plastic bag factory in turkey

 Best 7 plastic bag factory in turkey for success trade

For those who entered this article looking for the best specialist in plastic bag factory in turkey; The best specialists in this field from our point of view are:

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As for those looking for information and details to benefit him in this field, we list below the information that we hope will benefit you and satisfy your aspirations:

plastic bag factory in turkey

Would you like to know plastic bag factory in turkey? There are several producers of plastic in Turkey and plastic factories in Turkey, and we will show you the best plastic business in Turkey, and Istanbul and Turkey have a group of plastic manufacturers and suppliers in Turkey. We will show you in which you can find all the facilities you deserve.

plastic bags factory in turkey

In Turkey, are you hunting for a plastic factory? In Turkey, in particular Istanbul, there are many of the best plastic factories for the plastic industry, and there are the most popular factories selling different varieties of plastic goods and Istanbul  plastic products on the domestic and international commercial sector, and the most popular of these are  those factories which also well known with plastic grocery bags recycle ……

1-The Rozamac:

Formed in Louisville and quartered in Istanbul, Turkey, it is a plastics maker. It is active in the plastic packaging industry and in printed plastic bags. Also it operates in the fields of flexography – computers and machinery for screen printing printing. Trying to fill old cylinders and it also made small oven bags.



This is a plastic manufacturer in Turkey, one of the new kitchen tool factories and exporters, and the products in this business are split into three largest categories: as sources of plastic kitchen equipment, food pots, spinning salad strainers, plastic kitchen equipment, etc.) and household goods, tableware and decorative items.


It is just a plastic manufacturer founded in 2005 with its operations in Baspinar / Istanbul, Turkey, and is involved in the field of plastic laminates. It also operates in the tarpaulin and bashing-cutting industries.

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plastic bag vendors

if you are asking about plastic bag factory in turkey and  Where to buy Plastic Grocery Bags

  1. Der plastik: plastik:

It’s among the first producers of high-quality plastic goods to produce plastic containers, nylon containers, food reuse and recycling goods.

plastic bag vendors
plastic bag vendors
  1. Jetpak: -Jetpak:

Providing a list of plastic from plastic packets, triangular, oval and rectangular containers, plastic packets, plastic cheese packets, yoghurt pails and rectangular packaging, it is one of the biggest plastic firms in Turkey. Plastic packaging and aluminium packaging are also sold. Plastic pail bags, bread bags, precooked meals, milk jars, and circular containers are made.

  1. The Aselplast

The business serves as a maker of films for rubber wrapping and other packing products. It contains defining the components and pouches and also supports the carpet industry by offering a film product for segmented rubber packaging, Machine-specific rubber films, manual rubber woven fabrics, subdivided rubber wrapping films, oversize rubber packaging films, and rubber pet food films are included in the product selection. And if you are asking how to import from plastic bag factory in turkey here you are what you should do

Enter the net and start searching for companies that supply Turkish clothes or you can enter business references where the names and details of firms, factories and agencies importing clothes from Turkey and other products are shown in each trade guide, and we have put a safety trade guide to import goods here in Café Net, but from other nations. And shortly, if you are searching for wholesale turkey plastic bag online, we will offer god-willed advice to Turkish businesses Begin to connect with them either by fax or email after you arrive for more than one business, and do not keep this message valid.

Manufacturers that make Turkish products or companies that are normally supplied should negotiate with a limited private sector, which is safer for them than dealing with individuals because the import contract is provided with intensity, consistency and loyalty, so take this point into account if you do not own a company that can be imported to a friend.

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plastic bag making machine cost

Using polythene to make machine turkey retail plastic bag and here you can findplastic bag sealer Biodegradable p t shirt wrap bag making system for automated high-speed packaging machine. How much does a bag of plastic turkey weigh?


30,000.00 U.S.

Quick Details:

Companies relevant: factory, home use, grocery, food shop, building works, food and beverage stores, advertisement business. And about plastic bag price here you are the details: We get an edge in the

  1. Overseas implementation facilities are offered by engineers, but consumers are familiar with the independent equipment for work.
  2. Provide a full distribution line of plastic carrying bags wholesale.
  3.  hours of hotline repair operation to ensure seamless production for consumers.
  1. Offer for free the right amount of weak materials.

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Plastic bags manufacturers in Turkey

There are a large number of companies and plastic bag factory in Turkey that offer all plastic products such as (medicine packaging, grocery bags, medicine packaging, sealing bags, zip-lock bags, marketing bags, films and others …) and here you may be mistrustful and confusing in the industry Plastic I will choose and what are the best plastics I can start my business with. Do not worry. In Istanbul, there are some distinguished plastic manufacturers who have a long and ancient history in this field, including:

buy plastic bags wholesale
buy plastic bags wholesale
  1. Goreme Plastic:

They make plastic utensils, plastic kitchen utensils, plastic glassware, glassware, bowls, serving dishes, trays, cake toppers, split trays, breakfast trays, non-slip trays, coffee trays, tea trays, spoons, sauce bowls, bowls and trays for breakfast, corrugated plates, oval plates and bowls. Goreme has been between the chief factories in the plastics industry since its establishment in 1972.

