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Top 5 places to get Turkey prayer mat factory

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turkey prayer mat factory

There is more than Turkey prayer mat factory , because Turkey is popular for prayer mat production. They import prayer mat all over the world. The carpet industry has a great importance in marketing and increase the national income in Turkey.

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Prayer mat manufacturers Turkey:

Turkey’s carpet city, eastern and Arabic carpets achieve a great success   in 21 century. Today, the carpet industry has a great importance in industry and marketing. Turkey is the sixth largest city which has several carpet factories, situated about 350 carpet factories away, a city with many different factories. The carpet market in Turkey prayer mat factory in Turkey to get a guide to the carpet factory in Turkey, you can search the Internet to find all the factories available, but most importantly, even wholesale prayer is to get feedback from other customers to see the safety of their products that are interested in the factory.

1- Istanbul moldymphur carpet factories, prayer carpet samples are carefully prepared in several different ways from the past to the present. So when people pray, they use something that is clean and customized, which comes to mind when people say that small churches are clear and try to make their choices because they thought they could not find new models, but today people can examine their prayers in the way they want and make choices.

2- Ninovacarpet is one of the best-known Turkish carpet companies operating in gaziantep since 1989. This company offers all kinds of carpets that you can think of for customers of all sizes.

3-Yasin kapalankarp, founded in 1983 as one of Turkey’s best and largest prayer carpet factories, has a leading part in the carpet industry and will be greatly appreciated. Since its inception, yasin kapalankarp has been engaged in seeking to become the best carpet factory in Turkey, where it has also supported and encouraged voluntary work teams.

4-bayazid teqtil founded in 1965, one of Turkey’s best mat factories and one of the leading manufacturers of mat, continues its commercial activities such as domestic sales, imports and exports in Istanbul, considering the principle of full customer satisfaction with its trained and experienced employees, gaining the confidence of its customers. By providing quality and fast service.

5-Aat manufactures mats, textiles and mats for Turkey’s best products in such areas.

the textiles pratter factory with 20 years of experience, as one of Turkey’s famous prayer mat factories markets its products and exports to various countries.

Turkish prayer mat should have high quality and good materials to make the prayer feel comfortable when they pray, also it should have different and attractive shapes.

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Fire resistant carpets:

prayer carpets should not be flammable in order to preserve thousands of prayers and protect against ignition danger.

Deodorant carpets are very important to our mosques and homes, so if our mosques do not contain high-grade carpets with heavy human movement, you can choose natural wool carpets, which have a high potential for special odors in the summer months. It’s odorless because of its stature.


a successful carpet must be anti-sweat, so there is no escape from the fabric of sweat that touches the carpet directly, especially when worship is barefoot. At this stage, the carpet prevents sweat because of the circulation of the air. One of the biggest factors affecting mosque carpet prices is quality.

4.Thermal insulation:

during the winter months, the thermal insulation of our mosques can be very expensive, so heating techniques under carpets are widely used, especially in large mosques. In addition to heating under the carpets, the carpets in the mosque should have thermal insulation. In this way, it preserves the heat itself and prevents the mosque from cooling. While mosque carpets are produced, they are produced in different varieties such as wool and acrylic and the most successful thermal insulation is wool carpets.

5.Sound isolation:

because some mosques are so large, sound isolation can remain so low. Here the prayer carpet plays an important role in soundproofing as well as architecture. If the carpet is of high quality, it should be soundproofed at the same time and made of wool. All of these features largely determine the prices of carpets in bulk.

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All of these characteristics refers to Luxury prayer mat.

6.Antibacterial carpets: mosque carpets with antibacterial properties have different certificates; carpets are available at very low prices and usually do not have antibacterial carpets; when it comes to antibacterial carpets, the sweat, smell and the ability to clean quickly should be preferred to the frequent use of mosque carpets over the natural contamination that may result from dust, dirt and human elements in the air.

  Today, prayer mat price varies according to many different styles and feature, but there are many factors that influence the price: the biggest factor affecting the price of Turkish carpets is the quality of yarn.

Textile quality.


Color quality.

Quality of flammability.

 Don’t be attracted to Cheap prayer mat because they are low prices the poor quality   of them in are easily ignited and in case of potential danger the flame is rapidly spreading. They don’t make you feel good as, the fabric is very bad and may cause a lot of problem for the one’s skin.

Turkish prayer mat
Turkish prayer mat

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 Turkey prayer mat wholesale:

You may also know that it is necessary to be satisfied with the product you sell, but do not forget that sales depend on convincing a potential customer of what you are selling, so explain to them how this product meets their needs.

Selling prayer mat wholesale, you know you have to know what products you sell well, which is of course important, especially if they are technical products or services; However, it is also important to know about potential buyers.

Turkey wholesale market is provided by many factories which are popular for their great fabric.

Salma carpet wholesale, founded in 2014 with knowledge and experience 35 years ago, continued its production activities in a 3,000-squares factory building in a closed area in Istanbul. It has a team of experts with 2 million upholstery and prayer carpets a year. Since its founding, it has produced products for export and export to the whole world.

