clothing suppliers from turkey

The best  5 clothing suppliers from turkey to ship your goods

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in clothing in turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

clothing suppliers from turkey

Importing from turkey is the best way to reach for the top by buying from clothing suppliers from turkey , in the last years turkey make more progress in exporting clothes around the world so don’t let your chance to invest your money in field of clothes.


turkey clothing suppliers

If you decide to run store or boutique or online business site, that mean you need and special supplier who supply you with a different category every season to can provide you target, and make a deal with clothes wholesale warehouse, in turkey when you comes to find wholesale clothing to buy your goods from them but the point is not find stores, it is the selection of this supplier and provide the best to your customers and most suitable price and make sure the quality of this clothes is very high, as well as we know more manufacturing of clothes in turkey so the suppliers are increase every year.

You can buy bulk used clothes which is very effective in our society and popular, many people prefer to buy used clothes from turkey, the turkish suppliers are:

  1. Whocit.
  2. Wow u wholesale.
  3. fimka store
  4. clupfashion
  5. Turkpot

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buying and selling clothes from turkey

in this article we will present a guideline which show you that needs of your project to import from turkey clothes and sell it in your boutique or store or site on the Internet. but mainly in Istanbul you can find what you search for all categories and items you want to addition for your project to attract more people sure you can find it in turkey specially in Istanbul because it becomes the destination of all designers fashion in Europe and other countries.

if you won’t to travel to turkey there are another option that you buy from best online shopping sites in turkey and ship the goods for your location, just by click the button to add the items you want after that select the country you want to ship the clothes for.

finally pay the cost of all of that process and collect your costs and add your money to start to gain from your effort, to success you should take care for your marketing and choice the best thing to increase your customers every day, before all those steps you must know turkey market clothes prices.

bulk used clothes
bulk used clothes

turkey clothes companies

the industry of clothes is considered one of the most profitable industries in the world, clothing is very important for every human because we use it daily and we never can ignore going for some place without wearing clothes not any clothes but which clothes are suitable for this place, like when you set in your home wearing home clothes not wearing a suit, and the suit is wearing in official event or your job, you can the best item for any place on istanbul wholesale online, and clothes are the evidence where you come from like the Indian clothes are different with the clothes from china, Russia sometimes wear different clothes, and Arabian clothes like hijab is more different and special for Muslims women only, but the same thing that all customers around the world agree with that they love the fashionable clothes in our daily life, there are who sell stock clothes per kilo to make more progress in this field with different way.

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turkey clothing distributors

You should select the distributor who has the trendy fashinable design and provide you with all categories for all sizes, genders and children, and some of accessories that we give you some speciality in this field more than the other stores, to import clothes from turkey for your country you have different ways, by buying clothes stock market when you travel to turkey after booking your tickets, or you can save your time and money and order your clothes from any site that we mentioned in the last paragraph and ship your goods for your country and select the best way of shipping which suitable with you like:

1-shipping by air is the most popular of ship because it is very speedy that you can take your clothes in just few weeks but it is expensive when you compare with the other ways.

2-shipping by sea is more speedy than by land but is expensive, and take more weeks which may reach for months but you can’t give a lot of clothes ship by it if you need it soon.

3-shipping by land is the lastest way that you will use but it is the lowest price, and take several months to deliver your goods for your location but many people not use this way.

Take your chance and hold it with your effort to achieve your dreams, we hope that we introduce the best way to take in this field.

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Turkey clothes agents

Are you looking for Turkey clothes agents? Do you ask about the biggest clothing customers in Turkey to buy and import clothes through them at reduced prices?

Are you searching for the most important and famous Turkish clothing suppliers and customers at wholesale prices to buy and import from them?

To you are the largest and most famous suppliers of clothes in Turkey at the lowest prices to deal with them and buy through them.


What can be shipped from Turkey? This supplier, based in Istanbul, is considered to be one of the most important suppliers of clothing in Turkey and best clothing shops in Istanbul Turkey.

As it manufactures and produces the most beautiful garments, in particular women’s clothing of all kinds, at wholesale prices and of high quality.


