clothing factories in turkey

Top 11 clothing factories in turkey For a successful trade

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in clothing in turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

clothing factories in turkey

The clothing factories in turkey are famous of Commitment to order delivery and product quality, so don’t worry when deal with them, plus they have huge number of offers.


clothing company istanbul turkey

Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular is one of the most famous fashion capitals in the world as a whole, turkey clothing industry is characterized by a very high taste, which makes the clothing trade in Turkey very popular. There are many factories that specialize in the clothing industry in Turkey, and the addresses of garment factories in Turkey are as follows. Most of these factories are located in Istanbul, including:

Konsey: It is a clothing supplier located in Izmir,Turkey, it provides various types of woven and knitted garments in all sizes for both young and old genders.

Oasis Shirt: It is a reputable manufacturer of turkey clothing for sale and supplier of quality shirts for kids and men as well as for women.

Olley: is among the Turkish low-quality clothing manufacturers.

FKN Textile: FKN Textile is one of the leading Turkish clothing manufacturers with low minimum order quantity.

AM Clothing: AM Clothing is among the best Turkish clothing manufacturers in Turkey, its products mainly include knit and woven garments, blouses, shirts, nightwear, jogging sets, polo pique shirts.

Turkopt: Turkopt is another well-known manufacturer among garment factories in Turkey, what attracts most businessmen around the world is their design. And wholesale childrens clothing Istanbul are:


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Dino Kids Factory

A factory specializing in the manufacture of all children’s clothing from the age of one to 14 years, including blouses, jeans, skirts and dresses with high quality and the prices of children’s clothes in Turkey are very appropriate, and the headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul.


Elena Kids Factory:

It’s specializing in manufacturing all children’s clothing including imported t-shirts , blouses, jeans and dresses with high quality and reasonable prices. The headquarters of this factory is in Istanbul.


Mini Star Factory:

One of Brands clothing factories in Turkey, it is a factory specialized in manufacturing children’s clothes at very affordable prices, from jeans for girls and high-quality dresses, and many other Turkish factories that focus on producing children’s clothes.


wholesale clothing in istanbul turkey

If you want to buy from brand, we recommend the most famous:

Fimka Store

The FIMKA Group, which was established by Messrs. Fathi Kosseliorin, Ismail Kosseliorin and Mehmet Köseliören in 1984 AD, includes five companies practicing in the fields of textiles and tourism.

turkey clothing for sale
turkey clothing for sale

Wow wholesale Turkey

And if you are looking to buy wholesale dresses for your online store, shop, or even for yourself, Wow WholesaleDresses is here for you. They distribute wholesale clothes all over Turkey. You can also do turkey clothing shopping online from Fashion club, It is the most famous place to sell Turkish veiled clothes for sale online. The Fashion Club offers you option import from turkey a range of jeans, women’s sports equipment, coats, veiled clothes, men and children clothes and many more at wholesale prices, this is the right place for you.

What makes it more prominent in other Turkish online clothing stores? They have developed their own mobile app, which you can use. When you are not near a computer or not intend to use a computer to buy clothes. The mobile app is easy to use and you can shop and buy the products you want with it.

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istanbul clothes wholesale market

Marter Market

is one of the best markets in Istanbul for clothes where you can get everything you want, including a large number of shops and shopping centers that contain more than two thousand showrooms including hijab wholesale turkey , and have a lot to satisfy all tastes, and everything you want clothes produces industry in Turkey.

Marter Market is one of the cheapest wholesale markets for imported clothes from Istanbul, where many people go to buy goods at cheap prices for trade, and there are also many customs clearance and shipping companies in the market that enable merchants to finish their work easily.

istanbul clothes bazaar

Istiklal Street:-

It’s contains a group of clothing stores with international and local brands, of very high quality, at reasonable prices that suit all budgets. If the visitor is looking for a specific brand, or specific products, he will find them in Beyoglu Business Center, which has become one of Istanbul’s best markets for clothes, due to its excellence in the exhibits.

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Sinan Pasha Bazaar: –

The bazaar is known as Bhetkas, and visitors consider it the only way to get the best pieces of clothes at very reasonable prices in various and distinctive shapes, impossible to find anywhere else, and for this it is considered one of the most famous inexpensive clothing markets in Istanbul, Turkey.

In conclusion, make sure that Turkey is the house of exported clothes.

Turkey clothes manufacturers

Turkey is famed for its travel destinations such as Istanbul, Bosphorus and food dishes such as Kumpir, Kofte, Baklava, etc, but did you know that Turkey also has an amazing style of fashion and people in the world also refresh latest styles and fashions? In addition to the best wholesale websites online, which will significantly clothing bulk vendors improve your sales that you do not want to miss, here are some famous Turkish brands and baby clothing factories that you should take a look at if you enjoy trying new fashion trends.

