furniture factory in turkey

How to find furniture factory in turkey ?

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in furniture in turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

furniture factory in turkey

Turkey is famous about clothing, medicine, series, and of course furniture, if you want to import from the best furniture factory in turkey, you should read this report to choose one.

best furniture factory in turkey

Turkish furniture has gained wide fame in our Arab world, especially in the Kingdom, which has made a strong desire to search about importing furniture from turkey especially from the best and most famous Turkish furniture factories, in order to furnish homes with the finest pieces to become distinct from other homes. The elegant designs of Turkish furniture, new colors and shapes different from the brown furniture that we are accustomed to, with high quality led to the desire to fully furnish the house with Turkish furniture that is delightful in color and distinctive in design. In order for customers to get what they want in furnish of their dream homes, merchants began to travel to Turkey and import from it in order to meet consumers’ needs.

Modco Turkey for Furniture

When buying furniture, the merchant and the consumer always look for high quality and accuracy of manufacture, the best design, a multiplicity of shapes, a sophisticated taste and the best prices, in addition to long experience, and all of this is found by a community in the name of Modco, which is one of the most famous cities that collect the best furniture factories in Turkey. The most famous and largest city for furniture industries “Modoku” was established in 1969 with great support from the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade to become with time the capital of furniture in Turkey, which contains many factories and exhibitions for furniture that can be visited and dealt as they are gathered in one place, especially with the crowding of Istanbul and the difficulty of moving the merchant.

in the conductors in order to inspect all the furniture fairs from which he would like to import. What makes the city one of the best places from which Turkish furniture can be imported is the high quality of products as a result of intense competition, and all of those exhibitions within the city are registered with the Special Administration of Modoku, Chamber of Commerce and the Turkish Standards Institute, which means a high commitment to the required standards, and the biggest advantage is Finding any difficulty in communicating because all these stores contain an Arabic translator, which makes all factories and companies with experience and reliable trust.

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masko furniture i̇stanbul

The name of MASCO Furniture City is an abbreviation of the Turkish title for the region “Managing the furniture and wood production site in Istanbul. Planning for the establishment of the city began in 1984 AD, with the help of 13 supporters and investors. It was opened in 1987 after providing government support under the auspices of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade. Turkish Furniture and promoting it, in which you find the best furniture factories in Turkey .

The huge Masco Market was created on an area of ​​27 thousand and 419 square meters, to be an exhibition of products and goods, in addition to several restaurants and cafes inside the shopping center and there will be a number of hotels next to it to facilitate the stay of visitors, with the possibility of visiting Istanbul residents of the city and informing them about the luxurious Turkish furniture at reasonable prices for all. The city includes the best furniture companies in the world, as it is a very large and wide area, and that region contains within it many companies, which number approximately 778 companies.

Mirage Furniture Company

Watching Turkish furniture with pictures before buying it is what you can easily find at the Turkish Mirage Company, as it is one of the best classic furniture and decor companies in Turkey, which has achieved wide fame in addition to the good reputation in the field of furnishing and furnishing of palaces, it offers the best luxury and royal furniture for lovers of classicism and luxury, The authentic and traditional Turkish furniture is characterized by luxury and sophistication, as it tends to be classic, so if you are a fan of luxury, you can buy from Mirage Company.

The company is distinguished by the skill of its employees, with their long and ancient experience in choosing the best pieces that suit the market it targets, as the company has completed many projects for furnishing palaces inside Turkey and all over the world. If you are looking for bedroom factories in Turkey that are luxurious and upscale with a royal character, Mirage is your perfect destination.

And if you are one of those wishing to do business online, and you are looking for a Turkish site to sell furniture, then Mirage is your ideal destination, where by reviewing their website and their official Facebook account, you can get acquainted with their different products with unique designs but far from modern and modern designs that are characterized by simplicity, Where they target those who have palaces who want to furnish them on distinctive, luxurious and upscale royal styles, as they have the best Turkish furniture of 2020, elegant, distinctive and very luxurious.


best furniture market in turkey

The furniture and furnishings market in Istanbul is one of the most famous and most important markets known in the world, and it is considered that prices are affordable for everyone, as there are many brands that the customer can prefer among them and choose the right price for him in furnishing an apartment in Turkey or elsewhere. Through furniture shops in Istanbul, but if the buyer is from outside Turkey, he will notice an increase in prices, due to the difference in the currency, in addition to shipping money, so it is preferable to buy from the nearest agent of those Turkish factories located inside your country. The city of Istanbul contains many famous and well-known stores that sell Turkish furniture and furnishings, with luxurious and luxurious materials.

importing furniture from turkey
importing furniture from turkey

furniture shops in marmaris turkey

If you don’t want importing from large factories, you can deal with shops, such as:

Stao Design Store

The diversity in the shape of the furniture and the raw materials used in its manufacture is what distinguishes this store, as you find it has the best modern designs that are made of fine wood, and it also has a wide variety of metal furniture, you can find there the best sofa in turkey ,  where some like to change and acquire furniture of a different shape, artistic antiques and distinctive furniture Which is characterized by sophistication, simplicity and comfort in order to get a piece of furniture with a distinctive design with many materials used, each of which has a special texture and shape that gives a distinctive touch to different pieces of furniture.



