wholesale women's clothes turkey

wholesale womens clothes turkey … Professional services from 10 places

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in  wholesale women’s clothes from turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

wholesale women’s clothes turkey

Today, you cannot choose another place to buy wholesale women’s clothes turkey to be better than Turkey, as Turkish clothing suppliers are always the best, so we offer you the best wholesale women’s clothing stores in Istanbul.


wholesale women’s clothing in turkey

Turkey is a country where Muslims are the majority and a large number of women cover their bodies with very modest and fashionable clothes. modest clothing Turkish With European influence in fashion along with Islamic culture of clothing, Turkey demands a unique and exclusive spectrum of modest designs. Online Turkish retailers sell bset wholesale women’s clothes turkey like :

  1. Modanisa
  2. Sefamerve
  3. E-Tessettür

They are operating on a global scale and feature everything from scarves, shawls, abayas, jilbabs, ponchos and coats to evening gowns, swimwear, sportswear, handbags and accessories. If you are looking for some places that require those Demands, keep up with us.


wholesale women's clothing in turkey
wholesale women’s clothing in turkey


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Turkish sports clothing manufacturers

Despite of women’s clothing there’s other many genre of clothes in many factories, here is some of manufacturers names: fair trade clothing turkey


Rami shoe planet Istanbul:

Wholesale clothes and shoes in Turkey, it operates in the sportswear sector especially and they trade online, they have free shipping in turkey.


Wholesales clothes from all genre of women’s clothes such as: casual, party, mini, sheer, and prom dresses. turkey clothing for sale


turkey clothing for sale
turkey clothing for sale


WOW (world of wear):

This respected company operates stock clothes wholesale, clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children.


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Turkish clothing prices


online store for Turkish modest fashion turning into a wholesale store since 2016. clothing turkey online they have an excellent reputation from thousands of fashion-loving women customers around the world for quality and services. they expanding their business to the United States, the United Kingdom, U.A.E, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, and the numbers are going on in wholesale women’s clothes turkey

clothing in turkey is it cheap? They handle the hassle of forming deals, getting quotes, invoices, negotiations and good shipping prices, guarantees the most affordable way to get the products to your doorstep. Turkista provide sophisticated wholesale women’s clothes turkey from collections of modest dresses, outwear, tunics, pants, swimwear, and modest full sets at the lowest prices to achieve the highest profit margins during this uncertain situation.

To get their products at wholesale prices, turkey import goods the minimum order as low as $299.You will get shipping experience around the world using to top shipping giant DHL/TNT at a cheap rate of 10$ only. We guarantee your success by assuring the highest profit margin.



Fashion industry in turkey became one of great brand with its first store opened in Bakırköy in 1987, this store brings quality and fashion products and goods together with those who feel young and never get old, with the understanding of fast fresh fashion. Collezione created by various style and lifestyle. They look after their clients and offers the best discounts, if you visit their website you will find the discount section from the catalogue.


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turkey warehouse clothing

Taha Group

manufacturing group in Turkey providing a wide range of services from creative product development to logistics arrangements. Headquartered in Istanbul, Taha Group has expanded its production base with new factories in various and many locations throughout Turkey also overseas.


Newcolor by birlik:

Newcolor by Birlik is a manufacturer, producer and respected company and became a brand in the wholesale clothing industry since the 1990s, adopting a principle of quality and reliable service, founded in 1990, and it operates in the women’s wear sector. It also works in the wholesale sectors and apparel. It is based in Turkey. NewColor combines women’s fashion turkey clothing with functional creations by reinterpreting fashion and trend fabrics, innovative details and striking colors. their designers follow the universal trends and combine the inspiration they receive with their rich experience to design clothes for every occasion.


terms of trade turkey

How to import from turkey? Do you want to know what is the necessary first steps to do to import? Here are the important terms you must know to import wholesale women’s clothes turkey

  • The client must have a commercial or industrial registry
  • A commercial invoice certified by the authority responsible for trade in the exporting country
  • Import license or import card
  • A general authorization certified by the Chamber of Commerce or Industry for the company Grantee Logistics for example as they are customs broker and best shipping companies in turkey.

Importing wholesale women’s clothes turkey is one of the best ways to create an easy and simple project from your home, where you can now communicate with your segments of customers over the Internet and also buy your goods through it with ease and in the simplest steps to get best wholesale women’s clothes turkey.

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