 Turkey is one of the most luxurious shopping destinations in the world and is renowned for attracting tourists, just throughimporting from Turkey. And Turkey is also famed for its apparel industry, where you can deal with many fashion design companies while it provides you with the newest trends, fresh and varied designs, and competes with foreign fashion capitals, enabling you to compete with international fashion capitals.

  • Minik:

Is a fabric retailer that sells a variety of the following things (girls’ dresses, girls’ pajamas , girls’ cotton clothes, boys’ clothes, girls’ cotton pajamas, wholesale boys’ clothes in bulk or tobuy wholesale clothing)

  • Big market:

 How do I purchase wholesale clothes from Turkey? In all of the malls in Taksim and Istanbul, there are factories and shops for children’s clothes, such as Istinya Park Mall, which has a large number of stores such as Cotton Kids, Boynar, Panchu, B&G, Joker, Mazer Care and many others.

  • Building:

Turkey’s most wholesale children’s apparel Turkey, and a new definition with factories in those markets, since the creation no longer requires a division of children’s, men’s and women’s clothing limited to manufacturers, but commercial designs still define the building. The shop includes more than 50 Turkish artists, namely Zeynep Tucson, Kaycaunuvar and celyanzigoslu, and the store is one of Istanbul’s distinct shops through which you can purchase children’s clothing pieces, as it contains a variety and glamorous of costumes that vary in style and form depending on various designers, as it finds everything people are searching for without any.

  • Dino Kids Factory:

a factory specialized in the manufacture of all children’s clothes, including high-quality blouses, trousers, skirts and dresses, from one to 14 years of age, and children’s clothing prices in Turkey are very appropriate, and the headquarters of this factory are situated in Istanbul.

  • Elena Kids Manufacturer:

 a factory specialized  in the manufacturing of high-quality and equal prices for all children’s wear, including blouses, jeans and skirts. The headquarters of this factory are in Istanbul.

  • Mini Star Factory:

A factory leader in the design of children’s clothing at very cheap costs, from girls’ denim to high-quality dresses, and all clothing types several other Turkish factories specializing in the manufacture of kids clothes.

  • There are Fatih–

Istanbul stores providing Turkish winter coats for children from the most beautiful children’s stores in Taksim, and as all customers appreciate them, PAM-NA KIDS stores offer one of the best children’s stores, and Ribbon children’s stores offer the best service in customer-admired children’s clothing stores in Taksim.

Clothing wholesalers
Clothing wholesalers

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Clothing wholesalers in Istanbul

Importing from abroad is one of the most profitable ventures you can do, especially importing high-quality Turkish goods, excellent materials and prices that suit all, and importing clothes from Turkey, among the best items you can trade in, because you find a huge demand from Al-Arabi mothers in the world, and we can provide you with the best shipping or bulk clothing for sale.

  • Al-Anwar International Import and Export Company:

It shipping clothing by land, sea and air, and you can get all sorts of clothes from it, in addition to the other Turkish stuff and Turkish clothing industry.

  • Tawfeer com company:

Is a Turkish manufacturer that exports Turkish clothing to all regions of the world, including the Arab world, and is involved in the clothing, women’s clothing, men’s clothing and evening clothing markets, and you can connect to them using the Internet.

  • Turkey Kolekschen Brand:

 The company is headquartered in Riyadh and produces distinctive Turkish clothes for all types of men, women and children, and then distributes them to all Arab Gulf countries, characterized by high-end designs, excellent fabrics and good prices.

  • Civil website:

 If you want to purchase clothing for your children and odlak, you must find some suitable things for you from double and triple strollers andTurkey clothes wholesale websites, clothes for small children and babies in case you are waiting for a new child to come, there is a special segment for pregnant women from which the pregnant mother will shop the child’s or the child’s needs.

  • Adwhit adwait site:

It gives you a range of modern young women’s garments and luxury styles. Do you have a kid with whom you want to get clothing cheap online? You will choose what is appropriate for your child in the app from several styles of clothing and pajamas , clothes for outings and going out, event clothes such as evening, wholesale wedding dresses vendors.

  • Mini City website:

 A modern online shopping destination for girls, with several styles, forms and combinations of all kinds and Turkey clothes brands. You can buy the latest imported baby clothes from Turkey for Kids 2020 It has a wide variety of sales in the early years of school that accommodate all children’s businesses and those in the nursery, a number of options and several combinations, and you only have to pull out your credit card and choose what you see fit to get you to the door of the house you live in.

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