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thermal packaging machine with top 12 Turkish manufacturers

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thermal packaging machine


Has it become difficult for you to buy the best thermal packaging machine? Are you looking for some kind of assistance in purchasing? We know how it feels to have thousands of products in front of you and you have to choose one of the many products available of thermal packaging market in Turkey.

We tested this when our writers in importing-house platform  importing house gathering information on the best popular thermal packaging machine this year. Some of questions may arise in your mind. You may see appropriate answers for them before deciding to make a purchase, we’ll help! Here’s a list of specific questions that might be wiggling in your mind regarding the best thermal packaging machines in 2020 – let’s take a look at some of them:

thermal packaging manufacturer

If you are one of the two factories and looking for the best factories that you can import the machine from, we have prepared for you a list of the best factories that offer you modern and advanced machines in the best industry:

thermal packaging manufacturer
thermal packaging manufacturer
  1. SAB FBM:

At SABFBM you can find complete solutions for packaging high quality packaging machines. High-efficiency thermal packaging machines in production lines.

  1. Epsder:

EPSDER is a Turkish EPS Industry Association of Expandable Polystyrene (EPS) producers, EPS thermal insulation and insulation packaging “PUD – Polystyrene Manufacturers Association” was established in 1996 in Ankara, Turkey. EPSDER has been a member of European Manufacturers of EPS Association and has made a mission to raise awareness on insulation and energy efficiency.

  1. Temax Krautz:

The company Krautz-Temax has invested in manufacturing facilities in Turkey. The Turkish manufacturing plant is operating according to the Temax-Belgium manufacturing-guidelines. All manufactured products are subject to the Temax quality management system and also are retested on quality assurance at arrival in the Belgian manufacturing and warehousing facilities. A Turkish manufacturer is specialized in the production of tailor-made reusable products and insulation packaging such as re-use thermal covers, bags, cooler bags and more.


VOLVAC PACKAGING AND FOOD MACHINERY INDUSTRY LTD. TIC. ŞTI, is A Manufacturer and Producer established in Istanbul, Turkey and operates in the Foodstuffs sector, thermal packaging for food, Industrial Packaging Machines and thermal packaging machine. It also operates in the package sealing machinery, vacuum packaging machinery, thermoplastic packaging machinery and plastic packaging machinery sectors.

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thermal packaging companies

thermal packaging companies
thermal packaging companies


  1. Zirwa company:

Zirwa Company is an advanced engineering industries company based in Gaziantep, Turkey, and it is the first companies in Turkey that works in this field and leads its sales, in chips lines and thermal packaging machine as its products are exported to more than 42 countries around the world that you can import from turkey . The company, during the first months of 2018, opened a sales branch in the United States to be the first company in the Middle East to export chips production lines to the United States of America. The company also has another branch In Russia, and there are no geographical boundaries that hinder Visitors from installing its factories and machines, wherever you are, they can reach you all over the world.

All machines and lines were manufactured according to well-thought-out plans according to international quality standards, starting with the design and engineering study, then modeling and simulating machine parts separately. The Company providing high-quality products and machines, as it supplies chips factories and packaging factories from A to Z and specializes in manufacturing chips of all kinds and packaging machines, weight and volume. Zirwa offers corn chips production lines, production lines for corn chips, stuffed with chocolate and cream, corn loops production lines, fried pallet chips production lines and the finest types of production lines, appetizers or so-called snacks, also production lines for Arabic bread and dates preparation lines and its packaging lines. 


The company OZKAGIT PACKAGING PAPER TUBE, is a Manufacturer/ Producer, which operates in the thermal packaging for paper – manufacture industry. It is based in Gaziantep, Turkey.

  1. Rasel pack:

RASELPACK was established in Turkey with its experienced staff in the packaging industry. With experience it carries out its product sales and marketing activities in the fields of cardboard angle iron, plastic angle bar, corrugated cardboard box, plastic packaging, paper and printing.


Saica Pack a Turkish company develops corrugated cardboard packaging solutions in Turkey. Packaging solutions such as High Graphic fine print, OFFSET printing and solid board production, performance-based production, and new design applications, they offer personalized product solutions that provide the maximum added value to their products for all sectors such as crash lock, multi-point gluing -up to 8 glue points, stitched industrial boxes, pizza boxes, OFFSET catering boxes and conic trays. They serve different sectors from durable consumer goods to fresh fruits and vegetables, from furniture to automotive industry; from ceramics to fast way moving markets. They increase manufacturing productivity and efficiency by optimizing the number of necessary parts and providing the most effective ways to assemble and package.

