wholesale jewelry in turkey

wholesale jewelry in turkey .. Luxury and elegance with those 6 stores

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wholesale jewelry in turkey

wholesale jewelry in turkey is a chance for any merchant seek to earn more money, we all know that Turkey is the country of beauty, so women are keen to wear Turkish jewelry.


wholesale jewelry supplies turkey

There are many reasons that attract the capital of the Sultans, Istanbul, but the sparkle of Turkish gold is still a beacon that guides Arab tourists to about 8,000 jewelry stores that adorn the city. The covered market, also known as the “big market” located in the “Bayazid” area, has the lion’s share of these stores, as hundreds of them form a mini bourse that charts the features of trading currencies and precious metals, on top of which are gold turkey, diamond, silver, and all wholesale jewelry in turkey.

According to many goldsmiths in the market, Arabs and Turks share a love for jewelry in turkey creek especially the gold, whether for decoration or for savings, but the glitter of jewelry flirts with Eastern and Western women with different tastes, as Eastern women tend to buy full sets and huge, heavy rings, while Western tends to simple chains and necklaces.


jewelry in turkey creek
jewelry in turkey creek

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What is the best place to buy jewelry in turkey ?

According to statistics issued by the goldsmiths office in the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the city includes about 8,000 jewelry stores, and after the number of Arabs residing in Turkey exceeded 4 million people, dozens of them opened their own shops to sell wholesale jewelry in turkey.

“Muhammad al-Mahdi,” a Palestinian jeweler who opened a shop to sell gold in Fatih area in Istanbul about a year ago, said, “The store is witnessing a turnout of citizens and foreigners, but of course the majority are Arabs because of the ease of communication in the Arabic language as well as the presence of certain forms of jewelery they are accustomed to that are not sometimes available in Turkish stores. “. Al-Mahdi explained that “the increasing demand from Arab residents and the Turkish laws that provide a suitable environment for investment have pushed dozens of people to compete in this field of sell wholesale jewelry in turkey”.


What is the best place to buy jewelry in turkey ?
What is the best place to buy jewelry in turkey ?



jewelry made in turkey wholesale

The Turkish jeweler, Arkan Ozturk – who is the owner of a gold and jewelry store in Istanbul – says that it is known that the Turks love buying gold jewelry in turkey acquiring gold as a safe haven for savings, especially in light of the instability of the price of the lira, so they prefer to buy bullion or lira of 24 karat, or gold coins of 22 karat To sell it when needed.

Ozturk indicated that the current competition between jewelry stores in turkey and what is called “Syrian gold” is unequal, not only according to economic standards, but also according to the customers’ conviction, but that with time this distinction between the two types must be broken, and even the forms of artifacts will be affected by each other.

He expected that the price of Syrian gold, which is about 5% lower than the Turkish one, may be an attractive factor for the Turkish customer in the future, and he will not care about the simple color difference or the invisible stamp of the gold standard on each piece.

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jewelry companies in turkey

Necef Antik & Gold

Located in Grand Bazaar, it sells an extraordinary collection of handcrafted gold jewelry in addition to a distinguished assortment of antiques. The shop owner is Mr Botasun Haluk, a former geophysics engineer whose ideas are inspired by the Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman and Anatolian civilizations and he made all 24k jewelry, so I advise you to import from turkey especially from wholesale jewelry in turkey “Necef Antik & Gold” brand. The workshop is located above the warehouse that includes a special collection of rings and necklaces as well as selection Small antiques such as swords, vases, artwork and traditional musical instruments.


jewelry companies in turkey Necef Antik & Gold
jewelry companies in turkey
Necef Antik & Gold


Serdar Kochisarli Jewellery

This shop takes inspiration from Japanese art, in which you will find an unusual collection of 24k pure gold jewelry of necklaces and bracelets, Rings and earrings made from a combination of materials such as gold, silver and precious stones.


jewelry factory in turkey

Sevan Bicakci factory awarded a prize for his professionalism in gem design in 2006 and an institution jury. Tanzanite selected him as one of the five most successful jewelry designers in 2007. His works can be obtained in a number of leading stores around the world, including Maxfield, Stanley Korshak and Barney’s. Since January 2008, he has exhibited in Dubai at the Mall Wafi and at the W Hotel Hotel in Istanbul.

Sivan took his first steps in jewelry business as a workshop apprentice when he was his age Only twelve years old. He created his first personal collection in 2002 with inspiration from the surrounding areas, namely the bazaar Al-Kabir and Sultan Ahmed used to spend most of his daily life here.


turkish gold jewelry prices :

– The price of a gram of 24 karat gold in Turkey: 475 Turkish lira.

– The gold price in Turkey is 22 karat: 435 Turkish liras.

– The price of a gram of 21 carat gold in Turkey: 415 Turkish liras.

– The price of a gram of 18 karat gold in Turkey: 356 Turkish liras.

– The price of half a gold lira today in Turkey: It is now recorded at the Turkish gold market prices of half a gold lira, the price of 1580 Turkish liras.

–  The price of a quarter of a gold lira in Turkey: a quarter of a gold lira has been recorded in Turkey, a direct price of 790 Turkish liras.

Finally, you will find thousands shops sell wholesale jewelry in turkey easily, so don’t worry, good luck.


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