furniture factories in turkey

furniture factories in turkey … 6 most famous destinations serve you

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furniture factories in turkey

The series impact on people is strong, if they watch a house or office full of happiness and money, they want furniture like the furniture there and like what furniture factories in turkey made, so if you decided to import, you won’t regret.

turkish furniture factory

Turkey has a large list of furniture factories specialized in modern and unique designs, including:

  • the city of MASCO
  • the city of Modco

which is the main furniture industry in Turkey, and the high-end Mobasco, in addition to many office furniture supply companies distributed over various Turkish cities. The furniture market in Turkey is one of the most important markets at the international, European and global levels, and it extends to most Turkish cities, in addition to the arrival of Turkish furniture agencies to most countries of the Arab and Western world, and it is mentioned that the prices of office furniture in Turkey are somewhat expensive, especially on whom He buy office furniture for home from Turkey and then transfers that furniture to his country, and for this we recommend buying from the agency located in the nearest country to you or from your country, if any, as this would greatly reduce costs.


buy office furniture for home
buy office furniture for home


ikea office furniture

Your job may be to work, but you don’t necessarily have to feel like it. All it takes is a comfortable chair and home office furniture to keep your items organized and light to work, all of that you can find with ikea.


333km shop

In the Karakoy neighborhood, it was established by designer Deniz Duru that combines German, French and Ottoman character, furniture of solid wood and furnishings tend to be darker, one of the most famous luxury furniture stores in Istanbul, characterized by office furniture design sophisticated artistic taste that combines luxury and simplicity, the place is characterized by selling Everything related to the modern home.

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turkish furniture importers

Stoa Design

It combines Turkish and French flair. It uses metal-wood materials along with antiques and distinctive furniture that are elegant, simple and comfortable. Most of the furniture is oak and walnut. The store is one of office furniture stores tend to sell furniture that tends to natural curves and natural materials such as silk and cotton textiles, kitchen tools, lighting tools, and dining tools, Office gadgets and very unique furniture pieces find a unique world to create the modern home.


turkish furniture importers
turkish furniture importers


Armonna Furniture

It is one of the largest factories of furniture in Turkey, it established in 2004, Armonna offers one of the industry’s broadest.


turkish furniture fair

Turkey hosted 465 for this year, including 128 international exhibitions, including the Istanbul International Furniture Fair, which is held in the spring months because most of the exhibitions are held in the spring and autumn months, and it works to attract tourists and locals to buy the goods that are sold in it. In Istanbul, 211 large exhibitions were being held, including the CNR Furniture Fair in its fifteenth session, and it included a group of luxurious furniture at premium prices that attract grooms and those intending to marry as well as office and corporate founders.

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what can you import from turkey and where?

The Turkish furniture is distinguished by its collection of several trimmings and various styles acquired from the cultural and natural diversity of the countries of Anatolia, which embraces Turkey among its ribs, as the Turkish society has excelled for long periods in designing and producing the best types of furniture that are used in all aspects of the house, and the merchants of other countries have Like the Caucasus, Central Asia and Persia, they come to Turkey and transport many types of Turkish furniture to their countries.

An example of zone of  importing and exporting business that produces home furniture of all kinds and with its best model is “Modoku”, which is known as the capital of the furniture industry in Turkey. It was established in the urban neighborhood of Istanbul, Asia, in 1969 with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Trade, and with the passage of time, Modoku developed and became one of the most important industrial sites for furniture in Turkey.

Modoku contains several bedroom factories in Turkey and furniture galleries that can be visited and dealt with with all comfort and confidence because all these stores contain an Arabic language translator and all of them are registered with the Special Administration of Moduku, Chamber of Commerce and the Turkish Standards Institute, which makes all factories and companies with experience and confidence approved. Next to Modoco are several hotels that can be used for accommodation nearby. It is distinguished by its luxury and reasonable price for all groups.

turkish furniture fabric

Every furniture have a different fabrics, so factories in Turkey can use Leather, the glass, the wood, Cloth, Animal furs, Marble, and Wicker. At the end, try to contact with more than one to determine the best offer. Do you want to know furniture factories in Turkey? Turkey has a very large number of furniture companies, the most important of these companiesare. Turkey’s star has risen in the last ten years in the world of furniture, and furniture factories in Turkey have become one of the most famous global factories that export to many countries of the world, if you want to deal with a company, in the Importing-House platform, we will present to you the most important of these companies.

