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Best 7 Clothing Factories Turkey Of luxurious products

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in clothing factories in turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

clothing factories turkey

Clothes trade from Turkey is a common thing, which encourages many traders to deal with many clothing factories Turkey , in this article we can help you to reach the best of those factories.


Turkey clothing manufacturers

Best and Top Rated Clothing Manufacturers With Low MOQ in Turkey:

Konsey Textile

Konsey is a material wear provider that is situated in Izmir, Turkey. They offer turkey clothing wholesale and assortments of woven and sewed wear in all sizes for all sexes, youthful and old. Right now, their garments things are principally sweatshirts, shirts, running sets, socks, nightwear, and polo piquet shirts. Konsey material is reasonable first of all who can’t manage the cost of high MOQ.

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Key highlights:

  • Located in Izmir, Turkey
  • Low creation costs
  • Independent material garments wholesaler

Desert garden Shirts

It is a trustworthy clothing manufacturers in istanbul turkey, maker and a provider of top notch shirts for kids, men just as for women. They offer the best costs for your discount bargains in many pieces of the world. Desert garden shirts have a low MOQ of around 200 pcs. Desert spring shirts is a private mark organization, which suggests that you can utilize your logo in your request.

Key element:

  • Low MOQ of around 200 pcs
  • They offer garments at a benevolent cost.
  • It is a private name organization.

Turkey clothing company

By dealing with Turkish clothing companies, you can guarantee high-quality clothes, distinctive tastes and designs, and among these companies:

Sunman Export

It is a fare organization situated in Istanbul, Turkey. It permits financial specialists to redo their apparel as indicated by their preferences. Sunman produces dressing things with low MOQ of around 50 pieces for every model. They have a huge model file, and they can create around 500 pcs in seven days with maintainable principles like turkey office wear. It is outstanding amongst other apparel production lines in Turkey. It is suggested first of all who have minimal capital.

Key Features

  • Its administrative center is situated in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Low MOQ of around 50 pcs
  • Suitable for attire business amateurs.

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Olley is among the Turkish dressing producers with low MOQ. The organization is situated in Istanbul, Turkey. The organization has two offices, one for inspecting and the other for creation. They will likely make assortments and different volumes of creation and opportune conveyance. They guarantee they produce great turkey gowns for ladies and dress items as indicated by their client’s particulars. At Olley, each business exchange is done on an official archive and accordingly the security is ensured.

Olley was built up for the medium and low measure of requests with the goal that they could tackle the issue of value and conveyance. They produce tests while remembering the apparel tests they get from their customers. This organization is prescribed to tenderfoots in apparel business who need more funding to buy high MOQ’s.

Key element

  • Low MOQ of 200 pieces
  • Its administrative center is situated in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Transaction security is ensured
clothing manufacturers in istanbul turkey
clothing manufacturers in istanbul turkey

FKN Textile

FKN materials one of the main turkey warehouse and Turkish dressing producers with low MOQ. It is a material merchant serving to turkey’s and world’s driving attire brands, chain stores, clothing wholesalers and style originators by giving frill sourcing, texture sourcing and design making support. They produce 85000 pcs for ladies or men every month.

Key Feature

  • It is a material organization
  • More than 15 years of attire business experience.


Turkey clothing stores

When Turkey comes to mind, we remember the clothing industry, so Turkey excelled in it, which placed it in an advanced position for the most important dealers and manufacturers of luxurious clothes in all its categories, and this means the month of many stores that sell wholesale to merchants

AM Clothing

AM dress is among the best Turkish garments makers in Turkey. Their items incorporate weave and woven wear for the most part sweatshirts, shirts, plus size clothing, nightwear, running sets, and polo piquet shirts. Their woven wear incorporates skirts, shorts, pullovers, shirts, and jeans. Aside from that, they do custom attire making in turkey. This is the best wholesaler for redid garments.

Key Feature

  • Custom garments wholesaler
  • Private mark attire

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If you asking where to buy islamic clothing in istanbul thenTurkopt is the answer. Turkpot is another mainstream industrial facility among the dress manufacturing plants in Turkey. What pulls in the vast majority of the financial specialists around the globe is their plan. Turkopt has an efficient stage that makes your requesting method to be basic. They have garments in all classes under various headings. This makes it simpler for you to investigate through the different and remarkable styles. This organization is suggested for finance managers who like garments with special styles.

Key Feature

  • Produces special styles
  • Attractive plans

Turkey is the first country that you should think of when you aim to start a clothing project or a business to sell clothes, in this article we explained to you the most important merchants who provide the best clothes at the best prices.

Turkish clothing industry

Are you looking for Turkish clothing industry? Are you searching for the most famous factories to manufacture the finest clothes in Turkey at great prices?

