import olive oil from Italy

Import olive oil from Italy from 12 manufacturers

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import olive oil from Italy

Are you looking forward to import olive oil from Italy ? As in Italy each region has its own oil, the Tuscan, Ligurian, Sardinian and Apulian ones are best known It is well known that Italy is the home of quality extra virgin olive oil, the green gold with millenary roots that has always been the basis of their gastronomic culture. Through importing house platform we will talk about olive oil suppliers in Italy.

Olive oil manufacturers in Italy

There are many suppliers and producers of Italian olive oil, we have brought you the most famous olive oil factories in Italy as follows:

  1. Colavita:

Colavita has been producing its own oil, in keeping with time-honored traditions, against the backdrop of a richly generous land called Molise, and it is one of international Italian olive oil brands on the oil market, recognized in nearly 70 countries around the world in USA, Canada, Australia and South America in the field of 100% Italian oils.

  1. Monini:

One of top Italian olive oils, they are seeking a superior quality of extra virgin olive oil, in 2001 they felt the need to protect the origin of raw materials, through the analysis and controls of all the parameters of the production chain: From the selection of the cultivars, to the optimization of harvesting and processing methods, to the pressing. Spreading the culture of extra virgin olive oil has always been their goal. For this reason, the oil mill opens its doors to gourmets, curious to discover the secrets of extra virgin olive oil and the best cultivation techniques.

Their olive grove is composed of approximately 80% of Moraiolo, an exclusively Umbrian variety that distinguishes the blend of Assisi – Spoleto oils. A further 12% comes from Frantoio cultivars and the remaining 4.5% from Leccino, two noble cultivars typical of the regions of central Italy, to which 3.5% of other varieties are added.

olive oil importers in Bangalore
olive oil importers in Bangalore
  1. Oliveoilsitaly:

An Italian olive oil online shop for extra virgin olive oils with high quality from all over the world, it is available on Oliveoilsitaly store. They are producing top of extra virgin olive oils from Italy, a variety of over 150 of the best award-winning Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils, organic, PDO and IGP products.

  1. Fiorentini Firenze:

The company founded in 1996 in Italy and one of the most important companies in the marketing of extra virgin olive oil, an olive oil made in Italy of various origins, provenance, and one of the largest storage centers for extra virgin olive oil in Italy with almost 8 million liters of capacity. The storage capacity is equal to 7,164 tons, necessary to carry out the manufacturing process, divided into 69 stainless steel silos of different capacities to maintain distinct qualitative characteristics for each Extra Virgin. It is necessary to keep the different oils separate until bottling: other types of oil are stored in tanks in separate areas with connection totally different from those that connect the Extra Virgin oil tanks.

  1. Sallemi Raffaele Sas:

This company has been operating in the oil sector since 1873 in Italy, they boast a long tradition characterized by seriousness, honesty and professionalism, they are using a state-of-the-art oil mill and storage of oil in silos with a nitrogen system, in air-conditioned rooms that allow the production and storage of a high-quality extra virgin olive oil, and during the pressing, the oil mill turns into a square.

  1. L’olio Pantaleo:

Pantaleo family has dedicated all its commitment since 1890 in Italy, to the production of high-quality Italian olive oils; extra-virgin olive oil with an unmistakable flavor that, despite being produced on a large scale, still manages to maintain the characteristics that have made it popular. The producing quality is a very demanding task. And it becomes even more so when it is intended to do it on a large scale, increasing the quantities of product to be placed on the market, especially in recent years, they have adopted a reasoned investment policy allows on the one hand to increase their production capacities and to maintain the quality level of their oil, making it with the same care as always.

They are the biggest olive oil producers in Italy so for the storage of oil, the company has over 50 underground tanks (with capacities ranging from 10 to 500 tons) completely lined in stainless steel. They aim to customer satisfaction, continuous improvement of product quality and efficiency of company processes, strict compliance with current regulations. These values are shared at all levels of the company organization and also disseminated to external interlocutors.

  1. Carapelli:

One of a large Italian food company based in Florence which you can import olive oil from Italy from there, they are most famous for the extra virgin olive oil. They are one of the leading Italian extra virgin olive oil companies.

