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Turkey bag factory … 10 options to choose from

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turkey bag factory

The leather industry in Turkey is one of the most important industries there, as there is Turkey bag factory that produce a lot of bags, shoes, counterfeit bags and brands, and here are the most important factories and companies for bags in Turkey where the importing – house platform will mention now.


Turkey bags factory

It is known that the bags factories in Turkey are among the leading industries at this time, including the manufacture and production of Turkish bags and bags known for their high quality and varied brands and production of the finest and best Turkish bags, and most importantly, there are first-class imitation bags in Istanbul, where they are considered Leather industry is one of the most important industries in Turkey, especially bags factories in Istanbul, and there are many factories specialized in manufacturing turkey bag wholesale from the best Turkish women’s bags. We offer the best destinations, companies and factories for shoes that have taken care of bags in Turkey.

  1. AKGÜL ÇANTA Foundation.
  3. Club Aldo

Here is Turkey bag online shopping :-

Trendyol online store:

The site was established in 2010 to provide customers with the best shopping experience anytime and anywhere, it has more than 25 million members and Turkey from 2000 people in its team and the largest and fastest growing e-commerce platform in Turkey, offering more than 200 million products annually to its customers in many Categories such as fashion, electronics, home, furniture, food, mother and baby, bag turkey Istanbul  and cosmetics, and it is one of the best bags stores in Turkey.

Its goal is to become the team that creates the most positive impact on her country by facilitating technology shopping, Turkish websites for selling bags.

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Hepsiburada online store:

It is the leading e-commerce platform in turkey bag factory, the leader in digital transformation in Turkey and the brand, the business platform brings together millions of customers and supports the development of retail and the growth of the local economy.

The platform started its life in 2001 as part of Doğan Online with the Hepsiburada brand, despite its presence as the largest e-commerce company in Turkey and the region considered a leader among companies in the Internet and technology.

Since 2001 it continues to support digital transformation and grow hand in hand with the retail industry with its solutions that facilitate the customer experience and shopping in e-commerce, bringing a wide category options such bag from Turkey to its customers with one click, driving the expansion of the habit of online shopping and the development of the e-commerce sector with advantages That they provide to their clients.

As a result of the vision of its founder Hansad Do دan Boehner, online retail services all over Turkey on delivery make life easier for all stakeholders.

Hepsiblorada brings together high-quality Turkish companies, brands and products on the platform with global markets and millions of new customers through the electronic export initiative and offers the best prices for travel bags in Turkey.

 It grows rapidly since its inception and today hosts more than 100 million monthly visits in 40 categories with tens of millions of product types and meets all the needs of its visitors with its wide product range and continues to provide its customers by increasing its product range and service facilities through new investments and cooperation.


– Turkish bags wholesale via Telegram

If you don’t want to buy through Turkey wholesale sites look at telegram where the merchant can buy and receive goods in any country around the world without the need for a commercial register or any papers such as the door-to-door shipping system, and also offers all kinds of veiled clothes, evening dresses, sportswear, underwear, shoes and bags in addition to men’s clothes and others. At the beginning, download The Telegram application from the application store on your phone noting that you will not be able to browse the links without downloading the Telegram application by clicking on the link of the channel you are interested in and you see the import of Turkish bags wholesale after subscribing to the channel to be aware of everything new, when you click on any link you will find an offer All models are available in prices and sizes giving you ample opportunity to directly access the information.

Turkey bag manufacturer

If you are from the middle class and there is not much money, in order to buy international brands, do not worry, as today it is possible to buy the most expensive international brands through the Tradition of Turkey Brands website, which is a site that specializes in selling cheap turkey bagsand the most famous and most expensive imitation of international brands that their owners are proud of in front of others That it does not differentiate from the original one that the most famous Turkey bag brands websites for selling counterfeit brands or for importing from Turkey are:

  1. Coquette.
  2. Sale.
  3. Roman.
  4. Modo.

Turkey bag shops

Istanbul is characterized by the presence of a group of the most famous and most important markets that offer its customers women bags in Turkey, and their requests, and the contents of the markets are not limited to local goods but also international brands, where you also find factories and markets interested in imitating international brands and offering wholesale bags in Turkey at lower prices and good quality, where you can visit the most famous markets In Turkey and buy the most beautiful Turkish women’s bags, and examples of these markets are:

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– Istanbul markets

The market contains many stores, about 140 stores, and a variety of clothes, shoes and bags, as well as dairy shops, crushers, spices, herbs and many more, as well as gift and accessories stores, which design a mixture of modern Turkish culture and ancient Ottoman culture.