What am I expected to export from Turkey? It is considered one of Turkey’s most prominent suppliers of clothing as it designs and manufactures the finest women’s clothing in different styles, with luxurious quality and at wholesale prices, and is based in Istanbul.


It is considered one of the best suppliers of Turkish apparel, which manufactures all kinds of Turkish clothing wholesale, premium quality and wholesale price, and is located in Istanbul, enabling you to import from Turkey.


ALBEYAN FASHION is considered one of the largest and most important suppliers of clothing in Turkey, manufacturing and selling the finest styles of clothing as well as accessories at high quality and wholesale prices, and is located in Güngören.


This market or clothes suppliers from Turkeyinvolves a collection of shops selling the best clothes and evening dresses and baby clothes to Turkey at very high-quality wholesale prices, along the tram and in the inner streets, there are several shops.

And in addition to women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, accessories, and others, these shops are distinguished by a range of styles, so that you can import from Turkey.

Clothes factory in Turkey

Are you asking for clothes factory in Turkey? Are you interested in communicating and getting acquainted with the most important clothing factories in Turkey to buy from them and deal with them at the best prices?

Would you like to get to know the largest number of garment factories in Turkey to import from them at wholesale price?

Follow us to get to know you and show you the best factories that produce the most beautiful Turkish clothes to buy through them at wholesale prices.

  1. Mono Uomo Factory

It is known one of the most popular and greatest clothing factories showing Turkish clothes for sale in Turkey, producing the most luxurious modern clothes, as well as producing the finest formal men’s clothes and men’s jackets with different styles.

And the factory is characterized by high quality and fair prices, and the headquarters of this factory are located in Istanbul.

  1. Jan Camelot Factory

One of the largest and most wholesale Turkey apparel manufacturers or best Turkey clothes shop, specializing in the manufacture of the finest men’s apparel in a variety of styles, and distinguished by good quality and fair prices, with its headquarters in Istanbul.

  1. Dominique Factory

One of Turkey’s largest and most important textile factories, manufacturing the most beautiful women’s clothing and cotton in a variety of styles, and the factory is also renowned for its high-quality goods and special rates, with its headquarters in Istanbul.

  1. Stylist Apparel Factory

One of Turkey’s most luxurious Istanbul clothing factories, specializing in men’s and women’s woolen coats in winter, and also producing high-quality, gentle coats at fantastic prices, located in Istanbul, also you can buy Turkish clothing online store.

  1. Chemex Factory

One of the most successful apparel factories in Turkey and wholesale trade in Istanbul, renowned in Istanbul for manufacturing the finest men’s and women’s clothing with the latest trends, as well as high-quality sportswear and swimwear at great prices.

Factories in Turkey for clothes
Factories in Turkey for clothes

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Clothing manufacturers in Istanbul Turkey

Are you asking for clothing manufacturers in Istanbul Turkey? Are you interested in getting to know the largest manufacturers and companies to produce the most beautiful clothes in Turkey to buy from them?

Are you wondering about the most luxurious companies that produce and distribute the finest clothes in Turkey to deal with them and import them at wholesale prices?

To you are the largest and most luxurious companies that produce the finest clothes in Turkey at the lowest cost to import through them.

  1. Everest Fashion Company

It is known to be one of the most popular companies and clothing wholesalers in Istanbulthat manufactures the finest sportswear for men in Turkey and women’s pajamas for office wear. Headquartered in Istanbul, the company is characterized by its high product quality and distinguished prices.

  1. Rima Moda Company

One of the most popular clothing and Turkish clothing wholesale firms, specializing in the production and display of the most beautiful Turkish evening dresses and the most beautiful Istanbul-based wedding dresses, of the best quality and at great prices.

  1. Ehsan Company

One of Turkey’s most famous and best clothing firms andbestTurkish fashion brands, renowned in Istanbul for offering the best quality and at great prices the best men’s and women’s t-shirts and men’s pajamas.

  1. Blue Sky Company

Headquartered in Istanbul, this company is considered to be one of the most popular clothing companies in Turkey and Turkish clothing brands.

Specializing in the development of the highest quality and greatest prices of the most luxurious women’s clothing, women’s clothing and pajamas for importing from Turkey.

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