Turkey clothes wholesale

The best 13 factories to buy Turkey clothes wholesale

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in Turkey clothes wholesale ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

Turkey clothes wholesale

Turkey clothes wholesale is found in everywhere there, don’t go away and keep reading this report to find what exactly you want to import and sell in your country.

turkey mens clothing wholesale

Online purchase is one of the most difficult purchasing processes that merchants can make, but importing Turkish clothes is easier and better, due to the quality of those clothes, especially men’s clothes outlets in turkey, as they are the best and finest among their counterparts, as the offices for importing clothes have become working to provide men’s clothes, so Turkish clothes wholesale Istanbul Men, it has become one of the most important things for those who are looking for merchants at the present time, since it is highly sought after in the Saudi market, because many people want to buy Turkish clothes due to their quality .. In this report, we provide you with the best stores that give you what you are looking for at the best prices.

clothes outlets in turkey
clothes outlets in turkey

1- lc wakiki store

  It is a brand of French origin that was 100% purchased by a Turkish company. It is one of the most famous and popular clothing brands in Turkey, so if you do shopping in turkey istanbul clothes, you will find it the most famous.

2- Kiğılı Turkish clothes

Kiğılı: This brand is specialized in men’s clothing only, its branches began as shops selling fabrics, until its owner became one of the most important businessmen in Turkey who own one of the most famous brands of men’s clothing in it, and everyone want to import from turkey Especially from this brand.

3- Turkish brands of clothes, Koton

It is one of the best stores that sell Turkish clothes for men and children in general, as it was founded in 1988, and has expanded to more than 400 stores in 29 countries around the world.

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turkish men’s clothing store

4- Mavi

It was named by this name, which means (blue color) in the Turkish language, because it specializes in the production of various clothes made of blue jeans, the company targets the youth category, so it is considered one of the most important Turkish brands for youth clothing and offers jeans products in a modern, beautiful, and comfortable way, and in all turkey women’s clothing sizes.


turkish men's clothing store
turkish men’s clothing store



5- Defacto

 It is one of the most important Turkish economic clothing brands that offer men’s, women’s clothing made in turkey, and children’s clothes at competitive prices, especially for the middle-income community.

6- Collezione

One of the most important Turkish brands of popular clothes, its  stores are located in most commercial centers in Turkey, and it produces its own models for men and women.

  1. Wow wholesale Turkey

A store based in Turkey that offers you a luxurious collection of distinctive Turkish clothes, dresses, skirts, bibs, jackets, and veiled clothes.

turkey men’s clothing manufacturers

There are a number of Turkish clothing factories that sell the most important goods and clothes for men. Learn about the Turkish clothing factories directory to buy high-quality turkish women’s clothing for wholesale buyers

  1. Giyimx Ticaret Trading Company

It is one of the most important and largest companies in the field of fashion, men’s clothing, swimwear, and underwear in addition to shoes and watches in Istanbul.

  1. Stylist Fashion Company:

It is a company specialized in the field of men’s woolen clothes, which are in the latest fashion, and you can import clothes made in turkey online by contacting the company by e-mail.

  1. Berlanta Textiles Factory:

It is one of the most important Turkey clothes wholesale factories specialized in producing various knitting products of clothes for men and women since 2000, and the company is still continuing its distinguished production. After all of this and reading this report don’t ask where to buy turkey wears again, and see we are continuing…


It is a company specialized in producing all swimming accessories from swimsuits for different sizes and ages for women and men.

turkey men’s clothing brands

  1. Atelier 55

It is one of the most famous names of stores in Turkey, and you can find everything from wholesale Turkish men’s clothing to jewelry, furniture and art pieces. You will not leave this store empty-handed.

  1. Midnight Express Store: –

It has distinctive pieces of Turkey clothes wholesale clothes, bags, accessories and jewelry that you can find anywhere else in Turkey, as well as exquisite pieces of its kind of household items.

is clothes cheap in turkey ?

Regarding prices, these Turkish brands compete with the international and local market in the Kingdom, and other countries because they are working to offer Turkish clothes of high quality at competitive and cheap prices compared to their counterparts of clothes produced from other countries other than Turkish.

In the end, Turkey clothes wholesale that are imported from Turkey to the Kingdom are among the best and finest types that are imported, and they have many people who want to buy them in particular, due to the strength and quality of the fabrics that are used.