Gozde, one of Turkey’s largest prayer carpet factories, was founded as a family company in Istanbul in 1986. With its construction in arnaut cui, the plant continues to invest in all kinds of ways by increasing its standing in the textile sector in its new location, a principle that has become a symbol of confidence in the sector by strengthening its standing in the textile sector in its new location and adopting the principle of maintaining trust and service.

There is a Pocket prayer mat wholesale in Turkey which   is suitable for pocket, handbag or car as a gift to the traveler. And for those who drive a lot… And for trips. And visits. And in the middle of the night, And in the hospital. Distributions. An introduction gifts. And on other occasions and creative ideas. Do not worry. You have the pocket mat.

 With the covid 19 outbreak, Turkey is increasingly in demand for single-use prayer carpets, while they are exported abroad, with Saudi Arabia, the emirates, Iraq and Qatar leading the list of importing countries. According to the marketing and sales officer of the Turkish company pratikser, jalal artan, they have recently received many orders for single use prayer rugs, both inside and outside the country. According to Anatolia, exports of this type of prayer rug have now reached several states. They added that the countries of the Middle East, notably Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq and Qatar, are the main importers of their product. On the specifications of the carpet, they make the prayer carpet 115 cm long and 60 cm wide, in a way that can easily be wrapped in a bag or car. This product is used not only during epidemic days, but also during excursions.

Turkish prayer mat online:

Hepsiburada is Turkey’s leading digital transition firm, and a brand that brings together a business platform of millions of customers supports retail trade development and domestic economic growth. It is one of the largest online companies, leading e-commerce companies in Turkey and the region, that provides services for the sale and price of all products and all forms of wealth. Its support for digital transformation continues and grows alongside the retail industry, with solutions that facilitate customer experience and shopping in e-commerce, offering class options and broad products to its customers with a single click, driving the expansion of online shopping and the development of the e-commerce sector with the advantages offered to its customers. It brings together high-quality Turkish companies, brands, and products on the platform with millions of new customers with an e-export boom. The company has grown rapidly since its inception and today hosts more than 100 million monthly visits in 40 categories, with tens of millions of products, including luxury prayer mat It meets all the needs of its visitors with its vast range of products, and the experience of purchasing furniture from Turkey will no doubt be magnificent at this location as it continues to provide its clients by increasing its range of products and service facilities through new investments and cooperation.

Gittigidiyor was established in 2001 as the first Turkish Internet market, and in 2011 the global e-commerce giant after leading the industry, with 23 million registered users and hosting millions of products at affordable prices; Is a secure shopping platform where retailers, small and medium enterprises and large companies open their stores and develop their businesses. Apart from 15 million product types, the most famous is a padded prayer carpet in 50 categories. Using the “zero risk” approval system, which ensures 100% batches. The site, where a single product per second that achieves 50% of its mobile phone sales with 9 million downloads of mobile-compatible apps and shopping screens, is a wonderful workplace for Turkey’s best employer stipulated in 2019. A padding Turkish prayer mat has been made in many very careful ways from the past to the present. So, when people pray, they use a clean, specially prepared thing, when worships are mentioned, things that come to people’s minds are certain and they have tried to make their choices because they believe they will not find new models. Yet nowadays, people can examine and easily choose from worms the way they want to they can buy them from the market or buy prayer mat online. Moreover, with the increasing number of models each day, people can examine and buy prayer carpets for themselves and have the easy opportunity to buy one of the most beautiful gifts for their loved ones. The first thing to consider when looking at the models of the prayer carpet is actually preparing the sizes of prayer carpets usually used by children.

luxury prayer mat
luxury prayer mat

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Prayer mat suppliers Turkey:

are more than you think but you should choose them carefully according to the best fabric, price and shipping.

There are some shops which sell Islamic prayer mat

  • My Halı
  • Mehmet Akif،
  • Basın Ekspres
  • Yan Yolu،
  • Mehmet Akif Mah.
  • Bahariye Cad 1،

 Turkish prayer carpets   which they import from Turkey have different ways and the advantages and disadvantages of each method will show you all ways. Imports from Turkey via the Internet are the most common and abundant imports from Turkey, but attention must be paid to the company’s high ratings of buyers, for example, the specialized number for sales of various kinds of Turkish prayer carpets is the best import site from Turkey, including the Turkish company. Travel to Turkey, many carpet companies in Turkey and markets allow you to visit and then the right target market prices, you can compare quality and design levels, allowing you to buy the best diffusion in Istanbul at the lowest price in the end, so sales are easier, but the mistake in this method, to travel there is expensive, but it is a guaranteed and recommended method. Import is the intermediary route the cost of importing in this way the products that Turkey needs and that a company importing from Turkey must be appointed to purchase the necessary perks so that the company will remove them by importing cargo from Turkey from customs, thereby providing comfort. But for these services you pay your money and usually pay the total price (we go to 20% of the total cost). Finally, we wish everyone contact with the prayer carpet factories in Turkey for their distinctive products.

Thus, Turkey prayer mat factory is the best manufacturer to deal with but you should choose them in the right way.


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