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The most famous 8 garment factories turkey

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garment factories turkey

You want to deal with garment factories turkey and don’t know the most famous and the prices, right? Read this report carefully to complete your work to the fullest.

turkey clothes factory

The Turkish clothing industry has flourished after the European Union removed its shares of textile and clothing imports and after the Turkish Republic joined the European Customs Union, which led to an increase in clothing factories in Turkey with Turkish clothes, and designs from the finest and most famous clothing, especially Islamic clothing around the world.

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It is a supplier of turkish clothing for sale located in Izmir, Turkey, it provides various types of woven and knitted garments in all sizes for both young and old genders.

Oasis Shirt Oasis:

It is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of quality shirts for kids and men as well as for women.


Olley is among the Turkish low-quality clothing manufacturers.

FKN Textile:

FKN Textile is one of the best wholesale clothing Istanbul with low minimum order quantity.

AM Clothing:

AM Clothing is among the best Turkish clothing manufacturers in Turkey, its products mainly include knit and woven garments, blouses, shirts, nightwear, jogging sets, polo pique shirts.


Turkopt is another well-known manufacturer to import from turkey among garment factories in Turkey, what attracts most businessmen around the world is their design.

My experience with Modanisa

One of the girls said that she was looking for clothes that fit her, but she did not find that she is veiled, she was looking for a shape and a price, so she recommended Modanisa. She browsed the site and was amazed by it and its wonderful tastes at great prices. So she definitely bought from the site quickly and was surprised by very cool materials and says that she regrets that she did not know this site before, while she said that she wanted to buy a turkey wholesale islamic clothing and a dress for an occasion but she did not have what would suit her, she repeatedly searched the nearby stores for what would suit her but she did not You find anything, and it also says that the site contains many advantages of raw materials, brand prices in Turkey, and high-end tastes, so I decided and browsed the Internet to find out which site offers very strong products and many advantages.

turkey wholesale islamic clothing
turkey wholesale islamic clothing

clothing manufacturers in istanbul turkey

Women in the Arab world love fashion so much, and can’t find hijab clothes that fit them.

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Sunserve Factory:

It is a factory specializing in the manufacture of swimwear of different sizes and ages for women and men, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul, in the Konkorn region.

Lali Group for Foreign Trade:

A group specializing in the manufacture of istanbul wholesale clothing esenler/istanbul turkey for women, and it is also interested in the manufacture of men’s shirts as well, which is characterized by its wide variety and distinctive long and short sleeves in summer and winter, and the headquarters of this factory in Istanbul in the Esenlar region, and many other Turkish factories that are interested in the manufacture of women’s and men’s clothing as well as Children’s clothing.

turkish clothes brands

LC Waikiki:

It is a French brand originally purchased by a Turkish company 100%. It is one of the most famous and popular clothing brands in Turkey. The reason for its popularity is that it is an economist that provides products for different age groups at competitive prices. LLC offers vintage clothing Istanbul and a different collections of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. It recently added a new home products division. The branches of this brand spread within Turkey with 415 shops, and outside Turkey in 27 countries with 193 divisions.


This brand is concerned with menswear only. Its branches began as shops selling fabrics, until its owner became one of the most important businessmen in Turkey who owned one of the most famous men’s clothing brands in it. The Kiğılı brand has won several awards, the most important of which is the (Super Brand) award for the year. Today, it is considered one of the most prominent brands that export luxurious men’s clothing with high-quality fabrics on the Turkish and international levels.


Founded in 1988 in Istanbul, it has expanded to more than 430 stores in 28 countries around the world and employs about 8,500 employees. (Cotton) Company occupies an important place among the brands of women’s clothing in particular, and children’s and men’s clothing in general.

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price in turkey for clothes 2020

There are some cheap brands such as “LCW Defacto Koton and Colin”. For example, you will find a five-dollar jacket in these brands, and there is a Polo Assn. This shirt is not affordable anymore, but it is not expensive, as a polo shirt is about thirty-five dollars. The prices for buying  Modern Turkish clothing online depend on the stores from which you will buy your clothes, some famous foreign brands may be unnecessarily expensive, people usually prefer to buy from Turkish brands such as Koton, LCW and Defacto, in which the price of wholesale clothes in Turkey is cheaper compared to Theirs but not of poor quality, you can also find good things in other local stores. In conclusion, If you want to buy clothes for a low prices you should go istanbul wholesale clothing area and if you want a high quality see the brands and famous factories..

Where to buy wholesale clothing in Istanbul

Istanbul is the most places where there are a lot of markets, in addition to its distinctive landmarks, here you will identify garment factories Turkey.


