wholesale clothing stores in turkey … best price from 9 places

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wholesale clothing stores in turkey

Are you looking for the wholesale clothing stores in turkey and the cheapest clothing store in it? There are many markets, stores and companies that sell wholesale clothes, including men’s clothing, women’s clothes, children’s clothes, sportswear and others. Istanbul includes a group of wholesale markets that we will show you………


cheapest clothing stores in turkey

  Are you looking for the cheapest clothing stores in Turkey? There are stores specializing in selling clothes in Turkey at a cheap and suitable price for customers, including women’s clothes, men’s clothes, children’s clothes and others, the most famous of which are…..

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1- The Egyptian market in Istanbul:

It is the second largest traditional market in Istanbul and best place to buy wholesale clothing stores in turkey, it was built in 1597, it is located in the Eminonu area, it has shops selling spices, spices and natural herbs, it is one of Istanbul’s oldest popular cheap market

2-Wednesday market:

It opens every Wednesday morning every week, it is one of the most important and famous traditional bazaars and popular markets in Turkey, it is one of the best cheap places in Istanbul.

 It provides clothes at very cheap prices, it is famous for providing daily life supplies of food and vegetables beside fresh fruits and animal products such as meat, fish and The finest types of cheese.

It is characterized by its good materials and suitable prices for its various products, including turkish fashion clothes and accessories, as well as foodstuffs that can be bought to prepare a delicious Turkish meal and with a group of wonderful cafes and restaurants, so it is witnessing a great turnout and intense crowding.

3- Mahmoud Pasha Market:

It is the cheapest market in Istanbul for clothes, you can find this market near the Egyptian Spice Market, it offers all The daily needs of visitors, as it provides Turkish clothes, traditional accessories, bags, shoes as well, and other cheap products and souvenirs compared to other markets in Istanbul to buy wholesale clothing stores in turkey

4-Osman Pasha Market:

It is located near the Sisli area,it includes the most famous international brands and the offices of the most famous designers, manufacturers and owners of local brands.

 it is one of the best markets in Istanbul for the wholesale sale of clothes, and the best cheap places to buy souvenirs, especially those shops that are located in the side streets of this market, which are It usually offers its products at reasonable prices, starting with Turkish clothes and local brands.

it is famous for Turkish veiled clothes and men’s clothing as well, as the market includes the most famous Turkish brands and offices of famous designers

turkish fashion clothes
turkish fashion clothes

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clothing wholesale market in turkey

Are you looking for a clothing wholesale market in turkey? Turkey is distinguished in the field of ready-made clothes by having more than one wholesale market, Istanbul Wholesale Market is one of the most popular markets in Istanbul and the best shopping destination in Turkey, so we will show you the places of some important markets in wholesale and retail sale in Turkey.

Lali Market: it is located in the old city of Istanbul, it provides high-quality products at the cheapest prices, it is one of the most places in which there are Arabs, and includes thousands of exhibitions that offer local brands, and it contains many of the best  wholesale clothing turkey istanbul. It is very popular for wholesale clothing stores in turkey

Baghdad Street: The history of the street dates back to the era of the Ottomans, and includes many local and international clothing stores, in addition to the presence of many small commercial buildings for shopping, and their prices are very appropriate, and its length is 6 kilometers, and the street is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, and it is considered one of the most famous streets in Istanbul

Al Fateh Shops: There are many stores that include turkish female clothes, it is one of the cheapest places to shop in Istanbul, offering a lot of local products at reasonable prices that suit everyone and a large group of stores that sell wedding and evening clothes at very reasonable prices cause there are  best wholesale clothing stores in turkey

It is including traditional Turkish clothes, and a lot of Vegetables, fruits and other commodities, you can contact the names of companies importing clothes from Turkey and to help you buy clothes from there.

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wholesale mens clothing in turkey

Do you ask about wholesale men’s clothing in turkey? Many Turkish markets sell men’s clothing wholesale and companies, and we will show the most important of these markets and companies……

Giyimx Ticaret: It is one of the most important and largest companies in the field of fashion, men’s clothing, swimwear, and underwear in addition to shoes and watches in Istanbul.

Marter: It is located in Istanbul in the marter district, it includes many shops that are characterized by the latest Turkish fashion, and includes shops that sell products at wholesale price.

which is a distinctive area for its proximity to the city’s industrial area, one of the best markets in Istanbul for clothes, including men’s clothes, one of the cheapest wholesale markets in Istanbul.

 It is includes many shipping companies, which makes it easy for merchants to transport their things quickly and easily, and it also includes customs clearance companies that facilitate a lot of work for merchants and importers.

Jane Camellot : It is one of the largest companies specializing in the manufacture of men’s clothing in various forms and types for all sizes, it satisfies all tastes, and it is possible to communicate with the company and import from turkey through its address.

Thus, we explained to you the most important cheapest wholesale clothing stores in turkey and the best wholesale clothing markets in Turkey, in addition to the most famous wholesale men’s clothing in Turkey, we hope that it will be useful to you.

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