Automotive factories in turkey

automotive factories in turkey .. Best prices from 11 companies

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Automotive factories in turkey

Do you want import cars and searching for best  automotive factories in turkey ? Importing from Turkey is one of the gates of wealth for some investors, as many of these investors from different parts of the world were and still import Turkish products of various kinds. Turkey, we will now show you all the details in this regard ….


turkey automotive industry 2020

At present, Turkey produces more cars and  turkish auto parts manufacturers than the Czech Republic and Poland. According to the Turkish Automobile Manufacturers Association, the car manufacturing curve is heading upward in 2017. Indeed, Toyota announced an increase in production in Turkey to the range of 82%, especially the CHR Hybrid model. On the other hand, the Mercedes-Benz plant in Turkey announced that its production would double in 2018.

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automobile factories in turkey

1) Fiat / Tuvas plant

2) Oyak Renault factory

3) Hyundai factory

4) Toyota and Honda factory

5) Ford / Otosan plant

6) The car market in Turkey

The Toyota Corolla is one of the Turkish cars sold in Egypt through the Japanese factory in Turkey, and these cars have enjoyed zero customs since last January after they reached the Turkish component percentage of 60%, according to the provisions of the free trade agreement between Egypt and Turkey.

Most of the vehicles were found in Turkey, and Turkey is considered the world champion in the production of public transport and agricultural vehicles (tractors). The major car producers in Europe and Asia also work in Turkey through branches where they produce cars that are sold everywhere in the world. Turkey has concluded agreements for the cars that are produced to respect them. Regulations in the respective countries.

Turkish Renault Megane cars with automotive design are among the list of cars that enjoy full customs exemption at the beginning of 2020, according to the free trade agreement with Turkey, and the car stands on 16-inch sports tires, 4.63 meters in length, 2.0 meters in width and 1.44 meters in height, and its storage capacity reaches 508 Cubic liters.


automotive companies in turkey

There are a number of the most prominent companies or agencies that help you import cars from Turkey, and they are the following

– Baron Car Trade and Customs Clearance, Import and Export Offers

– Al-Bakr Company, AQa Trading Company, General Trading, Import and Export

– Sham Prince Company for Import and Export


– BGS GROUP AUTOMOTIVE SPARE PARTS CO is a company specialized in importing and exporting transport vehicles, bus spare parts, and everything related to the automotive field.

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turkish auto parts manufacturers
turkish auto parts manufacturers

Car shipping companies in Turkey and about automotive export

Al Faris Lojistik is one of the largest shipping companies from Turkey, and the company distributes goods to many countries, including Saudi Arabia, where the company ships on the Istanbul-Riyadh line, which is a spare parts shipping company, and provides the best places and factories, as well as facilitates procedures, and prepares all shipping papers , And you can ship by land, sea or air according to the size of the shipment, in order to ensure the fastest delivery at the best price, and Al-Fares Company is interested in excellent packaging to preserve the content of the shipments and their arrival in Riyadh, and is characterized by customs clearance and comprehensive insurance for containers

Experts in the auto sector confirmed that the implementation of the last tranche agreement in the customs exemption in Egypt and Turkey, which amounts to 10%, until the cars reached Zero Customs in early January 2020, which led to a 4% decrease in the prices of cars imported from Turkey, as it did not affect the map The market, because Turkish cars in Egypt are no more than four cars.

Car customs in Turkey

The Turkish Toyota Corolla new turkish car prices start with 5 categories, starting from 304 thousand Egyptian pounds for the first category equipped with a manual transmission, and the prices of a Turkish car brand vary, with a price of 325 thousand pounds for the second category, 362 thousand pounds for the third category, and the fourth category at an official price of 419 thousand pounds, As for the highest category, it is offered by 469 thousand pounds.

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And now if you are asking how to import from Turkey? Here you are the answer

Wherever the country you want to import from, the best solution to successfully complete the import process is to travel to that country and complete your work directly. We recommend this solution to you because of its many advantages compared to other solutions and these advantages are summarized in that you will have the opportunity to visit the largest number of companies and compare between Products in terms of quality and price, so you can choose the product that is compatible with the target market, but in this case you will take into account the cost of travel and this is the only drawback in this way of importing

But if you want an inexpensive method, it will certainly be import via the internet and importing from Turkey via the Internet has become commonplace these days, but in this case you will have to be careful to choose a reliable company with high ratings by customers, whether when buying one product or even when Buy Turkish goods wholesale in either case, you can complete the purchase in this way, even in the case of importing cars, you can also use this method.

If the first or second solution does not suit you, you can take the third solution, which is importing through an intermediary or heading to the so-called services of shipping companies in Turkey, and in this way you have to assign one of the import companies from Turkey to buy what you need from products with the specifications that you specify, and the company will clear all Customs procedures and so on, and this solution is the most comfortable for you as an importer, but it is not free, but you will have to pay money to the company to end this process because it plays its role in ending the services of shipping companies in Turkey and making it easier for you.

The lines above have included everything that you might have in mind about importing cars from Turkey. If you intend to import from Turkey, this is what you will need from the information we have provided to you to start your project successfully.

