Wholesale dresses in turkey

Wholesale dresses in turkey with 2 Markets

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Wholesale dresses in turkey

There is no doubt that Turkey is one of the first countries to export various textiles and designs, and you must find there Wholesale dresses in Turkey , in this article we help you to reach the most important stores.


Dresses from turkey wholesalers

Turkey is famous for its many fashion houses and luxury wedding dress designers, and we will mention some famous places where a bride can buy her wedding dress, especially from Istanbul if you go to Turkey for shopping, and among the most famous markets that are famous for the following Wholesale dresses in turkey and luxury wedding dresses:

Fatih Market in Istanbul

This market is famous for many shops selling luxurious Turkey dresses for ladies in Istanbul, where the market is located close to the Fatih Mosque, which is a tourist area crowded with many visitors, and the Fatih area is in the center of Istanbul and can be reached via metro, bus or taxi.


Turkey dresses for ladies
Turkey dresses for ladies


Omrania Market

The Omrania Market is located in the Asian side of Istanbul, which is also in the urban area is large and there are many shops that sell Turkey wholesale evening dresses and luxurious Turkish wedding dresses, especially for veiled women, at prices that many people say are cheaper than the Fatih Market.


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Dresses suppliers turkey

 Many fashion houses are famous for their chain of stores in Istanbul, as they display the latest products of their luxurious Turkish wedding dresses to their visitors from all over the world, and it is possible to find out the names of the fashion houses by searching or asking a friend in Turkey to show you the best of these stores that offer modern Turkish clothing online to get Age dress, and one of the most important fashion houses in Turkey to sell luxurious Turkish wedding dresses brands Akaya, Pronovice, and Aysira.


Wholesale dresses in turkey site:

The demand for luxurious embroidered wedding dresses from Turkey has increased dramatically in the recent period, as some Turkey online shopping sites offer online sales because most of the shops selling luxurious Turkish embroidered dresses and elegant gentlemen wedding dresses prefer to sell her Wholesale dresses in turkey after the bride comes to the shop and searches for wedding dresses models.


Wholesale dresses in turkey site
Wholesale dresses in turkey site


 Turkey and made a dress rehearsal and she tries a number of dresses, then buys the model that suits her, but few Turkish shopping sites offer some models to sell wedding dresses through the Internet, and this is greatly facilitated in the ordering process, which has become competing with trade through the Internet in a way that parallels and may exceed trade The direct, which takes place through the selling companies, between the customers and the producing companies as well.

Also, buying Turkey dresses online  is very easy, because today e-commerce has become a very small world that does not require much effort, time and money as well as in completing the purchase process and thus opens wide horizons in importing from Turkey, especially the two luxurious and distinctive Wholesale dresses in turkey.


Importing dresses from turkey

If you want to start your own project by importing Turkish wedding dresses for sale, you must follow these methods to import from Turkey, which are as follows:

Establish an import and export company

 This is after studying the local and Turkish market together to reach the quality of the products and quantities that you want to start with to start turkey dresses designs shop and knowing the prices, and also making sure that there is an opportunity to enter  Wholesale dresses in turkey market, so that you can start establishing your company for importing and exporting clothes through the legal aspect, in order to ensure a greater presence in The market, and thus you can achieve more sales and profit, and you must be present among the target customers.

Start importing Turkey dresses 2020

There are many ways to import Wholesale dresses in turkey through an intermediary, so that you appoint an import and export company to complete the import process from Turkey without any interference from you completely, and in this way you can achieve comfort and not worry about the shipment if it arrived and how it was, but in return you will pay a commission On this process, you will contract directly with the cheapest shipping company in Turkey through your intermediary, and certainly this method is not preferred except for those who do not have a license for an import from turkey  and export company.

You can find in Turkey all the options for Turkey official dresses  and wedding dresses, which are of different prices, so you can find dresses whose prices start from 200 dollars, and their prices may reach 20 thousand dollars depending on the fashion dollars that you will buy from.

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