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Olive oil factory in Italy

  1. Just Puglia Factory:

A 100% Italian olive oil project, which tells and gives the opportunity to find out about this marvelous land from the unique foreigner’s point of view. The project of startup to enhance the infinite resources of this territory, inspired by nature in all its shades such as: The Extra Virgin Just Puglia Olive Oil obtained from the ancient olive. Their Oil Products Are: BLEND EVO (Extra Vergin Olive Oil), EVO BIO (Organic Extra Vergin Olive Oil), Private Collection, Aroma EVO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) And Novello Olive Oil. Just Puglia Olive Oil is the result of the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in which the quality of the product is at the first place.

  1. Frantoio Molino Avento:

Frantoio Molino a Vento in Rosignano Marittimo are producing olive oil of excellent quality. Which the extra virgin oil is obtained from olive groves along the Tuscan coast, olives are carefully selected, the result is a well-balanced oil of great quality, with fresh aromas and a slightly spicy aftertaste characteristic of Tuscan olive oil. The olive grove is made up of 1500 plants of the frantoio, leccino and moraiolo varieties, it lies on the hills of Rosignano Marittimo exposed to the west and the scented breezes of the sea, while enjoying the scented air of the Mediterranean scrub that extends all around.

The process of milling the olives takes place with the use of latest generation systems. The one used by their company is one of the most advanced continuous cycle mills to produce extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

The olives just harvested in their olive grove are taken to the mill and pressed at a controlled temperature, thus obtaining an oil for (cold extraction). The oil mill is equipped with a disc crusher that delicately cuts the olives while maintaining their aromas. The vats where the dough is processed for 45 minutes are closed to prevent contact with light and to limit the supply of oxygen.

  1. Oleificio Abbracciavento:

Since 60s the Abbracciavento family starts the business with a small oil mill for the production of oil, their olives are taken from the tree at the right degree of ripeness using the centuries-old skill of their producers, establishing the most appropriate time. The freshly olives are brought by the farmers to their mill where they are stored in perforated containers in order to avoid any fermentation processes. Within 24/48 hours of arrival, processing begins, starting with the operations of defoliation and washing of the olives and proceeding with the pressing carried out using a traditional grinder with granite bottom and wheels.

  1. Frantoio Di Matraia:

As early as the 40s, the oil obtained from the olives grown to the north of the town, in an area called Matraia in Italy where were the most popular Italian olive oils. Frantoio di Matraia is located in the town of Marlia. Matraia is home to hundreds of olives trees, offers optimum soil and has a long-standing reputation for the production of excellent extra virgin olive oil.

  1. Nudoadopt:

An Italian olive oil wholesale producing of high quality Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and are always looking for new retailers and distributors to work with. They have an authenticity of all of their products and guarantee that any product is exactly what it says it is on the label, also, they maintain a close relationship with their customers.

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Imported olive oil from Italy

How to buy olive oil from Italy ? Olive trees are an iconic and integral part of the Italian landscape, and while Italy is the second largest producer of olive oil after Spain, no other country is more highly associated with olive oil, from the romantic images of olive groves in Tuscany, to the oil’s dominant influence in nearly every Italian recipe, from pasta and vegetables to cake. There are a number of steps that you need to follow in order to be able to import olive oil of all kinds, which are:

  • Select the type of product you want to purchase which is Italian olive oil bulk.
  • Do a product feasibility study and research the past experiences of importers in the country.
  • Contact the company or exporter, whether traveling or online, and request quotations and product specifications available.
  • If you agree on the product and agree to the prices, agree on the method of dispatch and all possible details before purchasing.
  • Make sure that the product being sent is the same product whose specifications were sent.
  • Request a sample or buy a small amount of the product to make sure that the specifications match the data.
  • Mention on the contract how to pay.
import olive oil to UK from Turkey
import olive oil to UK from Turkey

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Olive oil price in Italy

The first thing you’ll notice is the cost. This oil is probably going to be much more expensive than what you are used to paying in your local supermarket, but true olive oil is expensive, even in Italy In Italy, average prices of olive oil varied between 3.10 euros to 15.5 euros per liter, depending on the type of olive oil.

The average of Italian olive oil price for 1 liter of extra virgin quality oil produced in the South of Italy is between 5.5 and 9 euros. The range of prices varies between 7.5 to 12 euro per liter, but we can find price peaks up to 15 or 20 euro. And that the prices of virgin olives will witness a rise during the year 2020, as virgin olive oil has achieved an increase of up to 3594.01 euros per ton. In the End, we have mentioned in this article top of Italian olive oils manufacturers you can import olive oil from Italy, hope you get useful information for what you need.

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