steel factories in turkey

best 5 steel factories in turkey.. Your guide for industry experts

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steel factories in turkey

We know that Turkey is an industrial country, and the number of steel factories in turkey is a huge, don’t waste your time and choose now the company from the following list.

biggest steel companies in turkey

There are many factories for the iron and steel industry in Turkey, and they include many regions in Turkey, but some points related to export and import must be taken into consideration. There are a number of conditions to import from turkey , which are that the goods are determined by weight and shape, as all imports are examined before entering the Kingdom, and the Kingdom also requires documents for export, and the commercial register of the importer is obtained, in addition to obtaining a signal. The country of origin, the name of the carrier of the imported turkish steel , in addition to the trademark, the amount of shipment that will arrive at the Kingdom’s customs, as well as the bill of lading the imported goods.


mport from turkey
mport from turkey
  1. Emaar Group

Emaar Turkey Group for Investment, Contracting, Medical Tourism, Import and Export is a prominent position among the contracting companies in Turkey, as it has extensive knowledge in the field of civil engineering, and steel production in turkey and the reason for the success of the Emaar Group is reliable transactions between the two parties, that is, between the business owner and the work he does.

Emaar Group in Turkey provides a guarantee to complete the project and deliver it on time and without delay in every stage of the project completion, as Emaar Group relies in its dealings in all areas of its competence and its work on the method of respect, reciprocated by their representatives, whether in providing services or within the work of ongoing and implemented projects Whether inside or outside the country, in addition to adhering to the principles of the institution and demonstrating integrated performance in all the company’s specializations, represented in transport projects, infrastructure, agriculture, energy, construction, housing and industrial facilities, importing iron from Turkey.

  1. Al-Duraie Steel Manufacturing Company:

  Its products are sold to 130 countries, and it is well known equipment in the global crushing and grinding industry and steel industry in turkey is considered a standardized enterprise. The company began to expand and supply different types of iron and steel and thus began to gain customer satisfaction and admiration and store all types and sizes of iron.

steel suppliers in turkey

Iron factories and companies in Turkey play a prominent role in the field of infrastructure construction, which is currently going through a rapid development phase in Turkey, in order to form a high-quality basis for service life and a better life in Turkey where we always expand and renew our information and follow the technological development to give the best results.

  1. Dama Steel Company in Turkey:

  It was established in 1974 in Istanbul near the port of Ambarli, and it is considered one of the main companies in the turkey steel market specialized in the production and export of all Turkish steel specifications. Welded iron wires and their products keep pace with the times and global technological development, foundation and load-bearing walls and not gaps, galvanized and dyed polyester fence wires can be processed and used in fencing applications around homes, gardens, farms, shops, sports complexes and roads.

  1. Meet Bay

It is a steel construction industry in Turkey and the largest Turkish steel factory, as it was established in 1990 and since that day the company began to provide its services to turkish traders in the field of steel buildings construction for Mika companies, concrete industries, manufacturing cranes, manufacturing machines and special vehicles.


steel manufacturer in turkey

  1. Aras Shipping Company and in 2003 the company started to provide its services under the name of Meet Bay to manufacture machines and establish projects and steel constructions due to the use of machines based on modern technology and the efficiency and experience of its employees. It’s became one of the best steel billet manufacturers in turkey Due to satisfying the desires and requests of our customers, they have become the first choice in this field, and the headquarters of the company is located in the city of Ankara in the Yeni Mahalla area.


steel price in turkey today

According to the prices announced on the Iron Exchange in Turkey, jug  prices in Turkey today reached 294 dollars / ton, while the prices of steel squares – billets – ranged between 420 – 445 dollars per ton, and the prices of rebar ranged between 465-480 dollars / ton . The steel price per ton  in the market increased by between 400 and 450 liras per ton at the level of all local companies as a result of several factors, including lower demand for imports for large quantities of Turkish iron after imposing a rate of 6, 8%, and the average price per ton of iron in Turkey rose to 5,500 Lira to the consumer at the time of import, to record prices higher than the prices of bars in the local market, this imported iron achieves discipline in the bar sector and makes profitable profits for those who distribute it. Finally, after agreeing on the import process from a steel online company, try to choose a shipping company that adheres to the deadlines.

Steel producers in Turkey

  • Metal Bekap A.S.

Definition of the Company In September 2006, they opened the largest steel strap manufacturing facility in their country and their aim is to make their business a leading brand that is often demanded by customers in different sectors and to pioneer their investments in new goods. Bekap currently has an annual overall sheet manufacturing capability of 130,000 tones, consisting of 50,000 tones of production of electro galvanized sheets; 50,000 tones of sheet breaking and dimensioning; and 30,000 tones of production of steel straps. The goods they are currently exporting to U.S.A, Canada, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Syria, England,

Blued & Waxed Steel Strapping Strips Black Painted & Waxed Steel Strapping Strips Zinc Painted & Waxed Steel Strapping Strips Bright (Cold Rolled) and Zinc Coated (Electro Galvanized or Hot Dip Galvanized) Steel Seals They believe they can meet their requirements for materials and packaging machines for steel strapping. Below, you can have short technical information. For any of their questions, please feel free to email us and they will be happy to receive their further input.

