leather bag manufacturers in Turkey

Top 11 recognizable leather bag manufacturers in Turkey

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in leather bag manufacturers in Turkey ; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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leather bag manufacturers in Turkey

Are you willing to import from Turkey ? Do you want to import leather bags from Turkey ? Do you want to know some of recognizable places and trust worthy which they famous for leather bag manufacturers in Turkey ? Don’t worry, through importing-house platform you will find what you need to know of importing leather bag from best of Turkish leather bag manufactures and factories.


Turkey  leather bag manufacturer

Importing from Turkey  was and is still a gateway to achieving wealth, as many importers around the world were buying and still buying various products from Turkey , and surely you can also import bags from Turkey  because of the high quality and reasonable prices for sale in Turkey .

It is known that Turkish industries are among the most pioneering industries at this time, including the manufacture and production of many Turkish leather bag brands which known for their high quality and varied brands and production of the finest and best Turkish bags,

We offer the best destinations, companies and factories for leather bags in Turkey  here some of them:


Metiş Deri is a small workshop by Cumali Ulaş was established in Istanbul in 1998, they are Manufacturing and producing of high-quality leather goods and accessories in Istanbul, Turkey .

They produce different shapes and sizes of leather good accessories, like ladies’ bags, purses, wallets, travel bags, office stationery, games such as backgammon cases and other products.

They have their own branded goods under the Cangurione brand but also produce for many companies under their own brand. They work mainly with Turkish leather but can also import specific leather that you may request. Turkish leather is used by many worlds known brands that produce in Turkey , so it is of a high quality.

They are already export to Europe, Old Russian Republics, Africa and Middle East. they have companies in the UK, Holland, Germany and others spread around Europe.

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A Manufacturer in Turkey  for Leather and Artificial Leather Materials As a family-owned handbag manufacturer company for leather and non-leather bags at 1973.

They are manufacturing bags; handbags, backpacks, wallets, cross bags, etc. And for some of global brands in Turkey

Also, providing services; Custom Made and Private Label to brands, and designers; from drawing to sampling, sampling to bulk production within their manufactory. They have capacity to manufacture from drawing, photo or sample to bulk production.


Tekin Deri Ltd:

 One of the oldest leather manufacturing company in the natural fine leather goods industry based in Istanbul, Turkey , it was established in 1993. Tekin Deri is the main supplier of many international B2C leather products companies. Tekin Deri specializes in %100 leather handmade accessories including phone cases, leather bags, tablet cases, card holders, wallets, cigarette cases and more.


DESAN started its adventure in 1983, has the feature of being the most important and also one of the most respected organizations in the Turkish leather goods and bag industry with it experience.  DESAN family was first established in Istanbul Beyazıt region under the leadership of Halis Recep ŞAHİN and today it has developed its fields of activity with nearly thirty years of experience.

They meet your expectations by combining the sensitivity they show towards their customers, with their different style following the latest fashion trends and the importance they attach to quality at affordable prices.


The company BUMINK PROMOSYON CANTA IMALAT based in Istanbul, Turkey . they are a Manufacturer and Producer, which operates in the Bags, briefcases and leather bags and accessories industries.


Leather bag factory Turkey


Due to thier interest in leather, which is the most used natural material by human beings since prehistoric times, they entered the sector in 1982 and established their own production facility. Since the first day they were founded bags, wallets, belts Turkey  and produce products such as leather bag in bulk to the collections of major clothing brands in the world, it deprives the skin, they contribute with their products such as leather belt.

They bring leather together with traditional hand workmanship and today’s technology, transform it into modern products in accordance with TSE and ISO 9001: 2000 quality standards, and present it to your liking. they produce 100% domestic leather bags, wallets, belts and various leather accessories

In addition to this they offer best offers for wholesale section, while producing 97 corporate brands at home and abroad, they serve many companies and organizations by meeting the bulk order and promotion demands of individual customers.


They are best leather bag manufacturers in Turkey , producing belts, bags, wallets, handbags and all leather goods TURKEY . Established in 1982, working with European customers and use the best Turkish leather.


The company based in Turkey , producing leather products. You can see products picture and details at their website. Bags category has lots of different type of products for example mother baby bags, backpacks, laptop bags, watch box and bags, rosary box and bags, jewelry accessory bags, men and women bags. If you want to produce your model, just send them a sample.

