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 biscuit packaging machines

Do you want to import biscuit packaging machines ? There is a comprehensive range of biscuit and cookie packaging and wrapping machines available on the market today. These machines are super quality, long lasting and designed to function with utmost precision. The units come in variety models to meet diverse packaging and wrapping needs of biscuit and cookie factories in importing house platform.

biscuit packaging machine

The visually compelling machines tend to function in a super manner to the ordinary packaging machines. Some of features of this machine include perfect fabrication, easy installation, rigid structure, speedy output, and longer service life. Machines are designed also to ensure that they do not leave any air in the pack.

biscuit packaging machine
biscuit packaging machine


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Turkey importers list :

Import companies in Turkey to get best biscuit packaging machines

From company list site:

  1. -Esm Consultancy Export&import Ltd.
  2. Dis Ticaret Export Import
  3. -Cizgi Import Export Trade
  4. -Meykur Food Production, Trade, Export, Import agent
  5. Ilmaksan Aircondition Mach. Prod. Ind. Import…
  6. Turkey agent with almost 80 million people and a rapid development Turkey is an interesting market to look for business opportunities.The country strategically located on the Europe and Asian continent, has a modest climate, relative political stability and a developing middle class.
  1. -International trade expert, Export / Import. Consultant to company exporting to Albania located in Turkey, especially in Ankara. Entrepreneur & constantly growing business owner.
  2. -ZZ Exporter is a Turkish company helps importers to work with factories and import Turkish products for 8 years. We simply communication between importers and manufacturers.
  3. -The MAJOR Shipping which has got a strength relationship with the ship owners, has got a unique target to be call as a Bridge in between the international traders and ship owners as it has ability to.
  4. -International trade company clients worldwide. We offer professional services to companies who would like to make business in Turkey & Middle East.
  5. -Yanmaz Consultancy stands for doing successful business in Turkey according to western standards. Building bridges between foreign players and Turkey and picking up project with a on hands mentality.
  6. -Euroline International is the leader company in Turkey for business promotion, marketing, representation, media communications and event management services. As all business service provider.
  7. -International trade company assist clients worldwide, We encourage and provide professional services to companies who would like to make business in Turkey& Middle east

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Automatic biscuit packing machine manufacturer

Turkey designs, manufactures and installs machinery and complete plants for weighing, packaging, palletising and wrapping any bulk product, With high performance products Automatic lines that stand out for their high level of reliability, quality, and technological innovation. manufacturers in turkey of biscuit is consider the biggest mainly supplier for automatic biscuit packing machines.

Automatic biscuit packing machine manufacturer
Automatic biscuit packing machine manufacturer

 is engaged to the production and export activities in Turkey, is exporting the product groups listed býelow. They  are among the major  biscuit packaging machines supplier  companies in Turkey and leading a this one of Turkish company that can offer you the best price and optimum quality. Our company HARKOM ELEKTRIK MAKINE, a member of Turkish Exporter, is engaged in production and trade in Turkey.

_On other wise there are manual biscuit packing machine for example Packing Machine With Double Lanes Vibratory Magazine:Mainly used for packing various regular and solid products such as biscuits, moon-cake, bread, instant noodles,medicine, daily necessities, hardwares and electrics, case box or any product attached with tray.

The biscuit packaging machines will typically feature cross conveyor that is attached for purpose of feeding the biscuits into the in feed chain. The product stacked automatically or manually in line on the conveyor, which then feeds the biscuits into the feeding chain. Fitted with double sealing jaws, the high-speed biscuit packaging machines is able to seal and wrap the product with a seamless finish. This machine is typically user-friendly and fitted with conveyors that fabricated from food-grade materials as a way of ensuring the preservation of hygienic conditions.


Potential Problems and Solutions

  • Air Left in the Pack :

When the biscuit packaging machines  or cookie packs emerge from the production line with air in packs, this could be as a result of using low quality packaging machines. This should be avoided to ensure that the product packs are airtight to increase their life.

  • Broken Product :

Broken biscuits and cookies in the packaging may be as a result of choosing the wrong type of packaging for your product. For instance, the more brittle products must be packaged in firm tight wraps as opposed to floppy film packs that may not protect the cookies and biscuits from breakages.

