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6 sites sell wholesale clothing from turkey free shipping

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Wholesale clothing from turkey free shipping

If you want a profitable and guaranteed project, or you want to buy clothes at low prices, here are sites for wholesale clothing from turkey free shipping that you can import and ship from and achieve the best profits by investing and selling at the best prices and highest materials.

Clothing from turkey free shipping

With the increasing demand to buy from Turkey for all products, there has become a trend to provide these services electronically to facilitate merchants and make them comfortable from traveling to Turkey and increase costs, so the sites allow the provision of sales at wholesale prices and some of these sites provide shipping and delivery services at reasonable prices much lower than shipping through Shipping companies, and the most famous of those sites are:

  1. Adwait site

It is one of the famous sites that can be relied upon in purchasing and shipping, where you can find all the goods on it from clothes and others, where you can shop from Turkey via the Internet for all the products and goods you want to import from turkey. The company provides shipping and delivery service, but with a number of conditions, namely:


Wholesale clothing from turkey free shipping
Wholesale clothing from turkey free shipping


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How to buy turkish clothing online?

The site is not responsible for any errors caused by our accelerated product inspection (colors, sizes, product details in the “Home Equipment” section), please carefully look into this information and read it well as there is no return or exchange policy.  The site is not responsible for any customs duties imposed on the product by the customs of the recipient country and all customs duties and procedures borne by the recipient. After the purchase and payment process, and in the event that the product did not arrive or was damaged during shipment or was not available on the site, the site gives you the right to choose any other product from the site with the same value. The site is not responsible for any error in the delivery address, you must carefully check the address you add during the purchase. In the event of delivery to extreme areas and villages, the buyer is responsible for receiving it from the nearest city or province in his country.


  1. Whocit

It is one of the famous Turkish sites and one of the best wholesale clothing sites, through which you can get a variety of women’s clothing. The best thing about this site is that it is known to have a collection of clothes from all high-end brands and  turkey gowns online,  the prices of products are relatively lower than other websites, so you will get through them the best clothing prices in Turkey in Lira.

Wholesale clothing from turkey free shipping
Wholesale clothing from turkey free shipping

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Turkish clothing manufacturers

More about clothing sites:

  1. Vatirte

It is another Turkish shopping site that is no less important than its counterparts from the Turkish shopping sites listed in this article and as required, it is the most famous site for Turkish brands clothing  and wholesale sale of Turkish clothes for veiled women. The store contains a rich list of Turkish fashion and accessories for both women and men, along with identical cable clothes and clothes. Large sizes with prices starting from 20 Turkish liras equivalent to 11 Saudi riyals with the availability of an Arabic speaking support team and the ability to browse the site in three languages ​​Arabic, Turkish and English with shipping available for almost all countries

  1. Fimka Store

On this site you can get all  modern clothes, from dresses to casual clothes at reasonable prices, as it is one of the names of famous Turkish clothing sites that can be relied upon to get the best goods. The website is designed in a very attractive way, you can see photos suitable for different clothes before ordering. Other than that, the site is also known for offering various discounts to its clients.


Wholesale clothing from turkey free shipping
Wholesale clothing from turkey free shipping


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Turkish clothing brands online

The most famous clothing brand in Turkey are:

  1. Modanisa

It is the most famous Turkish Evening dresses wholesale and Turkish women’s site for selling veiled fashion, in addition to a group of other accessories and shoes, the store includes several sections, including a special section for veiled dresses, which is the most prominent section in this store. Through the site, you can buy wholesale clothes from Turkey online for the most famous and most beautiful Turkish elegant fashion, in addition to a great advantage that the store offers many payment methods, including payment by credit card and Paypal, which are two payment methods that can be used to shop from all countries in addition to To other local payment methods used within Turkey only.

  1. Club Fashion website

It is the best shipping site for Saudi Arabia and it is also one of the most popular clothing sites, you can find all the famous brands beside turkey gowns for ladies. The best thing about this site is that they also have their own mobile app that you can use therefore, if you don’t have time to sit in front of the computer screen and the system, you can use your mobile phone to place your order.

Wholesale clothing suppliers in Turkey

Importing clothes from Turkey includes a set of procedures to complete Turkish clothing import deals, and you need to import Turkish clothes to know the names of clothing suppliers from Turkey and the best offices and companies to import clothes from Turkey importing from Turkey, and the authorized agents of the most important Turkish brands, pay customs clearance fees, store goods, and distribute goods to dealers.  Retail in the local country, and in this article, we get to know from the experts: Top 6 clothing suppliers from Turkey.

