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best places to bulk buy organic olive oil

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bulk buy organic olive oil

If you are looking for organic olive oil certified by the US Department of Health and want to know what is the best and cheapest place to bulk buy organic olive oil? Through the importing house platform, we will help to find the most famous places to sell organic olive oil wholesale.

Buy bulk organic olive oil

The buying wholesale olive oil differs from being a retailer, manufacturer and distributor, or you manufacture a product that includes olive oil components such as cosmetics, soap or medicine, depending on your needs, the requirements of your industry and the sizes you need, you can choose a wholesale supplier on the basis of that, in following the best bulk organic olive oil wholesalers.

  • Azure standard:

It is a wholesale retailer that sells a variety of organic products wholesale throughout the Midwest and West, and this is best if you use a number of organic products and use only a few cases of each.

  • Centra foods online:

It is an online store to bulk buy organic olive oil where you can buy from 1 to 10 cans of oil in large quantities at one time, this is ideal in the case if you use organic virgin olive oil in particular, but you do not buy many other organic items of the same size.

  • Food service Company:

Food service companies are the best direction if you are a restaurant owner or if you buy a number of different food ingredients because local companies have minimum orders less than a large supplier.

  • UNFI:

It is a food service company that specializes in organic and natural oils. It is a good place if you are looking for organic oils in particular.

But if you are a soap maker and want to bulk buy organic olive oil for soap making, it is best to buy soap ingredients from the soap industry supplier where you can buy a few boxes and they will be shipped to you via UPS, but if you buy more quantities than that, it is better to put it on a pallet and ship it with a shipping company.

Shady and company: Is a good wholesale supplier of soap ingredients who has been working in this industry for a long time and has a lot of experience with it and is ideal if shipping a few cases or pallet orders with a mix of items, this supplier is the best fit for soap makers west of the Mississippi, located in Portland.

If you can buy 4 barrels of organic olive oil, your best option is to work with a larger supplier of soap ingredients such as Centra Foods.

If you need a larger amount of organic olive oil, such as (whole plate), in this case you need to work with a larger supplier of organic olive oil, and it is important to choose a supplier who is very familiar with your industry and needs and knows the importance of prompt delivery, good communication and documentation to support your organic oil.

Extra virgin olive oil bulk suppliers

Extra virgin olive oil is the healthiest and most used in cooking because it is obtained by mechanical means without adding any fertilizers or pesticides and without exposure to heat or solvents as in the rest of the olives it is the most in demand in the olive oil market and also by extra virgin olive oil importers, In the following, we will list some suppliers of extra virgin olive oil from different producing countries.


It is a Greek company specializing in the wholesale supply of luxury goods. Their products include extra virgin olive oil, coffee, and cosmetics for hair, body and face. They supply their products directly from the factory to the customer without intermediaries to provide the best price. They implement strict quality controls to ensure the quality of their products, from production to product packaging and export. The production and packing process takes place under their full supervision to ensure quality. Currently they export to Italy, France, Germany and Britain and supply extra virgin olive oil in bulk sales to high-end restaurants and many stores.


It is a Tunisian company that aims to provide excellent healthy food to global consumers. Their products include olive oil, couscous, pasta, fruits and dates, they carefully prepare their products and have an interest in knowing consumer needs and meeting the changing needs for more healthy food, and they export to all parts of the world.


It is a Italian company, For the past three generations, it carefully selects its products from the best developing regions in Italy and the Mediterranean basin, and has bottled the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.


It is Italian company, one of the largest companies to extra virgin olive oil wholesale from various origins and one of the main centers for storing extra virgin olive oil in Italy with a capacity of nearly one million liters, they have laboratories equipped with high-tech tools and equipment, this company holds international quality certificates.


It is an agricultural cooperative association in Spain, specializing in the cultivation, production, packaging and distribution of extra virgin olive oil original. The quality of their oils comes from the nature and environment of the region and this allows them to harvest the olives when they ripen in the best conditions to produce unique virgin olive oil.


It is a Spanish company that supplies Spanish products in wholesale, their products include extra virgin olive oil, raw honey and Mediterranean wine, and these products have quality certificates.


It is an Italian company established since 1890 with great experience in producing high quality extra virgin olive oil with an unparalleled flavor, it is now known and loved all over the world.


It is a Greek company that is one of the largest wholesale olive oil companies and one of the most trusted companies with great knowledge and experience in the local market and they have strict quality control standards. Their products include organic olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, honey, wine, balsamic vinegar, cosmetics and many more.


It is an exporter of many Italian products such as extra virgin olive oil, wine, cosmetics and many more and they export all over the world.


They are producers and distributors of high-quality products, organic and traditional production distinguished, they have excellent virgin olive oils. They also have discount prices for large quantities, and they come to hotels, restaurants and supermarket chains at competitive prices that suit your business needs.

organic olive oil
organic olive oil

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Organic olive oil price

Organic olive oil is considered the most expensive among other types of oils, because its production is carried out by light means and natural processes, which means that the final crop is less than the traditional crop, which led to the high cost of tree maintenance using non-chemical fertilizers and increased risks of crop loss, which led to an increase in its price fold from conventional olive oil, also, because there are many of organic olive oil benefits, obtaining it is considered as gold, It is used in many industries such as making soap and others and is beneficial to human health and is included in some medicines. Also, organic olive oil for hair is good; all this enhances its price. In the supermarket you will find a lot of options on the shelves according to the quality of the oils, the price ranges from $ 15 to $ 40, and there are other types, such as The Governor oil, which costs 69, and it is the most expensive type of organic olives because of the method of production and it is grown on a tree that is only found in Greece, browse some sites such as Amazon to find out and compare prices for organic olive oil.

olive oil
olive oil

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Organic olive oil Company

One of the largest producing countries of olive oil is Spain, then Italy, Greece and other countries such as France, Turkey and Tunisia, and there are countries that fill their oils in other countries and then import them again. The following are the most famous organic olive oil brands from various countries.


It is one of the leading companies in the US Department of Agriculture’s organic olive oil, which is bottled in Italy, Portugal and Spain.


It Produces premium organic olive oil, from the best olive production areas in Cyprus. They offer high quality olive oil with low acidity; hold organic farming and ISO certificates.


It is Spanish company specializing in the production of organic products, such as organic olive oil, almonds and gems. They supply wholesale bulk organic olive oil to high-end hotels, supermarkets and herbal stores.


It is a company located in Turkey since 2007 specializing in the production and export of organic olive oil, organic almonds and organic wine and follows the basic rules in organic farming.

  • Burroughs:

It is a leading company in producing premium organic olive oil, certified by the California Olive Oil Council, and their oil has a very strong flavor.


This brand originated in Tuscany, Italy and is considered the best olive oil brand in the world. The oil’s taste is light and ideal for baking and frying.

  • Colavita:

One of the leading brands in the field of 100% natural Italian oils, its products are located in about 70 countries around the world such as, the United States of America, Canada and Australia.


Their brand of distribution is SAINT MAURICE; their products include sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, corn oil, extra virgin olive oil, and organic olive oil. Their oils are available in packages from 1 liter to 25 liters.

Finally, to buy bulk organic olive oil, it is important to request a quote from the proposed suppliers for the industry in which you work and start making comparisons between prices and make sure to have good relations with your suppliers, which makes them provide you with help in providing you the best options, which makes your experience successful.

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