Turkish leather bag manufacturers

34 Turkish leather bag manufacturers offer best quality and prices

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Turkish leather bag manufacturers

Turkish leather bag manufacturers specialized in handbag, backpack, and wallet, they focus on technique and production management, and also keep up with market trends and develop popular items.

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Turkey  leather bag manufacturer:

Leather bag manufacturers in Turkey  produce hundreds of fashion leather bag models, trendy and quality, they specialize in women’s and men’s handbags, Turkish handbag are high quality and economic products.


it’s a Turkish leather bags wholesale for leather goods, key holder, card holder, weekender bags, quality leather, lady manufacturer, lady purse, handbags, leather texture, and ladies handbag.


it was founded in 2017, their product range includes fashion products for women and men such as Turkish leather bags in Turkey , and wallet.

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they produce high quality genuine Turkey leather bag for women and men in Istanbul Turkey , they offer long lasting experience to their customers in high quality and unique product range, the best customer services, high quality and honesty have been their ultimate principles of being transparent and legitimate.


it’s handbag manufacturer in Turkey for cheap leather bags and artificial leather materials as a family owned handbag manufacturer company for leather and handbag, at 1973 ACEAN BAG started its story with a small atelier which had 5 staff.


they started their career in 1978 in a small workshop with footwear and apparel manufacturing, in the coming years, they manufacturers and added lot of products which men’s shoes, boots, belts, leather bag for girls, men wear, jackets and women’s shoes.


it was established in 1991, it has more than 20 years of experience in leather bag for work goods production.


it was established in 1983 and now one of the leading companies for women best everyday bags and footwear industry, it located in Istanbul and it is giving service to its clients in its 4000 square metered building, its customers are the well known department stores and the chain stores in the fashion and footwear industry.


it was founded in 2007, which operates in the handbag industry, it also operates in the leather purse industries.

ERTUGRUL DERI SAN.TIC.LTD.STI: it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 1996, which operates in the handbag industry.


it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 1982, which operates in the handbag industry, it also operates in the best leather bags and accessories, and purse industries.


it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2003, which operates in the handbags industry, it also operates in handbags industries.



it’s a wholesale bags in Turkey manufacturer and producer, which operates in the handbag industry, it also operates in promotional leather goods industries.

UZUNLAR KOLLEKTIF SIRKETIF SIRKETI TURAN UZUN VE ORTAGI: it’s a Turkey wholesale suppliers, which operates in the bags, and handbags industry, it also operates in the plastics packaging and handbags industries.

ERKON BILIMAMIRLERI SAN. IC VE DIS TIC LTD STI: it’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the bags, and handbags industry.

ONUR CANTA YORGI ANASTIYADIS: it’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the bags, and handbags industry.

DOGRULLAR LEATHER: they produce promotional items made of faux and genuine leather, they also produce any leather product at any model which you need.

BENCEIYI BAGS AND LUGGAGE: It has customers at UK, Serbia, Georgia, Somalia, Tunisia, Palestine, and export monthly more than 2000 suitcase set, and they are looking forward to a cooperation with companies in other countries, they can supply handbags with special brand logo.

BAGTIMIST: it’s a Turkish leather bag manufacturers, supplier, wholesaler and distributor of outdoor, sport backpacks, medical bags, travel bags, military bags, school bags, company presentation bags, etc.

OZBEK PACKING CO.LTD: It’s one of the renowned manufacturers and supplies of eco- friendly custom cotton bags, it’s the fastest company in Istanbul, with over 11 years of experience in packing industry.

POLO AS: It’s a manufacturer and exporter of leather handbags, leather wallets, soft and hard travel bags, business and computer bags, light travel and sports bags, school bags, travel accessories and more, all of their products are made in Turkey with its brand name “LOS ANGELES POLO CLUB”.

SANAT BAG AND LUGGAGE FACTORY LTD: it’s a leasing manufacturer and supplier of luggage sets, all kind of bags and promotional bags both in Cyprus and Turkey since 1968, it’s exporting like 70% of its products to Europe, it will be grateful to be one of your supplier as well.

ROTATEKNIK TEKSTIL: its products are attractively price, also have good quality, quickly delivery and very competitive price, they can make and develop a large range of products as per your purpose to meet your market demands.

ARTKIY DERI MAMULLERI SAN. TIC. LTD. STI: it’s a Turkish manufacturer and exporter of leather handbags, leather briefcases, leather women wallets, leather men wallets, leather card cases, leather key holders, and leather organizers, founded in 1958.