1_ Konsi:

Konsi works as a woven apparel supplier, and Konsi is located in the Turkish city of Izmir. It also provides many types of woven and knitted clothes in all sizes for all groups (both genders, young and old) big size clothes Istanbul. Konsi clothes mainly include blouses, jogging shirts, socks and nightwear and pique polo shirts.


There is a Sunman Export factory, and the Sunman Export Company is located in Istanbul, Turkey, and it allows businessmen to customize their clothes according to their taste, and the Sunman company produces clothes with low order about 50 pieces per model.  The company supplies their clothing to international apparel starters, and the company can produce around 500 models and designs on pcs per week.

3_ Oasis Shirts:

Oasis Shirts operates as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality shirts for children, men and women, providing the best prices for wholesale deals in most parts of the world Turkish fashion clothing wholesale, and the Oasis Shirts Company manufactures shirts for private brands, which means that the company logo can be used in order.  For small businesses, they can order small quantities of each item as the minimum order quantity is around 200 pieces.

4_ Olley:

There is a company and factory (Olley), which is the first among the manufacturers of low-quality Turkish clothes, the company is located in Istanbul, and the company has two divisions, the first is sampling and the second is for the production of high-quality clothing products according to the specifications of its customers, and the company aims to adjust the volume of different production clothing bulk vendors, delivery in Timely, minimum order quantity 200 pieces.

5_ FKN FKN Textile:

Textile Factory (FKN FKN Textile) operates among the best Turkish clothing factories, and FKN Textiles is one of the most prominent companies for Turkish clothing, and the company produces small quantities of clothes to serve small companies, and it is also a textile distributor, and the company serves the leading clothing brands in Turkey and the world clothing companies in Istanbul, chain stores and dealers.  Wholesale apparel and fashion designers by providing fabric, they also produce 85,000 items for women and men wholesale clothing from Turkey free shipping.

6_ Am Clothing:

AM Clothing operates among the best Turkish clothing manufacturers in Turkey how to buy wholesale clothing from Turkey, and the company’s products include knitted and woven clothes, blouses, shirts, nightwear, sportswear, polo shirts, pique, including skirts, shorts, blouses and shirts, and the company manufactures clothes and brands Allocated in Turkey.

Turkish clothing prices

The fashion industry in Turkey has witnessed tremendous growth day by day as elegant national modern clothes such as wide trousers, luxurious short jackets and hijabs are gaining wide attention as men wear long robes and a huge turban.  Thus, the apparel industry has become a mixture of western and eastern styles, so we have devoted to you the topic of our next article on clothing prices are clothes cheap in Turkey.

Clothing prices in Turkey in 2019

  • A pair of jeans (Levis 501 or similar) can be purchased for 221 TL
  • One summer dress can be bought at the High Street Store (Zara, H&M or similar retailers) for 169 TL
  • 1 pair of sports shoes (Nike, Adidas, or similar brands) 352 TL
  • One pair of leather business shoes 325 TL

Prices for women’s clothing in Turkey

  • The price of a women’s T-shirt is 28 Turkish liras.
  • Printed shirt dress costs 229 TL.
  • A quilted jacket for women, priced at 295 Turkish liras.
  • Jeans jacket for women from denim 163 Turkish liras.
  • Cotton pajamas for women priced at 135 Turkish liras.
  • The price of a pair of jeans for women is 112 liras.
  • A light cotton blouse costs 122 liras.
  • Women’s lace top is 127 Lirs.
  • A women’s leather jacket costs at 992 liras.
Turkish clothing prices
Turkish clothing prices

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 The most famous brands in Turkey

    1_LC Waikiki

 LC Waikiki offers its products in 567 stores in 27 different countries.  The slogan of the company is “Everyone deserves good clothes. This store is characterized by its high-quality products and that reasonable price wholesale clothing from Turkey free shipping buy wholesale clothing The price of a Viscon Batik blouse is 60 TL, while a shirt with a slim fit is 54 TL.

2_ Collezione

 Colizione is one of the leading brands in the trade sector in Turkey.  The company continues to invest by opening stores offering high-quality men’s and women’s clothing and accessories all over the world Armani Colizione Red Georgette Red Silk Blazer $ 194.

3_ Ipekyol

 Ipekyol was established in 1986 in Turkey, and the company is known for its wonderful and modern women’s clothing.  The company is a successful global brand Turkish clothing brands in Istanbul. The price of a women’s blouse is 199.50 lira.

  4_ Cotton

 This company was established in 1988 in Istanbul.  The company opened its first store outside Turkey in 1996 in Germany. In 2002, the company reached the Middle East, Russia and the Balkans.  The Cotton Company displays its products in 293 stores in Turkey and 100 stores outside Turkey, where you can buy women’s blazers at prices ranging from 119 to 129 lira.

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