It’s a famous street, it has a lot of stores for Turkish clothing industry, and there are a lot of companies, and there are shops selling clothes for children in the alleys of the street.


It’s a famous street, it has clothing brands in Istanbul for all ages, and all types, it has cotton clothes, from different materials, in addition to its cheap prices.


It’s one of the wholesale market in Istanbul which sell all Turkish clothes wholesale at wholesale prices, it also an international market, people from all countries flock to it.

Fashion shops in Istanbul

We will present you names of the fashion shops in Istanbul, where a lot of people search about such as:

  1. BEEMAN:

It’s one of the most famous shop in Turkey, which a lot of people describe it as the most luxury shop for shopping, and all you need from clothes and shoes you will find in it, with a good Turkish clothing prices.

  1. FACO:

It present the high end brands in Turkey, this shops is the most famous shops in the country in clothing market, as the people can find a big variety of clothes and accessories.

  1. ATELIER 55:

It’s a Turkey designer clothes in Turkey, it can present every thing from the elegancy clothes to jewelry, in addition to presenting the technical pieces and miscellaneous pieces of furniture.


It’s a wholesale clothing vendors, which has the most beauty pieces of clothes, accessories, bags, and jewelry, which isn’t available anywhere else in Turkey, it also includes a unique pieces of miscellaneous household items.


It’s a Turkish clothes online shop where bringing back clients back to classy old eras, it’s the perfect place where you can find the special pieces of shoes, dresses, hats and variety bags.


It’s a well-known shop for clothing online shopping in Turkey, which famous in shoes, all the products in this shop you won’t find in any other shop in Turkey, because its products is unique.


It’s one of the clothes suppliers which specialize in bags, garment, and shoes, it goes back to the Ottoman era.


It has a lot of shoes, unique men wear, which it’s not found in any other stores in Turkey, it also has a wide variety of books and very elegant notebooks.


It has 465 stores in 21 countries, with its philosophy of “everyone deserves to wear good clothes” which enables people to enjoy fashion that can be accessed through high quality products.


It becomes one of the leader brands, it includes a group of clothes such as dresses, a beauty shoes, beauty bags, and a wonderful group of accessories.


It presents kid’s clothes for all ages, it constantly designing trendy clothes, it uses just the organic cotton, and each piece is made from all natural products.


It’s a famous suppliers in Turkey which produces the best Turkish clothes in Turkey, they has also clothes for women and men.


It’s a symbol of elegance for baby clothes and the stores there rely on the most important, famous and best Turkish brands for children.


It’s one of the best stores and factories for children’s clothes in Turkey, it has 5 stares on internet, as it liked by all customers.


It was established in 1978, its first branch is in Istanbul, it’s one of the most important brands in children’s clothes sector in Istanbul.

  1. HOTIC:

It was established in 1988 in Istanbul, it opened its first branch outside Turkey in Germany in 1996, it has more than 293 branches in Turkey.


It’s a manufacturer and supplier for wholesale children clothes, includes underwear clothes with high quality, its major brand is MARANDA.

  1. DO MINIK:

It’s a factory which produces a variety of clothes, they produce under wear, home clothes, and children’s clothes.

Turkey wholesale market online
Turkey wholesale market online

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Turkey wholesale market online

Importing from Turkey become very easy because there are a lot of markets and websites in Turkey, Turkey is the best country in sell Turkish clothes, as the purchase operate of Turkish clothing wholesale online is characterized by high quality clothes and reasonable price.


 It’s another Turkish website no less important than its counterparts from Turkish shopping sites, the store contains a rich list of Turkish fashion and accessories for both women and men.


 It’s the most famous website, it has a group of accessories, and shoes, the store includes a lot of sections such as a special section for ladies dresses, and it’s the best selection in the store, you can buy from this website the best fashions in turkey.


 it’s the best shipping website, and you can find all the famous brands, the best thing in this website that they have mobile app you can use if you don’t have enough time to use the computer, and you can order from this app.


 If you looking for a website which offers a lot of features which is indispensable as shopping from turkey and paying on receipt as well as shipping to south Africa with full support for the English language so you are in the right place, where you can find Turkish brands.

  1. MAVI:

It’s a brand of denim and jeans, founded in 1991, it’s based in Istanbul, the company manufacturers Turkey clothes wholesale, and jeans for women and men.

  1. LTB:

It’s a brand of denim jeans founded in 1994 by little big and its head quarter is in Istanbul, it’s one of the biggest denim company in turkey.


It’s a brand which its goal of combining lather and fashion, and it has been the pioneering figure of the brand new life style and elegance by embodying grace of leather in fashionable models.

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