Where to buy Turkish towels in Turkey

Where to buy turkish towels in Turkey …. the 6  best markets to buy turkish towels

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Where to buy Turkish towels in Turkey

Where to buy Turkish towels in Turkey ? are you looking for places to buy Turkish towels? what are the best places to buy Turkish towels in Istanbul? Do you like to know towel manufacturing companies in Turkey? How can I deal with towel suppliers in Turkey? Why imported in Turkey is the best choice for you? over importing house platform you can know all the details yu need. And we will shw ways to import them from Turkey.


Where to buy turkish towels in Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is a center and capital for trade in all fields, it is an ancient city with many factories, markets, companies and import offices, If you want a specific Turkish product, you will find in Istanbul that city and in its markets the most famous Turkish products, for example Turkish textiles are very popular, so you find in Istanbul more than a market for towels and textiles .

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Towels markets in Istanbul

1_ Friday Market in Istanbul

The Friday Bazaar – Cuma Pazari is located in an area called Fendakzada on Fatih Street, and there are shops for towels and textiles in Istanbul directly opposite the tram station, this market contains vegetables and fruits also, clothes for children, bags, shoes, towels and textiles, this market starts its work on Friday from 9 in the morning until 7 in the evening.

2_ Merter Market in Istanbul

The Merter Market is located in the Merter area, next to an area called Zeytinburnu, and the shops Turkish towel shop there include exhibitions that sell clothes for children, women and youth as well, and also sell wholesale towels in Turkey, as most of the products sold are wholesale, this market operates on a daily basis as far as Sunday, from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening.

Towels factories in Turkey

Turkish towels have a very good reputation in the world and in Arab circles in particular, there is no Arab home without Turkish towels, and the biggest reason for this great demand is its good materials and elegant designs, and you can now start your business in importing towels from Turkey to your country in an easier way.  Through shipping companies that help you import and facilitate this task, in this article important information about Turkish towels and how to import and distribute them, and the most important and best Turkish towel factories are:

3_ Altin Basak factory

 The best and most important Turkish embroidered towels manufacturer Turkish towels in Turkey, the company operates in Denizli in the all-home textile sector since 1971, the company has an area of ​​30,000 square meters, and produces embroidered towels, bathrobes, bed sheets, sleeping sets, printed fabrics, and also and non-printing.  The company has the quality of its production with TSE and ISO 9001: 2000 certificates and markets up to 50% of its production in foreign markets and also 50% in the domestic market, always gives priority to customer and customer satisfaction, and continues its activities always using the highest modern technologies, without approaching the principles of quality, stability and confidence.

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Towels shops in Turkey

There are many towels and textiles stores in Turkey, and the prices of Turkish towels in these stores are not expensive, turkeybut rather in the average income of everyone towel price in Turkey. There are many shops and places that sell towels at the wholesale price and sell first-class towels in quality, prices and embroidered shapes, and they are in several places and stores, including:

4_ The Covered Market

5_  Mahmoud Pasha Market

 6_ And in the stock exchange there is a market dedicated to towels close to the silk market, and its prices are excellent, obtained from the most famous and largest towel factories in Turkey.

The best Turkish shopping sites

There is nothing on the internet towels that is more popular and cheaper than Turkish shopping sites, due to the igenuity of Turkish designers in designing clothes, whether women’s clothes or men’s clothes, so many resort to Turkish shopping sites, and we will show you the cheapest 3 Turkish shopping sites.

Also, Turkish shopping sites have a much lower price than other shopping sites, as the price are affordable for everyone, and there are some sites that offer many discounts on towels online in order to attract customers to them.

1_ Roman website

Roman is one of the most famous Turkish products shopping sites that sell clothe and fashion, whether men’s or womem’s clothes, and it also displays the most wonderful shoes that suit everyone’s tastes, and this is in addition to the many forms offered by the site of accessories suitable for both women and men.

Roman site advantages

It is worth nothing that the prices start on the Roman site from the price of 5.53 $ per piece, so the site’s prices are much better than other sites, and the site is distinguished by that it provides the service in Turkish and English .

Among the features that distinguish the site is that it allows the possibility of replacing or retrieving the product in the event of any defect in it within a period of 14 days from the time of delivery.

