wedding dresses turkey istanbul wholesale

Wedding Dresses Turkey Istanbul Wholesale … 6 destinations for  best design

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in wedding dresses turkey istanbul wholesale ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations

wedding dresses turkey istanbul wholesale

Choosing a wedding dresses turkey istanbul wholesale is the dream of many, and it requires a lot of research and scrutiny to choose the design and material that flow into the bride, and there is no doubt that Turkish companies specialized in designing and selling wedding dresses will offer the bride many options that the bride can choose between.

wedding dresses turkey istanbul

In this paragraph, we present to you the most important Turkish wedding dresses companies:

wedding dresses turkey istanbul
wedding dresses turkey istanbul

Founded in 2014 in Istanbul, Atelier Mila wedding dresses in taksim istanbul offers you a collection prepared with original, modern, high quality designs that closely follow world fashion. Through their collection, they can produce a cut wedding dress, Helen wedding dress, fish wedding dress or princess wedding dress models according to your desired size.

They can produce and  shopping for wedding dresses in istanbul  and the models in your collection that you have prepared with care, with their high quality standards and reasonable costs. Atelier Mila combines high quality production experience with affordable labor costs and offers it for sale. Due to their proximity to Europe, you can receive your order within a minimum of 2 days.

  1. DANTELLE Wedding Dresses:

DANTELLE, with its experienced staff, has set out to respond to the expectations of quality and aesthetics with famous imported bridal dress brands in the Ankara bridal industry. wedding dresses boutiques in istanbul models with lace are renewed without being dependent on a single brand; offers the brides-to-be the best wedding dress at the most attractive price. With lace, it has unrivaled collections with over 100 brand new bridal dresses and complementary accessories every season. The collections that blend originality, elegance and quality with the most original and glamorous bridal models of bridal gowns.

 shaped by world-renowned designers carefully selected from all corners of the world, brought an innovative understanding among Ankara bridal shops. With lace, it became the most admired and preferred brand in a short time with the quality, creativity and diversity of its collections. It hosts only imported products and the newest collections of international wedding dress brands with lace, high quality wedding dress brands.

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best wedding dresses in istanbul

You can find the best dresses with following companies:

best wedding dresses in istanbul
best wedding dresses in istanbul
  1. ODONATA Wedding Dresses:

Odonata translation & consultancy office provides translation and commercial consultancy services to many countries, especially Italy, in the textile sector in Izmir. It brings together the suppliers of products such as suits, wedding dresses, evening dresses, shoes, accessories, and potential customers who want to buy these products, and follows the transportation of products at the desired price and quality and then the export phase of the products.

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where to find wedding dresses in Istanbul?

  1. AKAY GELINLIK Wedding Dresse:

AKAY GELINLIK is a Manufacturer / Producer company established in 1961, operating in the wedding dress industry. bridal gowns, bridal gowns, custom made bridal gowns, haute couture bridal gowns. Company, Istanbul, Turkey, is also included.


GELINCIK FASHION in  fatih street istanbul wedding dresses is a Manufacturer / Producer company, established in 2003, operating in the wedding dress industry. bridal dress manufacturing, cocktail dresses, bridal gowns sectors. The company Cankaya / Izmir, Turkey ‘is also included.

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wedding dresses store in istanbul

One of the best wedding dresses store in Istanbul is:


To be a bride; It is the first step towards happiness in the long journey before saying yes and then to a new beginning. Dreams begin to come true by keeping the purity and the promise given to the lover. It continues to be the most glamorous in the most special night. Apart from habits, in a process where everything is full of innovations from beginning to end, mixed feelings are blended with happiness.

 joy and excitement. The day came, Reveblanc served the idea of ​​being the starting point of thousands of stories unique to different dreams, being the shareholder of the most beautiful memories and presenting the wedding dress that decorates the dreams of bride-to-be. Reveblanc, with its power that steers the fashion provides turkish evening dresses online shopping, takes into consideration three basic situations that are very determining factors in the selection of wedding dresses for brides-to-be. Reveblanc helps brides-to-be with all kinds of questions and problems by applying a free communication support program to the bride-to-be .

in order to meet the demands and expectations of the bride-to-be in the wedding dress selection process in the best way. In the second program, in order to make the bride-to-be look flawless with the most suitable wedding guest dresses turkey for their body type, applications are made to determine which wedding dress of your dreams will be in each piece that completes the wedding dress. Finally, the most important and decisive point, the wedding dress rehearsal and delivery process takes place. In this process, Reveblanc is the fault of the brides-to-be to resolve any questions and problems. In this article, we have presented to you the most important wedding dresses companies to import from turkey.

