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olive oil exporters in Greece

Greece is one of the three largest olive oil producing countries, and Greek olive oil is undoubtedly the best. There are many Olive oil exporters in Greece and they are imported to all countries. This tells you that the Greek ties to the olive tree run very deep indeed. Amid the entire platforms importing house platform will proposal you the facts.


Olive oil suppliers Greece

Only two decades ago, olive oil in our country was considered a real wonder, but today it is firmly included in the daily diet of our compatriots, because its beneficial properties and amazing taste are beyond doubt. Many companies from different countries are engaged in the production of this tropical product, but many consumers, both here and abroad, believe that the best olive oil made in Greece especially. Amid the most vital suppliers:

MELAS olive oil industry

MELAS EVANGELOS ASKLIPEIO OLIVE OIL INDUSTRY, founded in 1996, operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the sectors of best extra virgin olive oil in Greece for sale, extra virgin olive oil, Greek olive oil and cosmetics. It is based in Greece.


GREEKLAND, one of fames olive oil exporters in Greece, established in 2020, operates in the cosmetics sector. It also operates in the olive oil sectors, Greek olive oil, ultra-pure Greek olive oil, and the trade of olive oil. It is based in Greece.


The enterprise, NOOS TRADE, is one of best olive oil exporters in Greece / producer, founded in 1997, and it operates in the olive oil sector. It also operates in the sectors of extra virgin, organic olive oil and Greek extra virgin olive oil, organic olive oil Greece and olive oil. It is based in Myrina, Greece.


The enterprise ELAINOS, is a wholesaler, was founded in 2014, and operates in the olive oil sector. It also works in the food sectors, ready-made Greek olive oil, olive oil soap and olive oil.

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Olive oil from Greece for sale

Extra virgin olive oil: It is one of the best types of oils and the most expensive and it is produced during its first age of olive oil. The percentage of acidity in it is less than 1%. The less acidity the oil is, the higher its quality. Olive oil contains a high percentage of fatty acids and vitamin E, as it has a beautiful and wonderful taste and can be used in all types of food. It does not affect it completely, but it should not be used in heating or at high temperatures because it makes it lose its health benefits. So the wholesale price of olive oil in Greece is high.

Extra virgin olive oil is of exceptional quality, smell, and taste. The oil comes from the first pressures of the olives, and no chemicals or hot water is added during the processing. PH levels below 0.8 percent. About 70 percent of Greece’s olive oil is virgin. Extra virgin olive oil also comes from first pressing, but the quality is not quite as exceptional. It offers a soft aroma and taste, but the acidity can reach 2 percent so it’s less mild. Among the most main features of the original olive oil:

Green oil is usually a product of green olives, harvested before ripening. It is of great value in some circles. Golden-yellow olive oil is generally an olive product that has been allowed to ripen for a longer period. Green, golden, and yellow oils can be extra virgin oils. Olive oil can also be cloudy if it does not settle. This is not necessarily an indication of lowly quality.

Of course, you can’t open a bottle or tin at the market and take a smell or taste before you buy olive oil, but you can tell a lot more of its taste and aroma after you get it home. A bitter or sharp taste usually indicates that the olives were not yet ripe when they were picked. Oils made from ripe olives have a mild, fruity taste. The taste is quite a matter of preference and oils made from both unripe and ripe olives are a broad appeal. If the olive oil smells like a scent, do not use it. Slack can cause oxidative stress. This is the most common cause of a bad odor. The oil will smell like dirt.

Read the label to ensure excellent quality. It should state “extra virgin olive oil”, and the acidity level should be at 0.8 percent. Find the area or region where oil was produced and verify that it is really from Greece.

If you want to buy more than one olive oil in the smallest containers available for taste and experiment until you find what you like best. You may find that the taste and olive oil prices in Greece differ between premium virgin oils – and in other grades as well – from brand to brand. This can be the case even when the color looks the same, especially considering that many oils come in tinted bottles.