  1. BIHA Plastics Ltd:

They make most used plastic goods as plastic raw materials, plastic waste, wholesale plastic bottles, plastic recycling waste, original raw materials, recycle, polyethylene and recycling pp. Biha Group was well-known in Mersin and unites with reputable producers and plastic producers in Istanbul in the plastic raw materials sector.

  1. Gucsan plastic:

It produces examples of plastic objects as: plastic products, engine components, exterior decoration, exterior trims, interior decoration, and interior decoration. Gucsan Corporation was started in 1967 as a tool plastic bag factory in turkey and started in the production of plastic parts in 1976 as a family business.


Industrial plastics, plastic raw materials, plastic household produces wholesale, raw materials for plastic toys, raw materials for plastic ropes, raw materials for bags, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic bottles, bran piece, waste collection, plastic bag Istanbul and recycling facility. MTM plastic recycling has been in the plastics industry for closely 20 years. The plastic manufacturers in Istanbul began tasks in 2005 with its new name and produces 100 plastic items for sale.

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Plastic bags suppliers

The most important step in the purchasing process is to purchase raw materials from reliable and honest plastic manufacturers in Turkey or companies. To obtain the correct quality that fulfills the purpose, the quality must not be higher than what is required because this means unnecessarily high costs, and the quality must not be less than what is required as this means producing inferior goods. And be aware of turkey goods prices in the market. In addition to picking the right plastic manufacturers in Turkey that the consumer can rely on. There are numerous plastic manufacturers in Turkey and distributors to deal out plastic to many countries of the world. Contact our trusted plastic bags distributors wholesale and they are:

  1. Jetpack Plastic:

It is one of the most famous plastic companies in Turkey, as it offers the import of Turkish plastics many distinct industries, including: various Turkey plastic bag and plastic bottles. Jetpack Plastic Company is involved in the plastic packaging process as well as manufacturing plastic packaging and plastic containers. The company manufactures round, rectangular and oval packaging. Jetpack Plastic also manufactures food packaging, packaging, plastic buckets, plastic crates, plastic bags for packing and plastic bottle manufacturing.

  1. Der Plastic Company:

Der Plastic Company is considered the most important plastic manufacturer in Turkey in the plastic materials industry in terms of great diversity and high quality. It is considered one of the first companies in this field and offers: commercial plastic products, all packaging products, bulk buy plastic bags and nylon bags, and the manufacture of nylon bags of all shapes and types. It Manufactures of packaging products such as (medicine bags, wholesale plastic packages, paper bags, carton bags, packaging, carton, plastic, cheap plastic bags and wholesale plastic packages).


Kent Company for Plastic Trade is one of the most vital Turkish companies in terms of the production of plastic materials and produces a large number of types and shapes, including: Kent Company for Plastic Trade produces a list of plastic products that we use daily. It manufactures garbage bags, shopping bags, zipper and bags. Kent trades in various plastic parts (containers, sacks, zipper bags, and shopping bags).

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Plastic bags wholesale

We also mentioned that the demand for plastic bags is increasing in the markets, whether among wholesalers or manufacturers of plastic bags in Turkey, the bag manufacturing project is in any way gainful and import from Turkey as well, due to the great need for it in Turkey. The house is also necessary and the importance of bags increases more and more in factories, as for the waste from plastic bags, it is not a large proportion, so the plastic manufacturing is based on bring together waste, which works to clean the environment from rubbish. From plastic we can creation many things, such as bags, plastic bottles, toys, etc. There are many marketplaces for household tools in Turkey as:

  1. Marter market

These stores are also located in Istanbul, the center of Turkey, which is a huge chain of shops that sell several and different types of many goods at wholesale prices.

  1. Al Fateh Markets

It is one of the widespread areas that sell several different sorts of household items, and it is placed in Al-Fateh Street, and is characterized by the presence of many wholesale shops in it. There are many ways of shipping Turkey between different countries of the world, and these means must be known in detail when starting in the field of international trade (import and export), so that you have the capability to choose Turkish shipping agent or the appropriate shipping technique for the type of goods. , The meaning of the plastic import overtax, and how to pick the appropriate shipping method between Turkey and the Arab countries.

Value assurance of 5.100 percent. Nonwovens cloth making devices, including printing devices In the above lines we have showed you everything you may need to know about plastic bag factory in turkey  if you want to import from turkey and take your first step to import plastic bags from turkey.



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