Turkish furniture companies list

Which furniture brands sell bedroom sets and sofa sets? If you have questions such as and are looking for furniture factories in Turkeyandfurniture campaigns, you are definitely at the right place. You have prepared the best ranking furniture brand in Turkey. In the list below, furniture companies are listed according to the number of website visitors and their awareness. In addition, some information is given for all furniture brands and best furniture to buy online.

  1. Wood Vision

Where is the headquarters: Ankara Although there are many furniture brands, most furniture models are very similar to each other. Those who want to differentiate their home prefer specially produced furniture. Wood Vizyon furniture stands out as a furniture brand where you can find what you are looking for in custom made furniture.

You can add a unique style to your home thanks to Wood Vision furniture wholesalers with products such as specially designed coffee table models, specially produced library and work table. Wood Vision products are among the best custom made furniture products with their minimalist designs and the harmony of wood and metal.


Where is the headquarters: Kayseri Founded in Kayseri in 2013, Jader Turkish furniture manufacturers, 1,200 square meters of production space and crowded team of Switzerland, France and Austria and all other Kayseri in the domestic market while performing exports to European countries, as well as Trabzon and showroom in Malatya, anywhere in the door paid to Turkey, safe and by making smooth delivery, it makes magic touches to hundreds of living spaces.

Jador Turkish furniture wholesale, which makes most of its sales over the internet, is thus able to provide its customers with the best quality furniture at affordable prices, and at the same time, devotes a significant amount of time and budget to R&D studies in order to catch up with changing consumer expectations and consumption trends. You can find living room sets, classic and modern sofa sets, dining room sets and all other furniture models at discount prices on Jador Furniture’s site.

Bestplace to buy furniture in Turkey
Bestplace to buy furniture in Turkey

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Bestplace to buy furniture in Turkey

If you are looking for places in Turkey to buy furniture, you can check the following list.

  1. IKEA

Where is the headquarters: Sweden The Ikea brand, one of the world-famous furniture brands, has been serving in Turkey since 2005. Reflecting the Scandinavian culture to its product designs, ikea aims to offer simplicity in its products and solutions that make daily life easier. With 7 stores and websites, ikea is among the best furniture brands in furniture industry in Turkey.

Especially kitchen materials, children’s room and carpet products are a very popular brand. Among the baby furniture brands, Ikea products can be considered as an alternative. When the ikea complaints on the platform are analyzed, we see that it received 1194 complaints in the last 1 year and achieved a satisfaction level of 41%.


Where is the headquarters: Kayseri Bellona will definitely be one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to home furniture andbest furniture designs. Turkey is one of the most extensive dealer network in bello furniture brand, a period that every family has a furniture shop that makes it a must. It is one of the first brands that come to mind when it comes to living room set, bedroom and dining room set.

with about 750 dealers of furniture Turkey all over Turkey and reach to customers of all tastes. The reason why the Bellona brand ranks 2nd on the list is that customers from all walks of life definitely visit the bellona website for furniture shopping. When bellona complaints on the sikayetvar platform are examined, we see that it has received 1480 complaints in the last 1 year, providing 22% satisfaction level and is among the best furniture brands.

Luxury furniture stores in Turkey

To many furniture stores, too little stores that provide luxury, elegant and classy furniture.

  1. Istikbal

Where is the headquarters: Kayseri Istikbal  Turkey furniture market is one of Turkey’s oldest institutional furniture brands. It offers a wide range of products such as seating groups, bedrooms, dining rooms, panel furniture, children’s and teenagers’ rooms, home textiles, lighting, carpet products, garden furniture, and special production sofa models that can easily meet all tastes. Across Turkey it is among the largest Turkish furniture Istanbul brands with approximately 1,000 stores and outlets. In this way, it can reach large masses easily.

 In terms of the number of stores, it is definitely among the top 10 furniture brands. When the future furniture complaints on the platform are examined, we see that it has received 1402 complaints in the last 1 year and achieved a 21% satisfaction level. In this article we talked about best furniture factories in Turkey, which you can find importing from Turkey services.

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