Olive oil suppliers Greece
Olive oil suppliers Greece

Olive oil companies in Greece

There are several reasons to distinguish Greek olive oil from others. First of all, it should be said that even scholars consider Greece the birthplace of the cultivated olives and thus of olive oil. In the culture and culinary traditions of this country has been around for several thousand years – during this time the Greeks were able to know all its qualities and the best of recipes that came up with it using it. And the original as you know, is always better than a copy.

However, thinking about the origin and copying is a more beautiful formula, because there are also numbers that attest to the same superiority of Greek oil over its counterparts from other countries. The Greeks are interested in their national cuisine, and they cannot allow their childhood food to be of poor quality ingredients, while the country has no division of products for the domestic market and for export. The highest quality olive oil is considered to be the “extra virgin olive oil” category; the percentage of this oil in all olive oil production in Greece is about 80%. Roughly speaking, don’t think which is better

It is considered that olive oil in Greece is much cheaper on the one hand, because when selling in stores there, the delivery costs are much smaller, on the other hand – employees usually incorrectly estimate the degree of importance of this component of the price. Cheaper (and lower quality) buying olive oil in Greece never go abroad. It is possible that there are other Greek manufacturers turn out premium Greek oil such as:

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If we talk about the fame of the brand, then no other olive oil industry can compare with this brand. It’s no joke – this company is considered the best place to buy olive oil in Greece (and possibly all over the world), and today its production is around 2/5 of all oil exported from Greece abroad. As is often the case with manufacturers with a rich history, success brings a strict adherence to classical canons – for example, olives must be manually harvested and rooted without the use of sophisticated modern technologies.

Terra Creta:

It is another well-known Greek company, famous for its olive oil far from the borders of the motherland. The quirky “trick” of this sign is to want olive oil to be a kind of recipe, because many aromatic and flavor additives are added to give the liquid completely unexpected properties. Both Greeks and foreigners liked such experiences, because today this company is in the lead.


It is one of the few olive oil producers Greece that produce Greek olive oil for frying and other heat treatment. The national Greek cuisine usually does not impose oil on such functions; due to competitors it very much loses tastes and aroma when heated.

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wholesale price of olive oil in Greece
wholesale price of olive oil in Greece

Olive oil industry in Greece

Greece is the third largest producer of olive oil, as it contributed to the production of 11% of the olive oil in the world in 2013 AD, and this also produced an average of 344,615 tons of olive oil in the period between 1993-2014, according to the statistical database of nations The highest percentage of olives are produced in the Greek Peloponnese region, while the island of Crete and Aegean occupies the second place, and the Ionian Islands ranked third, and it is noteworthy that the country contains more than 2,800 olive oil presses that extract oil from the original olives.  The country exports about half the amount of oil produced, and the remaining amount is consumed for local uses, especially for cooking purposes. It is noteworthy that Greece exports most of its oil to Italy and other countries.

Countries of the world vary in olive oil production, and it is noteworthy that most of the global supply of oil is produced in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, and although some of the oil produced is consumed in them, they export a large part of it to other countries. The number of olive trees in the world is estimated at more than 750 million olive trees distributed all over the world, 95% of which are located in the Mediterranean region, and southern Europe is considered the most olive-producing regions, and then Morocco and the Levant, as there is what is not in Spain. Less than 230 million olive trees on an area of 2 million hectares, equivalent to 27% of the area cultivated with olive trees in the world.

Olive oil contains a large amount of health benefits, as it is considered a healthy food, resistant to many diseases, antibacterial, viruses and parasites, and it is rich in iron, which strengthens the body, as well as olive oil is useful for problems of the digestive system, and treats swollen lymph nodes, weakness, swollen joints and their pain, lack of appetite and swollen sinuses Respiratory problems such as asthma, skin ulcers, itching and anxiety. In addition, it is used in the manufacture of olive oil beauty products Greece for sale.

Finally, Olive oil has innumerable benefits for health in general and has many types in the market, which makes buyers get distracted, which is the best type of olive oil.


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