Wedding dress factory in Turkey:

There is a lot of wedding dresses factories in Turkey which sell in their shops, and sell also in their website in the internet, to make the import process easier for customers.

  1. AKAYA:

It’s a wedding dress supplier Turkey, thatwell known for producing luxurious hand embroidered Turkish wedding dresses, it also produces the best wedding dresses models in Turkey.


It’s a wedding dress turkey online store which produces luxury wedding dresses, with a soft models, which you can see and buy by their website.

  1. ACERA:

It’s one of the best brands, which produces internationally luxurious Turkish embroidered wedding dresses for hijab, in addition to their producing plain and elegant wedding dresses to suit all tastes.

  1. MILES:

It designs distinctive hand embroidered and elegant Turkish wedding dresses onlineto suit all brides who are looking for excellence and elegance on their wedding night.

  1. MERRI:

It manufactures a special fashions for embroidered wedding dresses online cheap,and evening dresses, you can see and buy their models from their website.


It’s the best factory, which produces wedding dresses resalein Turkey, and exports dresses to a lot of Arabic countries.


It has a big variety of Turkish wedding dress price, you can choice the suitable dresses for you and for your local market, and identify the details of the dress in terms of sizes and quantities are available on this site.

  1. APIVON:

It includes a variety of sectors, in addition to Istanbul wedding dresss ector, this sectors such as: accessories sector, shoes sector, and evening bags sector, it’s a special website which have all women needs.


It has a special sector for wedding dresses, and evening dresses which distinguished by good look, it has a delivery service for all countries around the world, where you can import from Turkey.


It’s the best wedding dress websites, it has a special offers on some wedding dresses and evening dresses in all times, some dresses will ship for free.


It’s the most famous market, which has a big stores, some of this stores special in selling and renting Turkish wedding dresses, it also a big market which has a very popular among its customers in the Turkish city of Istanbul.


It’s a famous area in Istanbul, it has a lot of stores which sells wedding dresses in Turkey, it also has a lot of wedding dresses factories.


It has a famous stores in Istanbul, it called bride market in Turkey, because there are many different stores that specialize in selling Turkish wedding dresses that suit all tastes.


It’s a special company in manufacturing and importing wedding dresses and evening dresses as customers request, it exports their products to more than 50 countries around the world.


It has a big popular among Turkish wedding dresses companies, it produces the most beautiful Turkish wedding dresses and evening dresses.

Wedding dress makers in Turkey
Wedding dress makers in Turkey

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Wedding dress makers in Turkey:

Wedding dresses Turkey Istanbul wholesale makers provide the latest designs by trusted and talented designers, they also provide a different sizes and colors.


It produces wedding dresses.


It’s a special company, which manufactures wedding dresses and evening dresses as customers request, it manufactures around 60 types of a new wedding dresses every year.


It sells a lot of wedding dresses and evening dresses models, that has different forms and tastes, they’re suitable for everybody requests,, with a suitable prices.


It’s special with its production in wedding dresses and evening dresses, with a special and suitable prices for everyone.


It manufactures wedding dresses, evening dresses, and engaged dresses, it’s special in manufacturers all purposes related to wedding clothes and you can choose what suits you.


It produces the most beautiful wedding dresses, which a wonderful details with an attractive colors, the dresses made with the finest fabrics.


It’s special in manufactures wedding dresses and evening dresses as customers requests, it produces around 60 types of new dresses every year.


It manufactures dresses as customers choices, it provides a group of the finest types of fabrics, and models for designs in bright and modern colors help women to choose the perfect dresses.


It’s a special company in manufactures wedding dresses and evening dresses as customers requests, it presents the latest designs.


It’s a special company in manufacturing wedding dresses and evening dresses as customers requests, it’s distinguished by its quality design.


It’s distinguished by its special magical nature and unique creativity, the secret of which lies in the distinct ideas of talented and sophisticated designers.


It’s special with its design craftsmanship quality fabric, various sizes and high quality, company specialized in manufacturing wedding and evening dresses as per customers demand.


It’s a special company in manufacturing wedding dresses and evening dresses as customers request, it’s a brand in the field of the high end designs.

Wedding dress manufacturers in turkey:

Buying Wedding dresses is become one of the usual things, Turks know very well how attracted Arab flair is to their clothes and ways of life, that’s help them on renewing their methods to match the Arab taste.


It’s one of the most prestigious wedding dresses stores in Turkey, which includes a lot of brands, in addition to selling wedding dresses.

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