  1. TASPER:

This company is a leader company in thermal insulated products, sound insulating, waterproofing Materials, producing Perlite as well. They have more than 50 products of waterproofing and thermal insulating and sound insulating thier products are high quality products trademarks.

  1. Pelican Biothermal:

Pelican Biothermal is the first cold chain packaging solutions provider to make available abroad, diverse portfolio of single use and reusable passive temperature-controlled packaging for the life science industry. Their product brands are available in a host of payload capacities from 2 to 96 liters. And offer unprecedented flexibility to fully optimize performance and contain costs through volume efficiency, simple puckout, reduced inventory needs and lower distribution costs while protecting valuable, critical pharmaceuticals, diagnostics/clinical trials, tissue, vaccines and blood supplies to the last mile around the world.

  1. Marden Edwards

Marden Edwards has a separate special division (Shrink Wrapping Division). This division is only dedicated to shrink wrap machines that thermal packaging machine start from semi-automatic levels to fully automatic advanced levels at high speeds. The shrink-wrapping division of Marden Edwards Company also supplies cellophane for laminating process, thus perfectly harmonizing the packing machine and the packing material (cellophane). They offer a very wide range of shrink-wrapping systems:

  • Packaging compartments
  • L-shaped welding (stamping) machines
  • Side (stamping) welding machines.
  • Stretch Wrapping Machines (Cellophane Stretch).
  • Thermal encapsulation channels (shrinking).
  • Integrated packaging solutions from A to Z.
  • Complete consumables for shrink wrapping machines.
  1. Polar Thermal Packaging Ltd:

A manufacture range of temperature control insulated systems. They include transport packaging for food, blood products, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and other many specialist applications. Their entry in to the thermal control market came following a request by the Ministry of Defense to solve the problem of frozen food melting at the dockside. Their primary target markets are Pharmaceutical, Clinical Research Organizations, Health Service Providers, Perishable Food Distributors and Logistics Companies, although their range of unique products are easily transferable to many other industries and service sectors.

  1. Tp solutions:

They manufacture all products in Sheffield, UK and distribute nationwide and throughout Europe at the lowest trade prices. They custom-sized insulated box liners are a space-saving and cost-effective way to deliver chilled & fresh goods. They are ideal for transportation of food, drinks, pharmaceuticals and other temperature sensitive goods and products. Ensure your customers receive their orders cold, fresh and professionally packaged without using bulky Polystyrene.

  1. Kordon yalitim:

Kordon insulation, polyethylene thermal insulation materials, packaging materials and under-parquet mattress production with its expert staff. The company started production in 2014 and expands its product line by growing rapidly.

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thermal shrink packaging machine

thermal shrink packaging machine
thermal shrink packaging machine
  • Semi-automatic heat-tension package wrapping machine (pe thermal shrink packaging machine) Packaging Roll Specifications: The machine is supplied with two top and bottom polyethylene packaging rolls. The largest outer diameter of the packing roll is 40 cm, and the smallest inner diameter of the roll is 7.6 cm.
  • Machine productivity: The average machine productivity is 225 units per hour, Machine productivity depends:
  • Based on the size of the parcel.
  • Polyethylene paper quality and thicknesses used.
  • Feed speed (manual or automatic).
  • Packaging Mechanism: Heat tension packing system with holes on both sides of the package. The cutting and welding mechanism consists of the following elements:
  • Pneumatic mechanism to move the cutting and welding bench with the ability to control its speed and time. Thermal knife for cutting and welding operations with the ability to control its temperature by a digital electronic thermal controller. The welding and cutting bench are provided with springs to ensure complete cutting. The welding and cutting bench are provided with safety sensors for the user.
  • The machine is equipped with a thermal oven for heat thermal packaging (thermal tunnel) within the following specifications:
  • The opening of the thermal tunnel measures 35 cm high x 50 cm wide x 150 cm long.
  • The heating is done by heaters with the ability to determine the required temperature by the (PLC).
  • The tunnel is equipped with a chain for conveying the product, which is designed according to the product.
  • The chain is driven by variable speed motor by “inverter” type “delta”.
  • Thermal tension system by distributing hot air inside the tunnel to ensure complete homogeneity of heat inside it.
  • The wrapping mechanism is composed of two parts, a “cutting and welding mechanism” and a “convection oven”.
  • The air is distributed by a wind turbine that circulates the hot air on both sides of the tunnel and from under the exhaust to ensure full tension for all parts of the package, including the lower section.
  • The tunnel is provided at the entrance and exit hatch with “radiator” made of Teflon to reduce the heat exchange.
  • The tunnel is isolated from the outer center by glass wool of approximately 10 cm thickness.
  • The machine is equipped with a cooling plant consisting of the following components: Back table for easy movement of the parcel after leaving the tunnel. Exhaust cooling fan.
  • control: All circuit breakers and contactors installed on the machine are German. Side control panel contains:
  • Main keys for operation and emergency.
  • All adjustments, operations and error messages are controlled by a function screen and (PLC type (delta)).
  • Control the chain flow speed by using (inverter) type (delta).
  • Electrical protection circuit breakers against high or low voltage.
  • All the pneumatic components installed on the machine are from Taiwan source.
  • A complete pneumatic service unit (pressure watch + moisture trap + lubrication unit).
  • Work environment:

  • Electrical recharge: 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz.
  • The capacity of the machine is approximately 20 kilowatts at takeoff.
  • Compressed air: 1.5 cubic meters at 8 bars.
  • Temperature: Ambient temperature from (10-40) degrees Celsius.

You can find this machine in Atlas International which is consider a Turkish company specializing in Corn chips and Frying chips production lines and food packaging machines, that meets the international quality standards ISO.

  1. Shrink wrap machine, automatic feeding of parcels with a heat tension system (shrink wrap)
  • Product external specifications:

  • Heat tension packing system with two holes on either side of the package.
  • The possibility of packaging products without a carton base in the event that there is a fixed base for the product on the machine.
  • Specifications of the wrapping film:
    The machine is equipped with two / two / upper and lower thermoplastic polyethylene rolls.
  • Machine productivity: Machine
    productivity / 300 / expulsions per hour on average.
  • Packaging Mechanism:

Automatic ejection feeding unit equipped with a front belt drive for ejection position, motor driven. Pneumatic mechanism for moving the cutting bench and welding with the ability to control its speed and time. Thermal knife for cutting and welding with the ability to control its temperature by a digital electronic thermal controller. The ability to control the cutting and welding times with a timer. The machine is equipped with a thermal oven (thermal tunnel) within the following specifications:

  • The opening of the thermal tunnel measures 40 cm high x 60 cm wide x 125 cm long.
  • Thermal tension system by distributing hot air inside the tunnel to ensure complete homogeneity of heat inside it.
  • The possibility of controlling the direction of the side air through / 4 / standard nozzles.
  • control:

  • A special industrial computer (PLC) to control all machine operations from the French Schneider Electric Company. All the pneumatic components installed on the machine are from the German company Festo.

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thermal packaging products

thermal packaging products
thermal packaging products

What is thermal packaging machine?

Thermal shrink packaging is one of the most advanced packaging methods, using shrink film wrapped in the product or outer packaging, after heating so that the shrinkage film or the tight products shrink, fully showing the appearance of the article, improving product sales, increasing the beauty and value of the sense. At the same time, packaging materials can be sealed, moisture-proof, anti-pollution, and protect goods from external influence, with a certain degree of cushioning, especially when packaging fragile products, can prevent the ship tearing when scattered. In addition, the possibility of product demolition and theft can be reduced.

 thermal packaging materials is normally manufactured with the following materials: Sheets made of synthetic foams, such as cellulose or paper fibers. Packaging machines especially thermal packaging machine are now being used in every field and making our life easier in every way. Packing machines are large and small industrial machines that prepare all kinds of materials nowadays, from dry food to detergent, which we all use in our daily life, without any tangible touches and put them in our use.

It is everyone’s acceptance that these industrial machines are a very important part in facilitating life. Since no unpacked food can be sold anymore as a result of the new law put in force in all country, packaging has to be done compulsorily starting from food and consumer products to promotional and seasonal offers. Packing machines are mostly used in food which should have long shelf life. Foods that can be damaged easily when not well packed. Consumers are now choosing packaged products such as dry food from the grocery markets and stores. as they do not accept the impaired product which contacted with air.

If we need to list some of these products of thermal packaging machine, they are; dairy products, nuts, bakery products, meat and meat products, dried fruits, chocolates, Detergents and chemicals products, Food and beverages, Personal care product (hair and skin care products – cosmetics), Medicines and healthy foods, Auto parts, Books and publication, etc. These products may be listed as foods which are the most stored by vacuum packaging method. It is usually very important issue to maintain both freshness and shelf life of these foods. You can find thermal packaging machine in just search by thermal packaging walmart. 

In conclusion, we hope we’ve mentioned enough information about thermal packaging machine and where to find it as we shown you the great companies and manufacturers producing in that field.


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