Wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul

The best wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in importing  Wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul

Wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul is very easy, you can import what you need by connecting online with the suppliers, or we can visit Turkey by yourself to choose from many famous wholesale markets.


Wholesale clothing market in Istanbul turkey

The clothing market in Istanbul is mainly concentrated in the old city such as Laleli Market, and Grand Bazaar, and Ottoman Market, and Beyazit Shoes Base, and the great leather goods market on Airport Road. You can also to import from turkey finding  on Google Maps the eastern urban area of ​​Istanbul, Turkey. Istanbul Wholesale Market is located here and only 20 kilometers from Istanbul’s Museum of Modern Art.

The choice of outfitters to buy clothing istanbul turkey should be based on the needs of your stores and the characteristics of the platform, as well as future sales and operating profits. If you don’t have the time and money to visit Turkey and see istanbul clothes wholesale market yourself check the online wholesale platforms. With the continuous development of the B2B marketplace, online wholesale platforms are being welcomed by more and more retailers. FashionTIY has also become the most trusted clothing seller in USA, Europe and Turkey, you can also try it.


Wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul
Wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul


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Clothing manufacturers in Istanbul turkey

you will find huge variety of factories and manufacturers in turkey, we  will give you a list that will help you:

  1. Konsi

Konsi  is a woven apparel supplier located in Izmir, Turkey. They offer different types of woven and knitted garments in all sizes for all genders, young and old. You can find istanbul plus size clothing  there. Presently, their clothing items mainly include blouses, jogging shirts, socks, pajamas, and polo pique shirts. Konsi is suitable for beginners who cannot afford a high cost.


  1. Oasis Shirts

It is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of high quality shirts for kids, men as well as for istanbul women’s clothing. They offer the best prices for your wholesale deals in most parts of the world. Oasis Shirts makes private label shirts, which means you can use your logo in your order. Oasis  Shirts Company is suitable for those of you who are small business owners or those who are just starting out as they can order small quantities of each item.


Wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul
Wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul

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Istanbul clothing factories

In this part of the report we will add a number of factories that may help you as well.

  1. sunman

It is an export company located in Istanbul, Turkey. It allows businessmen to customize their clothes according to their tastes, If you want istanbul modest clothing.You will find them there. Sunman produces apparel items with low order quantity of around 50 pieces for each model. They supply their clothing to Istanbul boutiques and international apparel starters. They have a large model archive, and can produce around 500 pcs per week with sustainable standards. It is one of the best garment factories in Turkey. Recommended for beginners who have little capital.

  1. Olley

Olley is among the Turkish manufacturers of low-quality clothing. The company is located in Istanbul, Turkey. The company has two departments, one for sampling and the other for production istanbul men’s clothing and women clothes. Their goal is to make different productions and size collections and timely delivery.  The want to be the kings of istanbul fashion clothes wholesale . They ensure that they produce high-quality apparel products according to their customers’ specifications. In Olley, every business transaction is done with an official document thus security is guaranteed. Initial created for the amount of medium and low orders so that they can solve the problem of quality and delivery. They have a low minimum order quantity of 200 pieces. They produce samples keeping in mind the clothing samples they receive from their customers. This company is recommended for beginners in the apparel trade who do not have enough capital to purchase quality products.


Wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul
Wholesale clothing turkey Istanbul


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Clothing shops in Istanbul turkey

  1. Bey Karakoy

It is a haven for men who like shopping istanbul turkey and wearing elegant clothes, the store is the first stop for men interested in style. The store was founded by Nil Erturk and Ozan Erturk who wanted to combine their love of menswear and fashion from Northern Europe under one roof.

  1. Building

A new concept of boutiques, where the building no longer includes a collection of distinctive fashion for designers, but there are also industrial designs and models that distinguish the building. We can also buy from turkey clothing online store such as patirti, modanisa,  and vibbarnds that provides you with several basic indispensable advantages such as shopping from Turkey and payment on receipt as well as shipping to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries with full support for the Arabic language and the right price, so you are in the right place.

In the end, I hope you can chose  the suitable supplier and accomplish your goal in the world of importing clothes.

Clothing suppliers in Istanbul

  • Children’s stores in Cevahir Mall

 Are an emblem of elegance for children’s clothes, as the stores there focus on the most important, effective and best Turkish baby clothing brands, while the stores also pay discounts proportionate to the Turkish market and the Turkish citizen ypu can go ahead if you want shopping for clothes in Turkey.

The best quality clothes in these shops are Turkish winter clothes for girls, as winter clothes for kids at Cevahir Mall stores have a special flavour.

  • Kids Max:

One of Taksim’s finest Turkish clothes brands, selling the fashion world’s brightest and most elegant models.