FATIH METAL ACCESSORIES CO: it has all kind of accessories for leather goods.

ONUR CANTA: it’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the bags industry, it also operates in the women’s handbag, and men’s bags industries.

DERSA: it’s a manufacturer and producer, founded in 2020, which operates in the leather goods industry, it also operates in the leather handbag, production of leather belts, and wholesale of leather goods industries.

OKYANUS CANTA: it’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the bags, and handbags industry, it also operates in the promotional items.

BUMINK PROMOSYON CANTA IMALATI: it’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the bags, and handbags industry, it also operates in the leather bags and accessories industries.

PROMOSYON CANTA SEPETI: it’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the bags, and handbag industry, it also operates in the walking pack bags, and school bags industries.

AYAZ PROMOSYON CANTA: it’s a manufacturer and producer, which operates in the bags industry, it also operates in the promotional bags and luggage, handbag manufacturer, and laptop holder with printed logo industries.

best everyday bags
best everyday bags

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Turkish leather bag brand:

Turkey  has long been known for its excellent handmade leather accessories and emerging handbag specialists are combining this heritage with modern, Turkish brands such as Mehry Mu, Manu Atelier, Sanayi 313 and Mlouye are taking the fashion world by storm.


founded handbag brand MEHRY MU in 2009 and the label has since gained a large international following, characterized by boxy, sculptural bags, often featuring wicker and woven details, velvet and embroideries, MEHRY MU was created from MUTLU’s love of fabric.

Sister BESTE and MERVE MANASTIR founded MANU ATELIER in 2014 to promote handcrafts and pay tribute to their father, who is renowned leather goods craftsman, their boxy, structures styles are available in a wide variety of colors and are perfect for the modern women.


It’s an accessories brand for the fashion forward individual, launched in 2015.


founded in 2015 in Turkey and has excellent quality and design at its heart, MOLUYE offers styles in monthly drops rather than following trends, the lantern bag was inspired by a classic lampshade and is made of smooth, strong Italian leather, the label’s sculptural are connected to RURE’s background in industrial design.

These four labels have avoided counterfeits by producing handmade items with intricate details that are impossible to copy.

The young designers work with artisans from long lines of skilled craftsmen, ensuring the highest quality, this couples with unique signature styles and striking designs, as helped to capture the attention of the fashion world, a loyal customer base is absolutely essential for brands to achieve success.

Each one of these is available in some of the world’s leading stores.

leather bag shops kalkan Turkey :

Import from Turkey  was and still the gate to gain wealth and achieve ambition as many importers around the world buy various products from Turkey , and you can import bags from Turkey  due to the great quality and reasonable prices for sale in Turkey , you can buy from a lot of shops in Turkey  such as:


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Turkey  leather bag price:

Turkish companies develop products such as women bag, men bag, backpack, wallets, handbags, travel bag, and shoulder bags, you can buy this products for a suitable prices.

  • You can get JIANUO Turkish leather woman bags luxury handbags ladies official leather bags for 13.26$/piece.
  • You can get EMC041 SAC A main lady name brand shoulder bag for 6.90$/piece.
  • You can get Soft genuine leather small cross body cell phone purse for women, mini messenger shoulder bag wallet with credit card slots for 8.00$/piece.
  • You can get men leather bag genuine cow hide leather private label handbag for 85.00/piece.
  • You can get 4109 hot sale Turkish leather bags women luxury handbags designer tote stitching leather hand bags for 12.58$/piece.
  • You can get fashion custom logo casual women’s travel PU sling shoulder cross body Turkish plain leather tote hand bag for 5.60$.
  • You can get lowest price Turkish leather bags Turkey tote bag factory for 7.38$/piece.
  • You can get eco-friendly factory directly tote bag with leather handles, Turkish leather bags, very cheap genuine leather handbags for 85.00$/piece.
  • You can get spring and summer new Turkish arrow bag niche simple leather handbags contrast color shoulder slung small square bag for 35.89$/piece.
  • You can get collage special printing Turkish leather bag for 10.00$.
  • You can get new popular pure color handbag designer weave simple Turkish leather bags for 13.75$/piece.

Finally, you can get Turkish leather bags online from a lot of manufacturers in Turkey  which manufacture and export bags, you can get beach bags, backpacks, hand bags, ladies bags, sports bags, school bags, with high quality and suitable prices from these Turkish leather bag manufacturers .


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