  • Unattractive Packing :

With increasingly demanding legislation, significant amounts of essential information has to be clearly displayed on packs in a form that is readable. This sometimes may detract from the design aspects of the pack that are considered attractive. It is therefore important to have the product professionally designed such as it is both aesthetically appealing and informative in accordance with legal requirements.

  • Deteriorating Product:

 Deterioration of the visual and eating qualities of biscuits occurs in form of moisture pick up, and in few cases, moisture loss. Rancidity and development of off flavors are other characteristics of deteriorating biscuits. Deterioration can also occur in the event that insects invade the pack. To solve this, ensure that a barrier is fitted to prevent moisture pick up from the atmosphere by the biscuits or cookies, and to also maintain hygiene, this from Biscuit People company.

biscuit packing machine price

* Snacks Food biscuit

  • egg cracker Automatic horizontal Packaging Machine
  • Divide Machine Into Modules
  • Wrap Modules With Plastic Film
  • Packing Modules Into Plywood Cases .


Port: Guangzhou or shenzhen port
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability: 200 Set/Sets per Month
Optional functions: Air filling, Date Print, Hole Pouching angle fold bag etc.
After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Dimension(L*W*H): 3770*670*1450mm
Packing speed: 40-230 bag/min
Shape of sealed bag: Back sealing(central sealing)
All parts contacted with product: stainless steel
Function: Sealing
Control: PLC Or servo motor
Voltage: 220V/380V
Packaging Material: plastic
Condition: New
Material quality: 201/304 stainless steel,carbo steel
Place of Origin: Guangdong China
Packaging Type: Film
Bag Type: Pillow bag
Model Number: HMD-250
Certification: CE Certification
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Film Material: Hot seal film

It’s price : US $ 3,550.0- 3,850.0


* Turkish multifunction automatic small biscuit packing machine

Dimension(L*W*H): 3770*670*1450mm
Function: FILLING,Sealing,Packing
Key Selling Points: Multifunctional
Voltage: 220V/380V/110V
Electrical elements: Panasonic
Packaging Material: Glass,Paper,plastic,plastic film,filter paper,foil,laminated film,non-woven fabrics
Condition: New
Usage: filling, packing, sealing and wrapping

It’s  price : US $ 3,500-5,000

* Soon true SZ180 automatic pillow type Turkish biscuits packaging machine

Price : EGP 86,479.80 – EGP 133,650.60

*Turkish fully automatic fast speed packaging equipment biscuit food flow wrapping machine

Price : EGP 196,545.00 – EGP 212,268.60

* Turkish of biscuit packaging machines :

conveying: by chain
Function: Sealing, Wrapping
bag width: can be adjustable in define range
Control: by dual frequency conversion
Key Selling Points: Multifunctional
Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
Packaging Material: metal,Paper,plastic

Price : EGP 39,309.00 – EGP 78,618.00

*Automatic biscuit on edge packing turkey type biscuit packing machine

Price : US $ 25,000-30,000

-most of these machines can get it import from turkey.

* Biscuit pouch packing machine from SHREEM ENGINEERS

  • Minimum Order Quantity 1
  • Unit of Measure Piece/Pieces
  • Price 3.50 To 4.50 Lakh INR

biscuit packaging machines Product Description With utmost support from them talented employees, they have become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Biscuits Packing Machine. It is used in biscuit making industries for producing packets of different sizes with tight sealing. This machine designed having a conveyor system, PLC controller, packing material roll handler, motor, and other required components, and gives flexibility to adjust packet size according to requirement of user.

Prior to dispatch, Biscuits Packing Machine is tested on stringent quality parameters to ensure its conformance with set industry guidelines.