Steel producers in Turkey
Steel producers in Turkey

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Iron & Steel MHB

Definition of the Company MHB Iron & Steel Co. is a steel industry trade firm that will have the highest standard and pricing for their requirements. You can visit theirthey site if you are interested in importing from Turkey

Steel Industry Cel-Mer

Definition of the Company CEL-MER STEEL COMPANY is a steel best company founded in 1986, based in Kocaeli / Turkey, located on a closed 17,000 m2 industrial zone in Turkey, on a 95,000 m2 site. CEL-MER STEEL COMPANY manufactures steel bars of different grades and styles (round, square, hexagonal, flat bars & special profiles) primarily used in automotive, machinery, agriculture, ship, household appll, etc.


Definition of the Company The GUNEY CELIK is one of the major Turkish producers of wire goods. It was formed in 1992 to manufacture they laded wire mesh for the building and construction industry. In the next decade, they have concentrated their efforts on extending their manufacturing capability, increasing the spectrum of the commercial offer, looking at the constant growth of their consumer demands, they are able to address and create new products year after year to respond to customer demand. It has made investments based on further preparation for workers, high technology, steel best quality and more integrated manufacturing processes to effectively fulfil the demands of the sectors it serves: design & construction, business and agriculture.


Definition of the Company COMPANY PROFILE Their company has over 25 years of experience and knowledge in the field of business. Thanks to its production capacity, 15 years of galvanized coating system guaranteed, their company has a prominent place among its competitors in the field of steel wholesale business. It is active in auto guardrail manufacturing, steel construction production, spray galvanization and various mechanical manufacturing fields.

 Through the contracts awarded overseas and international certificates obtained, their company has ISO: 9001, TSE and CE certificates to prove its success. Their company exportssteel wholesaleto more than 30 countries around the globe. Their company is one of the leading companies in Turkey with its innovation-friendly staff, specialized in their fields in line with advances in technology, equipped with the necessary experience and references.

 FIELDS OF ACTIVITY Manufacturing and Installation of Guardrail Design and Distribution of Steel Pedestrian Bridges Spray Galvanizing (thermal arc spray metalizing) METALIZING Hot Dip Galvanizing Vertical Congestion Signs Trapeze Cladding Works and Pitch Concrete Works Their company, which provides the best service to its customers in the shortest time, is willing to work with you and share its experience.

Steel import from Turkey
Steel import from Turkey

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Steel import from Turkey

APAYDIN Goods OF METAL Co. Inc. Inc.

Definition of the Company Their company specializes in the manufacture of galvanized, pvc screened, hexagonal wire mesh, spiral wire mesh, spiked wire mesh and panel fencing and steam cured concrete poles, working on a 20000 square meter wide space in Merion Integrated Industrial Area.

NUHTEL Wire of Tel Unrulier

Definition of the Company NUHTEL was developed for the manufacture of Hot Dip Galvanized Steel. In order to manufacture its goods, NUHTEL uses the latest technical equipment and aims full customer loyalty. Their factory is situated in Yalova / TURKEY, giving us a strategic edge because it is close to nearby major ports. Today, with their own wire-drawing machines, steel bulk and galvanizing line, they represent the domestic and foreign markets. The annual volume is 15.000 tones. The products are as follows: galvanized hot-dip wire, annealed wire, steel wire, etc.

UBS Exchange with A.S.

Definition of the Company They are an ISTANBUL Turkish Trading Firm. Construction materials such as ceramic, steel, rebar, marble and iron and chrome, zinc and lead ore are advanced.

Acetic Steel Iron Inc.

They are founded in Izmir, Turkey, in 1978. Their turnover per year is 90,000 metric tones of steel. In 2005, they became ISO 9001 certified. They are one of Turkey’s leading and very they-known BRIGHT STEEL Manufacturer and also manufacture PEELING, COLD DRAWING, STRAIGHTINING, CHAMFERING, GRINDING. They are renowned for keeping the immense stocks of the following steel ranges, sizes. In addition, they have three of their own stocks and steel from Turkey, Izmir and Konya cities.

In the very near future, they expect to open fresh branches in the Middle East, North Africa or large regions to better serve their customers. Their cold drawing, peeling, straightening, chamfering and grinding facilities are located in Gebze, Kocaeli, which is right next to Istanbul, Turkey. This letter is to present us to you as the right option / strategic partner for their requirements for steel and raw materials.  They firmly and strongly agree that they will give you very good pricing and the best time to produce through theirsteel plant Turkey.

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