2_ Modanisa website

Modanisa is distinguished by its products that differ any other products in their quality that keep pace with international fashion trends and their prices that suit everyone, the site also offers many discounts to its customers in order to attract a greater percentage of users.

Another advantage of the site Turkey wholesale sites is that it supports many languages such as Turkish, Arabic, French and English so that the customer can search and shop as he wants.

3_ lydiana website

The site is distinguished by that it offers its services in both Turkish and English in order to facilities search for its customers.

It is worth nothing that the site provides its customers with the ability to exchange or retrieve products if they find any defects within only 15 days of the delivery date.


Towel manufacturing companies in turkey

Turkey is an economically advanced country with many factories, the most important of which is towel factories in Turkey. The proportion of merchants importing from towel factories in Turkey towels made in Turkey or other products from Turkey has increased in recent times. Importing from Turkey has become a feature of the current era and the demand for Turkish products has become great. In Turkey there are many shipping companies and offices outside Turkey, for you, we decided to talk today in this article about the most important factories and products that are in great demand and are shipped in large quantities, so follow us ……

Where to buy Turkish towels in Turkey?

1_ Iremce Texkstil LTD. STI

Iremce tekstil LTD.STI  is the manufacturer / producer, was established in 2007, and it works in the bath towels sector, also works in home linen and clothes.It  based in bursa Turkey.

2_ Meri Havlu VE EV Tekstili LTD

Meri Havlu VE EV Teksttili LTD is a wholesaler, founded in 2010, and this company is considered one of the most important and best companies’ best towels to buy because it works in the bath towels sector.  It also operates in the sectors of loose-fitting intimate dresses, hotel towels, bath towels and kitchen towels. It based in Bursa Turkey.

3_ Anatolia Textile

If you are looking for cotton pads and towels, you will find everything that you are looking for in this establishment, with less speed and high quality because it is the manufacturer / producer Turkish towels in Turkey.  Based in Bursa Turkey.

towels online
towels online

4_ Toptan Nevresim Bahcekapili Texkstil

Enterprise Topan Nevresim Bahcekapili Tekstil is Manufacturer / Producer, operating in the Linen sector, also operating in bed linen, linen, towels, and hotel bathrobes based in ofice Istanbul, Turkey.

5_ Kocal Kagit LTD. STI

Enterprise Kocal Kagit LTD.  STI is the Manufacturer / Producer, operating in the toilet paper sector.  It also operates in the sectors of personal care and hygiene items and products, towels.  It is based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Minteks Tekstil Sanayi VE Ticaret A S is a Manufacturer / producer, founded in 1997 and it operates in the household linen sector.  It also works in sectors and bath towels.  It is based in bursa, Turkey.

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Towel imported from Turkey

Thinking about profit through a new project makes you search for a lot of commodities and commercial goods, but the most successful idea remains to import from Turkey, as importing

from there is where the profit is guaranteed, high quality and mastery in the industry import from Turkey and from here if, you want to get to know better, follow with us untill the end.

Many people seek to import Turkish products especially fashion products such as : clothes, shoes and also products for nutrition such as : food, canned goods, etc. and other products suh as textile and towels, but because some products are very sensitive and need to be taken care of in there transportation , given that there is called company shipping in Turkey for shipment and import, in order to ensure that there is product arrives safely and shipping companies in Turkey allow you a lot of services that save you a lot of time and effort.

One of the best import methods is to deal with the best companies and institutions that work in the field of shipping, import, and export for many years, in order to be confident that your goods will reach you easily, and that was through my experience in importing from Turkey, and the most famous of these companies are the following.

 1_Corena Pharmaceutica, owns the best suppliers in Turkey, works and contributes to fulfilling the demands of medicines and health products at cheap prices at the international level.

 2_ “ITEM DIS TICARET” is the cheapest company that ships goods from Turkey to Saudi Arabia.


 4_ BARI PARTNERS, which helps you to import goods from Turkey in bulk.

 5_   European used clothes

thus, we explained to you the most important places to buy towels in Turkey and Where to buy Turkish towels in Turkey from the best markets, shops and manufacturing companies in Turkey. We have explained the most import ways from Turkey. I hope it is useful for you.



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