  • Fast processing speed
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient


  • Power: 3.5kW
  • Operation Mode: Automatic
  • Weight: Up to 500 kg
  • Application: To wrap any kind of solid commodities such as Biscuits, Soaps, Chocolates, etc.
  • Filling Range: Depend on specific product
  • Pack Speed: 70-130 pouches/minute.
  • Types of Sealing: Centre Sealing
  • Pouch Dim.: Length – 40-300 mm, Width – 20-125 mm, Height – 5-56 mm
  • Pouch Film Material: All Type of heat Sealable Film.
  • Power Req: 2 H.P., 200.30 / 50 Hz. Heaters -2x125W – 4x 125 W
  • Machine Dia.: 3600x1500x2000 mm (L x W x H)
  • Machine Weight: 600 k.grams. (approx.)
  • Filling Material Contact Parts: Stainless Steel AISI 304 Grade
  • Dosing System: Automatic or Manual Feeding

Trade Information

  • Payment Terms :Others
  • Sample Available :Yes
  • Sample Policy: Contact us for information regarding our sample policy
  • Main Domestic Market :All India
  • Certifications: ISO

Possible Types of Pouch Packaging for Biscuit from KOSBEST

We offer cookies packing bags which are able to support the varied textures and needs of the various cookies forms.

  • Stand up bags
  • Tray biscuit packaging machines , thermoformed packing
  • spout pouch three side seal bags and flat bottom bags
  • Pillow bag, folding carton Transparent bags which might be a lot of convenience

biscuit packaging machine specification 

Specification of your machine that you need is very important thing when you buying, it is follow :

  • Ports:which port I get out of my machine
  • payment: how to pay
  • Machinery Function
  • Machinery Function: making machine
  • application field : what field machine used
  • warranty: in order to ensure the quality of machine
  • place of origin ● After-sales Service Provided ● Dimension(L*W*H)
  • brand name ● raw material which put into machine ●material of machine ●voltage ●packaging details ●power ●Automatic system

multi pack biscuit packing machine

For example machine from cankey packaging machinery It is wondered machine can pack multi shapes,  professional biscuit packing machine manufacturer, they have a complete, strength and quality has been recognized by the majority of customers. And provide machine with factory price to our customers.

Use of Cookies Packaging Machine: This automatic biscuit packaging machine is suitable for different types of food, such as biscuit, cookies, cake, bread, peanut brittle and other baking food. Make products look beautiful.


Multi Pack Biscuit Packing Machine Features:

〇 Differential feeding mode, so that the multi pack biscuit packaging machine in the process of operation can be convenient to achieve the adjustment of feeding position.

〇 color mark detector makes the color mark detection more accurate. The mesh, straight grain and vertical grain seals two are optional.

〇 crosscutting adopts load cutting method, the finished product tangent line is accurate, high sensitivity photoelectric eye color mark tracking, makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

〇 Good electrical equipment to ensure the long-term operation of cookies packaging equipment accuracy.

〇 The cookies packaging machine use industrial touch screen, simple and convenient operations, user-friendly design, man-machine dialogue operation, parameters display intuitive.

〇 The automatic biscuit packaging machine’s control system, servo drive system, electrical system and other internationally renowned brands.

〇 The automatic biscuit packaging machine equipped with photoelectric plate alignment device to ensure the accurate positioning of packaging patterns. In the same time, it can be equipped with automatic code spraying and coding system.

〇 The special adjustable bag-making device can better adapt to the current packing requirements of various varieties and specifications.

How Does Multi Pack Biscuit Packaging Machine Work?

As a manufacturer, designs offer:

  • Customization specific to your cookies/biscuits.
  • Gentle product collation and accumulation, including up stacking or down stacking.
  • Stainless steel frames, can be for thorough wash-downs.
  • Fast changeovers with molds.

FAQ for Cookies Packaging Machine:

What is biscuit/cookies packaging material, where to buy it? Answer: food packaging film is requested for food grade, hot sealing airtightness type, it double laminated film, OPP with CPP material, thickness 40-50 micrometers. if you need this service, can contact them .

biscuit packaging materials

The packaging of chocolate, biscuits and confectionary has a rich history that traces back to the beginning of the industrial revolution. Packaging now consists of containers made of card box, metal, plastic or plastic bags. Many times additional wrapping, such as aluminum foil, is needed to preserve and protect the product.