Turkey clothes manufacturers

The range and diversity of Turkish products offers you the chance to pick the best product for the market in which you operate. By doing a simplistic feasibility report, there are many Turkish goods that you can import and benefit from them. You should understand that when importing such items such as food industries, agricultural industries, textile industries, powders, cosmetics, heating industries, energy products, cables and school supplies, all viable products on the markets are profitable, particularly the Arab ones, so that all importers realise the value of buying, selling and exchanging Turkish goods because of their certain benefit, but because of the courts’ profit.

  • Manufacturer of SunSURF Fabric:

The plant is situated in the field of Marter, Istanbul, Factory description: The factory produces all kinds of swimwear for men and women in the top of the list of garment industry in Turkey.

  • Etiket Pirlanta by Samson. Tic. Tic. GmbH at Şti:

The factory is situated in Istanbul’s Yeni Bosna neighbourhood.

  • Apparel Plant at Goo.moda:

The plant is located in Istanbul’s Fatih district Manufacturing Plant Description: The plant specialises in the manufacture of veiled abaya clothes, skirts and headdresses for veiled women. And it’s well known, with modest Islamic clothing,

  • To the AMT.

For a long time, this company has been in this area and has the potential to deal with all clients online and it lets them purchase Turkish shoes, clothes and some other requirements so that they can meet their expenses. And it has been considered one of the finest makers of modest Turkish clothing and offers you online contemporary Turkish clothing.

  • Schenker DB

This business is one of the prominent Turkish fashion brands and reputable businesses that have been referred to as the best companies sourcing children’s clothes from Turkey. It is also one of the top-quality wholesale Turkey clothes shopping, offering a fresh range of garments every 2 months.

  • Party PEBS

You can get Turkey wears online via this, you can quickly get used clothes because it is one of the major businesses specialised in this field and is one of the most popular Belgian companies of origin and is one of the world’s leading producers of garments since it transports goods by rail, ships and trucks with many branches in different parts of the world and is easy to deal with.

Turkey clothes wholesale websites

Zaful’s website

If you want to get a true beauty and the ultimate look everybody is looking for and the simple price in the same place and at the same time, here on this website and find what you’re doing with a range of short and long evening and event dresses in their different colours of Turkish clothing industry , with stunning designs, and now you can make sure of these terms after you know that prices start from just 12 barriers.

Mamo’s website

This Turkish women’s clothing website provides you with a fresh collection of wedding dresses any time you visit it and helps you to get wholesale clothes from Turkey, and it still offers a wide variety of evening dresses and also gives up to 50 percent discounts that encourage you to buy the perfect dress at a price of 10 percent to 30, which also distinguishes that delivery is open to all countries. And a bunch of bargains. This is a wonderful website for purchasing wholesale clothing Turkey.

Waikiki LC

A platform that sells everything relating to children up to 14 years of age, boys and girls, as well as Turkish women’s and men’s goods And from these distinctive markets, the best clothes with best Turkish clothing prices can be obtained This business is one of the most important firms in the Turkish industry that produces garments known as cheap clothing. In France, this popular business was founded, then the company continued as a Turkish brand, and it is one of Istanbul’s cheap stores.

Turkey clothes brands
Turkey clothes brands

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Turkey clothes brands

  • Koton-Koton

Created in Istanbul in 1988, this company opened its first branches outside Turkey and Germany in 1996 and has more than 293 branches in Turkey and 100 branches outside Turkey, as well as distinct and Turkish fashion clothing wholesale for women and men. You should work with this business if you are trying to import baby apparel from Turkey.

  • Mavi Jeans A Mavi Jeans

Established in Istanbul in 1991, which now has 427 outlets in Turkey and abroad and is only available for men’s and women’s clothes, but only for young people between the ages of 16 and 40.

  • Hotiç a hotiç

Established in 1938, its first branch was in Istanbul’s Kadikoy district, and it is one of the largest shops in Turkey You can find every kind of Turkish clothing style you want and wholesale clothing for Turkey here as well.

The range and diversity of Turkish products offers you the chance to pick the best product for the market in which you operate. By doing a simplistic feasibility report, there are many Turkish goods that you can import and benefit from them. When importing those goods, such as food industries, agricultural industries, you will realise that Textile and bulk clothing for sale industries, powders Cosmetics, the cooking, energy products, cables and school tools industries are all lucrative products on the markets, particularly the Arab ones, so that all importers are aware of the value of buying, selling and exchanging Turkish goods on account of their reliable benefit, but of course when properly handling the marketing and wholesale clothing vendors.

  1. YeniStar is a specialist children’s clothing maker.
  2. Elena Kids is a popular children’s fashion manufacturer.
  3. Jean Camille is a maker that specialises in apparel for men and girls.
  4. Fashion designer and maker of Turkish woollen coats for women and children

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