They excel at presenting modern Turkish furniture, and you can get distinctively designed pieces of furniture with traditional Turkish works, and in addition to its wonderful furniture, the store does not stop developing itself day after day. The store uses a range of pure natural materials in its designs such as copper, natural fabrics and marble and has a number of home accessories that you will not find anywhere else, so we consider it the best turkish furniture shop The store’s original showroom is in Cukorkumah, but its branches are spread all over Turkey.

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best furniture brands in turkey

333km store:

In the Karakoy neighborhood, it was established by designer Deniz Duru that combines German, French and Ottoman character, furniture of solid wood and furnishings tend to have a darker color. Everything related to the modern home.


Dank! Design

It Offers a wide variety of unique modern furniture including baby furniture i̇stanbul, by local and international designers Provides distinctive options for interior design for home that combines the styles of luxury, simplicity and joy.


ikea turkey

Discover new ideas and find out the best solutions for your home. Go to Shop now on their website. Enjoy a unique and hassle free shopping experience in one place, with delivery service to your door, Installation services, Home delivery services, and Flexible payment options.


furniture from turkey online

I know that you don’t want to travel Turkey by yourself, so look at these sites:

Europages site

To find everything you are looking for from the various products that you imagine and are located in Turkey, especially from the elegant and luxurious office furniture, outdoor furniture in turkey , and the simple modern, is what Europages Turkish website offers you. The site is characterized by being an intermediary between those offices and factories specialized in selling office furniture and between the customer, where you find a wide variety of companies looking through them for the best company that provides you with the products you are looking to obtain, which also enables and helps you to reach the best furniture factories in Ankara

The site has another advantage, which is the provision of offices in various Turkish cities and states, so that it is easy for you to choose the factory near your country, which saves you shipping and delivery costs, so that it becomes easier for the consumer wishing to manufacture office furniture for him with specific specifications of sizes, colors and details that belong to him alone, to acquire Pieces of art that no one else owns from competing offices, to communicate with furniture factories in Izmir as well.


Asortie Furniture website

Astoria is well-known for providing classic and luxurious furniture. Lovers of luxury and sophistication, and antique furniture for sale , will find their home in this luxurious location, as it is the best comfortable Turkish furniture store, as their products are made of pure wood and handcrafted. If you are looking for a site to sell specially manufactured furniture for you that is elegant, comfortable and unique, then you are in the right place for that, as the company is characterized by doing its work professionally and in a good way, as it has created new products different from other furniture companies, their products combine models Modern and classic furniture. What creates a revolution in furniture and decor in your home.

The company has gained global fame as it exports their furniture products to 32 different countries in the world such as Serbia, Ukraine, various African countries and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is one of the most importing countries of furniture from this site. So you can buy goods from Turkey, from this company and you are assured of the quality of its products and the sophistication of its designs, as the company’s furniture is one of the most famous and respected brands in Turkey, it is famous for the quality of its products that combine luxury and comfort.

Asortie Furniture provides the best turkish furniture London  and decoration solutions to its customers through 47 years of experience, in order to meet customer requests anytime and anywhere, and the company also follows a customer satisfaction policy, as it guarantees high quality and comfort in products and provides after-sales services to customers.

furniture from turkey prices

There are many high, medium and low prices in the furniture market in Turkey, and the following are some of the prices offered in some furniture and electrical appliances stores in Turkey:

– A dining room consisting of a medium table with 4 chairs padded with solid padding at a price of 650 liras.

– Washing machine above automatic simple use at a price of 550 to 650 pounds.

– A single door refrigerator, light used, that reaches new quality at a price of 300 liras.

– A living room consisting of 2 sofas and 2 chairs of the same shape at a price starting from 2150 TL to 2700 TL.

– A bedroom consisting of a bed, wardrobe, dresser, 2 small modules and a hookah at a price of 1250 liras.


bursa furniture

The presence of furniture is not limited to Istanbul only, but Bursa has a large share of the best furniture as well, and there are a number of furniture stores that you can deal with, namely: –

Bellona – Skirler Furniture Center

You can get distinguished home furniture through the exhibition, which is distinguished by its high quality materials, especially wood.


Scavoli Bursa

It specializes in providing the best kitchens, the finest quality furniture and long lasting wood, in addition to the highest quality fabrics and accessories.


Victory Gallery

One of the best exhibitions that can be visited in Bursa, and its prices are what distinguishes it for its cheapness, and in return you can get strong and high-quality furniture.

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baby furniture i̇stanbul
baby furniture i̇stanbul

turkey import regulations

– Do not be afraid of thinking about buying Turkish furniture and importing it from there, because Turkey has already become the capital of elegant decoration in the world.

– One of them said during his experience that he bought furniture from the city of Engul, near Bursa, and the prices were reasonable, while another said that after researching, he found that most Turkish furniture is in Saudi stores that he can buy from if he is not an importer of furniture.

– He said, my latest experience in importing from Turkey was indicating that furniture prices have risen madly in the last five years in Turkey, but dining tables are still characterized by durability there are more than small-sized bedrooms.

– All you have to do to go through the import experience is to choose the furniture company that suits your needs of furniture, whether it is bedrooms or living rooms, and many companies are distinguished by their ability to communicate with customers in Arabic, which makes it much easier.

– After choosing the furniture company, the role of turkish online shopping worldwide shipping comes, which is a very important point because it will move the furniture and clear it customs, and if you do not choose it carefully, it may spoil your experience.

– The shipping company often plays the role of a financial intermediary, so you pay money to the shipping company in your country, then the shipping company receives the furniture and on this basis pays the money to the company.

At the end, I advise you to follow all the correct legal procedures in your country and the country of export.

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