  • Bamina Kids:

Including some of the best wholesale markets in Turkey, this store has five stars on the Web as it has earned the love of all customers.

  • My conditions:

clothes shops in Taksim, which is also one of the luxury stores in Istanbul, have 4 stars and are rated as Turkey’s absolute best-selling baby dresses by online customers.

  • Silverson’s kids:

They name it the corrupt shop in Turkey, particularly in the neighbouring communities, Instagram, for its little hours, two days off a week and its fine Turkish children’s clothing.

  • Esfanbul AFM 7:

This store is distinguished by elegance in the world of retail for children, since it is not limited to children’s clothing only, but there is something related to all their supplies, the most important of which are toys. Opening hours: every day, from ten in the morning to ten in the night.

It should be remembered that the prices of children’s clothes in Turkey are suitable for all classes, but the prices differ according to the piece bought, so purchasing a dress differs from buying a blouse or pants, and clothing for girls is more expensive than clothing for boys, since they are decorated with lobes and others and their prices range from 100 pounds as well.

 And at the Istanbul show for importing factories from Turkey. There were many children’s clothes that did not reach 20 pounds, you can get best prices of clothes in Turkey, and you may link to the Turkey-Edoit website to purchase children’s clothes and appreciate the costs.

So, this website is often characterised by defining the currency in which the rates are to be known, be it the Turkish lira, the US dollar or any currency in the Arab countries. Finally, it’s not easy to pick children’s clothes and children’s clothing factories in Turkey from a children’s clothing fair in Turkey. But honey, there’s a lot of research you need to do, especially on websites and malls, so you always choose what suits your girl.

Clothing brands in Istanbul
Clothing brands in Istanbul

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Clothing brands in Istanbul

Investors and traders are looking for the best baby clothing factories in Turkey, whose aim is to get the best materials at the best prices, and your first move can also be a good and fruitful investment from here and follow us to get to know the most important Turkish clothing factories and dress wholesale for children in Turkey for your children.

Turkey, in particular Istanbul, is known to be one of the world’s most popular fashion capitals, owing to the quality of Turkish high-taste apparel that has made Turkey’s clothing trade flourish In general, Turkey’s clothing industry and modest clothing in Istanbul is one of the most reliant economic and financial sectors in Turkey’s overall economy, and the Turkish government has agreed to be cautious and pay heed to economic change.

The biggest factories for best brand out there are here

  • The big market:

How can I buy Turkey’s bulk garments? There are factories and shops for children’s clothing in all of the malls in Taksim and Istanbul, such as Istinya Park Mall, which has a wide range of stores such as Cotton Kids, Boynar, Panchu, B&G, Joker, Mazer Care and many others if you are asking where to buy wholesale clothing in Istanbul. They are the right way.

  • Building:

Turkey’s biggest wholesale manufacturers of children’s apparel Turkey, with a new concept of factories in such industries, since the creation no longer requires a division of children’s, men’s and women’s clothing solely for artists and also Islamic clothing in Istanbul, but manufacturing designs still define the construction. The shop contains more than 50 Turkish designers, including Zeynep Tucson, Kayca unuvar and celyan zigoslu, and the store is one of the distinctive stores in Istanbul from which you can buy children’s clothing items, as it includes a variety of stylish costumes that vary in style and form depending on different designers, as it finds everything people are looking for it without none to take a step for your work of importing from Turkey.

  • Dino Kids Factory:

 A factory liable for the manufacture of all children’s clothes, including high-quality blouses, trousers, skirts and dresses, from one to 14 years of age, and cheap clothing prices in Turkey are very appropriate, and the headquarters of this manufacturing plant are situated in Istanbul.

  • There are Fatih

 Istanbul stores containing Turkish winter coats for kids from one of the most beautiful daughter’s stores in Taksim, and as all customers appreciate them, PAM-NA KIDS stores offer one of the best children’s stores and men’s clothing stores in Istanbul, and Ribbon children’s stores offer the best service in customer-admired children’s clothing stores in Taksim.

  • Mini Star Factory:

 A factory specialised in the manufacturing of children’s clothes at very low costs, ranging from girls’ denim to high-quality dresses, and many other Turkish producers of clothing.

  • Elena Kids Manufacturer:

a factory specialised in the manufacturing of high quality and equal prices in all Istanbul clothing, including blouses, jeans and skirts. Istanbul is the hub of this facility.

  • DDFS:

 Founded in 2002, in a very short period of time, DDFS gained international renown and its motto is to build a strong partnership between it and its consumers and the company through the development of high-quality goods at cheaper prices that attract thousands of customers, and the site contains various categories of children’s dazzling apparel and best designer clothes Istanbul.

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