Are you interested in getting to know the largest factories producing the most beautiful Turkish clothes at wholesale prices to import from them?

To you are the largest and most luxurious garment factories in Turkey to deal with them and buy through them with the best quality and wholesale prices.

  1. Stylist Apparel Factory

You can also purchase Turkish clothing online shop in one of Turkey’s most luxurious Istanbul clothing factories, specializing in men’s and women’s woolen coats in winter, and also making high-quality, gentle coats at great prices, based in Istanbul.

  1. Mono Uomo Factory

One of the most famous and largest clothing factories in Turkey is renowned for displaying Turkish clothing for sale, manufacturing the most luxurious modern clothing, as well as producing the finest formal men’s clothing and men’s jackets in various styles And the factory is distinguished by good quality and cheap clothes Istanbul, and Istanbul is the headquarters of this factory.

  1. Chemex Factory

One of Turkey’s most prosperous apparel factories and Istanbul wholesale trade, renowned in Istanbul for producing the finest men’s and women’s apparel with the latest trends, as well as high-quality sportswear and swimwear at reasonable prices.

  1. Dominique Factory

One of the largest and most important textile factories and Turkey wholesale designer clothing, producing the most beautiful women’s clothing and cotton in a variety of types, and with its headquarters in Istanbul, the factory is also renowned for its high-quality products and special rates.

  1. Jan Camelot Factory

With its headquarters in Istanbul, one of the largest and most wholesale Turkey apparel producers or the best Turkish clothing store, specializing in the manufacture of the greatest men’s apparel in a variety of genres, and distinguished by excellent quality and fair prices.

Clothing wholesalers
Clothing wholesalers

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Wholesale clothing suppliers in Turkey

Are you looking for wholesale clothing suppliers in Turkey? Are you interested in getting to know and communicate with the most important suppliers of the most beautiful clothes in Turkey at the lowest cost?

Are you wondering about the most famous and best suppliers and distributors of clothes in Turkey in order to deal with them and import through them at reasonable prices?

To you is the largest and most luxurious supplier of clothes in Turkey to buy, import and deal with them with the highest quality and the best price.


ALBEYAN FASHION, based in Güngören, is considered one of the largest and most important clothing suppliers in Turkey, producing and selling the finest clothing styles as well as accessories at high quality and bulk clothing for sale.


What will Turkey be sent for? This supplier, based in Istanbul, is considered to be one of Turkey’s leading clothing suppliers and one of the best clothing stores in Istanbul, Turkey. As it manufactures and produces the most exquisite fabrics, women’s clothing of all kinds in particular, at wholesale prices and of high quality.


It is considered one of the greatest suppliers and Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul, providing all types of wholesale, high quality and wholesale prices of Turkish apparel, and is headquartered in Istanbul, allowing you to import from Turkey.


What am I meant to export out of Turkey? As it designs and produces the finest women’s clothing in different styles, with luxurious quality and at wholesale prices, and is headquartered in Istanbul, it is considered one of Turkey’s most prominent clothing suppliers, for importing from Turkey.


A collection of shops selling the best clothes and baby clothes to Turkey at very high-quality wholesale rates includes this Turkey wholesale clothing market or supplier, along the tram and in the inner streets, there are many shops And these stores are characterized by a variety of styles, in addition to women’s and men’s clothes, shoes, accessories, and others, so that you can import from Turkey.


This market or supplier is one of the most popular markets in Istanbul because it involves a group of stores selling Turkish wholesale evening dresses and with a high-quality level.

And the standard of the community of customs companies that allow you to import from Turkey distinguishes this market.

Turkish clothing prices

Are you asking for Turkish clothing prices? Do you want to know the prices of clothes in Turkey in order to import from Turkey and invest through it?

Are you interested in learning and researching clothing prices in Turkey in order to buy clothes at wholesale price and invest successfully from Turkey?

Follow us, we will inform you about the prices of clothes in Turkey so that you can buy and import from Turkey at the lowest prices.

Clothing costs in Turkey are characterized by being reasonable for all sections of society, but it is still famous for being cheap, as there are markets such as Al Fateh Market, Marter Market and others such as wholesale clothing Turkeythat people can sell clothing at cost price and very low prices.

And there are also some brands that make nice offers to fit everyone, and we will demonstrate fancy offers to suit everyone, and we’ll be showing you some of the rates.

  • Women’s clothing prices start at around 40 liras, with T-shirt prices ranging from 40 liras to 300 liras, and jeans prices ranging from 80 to 300 liras, and pajamas ranging from 90 to 350 liras, and modern Turkish clothing can be purchased online at the same price.
  • Prices for men’s jackets and Turkish clothing stylerange from 80 to 400 liras, and prices start from 300 liras for formal men’s sets,children’s clothes of all kinds start from 7 liras to 500 liras.

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