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Leather bag shops kalkan Turkey

Where to buy leather bag? Well, Istanbul is characterized by the presence of a group of the most famous and most important markets that offer its customers women bags in Turkey , and their requests, and the contents of the markets are not limited to local goods but also international brands, also we mentioned above the best of leather bags manufacturers that you can buy from them in Turkey .

Where you also find factories and markets interested in imitating international brands and offering them at lower prices and good quality such as

Kalkan bags:

it’s respected foundation in ANTALYA, Turkey , which Misty May Leather shop is giving best service to provide and manufacture high quality leather bags in Turkey .

It is a Class Leather Bag Shoes Online shopping web site, they are manufacturing bags for almost 30 years for women and men accessories like: small, clutch, backpacks, shoulder, and tote bags, wallets, belts and briefcases all of their products are from leather.

Also, where you can visit the most famous markets In Turkey  and buy the most beautiful Turkish women’s bags, and finding the shopping leather bag, so, examples of these markets are:

Istanbul markets

The market contains many stores, about 140 stores, and a variety of clothes, shoes and bags, as well as dairy shops, crushers, spices, herbs and many more, as well as gift and accessories stores, which design a mixture of modern Turkish culture and ancient Ottoman culture.

Arasta market

The Arasta market (Arasta Bazaar) is a shopping street with stalls selling Souvenirs, Handicrafts, Turkish sweets, spices, jewelry, Antiques and It is one of the largest Turkish markets to import women’s bags from Turkey  by hand, which contains many famous tourist places, where you find inside these markets the best stores that sell bags with the best quality, as they are one of the most beautiful bags markets in Istanbul.

In addition to the presence of monuments, some mosques, historical museums and markets Restaurants, parks and the market It is a narrow alley full of lovely shops selling things like traditional gift carpets, carpets and tourist things to remember.

leather bag in bulk
leather bag in bulk

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Turkey  leather bag price

There is a one-lira market to shop in Turkey  and there is a lot of brands of leather bag Turkey  in Istanbul, as there are a lot of oldest Turkish streets that Arabs love in particular, it has international brands that suit all tastes and style you can find there.

Also, there are famous factories such as imitation factories in Turkey  and bags markets in Istanbul Turkish products are distinguished by quality, and models Modern styles that suit young people and others that suit women in society, and at prices are suitable for all levels.

The price for a large-capacity carry-on is between 23.00 and 29.00 TL.

The prices of Turkey  leather bag in Turkey  range between 133.00 and 223.00 TL depending on the durability of the leather quality.

The price of high-quality Turkish bags for women ranges between 17.00 – 127.00 TL depending on the materials, quality and design.

In short, it can be said that Istanbul has more than 200 amazing markets for importing cheap leather bags from Turkey  all over the city, and the markets in Istanbul provide you with a wide range of good products at cheap leather bags cheap prices, and you can simply import bags from Turkey , and there are also many Sites where you can buy the best brands, please feel free to buy leather bags from Turkey .

As these sites you can import leather bag wholesale from Turkey  online in several ways, the most important of which are:

Searching online on sites such as Alibaba, Trendyol on the Internet or by relying on Google, or even by traveling to Turkey  (do not rush and spend a lot of time searching to find the best possible source of goods).

It is possible to communicate electronically with any of the Turkish websites to obtain a Turkey  wholesale online price quote for branded bags from Turkey  and to confirm the terms of import from Turkey , where you can communicate on the name of your company or on the name of your personal page.

And when communicating with the name of the company and its e-mail with the deal is serious and thus you get answers Fast and serious offers from websites.

You must have full knowledge of the specifications of importing Turkish women’s bags that you want to buy, so if you want to buy a bag, you must specify everything related to the product such as quantity, types, style, colors, and everything related to branded bags from Turkey , and do not leave such These things are for sellers.

In conclusion, we have mentioned the best of leather bag manufacturers in Turkey  that you can try to deal with some prices that you can find in Turkish markets, as prices are different from place to place specially in wholesale offering, so, don’t rush for it try more than two places and compare them to decide which one is better for your budget and your goals.


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