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plastic bag manufacturer turkey

Turkey is characterized by many industries, and the most important of these industries is the plastic industry, especially plastic bag manufacturer turkey the uses of plastic bags are very numerous, whether at home or restaurants. Therefore, there are many factories exporting products to all over the world.


plastic bag manufacturers in turkey

There are a large number of companies producing plastic and plastic bag in Turkey, and this great diversity pushes the investor who wants to start the trade of plastic as:


is one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of plastic kitchen utensils as plastic turkey bags for sale in Turkey and the products in this company are divided into three main groups: kitchen tools plastic materials, plastic bag manufacturers in turkey, tableware and disposable utensils plastic containers with lids.

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Jetpack Plastic is one of the most famous plastic companies in Turkey, offering many distinctive industries, including: Various plastic products and food grade plastic bags turkey. Jetpack Plastic Company is involved in the process of plastic packaging in addition to manufacturing plastic packages and plastic containers. It manufactures round packages, rectangular packages and oval packages. Also Jetpack Plastic manufactures plastic cooking bags turkey, food packages, packages, plastic pails, plastic boxes, plastic packaging products, and plastic bag manufacturer turkey. It manufactures food boxes, food pails and plastic packages and Food buckets and round packages.

Kent plastic ltd. Sti:

Kent Company for Plastic Trade is considered one of the most important Turkish companies in wholesale plastic turkey bags safe and plastic materials and produces a large number of types and shapes, including various types of plastics. It manufactures garbage bags, shopping bags, and zipper. Kent Plastic Trading Company manufactures plastic bags, handle and handle bags and resalable bags.


plastic bag factory in turkey

The plastic industry is of great standing in our daily life and in the industry in general, so the government is interested in this industry by building factories and providing raw materials. It provides merchants with shipping companies turkey istanbul. The most important plastic production factories are:


 Der Plastic Company is considered one of the most important Turkish manufacturers in the plastic materials industry in terms of great diversity and high quality. And is considered one of the first companies in this field and offers: Der Plastic manufactures biodegradable plastic bags in turkey, all packaging products, plastic bags and nylon bags manufacturing nylon bags of all shapes and types.  They manufacture packaging products such as (medicine bags, wholesale plastic bottles, paper bags, cardboard bags, packaging, carton, plastic bags, and plastic bottles). Manufacture of food products and packaging such as (stretch film, pockets, bundles, plastic bags, paper bag, and rolls).

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Goreme plastic

  They Manufactures of plastic matters, Plastic Kitchenware, Plastic Glassware, Glassware, cheap plastic turkey bags, Serving Plates, Trays, cake Toppers, Divided Trays, Breakfast Trays, Non-Slip Trays, Coffee Trays, Tea Trays, spoons, Sauce Bowls, wholesale plastic serving spoons and Trays Breakfast, extra large turkey bags and oval plates. Goreme has been among the top plastic factory investment in the plastics manufacturing since its foundation in 1972.

plastic turkey bags safe
plastic turkey bags safe


Produces plastics, plastic bag manufacturer turkey, plastic raw materials, plastic waste, oven bags, plastic recycling waste, original raw materials, recycling, polyethylene, recycling pp. Biha Group was established in Mersin and cooperates with reputable producers and suppliers in the world in the sector of plastic raw materials.

plastic bags machine price

We have also mentioned that the demand for plastic bags is increasing in the markets, whether among wholesalers or plastic bag manufacturer turkey, the project of manufacturing bags in any case is profitable and import from turkey too, due to the large need for it in the home as well as indispensable and the importance of the bags increases more and more in factories, as for the waste from plastic bags it is not Its percentage is large, so the plastic industry is based on collecting waste, which works to clean the environment from garbage. From plastic, we can manufacture many things, such as bags, plastic containers, toys, etc.

There are machines in the market for the manufacture of plastic bags of the Turkish type at cheap prices, and good machines are available in turkey bags walmart, whose prices start from $5500 and more, and are sold in dollars to other countries, and there are many plastic bag making machines that differ in quality and price, and companies offer offers for the machines and can be purchased from Over the internet.

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plastic bags market

There are many markets for household utensils in Turkey as:

Marter market

These stores are also located in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, which is a huge chain of shops that sell many different types of various goods at wholesale prices.

Al Fateh Markets

It is one of the popular areas that sell several different sorts of household items, and it is located in Al-Fateh Street, and is characterized by the presence of many wholesale shops in it.

In the end, we recommend that in order to access the best plastic bag manufacturer turkey and factories in Turkey that sell wholesale plastic bags.

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