Import car from Turkey

  • The car market has grown in recent years in Turkey, and it has become possible to buy new models from various brands from dealers, car markets and car showrooms. Used cars can be accessed in the used car market online and through newspaper ads, and in this article, we review ways to import Cars for sale in Turkey And the most prominent agencies that can help you in this regard.
  • The car industry in Turkey plays an important role in the manufacturing sector in the Turkish economy, in 2015, Turkey produced more than 1.3 million Importing from Turkey, ranking the fourteenth among the largest producer in the world, and the Turkish auto sector becomes an integral part of the global network of production bases…
  • The foundations for Turkey car company industry were laid in the 1950s when TOE (Turk Automotive Industrialist AS.) began production of REO military trucks, and in 1961, the first domestic car DeVry was manufactured by the train manufacturer TÜLOMSAŞ. With the establishment of the Oscan assembly plant in 1959, the mass production of the domestic Amado car began in 1966.
  • The companies operating in the Turkish automobile sector are mainly located in the Marmara region, and include global manufacturers Best car to buy in Turkey that have production plants for Fiat / Tufa, Okay Renault, Hyundai, Toyota, Honda and Ford / Ottoman.
  • Turkey has most types of vehicles, however, Turkey is the world champion in the production of public transport and agricultural vehicles, and the top producers and Suppliers car industry in Europe and Asia also work in Turkey through branches that produce cars sold everywhere in the world, for this purpose. Turkey has concluded specific agreements for the cars produced in it to respect the regulations in the countries concerned.

Turkey is by far one of the most desirable destinations when it comes to producing all types of transportation, and the inexpensive workforce and facilities in which car manufacturers can develop their activities are among its highlights.

Cheap car from Turkey
Cheap car from Turkey

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Car dealers in Turkey

Turkey is famous for many tourism and commercial activities, and the car trade in Turkey is also famous for its diversity and innovation due to its proximity and openness to the European market, and the car trade Wholesale car parts is one of the important trades in Turkey, and Turk Tourism and Trade in Turkey, one of the most reliable companies in Turkey, will be mentioned in this article Matters related to trade Best car prices in Turkey in addition to the best auto trade companies, which Turk Trading Company is one of the best and most active in the Turkish market.

There is a type of car trade, no matter what, namely the used trade and Wholesale car dealers new ones, and we will talk about each of them separately in addition to the best commercial companies in the field of car trade in Turkey.

Used cars trade in Turkey:

The Turkish Ministry of Trade decided to impose new conditions on the markets for the sale of used cars to reduce fraud, half of the cars were sold in Turkey without registration or registration, while the number of advertisements displayed in the name of 3 people increased to more than 300 thousand. The ministry explained the procedures for buying a car in Turkey, which is that the applicant for sale is obligated to attach his identity number in addition to the car evaluation report, to complete the deal, at a time when about 3.5 million cars were sold without legal registration out of 6.9 million used cars throughout the year, and this meets 46% of sales Used cars. most of the sales, around 90%, are done via online channels, with hundreds of thousands of people logging into these sites every day. These sites are the largest used car sales platform in Turkey, as they contain more than 500,000 ads for sale, and it is also the best for both the seller and the buyer to complete sales deals without the need for a middleman and a lot of money.

Cheap car from Turkey

  • November 2020: Audi A3 Sport back / 396,292 liras

December 2020: Audi A3 Sport back / 421,355 lira

  • November 2020: BMW 118i / 421 thousand and 400 pounds

December 2020: BMW 118i / 401,300 liras

  • November 2020: Citroen C Elyse / 190,500 liras

December 2020: Citroen C Elyse / 192,500 liras

  • November 2020: Dacia Sander / 159,900 liras

December 2020: Dacia Sander / 158,900 liras

  • November 2020: Fiat Asia / 113,900 pounds

December 2020: Fiat Asia / 123,900 liras

  • November 2020: Honda Civic / 231,200 liras

December 2020: Honda Civic / 231,200 lira

  • November 2020: Jeep Renegade / 289,450 liras

December 2020: Jeep Renegade / 289,450 liras

  • November 2020: Car suppliers Kia Picante / 162 thousand and 800 pounds

December 2020: Kia Rio / 139,400 liras

  • November 2020: Mercedes A180 / 386,000 liras

December 2020: Mercedes A180 sedan / 413,500 liras

  • November 2020: Peugeot 301/191 thousand liras

December 2020: Peugeot 208/192 thousand and 500 lira

  • November 2020: Renault Clio / 137,900 liras

December 2020: Renault Clio / 137,900 liras

  • November 2020: Seat Ibiza / 170,000 liras

December 2020: Seat Ibiza / 161,500 liras

  • November 2020: Toyota Corolla / 180,100 lire

December 2020: Toyota Corolla / 190,900 lira

  • November 2020: Volkswagen Polo / 176,800 liras

December 2020: Volkswagen Polo / 187,300 lira

  • November 2020: Land Rover Discovery Sport / 947,229 liras

December 2020: Land Rover Discovery Sport / 910,626 liras

  • November 2020: SsangYong Korindo / 325,000 liras

December 2020: SsangYong Korindo / 325,000 liras

  • November 2020: Suzuki Swift / 216,900 liras

December 2020: Suzuki Swift / 216,900 liras

  • December 2020: Mitsubishi Space Star / 178,900 lire
  • December 2020: Nissan Micro / 181,800 liras
  • December 2020: Opel Corse // 172,900 pounds
  • December 2020: Hyundai (7) i10 / 141,600 liras
  • December 2020: Skoda Fabia / 193,900 lira
  • December 2020: Volvo V60 / 645,715 liras
  • November 2020: Suzuki Swift / 216,900 liras
  • December 2020: Suzuki Swift / 216,900 liras
  • December 2020: Mitsubishi Space Star / 178,900 lire
  • December 2020: Nissan Micro / 181,800 liras
  • December 2020: Opel Corse // 172,900 pounds
  • December 2020: Hyundai Wholesale car for sale i10 / 141,600 liras
  • December 2020: Skoda Fabia / 193,900 lira
  • December 2020: Volvo V60 / 645,715 liras

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