Arasta market

It is one of the largest Turkish markets to import women’s bags from Turkey by hand, which contains many famous tourist places, where you find inside these markets the best stores that sell bags with the best quality, as they are one of the most beautiful bags markets in Istanbul in addition to the presence of monuments, some mosques, historical museums and markets Restaurants, parks and the market It is a narrow alley full of lovely shops selling things like traditional gift carpets, carpets and tourist things to remember.

In short, it can be said that Istanbul has more than 200 amazing markets for importing women acacia from Turkey all over the city, and the markets in Istanbul provide you with a wide range of good products at cheap prices, and you can simply import bags from Turkey, and there are also many locations During that, you can buy the best brands, so feel free to buy shoes from Turkey.

In order for your trade to be successful, you must contract with reliable import companies from Turkey.

If you want to import from Turkey you should read the following lines:

Here are the best buying experiences from Turkey, by showing you the import methods from Turkey, and the best ones and what is suitable for merchants.

Turkey wholesale sites
Turkey wholesale sites

– Traveling to Turkey

Traveling to import bags from Turkey is the best option, as you can visit the largest number of companies, factories and markets, and by doing this you have the ability to closely examine products, and thus comparisons can be made between different products in terms of prices, designs and quality levels and in the end you can choose the most suitable products for the target market From the source of supply that gives you the best price and from the most famous women bags in Turkey.

– Import from Turkey via the Internet

As the import from Turkey is done via the Internet, but care must be taken to buy from a company with high ratings by buyers.

– Import broker

This method depends on assigning an import company from Turkey to purchase the products it needs with the required specifications, so that this company can import and customs clearance, and thus achieve convenience, but in return you will pay money for these services and the amounts paid are a percentage of the total price.

Don’t forget that the merchants of Arab countries are the most famous merchants in the world who are attracted to Turkish clothes, accessories and bags because of their high-quality raw materials and reasonable prices compared to other international brands with high prices, so importing women’s bags from Turkey is a wonderful thing because of the quality of natural leather in Turkey with The innovative design of its products and I advise you to go to the best offices and sites to import bags, and it will provide you with everything you need.

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Turkey bag price

There is a one-lira market in Turkey and there is a street for brands in Istanbul, and it is one of the oldest Turkish streets that Arabs love in particular for replica bags in Turkey and has international brands that suit all tastes, and there are also famous factories such as imitation factories in Turkey and bags markets in Istanbul Turkish products are distinguished by quality, durability and models Modern styles that suit young people and others that suit women in society, and at the same time, prices are suitable for all levels.

– The price for a large-capacity carry-on is between 23.21 and 29.03 TL.

– The prices of travel bags in Turkey range between 133.88 and 223.64 TL depending on the number of wheels and Turkey bag size or the durability of the leather bag.

– The price of high-quality Turkish bags for women ranges between 17.39 – 127.44 TL depending on the materials, quality and design.

– The price of a women’s and men’s suitcase ranges between 87.08 and 192.93 TL.

Finally, Importing from Turkey bag factory was and is still a gateway to achieving wealth, as many importers around the world were and are still buying different products from Turkey in terms of high quality and reasonable prices to sell them in the local markets and achieve a lot of financial gains, and the demand has increased in recent periods for many importers to import bags Turkish women import from Turkey, and you can also join this rich group and import what the local markets need, then sell and profit It is a simple task, but you buy from the best place instead of the nearest place.


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