Overview of Common Packaging Materials

  • Plastic is probably the most well-known packing material.
  • 90% of people in 2017 preferred liquids to be packed in glass – mostly including wine, beer, and others.
  • Steel packaging is niche.
  • Paper and Paperboard.
  • Wood

How are biscuits packed?

The most common type of biscuit packaging is by automatic machines and conveyor systems that transport biscuits at high speeds through creaming, wrapping, and sealing machines. Different types and quantities of biscuits are transported in a column, as a

  • We must understand the requirements of food for protection.
  • Choose the packing material with appropriate protection function.
  • The use of advanced packing technology methods.
  • Select packing machinery equipment matched with food processing technology.
  • Modeling and structural design must be meet scientific requirements.
  • -levels of packaging of biscuits :

primary packaging of biscuits

Primary packaging, commonly referred to as consumer or retail packing, is the box that is in direct contact with your product. The primary packaging using to protect the product and inform your customer of its uses and other valid details. The type of primary packing used depends on the type of product you are selling. In the food industry, your primary packing might be your actual beverage bottle or it could be the pasta box that comes into immediate contact with the pasta itself.

In the food and beverage market, food safety is critical importance, especially when your primary packaging is in direct contact with food. For this reason, food and beverage packing is required to meet certain legal obligations to protect consumers and even safeguard your brand. Netpak is  proud to be the first fully BRC® “GRADE A” / IoP Issue 5-certified by GFSI® packaging company in North America. The BRC certification establishes a series of standards that demands a high level of compliance and is international recognized as a mark of quality, safety and responsibility in the food and beverage market.


Secondary packaging, similar to primary packing, has various uses depending on the product. This level of packing can be the shipping box that is used to contain your primary packing, but it can also be your retail or consumer-facing packing. This can get a little confusing, Here an example: you’re walking down the health and beauty aisle in your local pharmacy. What do you see? Tons of skincare options! You reach out and grab your favorite skin care product off the shelf. Does it come in a 50ml jar packed and secured in a beautiful box? Or is it a tube packed in a unique-looking printed carton box?

In this case, the secondary packing is consumer facing. It becomes more important than ever to find an innovative packaging solution to help your brand efforts and even more so differentiate yourself from the fierce competition in today’s marketplace. What could you do to make your skin care product eye-catching and stand out from the next product on the shelf? The answer easy are : enhanced printing! Print your logo in hot stamp or use a UV high gloss coating to create a unique texture and effect, and how we can help make your packaging stand out from its competition.


Tertiary packaging general is the shipping box used to protect the secondary packing. Warehouses use tertiary packing to protect and transport goods. A box within a box, some people may say! Netpak offers warehousing options with co-packing and logistics management for ultimate flexibility for your project. Our team of shipping and logistics experts is fully equipped to ship your project and ensure that the shipment arrives to its final destination on time, every time

*the difference between primary and secondary packaging Primary packaging is the packaging that most closely protects the product. It can also be referred to as retail or consumer packing. Primary packing in the beverage industry would be the bottle or can the beverage is stored in. Secondary packaging is used for the brand and display of the product.

*The properties of the most important materials used to package biscuits (plastics and paper) are presented, and key aspects of this packing and its influence on the shelf life of biscuits, crackers and cookies is discussed. Indices of failure are discussed and calculation of the shelf lives of biscuits that deteriorate by moisture gain and oxidation given and the importance of the surface area to volume ratio of the package is demonstrated. In addition To the effect of light transmission through different packaging materials on shelf life is discussed.

Sharda Paper Printed Biscuit Packaging Box

 Price :₹ 50 / Piece

From: Sharda Packaging, Indore

Product Description

Material :Paper

Brand :Sharda Packaging

Customized :Yes

Usage :Food Packaging

Pattern :Printed

Shape :Rectangular

– Keeping track of contemporary market development, we devotedly occupied in providing an extensive series of Biscuit Packing Box.

Available Price:

  • Price :50 to 90 per piece.
  • Price may have vary as per specification.

*Finally talking about biscuit packaging machines is  interesting and important, I hope I benefit you, and I wish you know all the details regarding this subject with my best wishes.



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